May 13th, 2011 | 451 Entries

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451 Entries for “wasteland”

  1. i once thought i made up the word wastelandic. it turned out i did because it definitely isnt a word. and now that its underlined as a typo..im sre of it. it reminds me of a fantasy movie and also of trash

    By Amos on 05.13.2011

  2. You could call it a wasteland, but I call it my backyard. The desert stretches for miles, and I never get enough of it. When I’m finally feeling too old, I’m just going to walk out there and keep going until I drop. Your wasteland is my heaven.

    By Dave Freireich URL on 05.13.2011

  3. The wasteland was a fictitious place. It was inconceivable how anyone could find anything in such a barren overgrown space;but there was where I truly found myself. The terrain of the wasteland was unbearable yet I still wandered wondrously with one all-consuming thought, a thought I may not ever remember.

    By Julia URL on 05.13.2011

  4. A poem by T. S. Eliot. It goes a little something like:

    I. The Burial of the Dead
    APRIL is the cruellest month, breeding
    Lilacs out of the dead land, mixing
    Memory and desire, stirring
    Dull roots with spring rain.
    Winter kept us warm, covering 5
    Earth in forgetful snow, feeding
    A little life with dried tubers.
    Summer surprised us, coming over the Starnbergersee
    With a shower of rain; we stopped in the colonnade,
    And went on in sunlight, into the Hofgarten, 10
    And drank coffee, and talked for an hour.
    Bin gar keine Russin, stamm’ aus Litauen, echt deutsch.
    And when we were children, staying at the archduke’s,
    My cousin’s, he took me out on a sled,
    And I was frightened. He said, Marie, 15
    Marie, hold on tight. And down we went.
    In the mountains, there you feel free.
    I read, much of the night, and go south in the winter.

    What are the roots that clutch, what branches grow
    Out of this stony rubbish? Son of man, 20
    You cannot say, or guess, for you know only
    A heap of broken images, where the sun beats,
    And the dead tree gives no shelter, the cricket no relief,
    And the dry stone no sound of water. Only
    There is shadow under this red rock, 25
    (Come in under the shadow of this red rock),
    And I will show you something different from either
    Your shadow at morning striding behind you
    Or your shadow at evening rising to meet you;
    I will show you fear in a handful of dust.
    Frisch weht der Wind
    Der Heimat zu.
    Mein Irisch Kind,
    Wo weilest du?

    And a bit more of course

    By Talia on 05.13.2011

  5. The backyard of my new apartment looks like the set of a post-apocolyptic zombie movie. The concrete is cracked and piled in the grass, there is an overturned shopping cart, and half a dirty mannequin. Recently the neighbor called the police on it. The yard I mean. Which might be a weirder thing to do.

    By Brian Crosby URL on 05.13.2011

  6. an unused mind is a wasteland. stop. think. listen. feel. understand. stretch. don’t hide. leave the wasteland behind. there is too much at stake. or nothing at all. up to you.

    By WebGirlWindee URL on 05.13.2011

  7. america is becoming a wasteland. kids are growing up playing video games, not going outside playing hide and seek like i used to, girls are comparing themselves to others on facebook and social networking is the new way to express yourself. no one has to work for anything anymore. america is becoming the wasteland of the world, an idiocracy if you will.

    By Julia on 05.13.2011

  8. in the wasteland, there are many colors
    but none as colorful as your eyes
    i do not remember where i belong
    until i see the pools of wisdom and love
    that spring from the depths of your soul
    the wasteland drains me, sucks me in
    but simply a look from you refreshes me

    By Nicole Holliday on 05.13.2011

  9. the teenage wasteland was a desolate place and her home. refuse everywhere, druggies everywhere. addicts shooting up. gray skies hung heavy over their heads like a too-thick blanket on a summer night. this was her home. she looked around her, hopeful to escape but knowing the the unlikeliness of this prospect.

    By jenn on 05.13.2011

  10. There it was. Tall mountains of debris spattered about all over the field; the remnants of memories and ideas tossed haphazardly in every direction. HOLY SHITS.

    By Kougie on 05.13.2011

  11. this wasted land, this wasted and vacant body. feel me, come feel me and fill this wastland.

    By Mina Widding on 05.13.2011

  12. On the last day before my vacation, being at work seems like a wasteland. People in and out of my office like zombies demanding attention when all I want to do is finish my work and begin the relaxation. Piles of dead-end tasks build up on my desk and threaten to stall the appointed moment when I walk out and try to forget about the place.

    By Zukey Jones URL on 05.13.2011

  13. To see was to endure
    in the barren plains.
    No one knew anymore than the next, and yet somehow there was life.
    a weed among the rocks.
    a scuttle among the dead,
    empty wasteland.

    By Philip URL on 05.13.2011

  14. ts eliot wrote this book. i have never been a fan of ts eliot, but i like emerson, not so much whitman, although one of the english teachers here is trying to convert me. my favorite of that generation of writers would have to be thoreau. the man was not only a genius, but was a humanitarian of the finest type.

    By brendan matthias on 05.13.2011

  15. He called it a field, but really it was just a wasteland. It stood behind the factory, an extensive patch of hard ground with tall grass and weeds. This was the only place he was ever free.

    By Roenhael URL on 05.13.2011

  16. Some people look down their noses at me for working at a landfill. And sure I do often come home smelling of sour milk, there is always grim under my finger nails, and I own only one gray suit. But still I wouldn’t of trades jobs with any one in the world, and I felt that way even before I found this strange magical chest laying amongst the rubbish of the city.

    By Trista URL on 05.13.2011

  17. what is left when the princess cannot follow through on the plan. is it really a harbinger of the end? the quest is over for the few but what of other generations…will they repeat the same mistakes?

    By Gwynhvar URL on 05.13.2011


    By Lanita Southwick on 05.13.2011

  19. Noun. A barren place, usually considered inhospitable. A place full of a variety of significant dangers, many of them lethal. Enter at your own risk.

    By Mikey on 05.13.2011

  20. A wasteland is a place where things go that are no longer needed. You can place garbage in somewhat of a “wasteland” or you could say that a druggie lives in his own mental wasteland. I’m not really sure what else there is to say about this. It’s a compound word made up of the two words waste and land. It has 9 letters total.

    By Tracey on 05.13.2011

  21. T.S. Eliot’s the Wasteland: important poem for Modernism. “April is the cruelest month.” “Shanti shanti shanti.” A pretty boring poem, I would say.

    By Seth Benjamin on 05.13.2011

  22. I was finally going home. All of the world had had the potential of becoming nothing, a wasteland. But it was safe and secure, and I could return to my home. Not the one where I was born, but the one that held my family, friends, and life. I smiled to myself and said, “Tell the world I’m coming home.”

    By Marissa URL on 05.13.2011

  23. Wasteland. That’s my life. There’s nothing but dreams. And acquaintances. I feel so dead inside. School is meaningless, and it would be absolutely meaningless without my stupid fantasies and stupid ideas. I wish I could have real things. But I’m
    not good enough. Brave enough. Alive enough.

    By youcantknow URL on 05.13.2011

  24. The wasteland was odd, as if someone had suddenly taken a lit torch and dropped it on the country side.
    The hills, which should have been green at this time of the year, were blackened, and as the girl stood on the top of one such hill, her toes buried in the dirt, her dirty hair flickering in the wind, she resolved to find out just what had happened to create this catastrophe.

    By Maria URL on 05.13.2011

  25. teenage wasteland, troubled youth, teens, years of distress. peril. high school. shit. crap. hate. i hate high school.

    By melissa mandarino URL on 05.13.2011

  26. Es ist ein Verschwendeland, alles wird weggeworfen und es wird zu viel von allem produziert, egal, ob es gebraucht wird, nur für den Fall der Fälle, sonst schwimmen sie davon. Und keiner weiß mehr, wohin mit dem Zeug. Es gibt genügend Ressourcen, aber nicht genügend Platz für alles.

    By Eli URL on 05.13.2011

  27. wasteland…

    Wish I could take a snapshot of the image in my brain.

    I’m reminded of a project from first grade. It wasn’t my project. Someone else made it. It was made from a styrofoam cup, some cardboard or cardstock, and a bunch of sand and rocks I think. The cup was on its side and mounted to the wall, and a “peephole” was cut into the bottom. When you looked through (to the enclosed layer of sand and rocks) you were supposed to be seeing how our future world would look if we kept having pollution. (Pollution was big when I was in grade school!) I looked through the peephole all the time. I found it fascinating.

    I find it fascinating now that I was fascinated by *that* back then!

    By Noisy Quiet URL on 05.13.2011

  28. is where the crows live. there are old ladies, wearing rags and old, stinky skirts, who carry bags with memories in them of lovers that will never come back to them. Soldiers and colonels with faded uniforms that will never smell coffee again. The land of the forgotten.

    By Fiorella on 05.13.2011

  29. There was a wasteland in teh end of the alley, it was aa very long wasteland, you couldn’t imagine any longer than that, I could bet that you would want to live there aswell for this was a very special wasteland you’ll see.

    By Areli on 05.13.2011

  30. Black clouds hung above an expanse of cracked brown ad grey dirt.
    Here and there a thicket of lifeless plants. Even the weeds seemed dead.
    Cliffs and hills lined the horizon. The only sound was that of whistling wind and shifting dust.
    Cesspools of muddy water from the last rainfall with swirling flies dwindled, barely eking out an existence in a land of death.

    By Nic URL on 05.13.2011

  31. Wasteland is a place or situation that feels abandoned and far from repair. A desert wasteland is uninhabited by people

    By dfsdv on 05.13.2011

  32. She felt like a wasteland. Like a big emotionless wasteland. That was the way that he made her feel. And it was awful. She hated feeling like that. She absolutely hated it. She wanted to feel loved by him. She deserved to be loved. He owed her that much.

    By Vi URL on 05.13.2011

  33. As she stood on the small crest of the hill, the scene unfolded itself before her eyes: long, endless stretches of burned houses and charcoaled ground, scorched telephone poles rising from the debris like broken, jagged arms.

    By sabrina URL on 05.13.2011

  34. Everything is wasteland, because everything resorts to what it was. Everything has to become dry and empty. My mind is a wasteland, but more importantly I’m a wasteland. And the words that I tell you make you dry, and make you lick your lips for water. You hate me because I’m making you a wasteland too.

    By Dominic Disarufino URL on 05.13.2011

  35. The area near my house is a wasteland. It is all wet and mucky. No one is ever back there as it is almost impossible to cross without getting your shoes and lower legs wet and dirty. it is covered with grass with deep pools of dirt, mud and water.

    By Corey URL on 05.13.2011

  36. Wasteland reminds me of a song called “Wasteland” that is on the soundtrack to the movie She’s the Man. It’s one of my favorite movies to watch. Jeana and I watch it together all the time. We just watched it last week before we finished finals and graduated. We know the whole thing word by word so us watching it is really just us reciting it while watching it.

    By Cecilia on 05.13.2011

  37. there is no such thing as a geographical wasteland. there is purpose in all land, and all land supports life of some sort.
    now….if you’re talking people? yes. emotional wasteland…. definitely. lost in endless nonproductive thinking is a personal wasteland.

    By yvonne on 05.13.2011

  38. The opposite of such a thing is in my heart today. What can you ask yourself to inspire, invite or imagine the most happy and content place to sit in yourself? What could you do, what would you eat, smell, or touch. Who would you be around and what would that mean for you and other people?

    By Anna-Jayne URL on 05.13.2011

  39. the place was like a wasteland. The whole landscape was trashed, I couldn’t even take a step without stepping on something that was hazardous to my health. And in the middle of all the mess was something I wasn’t expecting at all. A boy. He was no older than ten by the looks of it. He was just laying there, limp and still and completely alone before I got to him.

    By Laa on 05.13.2011

  40. it was barren there
    nothing but despair
    in that troubled air

    but he who ran with spite
    tried with all his might
    to cease the contrite
    sight in the light.

    By Brooke on 05.13.2011