October 16th, 2011 | 325 Entries

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325 Entries for “warfare”

  1. What if instead of warfare governments had to meet on warves and answer questions about their existence that begin “warf are” and end with “I don’t know the conjugation of to be?”

    By Jeff Goodman on 10.16.2011

  2. Warfare

    Hmmm…. two things come to mind. One is war type games. Boys are obsessed with these. Some girls too, but I know fewer women who remain addicted to them as adults, than men. It’s an odd preoccupation IMO. Strategy, teamwork, acuity, precision… that’s all appealing, but that can be present in other types of games. It’s specifically the *war* games that are popular with them. Shooting, killing, conquering, acquiring. I’ve had zero interest in these.

    By Noisy Quiet URL on 10.16.2011

  3. Bang. And everything changed. Everything, and nothing would ever be ok again. Screams shattered the air but they did nothing. Nothing. Because nothing, no display could make it ok.

    By Jennifer on 10.16.2011

  4. I wish there was peace around the world people need to stop fighting and learn to accept each other. Because war is not fair war ends in death and sadness and tragedy and those things makes people unhappy and happiness is key.

    By Ayden Ambrose on 10.16.2011

  5. “Oh, this is warfare, people!” Do you realize how many one-sided friendships I have? It’s time to pull the plug on all of them. Slacker friends who won’t hold up their side of the friendship. And no, this isn’t just the menopause talking.

    By Barbara URL on 10.16.2011

  6. I don’t care if we don’t sleep at all tonight
    Let’s just fix this whole thing now
    I swear to God we’re gonna get it right
    If you lay your weapon down
    Red wine and ambient
    You’re talking shit again, it’s heartbreak warfare
    Good to know it’s all a game
    Disappointment has a name, it’s heartbreak warfare.
    -john mayer; heartbreak warfare

    By Dulcie URL on 10.16.2011

  7. Warfare is insanity. Its like all of this could have been avoided with just talk. Why even bother with the killing when you can simply talk?

    By Anna on 10.16.2011

  8. all is fare in love n warfare. all the warfarers were on warfarin thas wy dey bled so much. dey bled an dey bled an dey bled some more til der war no more bludy blud ta… fare dey well and farewell daylite

    By jack maye on 10.16.2011

  9. men be funny

    By jack maye on 10.16.2011

  10. warfare. the first thing that comes to mind is oddly not the war many of my friends have taken part of and this nation has been in for over ten years, but the war that happens between individual people. the war that many of us fight between ourselves and ‘friends’; between people who once cared about us and know so much about us but now all that is left is hostility…that is the kind of war I regret the most at the moment, for it is a war I have played a part in.

    By Samira URL on 10.16.2011

  11. Sixty seconds of warfare will not bring anything to an end. Sixty seconds of anything will not bring it to an end. It takes time and patience. We need to understand that things cannot be over as quickly as they began even if we went them out of our minds in an instant.

    By Shineapple URL on 10.16.2011

  12. Warfare sounds like Welfare, but they don’t mean the same. Farewar kinda sounds like, it was a fair game, but warframe doesn;t sounds

    By Kavin Kannan on 10.16.2011

  13. Warfare i don’t even know what that is..but im pretty sure that its not good…ummm yeah thats all i can think of…

    By Meeka URL on 10.16.2011

  14. Sixty seconds of warfare will not bring anything to an end. Sixty seconds of anything will not bring it to an end. It takes time and patience. We need to understand that things cannot be over as quickly as they began even if we want them out of our minds in an instant.

    By Shineapple URL on 10.16.2011

  15. ok

    By Fabric Spell in Ushe URL on 10.16.2011

  16. Warfare has always excited me somewhat. I know that sounds sick and disgusting, but it proves to me that other people are just as bad as I am. That they are selfish, and destructive, and hurtful. It makes me feel connected to other people in a way that I normally miss out on. For some reason, I find it hard to communicate my feelings (or, I suppose, my lack thereof). I know my mother used to cry about it when I was a child; if only I had the emotions to feel guilty about it.

    By Silvana URL on 10.16.2011

  17. modern xbox 360 game war george bush white house bombs guns ak47 World trade centre cars NUKE people death army

    By jo on 10.16.2011

  18. Warfare is a terrible thing, he thought, his eyes filled with sand and his head throbbing. He could see and he couldn’t feel and he couldn’t smell. The thought passed, and he didn’t miss it. He didn’t want to think.

    By Carolyn on 10.16.2011

  19. war against eachother
    no sloution
    heartbreak warefare
    started over something stupid
    no reason at all

    By zoe quattrucci on 10.16.2011

  20. I don’t do war! I do what I do to bring reconciliation. That’s a goal I’ve set for myself a long time ago: being a person of peace!
    I don’t engage into to warfare.
    And it is all a great big lie!

    By Jonas Paulo URL on 10.16.2011

  21. sucks
    its terrible how people are so stupid and selfish and scary that they feel the need to fight like animals over stupid things like power, money, land, or anything like that. I hate it. Innocent people lose their lives because the big men in charge decide to start wars with other countries. Its sad.

    By Zoe on 10.16.2011

  22. John Meyer’s music blasted into my ear, the vibrations shaking the orange juice containers on the counter. He sang about heartbreak, but all I could see were the rallies against Wallstreet and the children of Somalia dying in the desert sands somewhere far beyond where my eyes could see.

    By ellie griffith on 10.16.2011

  23. war

    By kat URL on 10.16.2011

  24. evil unforgiving, why does it exist. I don’t think anyone should have invented it. who did invent it. why would you come up with something with the potential of killing so many people, why cant we all just talk about it?

    By Dari on 10.16.2011

  25. chemical

    I can think nothing of worth that humankind has not co-opted, perverted, or weaponized in the name of warfare.
    Think of the wondrous things we might have created with all the time, energy and resources devoted to war.

    By YourFriendDave URL on 10.16.2011

  26. Zombie warfare was less a joke when you were at the epicenter of the outbreak. Pop culture did little to educate you about the real threat zombies posed- it is through pure luck that you have managed to avoid being bitten as so far.

    You are trapped on the third floor of your apartment building with a nineteen year old kid who cant keep his act together, and has proved to be more a liability the a help. You just killed your neighbor and his daughters, all of which were feasting on the once-voluptuous body of the girl who lived three doors down from you, and then locked yourself in the room with their corpses to plan out your next move. Your best friend and your sister are both missing and you have no idea where they are, or where you should go from here.

    Something is beating on the door of the apartment you holed up in. That kid who’s been tagging along with you looks like hes about to piss himself. The rooms reeks of death. What are you going to do?

    By Ambrose URL on 10.16.2011

  27. this war
    this means war.
    we fight
    we live, we love
    we feel
    we want
    in war
    we act like we do
    but we don’t care.

    By Ali Abdi on 10.16.2011

  28. America is always in a tussle over warfare. Economic warfare, social warfare, class warfare, etc. When will we ever be in a state of peace? Is that peace possible? Peace nowadays seems intangible, like this entity we cannot grasp, we cannot ever hold onto.

    By Amanda on 10.16.2011

  29. i don’t know how i feel about the war going on right now. i’m glad obama is pulling our troops out. i feel like it is sort of a pointless fight going on. i don’t like how the US always feels like we have to get involved overseas in terms of war. but war is necessary sometimes…i don’t know how i feel.

    By Evelyn on 10.16.2011

  30. They say that warfare will be the end of us, but in so many ways it’s the beginning. Like the space race, war is a creative force. But what does it create? Are these things worth it? Not sure. What else do we get out of it. I don’t know and now I’m just rambling. This is what I don’t like about exercises like this. Except sometimes there’s a spark and it does work. I’m just whining now. And this is what I have to convince kids to do, eh. Just ramble. It’s novel-shaped, it works. I hope some kids do it. If not, I’ll spend my time writing with Viktorja if no one else. Could be worse. Probably can’t get paid for that though. Herm. Why does everything go back to work lately. I don’t feel like a workaholic. But evidence to the contrary. At least when it’s something I enjoy. And I’ve let it all intertwine, is the thing.

    By secretblue3 URL on 10.16.2011

  31. The bombs rain down on the camp. Soldiers lay slaign on the ground, bloody and the unlucky ones still alive scream in agony. This is warfare.

    By Catherine on 10.16.2011

  32. warfare
    arf ware
    warfare – makes it sound so precise, scientific.
    It’s just a mess, and a waste.

    By Bill G URL on 10.16.2011

  33. is played by men, women just clean up the mess.

    By K.Paracy URL on 10.16.2011

  34. The Art of War by Sun Tzu. Don’t push a desperate enemy too hard. Leave them a way to escape. The look of disorganization shows that there is underlying order. The one who goes into it planning to win, will win. No one benefits from drawn-out warfare. Spies. Know the terrain and take advantage of unknown terrain.

    By Talia URL on 10.16.2011

  35. He said that this was like the civil war. That he had just met this woman, and then had to leave. And wait for my letters…

    that would make him my soldier.

    By mere URL on 10.16.2011

  36. it started as a petty fight
    jealousy made up most of it
    thought they had the right
    didnt they son
    so an argument goes to war
    warfare with all its blood and glory
    now some sit down here
    next to me i’ll tell you bout war
    i’ll tell you my story

    By celeste cervantes URL on 10.16.2011

  37. He ships off today. I only knew him since second grade. We were never really friends. We just knew each other. I hope he’s going to be okay. He’s going into the marines. He may see warfare, he may not. I just hope he’ll be okay.

    By Candice URL on 10.16.2011

  38. internal warfare.
    What you created within myself. An endless struggle between me head and my heart. My pride and my soul.
    One wishes to only be with you, while the other struggles to even stand the sight of you.

    By katie URL on 10.16.2011

  39. Warfare… warfare. Chemical warfare? Makes me think of chemistry then. I love and hate chemistry. It makes me happy that I’m not in science any more, but there’s also parts that I miss. I love learning some awesome chemistry things, but overall I don’t think I miss it.

    By Cecilia URL on 10.16.2011

  40. neverending, in man’s desire to be right.

    By Anita on 10.16.2011