October 11th, 2012 | 235 Entries

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235 Entries for “wet”

  1. It’s a wet idea. An idea that slips around your brain, sinking into the knooks and grooves of your cerebrum, finds its way into the tightest cracks and stays there. You’ll be walking down the street, and BAM, there it will be, deep in the part of your brain that tells you what that little man in the crosswalk sign means.

    By Benjie URL on 10.11.2012

  2. grass. I love the smell that rain leaves. I love it when I go out in the morning and the grass is wet, and the air is chilly. As you walk through the grass your shoes and the hem of your pants are soaked, but who cares.

    By Josh URL on 10.11.2012

  3. She was drowning and he was using cliche metaphors to describe her depression because he had no idea what else to do. He wrote and wrote and wrote and she still cried. He said she drowned in her own tears.

    By Quincy on 10.11.2012

  4. The sidewalk was wet – a fall shower passed through leaving dark gray splotches drying quickly in the warmish wind.

    By Jamie Pondera URL on 10.11.2012

  5. not dry drenched.

    By ccv1999 URL on 10.11.2012

  6. water. moist. magnificent drizzles and quiet thunderstorms. why me?

    By Lily URL on 10.11.2012

  7. my life slips right through my hands
    like water
    all of my thoughts pour endlessly down a drain
    and i try to catch them and decipher each one
    but they just slip between my fingers

    By Sara c: URL on 10.11.2012

  8. I’m forgotten. I’m falling into the ocean with a stone around my neck. I sink into the darkness. All around me are thousands of wet yellow eyes, blinking, like Christmas lights, like fireworks. Song-crackers explode in my head. I breathe in, once, and wet passionflowers drip out my nose. My mouth fills with salt and saliva and fishbrains and darkness.

    By Emilygracevee@gmail.com URL on 10.11.2012

  9. It was an extremely wet day and Mrs Roger felt that stepping outside the house would be particulary unwise. She stared miserably out the window, the rain was sheeting relentlessly, and big, grey puddles were forming on the tarmac outside, in the holes the workmen had forgotton to fill in. Hamish the cat sheepishly made his way towards the front door, delicatly steeping, in order to prevent his paws from getting wet.

    By yas on 10.11.2012

  10. not dry

    By alison on 10.11.2012

  11. wet is for water that people drink high qualty h2o i like to drink water water is good for u some times it is bad for u lol im so bored dah dah dah dah

    By jeff102081 URL on 10.11.2012

  12. The dog slung its way into the room, pools under its form crested and collapsed into the Blanche tiles. A window frame shuttered against itself until it was knocked loose to crash upon the neighbouring counter-top and fling the shattered pane pieces into Guldrid’s lap. The woman sprang up with a splash on the television covering the storm and ran into the bathroom. Her milk dripped down the lampshade in front of the dog, its musty hide clung to the wall and its feet left a sloppy trail of ill-formed mud.

    While a terrible scene it didn’t matter once the tsunami came.

    By Eric Harrell on 10.11.2012

  13. There are holes in my shoes. Even the lightest of rain or the mildest of morning dew is trapped inside of them, causing my feet to become uncomfortably wet. The end.

    By Casey the male on 10.11.2012

  14. i am all wet when i think i can go to fla as a snowbird for the winter. she would never want to spend the money so we will be wet with snow and rain and ohio weather for six more months, at least. boo..

    By joe URL on 10.11.2012

  15. Rain is wet. I felt it on my skin. It’s cold and runs through my very essence contaminating it with sorrow. I felt some warmth though.

    By Kati on 10.11.2012

  16. Wet lips. Truly a very intoxicating word for a guy. The wet lips against bold red lipstick – a symbol of classic beauty. Looks like a cherry on a dew.

    By amrutha on 10.11.2012

  17. The floor is very wet, well, not really. To be honest the first thoughts that came to my head were a bit dirtier than that, but I decided against typing any of that because I guess I’m a self-righteous person.

    By Travel Tech URL on 10.11.2012

  18. Dreaming of a broken want, waiting for something to come that never do and never will and you know it, nevertheless you’re dreaming of that broken want.

    By vanja zappetti URL on 10.11.2012

  19. Slippery

    In the rain

    By Lucy on 10.11.2012

  20. water ocean rain swimming summer time water balloons ocean dolphins drinks popsicles puddles slides tears car wash necessary

    By Annmarie on 10.11.2012

  21. it was perfect in every way, small in slippery and shaven. it tasted salty & sweet, and was perfectly wet. it was beautiful and meaningless, and i miss it in every way.

    By T.F. Krag URL on 10.11.2012

  22. Wet makes me think about swimming because while swimming in water you get very very wet because you are in a liquid and it is very watery.

    By Rosella on 10.11.2012

  23. My heart is wet,
    Drowned in sorrow,
    Drowned in grief
    Drowned in tears.
    Wet as the grass in the open field
    wet as the sea,
    wet as the current floating along
    Wet is my heart.

    By Robin URL on 10.11.2012

  24. I can feel the rain on my coat
    I can see it fall in front of me
    I’ve got this thought of everything getting wet
    But it’s more than that
    It’s not just getting wet
    It’s getting all your worries washed away

    By Liesbeth on 10.11.2012

  25. The pavement was wet with the falling rain. Glowing lights not only showed the way, but made the sidewalk glitter like a fairy in those old stories we used to be told.

    By Marisa URL on 10.11.2012

  26. For a change, it’s not wet outside, but it still feels like a storm is raging on. Sometimes, I really want to go back in time and stop myself from doing things that I’d later regret. Sometimes, I’d like to stop the storm from coming.

    By agloe on 10.11.2012

  27. rain falling down in the gold gray-blue damp of the day as I wish that sunlight would light up the early morning dew on the grass that is so very very green green green like the grass that is a deep violent shade of green that i just want to roll around in it and smell it and relish the smell of the grass but I cannot get the idea of the green out of my head all I can think about is green and grass and summer and the warmth of the sun in the cool of the grass and the blades and the breeze and I want to go swimming in a lake RIGHT NOW but I have no idea where to find a good lake in Mexico that is swimmable (is that a word?) so I will just have to suffer an suffer but maybe next summer

    By kristen on 10.11.2012

  28. Under the pouring rain, in the air, on my skin and in my body. The world is wet. Soaked and saturated by water. We are hydrated beings living on a ball of water. We are always wet. Forever and ever.

    By John Komarek on 10.11.2012

  29. I wet the bed. My dog came in wet. I had a wet face. My day was very wet. The stream got me all wet. My sister wet her bed.

    By Reagan URL on 10.11.2012

  30. wet, like the cold rain in the stte of iowa in the month of october, omg speaking of wet, i still have my sexy playlist tab open from last night. wow hahah. s

    By 1nked on 10.11.2012

  31. i got out of the wet pool and had fun and grabed a towlel to dry off in the warm sun

    By tanner URL on 10.11.2012

  32. it is very wet outside
    water is wet not dry
    the lake is very wet
    clouds are full of rain which is wet
    the dog is wet

    By daisy URL on 10.11.2012

  33. Water flows down the side of a mountain. It follows its original trajectory, never straying from its destination. It flows freely and without though. It is peaceful to its very core.

    By Emily Cosentino on 10.11.2012

  34. Mis sabanas se mojaron, Mis sabanas blancas, así lo dice la canción, con tu pensamiento y mi calor. Tus manos en mi pensamiento, poquito más abajo que el corazón, y así iban recorriendo cada centímetro.. cada canción.

    By Annie on 10.11.2012

  35. It was cold, and it was wet, and even though she knew she needed to go back to the house, she couldn’t go and face him. She just wanted him to leave her alone, or at least tell her he loved her. But no, he couldn’t do that. All he could do was play around and make her cry.

    By Meghann on 10.11.2012

  36. She was wet when she entered the apartment. She had stayed at a friends for the past few days while Thomas moved his things out. It had begun pouring when she was coming over the bridge at the bottom of the hill that led up to their apartment, her apartment now. She entered the apartment and saw how empty it had become.

    By DarylC URL on 10.11.2012

  37. Wet, saturated, dripping
    Full like a sponge
    Leaking coz there’s too much
    Clench your fist around me
    Squeeze softly and it all comes out
    Some that was there before
    Some I just took in
    But squeeze me softly
    And I’m dry again.

    By Olivia Charlotte on 10.11.2012

  38. The dock was wet with morning rain. I shivered as the dampness touched my bare feet, soaking through my skin. I walked slowly to the edge of the peer, and stared into the dark water. And then, I jumped.

    By Iam Me URL on 10.11.2012

  39. the earth is wet athe soil is wet I am wet we are all wet the ground in the soil is turning wt he is wet she made hi, wet we are all wet the boy is standing in wet soil the girl is standing on the wet ground, everyone sees the wet dog, she is a wet noodle, he made her that way! she is going to make the whole world wet with prespiration, I can see why the wetneess is everywhere, all over the world, the oceans are extreemly wet why I am no sure,, the apple use the wetness the thrive, how accordingly can we make many wet maistakes I am wet inside my mind I am wet inside my soul my heart is wet and dripping with bllood trhe wet ness creates a whole new universe that I must thrive in we need to understand how to differeiate between the two wet and dry wet and dry dry and wet

    By Heidi on 10.11.2012

  40. The sparkling drops cascaded down into the brilliant moonlight, giving the air a misty, incandescent glow. The steady rush of the falls was audible from miles away, its mystical brightness looking as misplaced in the impenetrable darkness as a lone poppy does in a field of overgrown weeds.

    By Amber URL on 10.11.2012