March 20th, 2011 | 282 Entries

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282 Entries for “whole”

  1. As a whole there isn’t much to the relationship between me and my cat. He’s a cat, I’m a person and we’re madly in love with each other. Well, I’m madly in love with him and mostly he puts up with me because it’s hard for him to open cat-food bags with those paws of his. He’s a love-hate relationship but we both benefit in ways. I, get fuzzy purring love and, well, he gets food.

    By Meganz URL on 03.20.2011

  2. I am a part of something bigger when I move. The wind moves to fill the space that I have been in. I fill where others have been before me. I move to be a part of the whole.

    By sweettea URL on 03.20.2011

  3. so it seems as though nothing is ever whole but i disagree, maybe everything is whole the way it is and that’s why whole even exists because it does and it is not just something to strive for. i miss the fact that two halves make a whole because i need my other half but he doesn’t think so, so what is whole anyways, maybe i will just always be a half.

    By Rosanna on 03.20.2011

  4. who or what makes us whole? Are we even whole to begin with? Maybe trying to be whole makes us un-whole? We just long to be with the person or thing or something that will make us whole. We will never stop searching.

    By Ruth URL on 03.20.2011

  5. Completion. That’s what he’s been searching for. Absolute unity and wholeness. He’s found it, finally. They’re so good together. They’re so beautiful. He wants to take a video of it– not for any perverse reason! But just so he can know some of that magic was captured. Some of the essence was recorded. Too bad they need the gag, though. He’d have liked to hear the screams.

    By Sae URL on 03.20.2011

  6. It’s hard, to always be the one whose waiting. I give up a tiny fragment of myself and wait for its return, but I never see it again. I have been shattered and put together again so many times that I don’t even mind now. I give more and more away each day. I wear myself down to build the people I love up. It is my way, just as it is the sun’s way to rise each morning and set each afternoon. I am a creature of habit. I was once a whole person, a fresh face, a cheerful soul. I broke my own heart and gave up. The only way to convince myself to push myself to my feet was to say, “You’ll only have to wait a little longer.” So I wait. I wait for the next day to come, I wait for the phone to ring, I wait for a knock at the door. I am always waiting to give up another piece of me that I can’t afford to give up.

    By Ashley Flowers URL on 03.20.2011

  7. THe pie was complete, just a dab of icing there and it would be perfect. “Oh I hope she’ll like it” the girl gushed.She spent so much time on making it perfect.
    “Hey.” her boyfriend burst into the room, “Whatcha doin’?” Then he saw the pie, the girl rushed to protect it. “Im sorry I just spent all morning baking it, it’s for the 12 year old cancer patient at the hospital, it’s her birthday.”
    Her boyfriend backed up, “Sorry I wont bother it.” Then the woman’s cat, Jerry camme out of the corner and jumped on the kitchen counter. Right in the middle of the pie! The cat meowed and knocked the remaind of the pie to the floor. The woman started crying, “What am I going to tell that girl?”
    At the hospital told the little girl what had happened and the girl started laughing hard. “Thank you for making me laugh thats the best present anybody could give me.”

    By Warning Girl URL on 03.20.2011

  8. Whole lot of nothingness. That’s what I saw.
    “Look again,” my dad urged me, “unfocus your eyes.”
    “I tried that,” I wanted to say, “the dots just got blurry.”
    “It’s a boat! It’s a boat!” screamed my brother, “Look! It’s almost 3-D!”
    I turned away, defeated. “I hate Magic Eyes,” I thought.

    By mvolution URL on 03.20.2011

  9. I want the whole of you, not part of you. Anything you do, do it with your whole-self. Be passionate and invest fully and wholly. Think with your whole mind, dance with your whole body, invest with your whole self. Love with your whole heart. Be whole.

    By savanahfaith :) URL on 03.20.2011

  10. whole. fullness. bread. whole some. full. everything. hole. donut.

    By Jennifer URL on 03.20.2011

  11. Their family would never be whole again. After Jessie’s mom abandoned her and her two brothers they had to adjust to life with their workaholic and unloving father. Life was never easy for them.

    By Jillybean on 03.20.2011

  12. What I could only wish to be,
    my sides aching, as though the seams are tearing,
    my eyes vacant,
    my brow furrowed in pain.
    To be whole.
    To be happy.
    To be content.
    Oh, but that is a fantasy
    that only fools indulge in.

    By Emma URL on 03.20.2011

  13. Whole is peace.
    But a piece is not a whole.
    There’s the irony for you.
    I am not whole.
    I am a piece, but not at peace.
    I have a hole.
    There’s some more irony for you.
    There are birds singing outside my window.

    By Anna on 03.20.2011

  14. Ever since you left me it is as if I have been missing a part of me. I am no longer whole. My heart is shattered and my dreams are crushed and all I want is for it all to be put back together again. I hate you for what you have done to me, you have made me feel worthless and as if I lie in a million pieces scattered on the floor.

    By MelissaWrites324 URL on 03.20.2011

  15. The whole cookie is something that nobody can quite fathom. When prompted with a cookie we expect it to be infinite, but soon the realization that it’s nearly gone strikes our conscience and sends shivers down our spine. By the end we’re taking smaller bites, hoping that we will never lose the glory of this whole cookie.

    By Chris on 03.20.2011

  16. I am whole. Yet I am part of something magical. When we feel whole. We feel complete and at ease. I wish for everyone in the world to feel whole or at least have the experience of feeling whole and complete and realize that we are whole and part of the source that created us in perfection.

    By jennifersiouville URL on 03.20.2011

  17. There is no way anyone can feel whole. We all live like we do, and we pretend we do but we don’t. We smile like we are happy but inside we are empty. Whole is impossible and whole is untrue. The hope of being whole is what we strive for, and that is what keeps us living.

    By shannon URL on 03.20.2011

  18. If only everyone could work together. As one unit, as a whole. Imagine how much the world could accomplish. We could solve problems, crisis, everything. All as a WHOLE.

    By Charlotte on 03.20.2011

  19. the whole wide world is corrupt and we need to fix it. Peace is what we need to unite together and fight against all the evil and fix our broken world.

    By Keys Denis URL on 03.20.2011

  20. A whole heart
    never stays whole long
    A Whole heart
    is beautiful in everyday
    A Whole heart
    Is no longer mine

    By Nix URL on 03.20.2011

  21. I don’t know when I feel whole again. He said he never would, but I know that’s a lie, he always lied. I don’t know what the truth was from him. And as a result I don’t know when I will feel like me again. Will it ever happen? I hope so, but at this point it feels like it’ll be forever.

    By Kala Kaos on 03.20.2011

  22. The situation as a whole is: if I don’t have you soon, I will swear off all like you.

    By Nebula URL on 03.20.2011

  23. Pretending to look the other way, he’d already been running his fingers through her long brown hair. Walking even closer. Finally. Her beautiful blue eyes, her lips…

    “kiss me with your eyes open” he imagined himself saying.

    “I desire you too.”

    “Were you watching me?”

    “Yes. The whole time.”

    Nice work people…we’re done.

    By vanhaydu URL on 03.20.2011

  24. entire pieces

    which is more

    By katherine URL on 03.20.2011

  25. “Why would you give me four pieces of pie I only wanted two?”
    “If I gave you two it would be the same as eating the whole thing what don’t you get about object conservation?”
    “I don’t want a whole pie I only want two halves!”

    By Napoleon on 03.20.2011

  26. I want to feel whole. I know a way, but she disagrees. At least for now. Until then I’ll just be a part, and that part will get some good use. I’

    By Todd URL on 03.20.2011

  27. We tend to look at the glass whether it is half full or half empty. Negativity? Positivity? Narrow-minded that’s all. We only see what we are believed to focus on, what we should focus on, is that we have a cup, a cup that is half full or half empty. We should see the whole picture. We have a full cup. A whole cup. While others don;asdfa

    By extremexunyi on 03.20.2011

  28. My whole life, I wanted to be an actress. The process of acting itself was of little interest to me – it was the applause that I wished for.

    By Margarita URL on 03.20.2011

  29. There’s a hole in the word “whole.” And it let’s a person know that there is always a hole in wholeness. Nothing is complete, but it’s okay.

    By Danye11ow on 03.20.2011

  30. There’s a hole in the word “whole.” We try not to see it, but it’s there. We feel a problem when something is incomplete. But only the incomplete are dynamic and striving.

    By Danye11ow on 03.20.2011

  31. The whole of it was carved from a lustrous sort of marble, about the size of a man’s fist and smooth all over, but warm to the touch. It seemed unwholesome in some way.

    By Sean on 03.20.2011

  32. Whole Foods is the local grocery store. I’ve always shopped in chain grocery stores, so that doesn’t really bother me. What does bother me is that there are no local health food stores of the real type, little local organic stores with local produce and neat stuff and a nice community vibe. The closest one has no produce and likes to market colloidal silver. Otherwise, it’s an hour-long trip, and who wants to drive and hour for groceries if it is at all possible to get the stuff locally?

    By maritov URL on 03.20.2011

  33. Whole is a rare feeling, and one that is rather subjective to what it actually is. Whole, to most, means that nothing is missing. To many, it is when everything seems to be perfect. But when is it ever? While one woman’s husband may be returning from war, another woman’s never will. Whole is impossible.

    By Calla URL on 03.20.2011

  34. He looked down his body prone on the hospital bed. The blankets over one leg, laying flat where the other should be. Was he still a whole man with out one leg? A lo kdkdkdkdk

    By EliseV URL on 03.20.2011

  35. I ate my bagel whole. Yep, the whole bagel. Never mind that it was a mini-mini bagel — I ate it whole. Yes, whole.

    I knid of wanted it to be a feat, you know? Like omg, she ate a bagel whole! But then my brother leaked it out that it was a minimini bagel. Shoot.

    Oh well, maybe i’ll try threcord for the banana.

    By Sarah Millard URL on 03.20.2011

  36. Feeling whole. And complete.
    In life I mean.
    That would be awesome.
    I guess when you reach that point in life when you feel whole, you know you are truly happy.
    I hope I will reach that point someday.
    To not feel like something is missing …

    By Taja URL on 03.20.2011

  37. You can’t eat the whole Universe without eating your own mouth.

    By Jeff Goodman URL on 03.20.2011

  38. and he ate the whole thing
    not just a part
    not just a half
    but the whole thing
    he ate
    nothing left
    must have been good
    yum yum yum to the tum tum tum

    By she53lly URL on 03.20.2011

  39. I was wholly bored. I didn’t want to do homework. I didn’t want to melt my brain with mind-numbing computertivity. I wasn’t tired. I didn’t know of anything to do. I didn’t even want to think. And so I sat.

    By Marissa URL on 03.20.2011

  40. I want to feel whole again.

    I haven’t in a long while. I’ve felt taken advantage of. I’ve felt afraid. I’ve felt sad. I just don’t want to live like this. I’m done of people expecting me to do stuff for them.

    Because they don’t feel whole either.

    maybe instead of people used, we can help eachother. and feel whole as a community.

    By sunny URL on 03.20.2011