October 11th, 2012 | 235 Entries

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235 Entries for “wet”

  1. The cold wet, the warm wet. Stick. Dripping, raining, touching. Everything and nothing in between but the taste of the outside world tapping on the tip of my tongue while I have nothing but everything to say. A lost, wrapped up mind, the wet wipe of the cool towel up against my forehead as I slip off into nothing and everything.

    By Badger Moore URL on 10.11.2012

  2. It was cold and rainy day. Well, when you live in London, England, every day is a cold and rainy day.

    By Olivia on 10.11.2012

  3. wet, dripping, sopping wet after getting out of the pool. Sliding down the waterslide and splashing all the by-standers. Silly bystanders. Why would they stand by the slide when they know they’ll get wet

    By Car on 10.11.2012

  4. wet- dripping, sopping wet from a day at the pool. Slide down the water slide and SPLASH all the by standers. Silly bystanders. Why would they stand by the slide when they know they’ll get wet?

    By caroline URL on 10.11.2012

  5. the floor is wet when you take a shower and don’t use a towel. sometimes dogs get wet when they run around in the rain. wet can be uncomfortable, but it can also be super fun…like in a water gun fight. water gun fights are the shit. but when you drive home all wet from the fight, sometimes that sucks. so be careful with your water gun fights.

    By cori on 10.11.2012

  6. The rain poured over my head as I sprinted through the parking lot. I’ve always loved the rain. It reminded me of childhood. Those wonderful days that I would go dancing in the rain with my best friends. But now, all it meant to my peers was cold, wet, trouble.

    By Julie Morgan URL on 10.11.2012

  7. Our blanket was getting wet. Yet we were still on a picnic. He looked all the more handsome with water droplets on his eyelashes and his hair starting to get curly. We shifted out blanket under a tree and snuggled while eating sandwiches.

    By T.S. URL on 10.11.2012

  8. like rain… i had to walk home in the rain one day and my pants got all wet and so i took them of when i got home but then i had to put them back on so i put them in the dryernthen they were warm and cozy :)

    By Shannon URL on 10.11.2012

  9. rain is wet. Wet dogs smell bad. A girl can get wet. Tomorrow it’ll rain and I hope I don’t get wet. My ne car is standing outside and with the prdicted rain, it will get wet :( too bad you know…
    Wet wet wet? wasn’t that a group? music?

    By Jeroen on 10.11.2012

  10. The rain poured down on me, dampening my hair. For three days I had been out here, living on the streets in one of the world’s record storms. The feeling of being wet stuck with me now, like a close friend I’d rather not have. No matter where I tried to find shelter, the rain and the wind always seemed to get in and chilled me straight to the bone.

    By Jessica Miller on 10.11.2012

  11. The rain soaked me. I hate the wet feeling, but as I sat on the bench I knew I had no other choice until Elise showed up. I forgot my umbrella, which I suppose was a good thing, as the water splashed on me, I felt cold and relaxed, and relatively safe from lightning. I mumbled as someone sat next to me, wet as well. Her eyes, heather grey, stared me down. I didn’t know what her problem was, only how wet she was. She was soaked even worse than I was, if that was possible.
    “The name’s Annie.” She grumbled.
    “I don’t really care…” I stumbled.
    I sat there suffering in the wet rain until Elise showed up, finally.

    By Ashlie on 10.11.2012

  12. one word to describe it all
    one word to know it all
    how to feel
    what to say
    just one word to rule over
    who would have thought this would be all?
    one word
    turns and twists

    By amber on 10.11.2012

  13. Swimming pools. They’re cool on hot summer nights. The kind of nights I grew up with. The kind that happen in heat of an Arizona night. The only thing better than swimming pools is swimming pools in the rain. With the thunder and lightning all around.

    By Stephanie URL on 10.11.2012

  14. rain water shower its raining its pooring the old man is snoring

    By Meca on 10.11.2012

  15. The ground by the tree was wet and smelled like vomit, no one understood why it was this way, but all the same the neighborhood kids avoided this spot on their way home from school

    By Mark Irving URL on 10.11.2012

  16. “Ah–Arthur.” Francis’s voice tightened as he walked up to the stop, the same way his arms tightened around his briefcase. “What a–delight to see you.”

    Arthur merely looked at his wavy hair, plastered about his face, his pale lips made whiter by cold and rain–

    And without another word, he tilted his umbrella so it sheltered both of them.

    By Brill URL on 10.11.2012

  17. the ground is wet with tears from the hurt that you caused and the pain that you brought into my life will never be washed away

    By nicole on 10.11.2012

  18. She used her sleeve to wipe the tears on her cheek.

    By penny dreadful URL on 10.11.2012

  19. The chill bit at my cheeks and the air was so fresh it hurt my lungs. The streets were still wet with rain from the night before, orange fall leaves drifting into the puddles spilling around the drains. I made my way across the city street, surprised by the lack of traffic. How long before this bitter cold ended?

    By e.l.a. URL on 10.11.2012

  20. It was actually raining when I woke up this morning, first thing I thought of was,” Fuck! I left my driver side car window cracked, I live in a apartment complex, I tossed on some boots, a jacket, a beanie and grabbed an umbrella and walked through the cold mist ricocheting off the tarmacadam surface. True Story.

    By Orjaw URL on 10.11.2012

  21. Sopping, she stumbled down the street as the sun withdrew from its happy watchtower.

    By Paige on 10.11.2012

  22. wet is someting that happens when your drink something. wet happens when you take a shower. wet is somethign that happens when you go swimmming. wet is something that occurs everyday.

    By Virginia Farley on 10.11.2012

  23. This has never happened to me before, wet from just a kiss on the neck, how do you do it? This isn’t something they teach in schools. I asked you, you didn’t reply. How do you do that? I ask as I let out a silent cry. You say your so wet, I say…

    By Jenn on 10.11.2012

  24. The rain splashed on the pavement. The tree’s branches were stripped of their leaves as the wet green growth was plastered to the muddy ground. And within this tornado of chaos stood Amber, lightning flowing from her fingertips and clouds crowding around her soaked red hair.

    By kill-the-batterwitch URL on 10.11.2012

  25. Ah wet. Wet = water & liquid. Its funny cause my desktop screensaver is of the ocean. But yeah, I like water. I like being wet. Hehe, taking showers are fun. Wet = tears. I cried today. I felt like I lost a friend. I don’t know, maybe its just me. I cried a lot. My eyes are still sore. Well anyway, how did I get to this topic again? Oh well.

    By Bernadette URL on 10.11.2012

  26. When people have sex… people get wet… if you know what i mean, but yea. and i just watched vampire diaries just now. Damian tried to kill Caroline but Stephen put this flower thing in her scotch drink so he couldn’t kill her… he’s so smart

    By Roooonnniie URL on 10.11.2012

  27. Sitting on the beach, sand is everywhere. Between my toes, in my bathing suit, in my hair. I pluck a grape from the stem and eat it, and feel the grit of the sand in my mouth. Irritating, rubbing, sand. I run into the ocean, the water washes and cleanses me. I feel relieved.

    By Susan URL on 10.11.2012

  28. my vagina became wet with the thought of his pulsing member. He touched my cheek and than ran his finger down my neck and cupped my breast, circling my nipple. I became so in depth with his touch my legs began to tremble. I couldnt bare it. He was my kryptonite. And i was his heroin.

    By Samantha Damico URL on 10.11.2012

  29. I stood there wet with envy. dripping with disgust and in need of a 4th drink. when it hit me, I could just slap her! Oh the REALITY of it all!!!

    By Tuck on 10.11.2012

  30. I felt a wet tongue stroke my palm. Suddenly terrified, I quickly leaned over from my bedside and turned on the lamp. Looking about my room, I saw no one.

    By Baylee on 10.11.2012

  31. My cat, a wet kitty. When she sometimes gets herself wet. Is it wrong that I first thought of something completely inappropriate when I first saw this? sorry. Anyway, I’m really procrastinating right now. I have SO MUCH HOMEWORK. this sucks. when will these sixty seconds end? I’m BORED!!! Wetness, wetness, wet. wet wet wet. wet. wet

    By Bonya Kleiman on 10.11.2012

  32. It rains for months at a time in the quaint little town where he spends the first years of his life. The rain seeps through the walls and floods the halls.

    By K on 10.11.2012

  33. I can hardly even get myself to write anymore. All of my thoughts are slow, wet, and sorry.

    By Sparkle on 10.11.2012

  34. Oh God why would you ever make this the one word I SPEND WAY TOO MUCH TIME ON TUMBLR FOR YOU TO MAKE THIS THE ONE WORD WHAT ARE YOU DOING LOOK AT YOUR LIFE LOOK AT YOUR CHOICES okay Julia be cool just be cool you can do this in a completely mature way you can get through this minute without typing anything shameless and ridiculous you are a strong, confident, beautiful young lady and I believe in you pUSSSY GOD DAMN IT.

    By Julia A. URL on 10.11.2012

  35. Right now, the sky is gloomy and gray. She half-wishes the clouds would burst already, that the rain would come pouring down to cleanse the dirty streets–but they don’t. They hang there incessantly, like a warning. A wet guillotine right above one’s neck, waiting to drop…and never dropping.

    By Marmaroth URL on 10.11.2012

  36. This word made me think negatively. I can’t think of anything to say, oops. Hmm… this makes me think of the word moist. Moist is a really weird word, if you think about it.

    By Kennedy URL on 10.11.2012

  37. As I sprint from the car to the office, the raindrops are flying at me sideways and the lightening pops all around. At the door I struggle against the wind to close my umbrella. I finally slip inside and look at myself in the mirror. I’m wringing wet from head to toe. . .what a way to start a day!

    By wgirl URL on 10.11.2012

  38. Coming out of the ocean. A pool. A hot tub. Glistening under the lights. Dripping. Your hair, messy. Your lips deep pink. This is beginning to turn into a different type of wet haha ;)

    By Michael Davanzo URL on 10.11.2012

  39. I felt the raindrops falling down gingerly through my skin. But that was not important at the moment. I had so many things running through my mind I could barely calm myself down. Was it all worth it? Was my life worth living anymore? I felt myself trapped in the ghosts my imagination created.

    By acastellanos URL on 10.11.2012

  40. I start to miss the rain sometimes. Getting caught in it, ruining a pair of leather shoes, letting it usher in sleep – it reminds me of people, coming and going as it wishes, and always leaving something behind, something as little as a dew-covered windowsill. This constant sunlight leaves within me a great thirst.

    By Aera URL on 10.11.2012