August 14th, 2012 | 362 Entries

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362 Entries for “want”

  1. I want him. Oh god, I want him so much…it’s like a fire burning in my soul, but it’s also a warm glow filing me from top to toe. I don’t know how to handle these emotions, they’re so huge and glorious and terrifying all at once. They ask so little, give so much, take so much…it’s astounding how we can even walk or think or talk with this huge wanting inside. How can we? How can we survive with this in our souls?

    By Mairead URL on 08.14.2012

  2. I wanted more, but doesn’t everyone. The wanting was stronger than anything else, for freedom. An intoxicating freedom was what I wanted, but for it to last…was something that I wanted even more. I didn’t want a brief moment, fading in and out like I had. I wanted out of all of this. I wanted out and I wanted to stay out.

    By Danaé on 08.14.2012

  3. Want is another word for desire. Everytime I hear or see that word I think of what I already have. If I think of what I already have, then I’ll be more happy when I get things I don’t have. This makes my life awesome!

    By Holly Brown on 08.14.2012

  4. Want can be the same thing as CRAVE or desire. It is not necessarily something we will aquire, but some people will go to great lengths and out of thier own way to get it. A want can consume a person, if he wants it bad enough. Or this person could be sitting with a book, thinking I want a cup of tea. An orphan could be writing to Santa Claus asking him for parents, something they desperately want, or arguably need. Want want want want, we all want want want want. Think about how many times a person probably says I want…. in one day. Probably a lot.

    By Emily on 08.14.2012

  5. After all those long, agonising nights, holed up in a cell, suffering the snores and smells and unwanted presence of violent roommates he knew that this is what he wanted. For her to taste it, to know his suffering and to put right the tragedy she had inflicted on his family.

    By sharon london on 08.14.2012

  6. Ahh, what I want. Actually, this is really hard. You can want a lot of things in life, not all of them good or bad. Sometimes you wish you could control your wants, too. To say no to something you know you shouldn’t want. ever.

    By Tess on 08.14.2012

  7. want is not always easy to know. it’s dark, shadowy, like cotton candy melting before you know how it feels, like reflections that blur in puddles

    By cate on 08.14.2012

  8. I wanted it so bad. I’d been search, albeit half-heartedly for six months now. I’d finally found the one that was right for me. It had the potential to help me figure out my entire future. I needed it.

    By Grace on 08.14.2012

  9. There are so many things that we want. These things become important to us that they become the thing we need, so we think. If we keep the two separate life will become much more simple.

    By Tia URL on 08.14.2012

  10. want to yearn or display a strong desire for something that is not immeadiately within our grasp. A burning want is often associated with a deep

    By brandon on 08.14.2012

  11. Want. Want.
    I want. You want.
    I want you to want.
    Please want me.
    That’s all I ever wanted.
    But now, alone, I see I was wrong.
    I didn’t want you.
    I wanted myself, and everything that comes with it.
    I want to not need you anymore.

    By Ryan Starr on 08.14.2012

  12. Don’t thing just wright, don’t think, stop thinking and right. BUT I DON’T WANT TO. I want to break free from the crowd. I want to shine. I want to be original. I want to be electrified. I want to sing and dance, and I want people to shake my hands and love me for who and what and how and me. I LOVE ME, and I want them to give me money. I love that too.

    By Luke on 08.14.2012

  13. Want; the word to corrupt all words. The word a child uses to describe a desirable object. The word an adult uses to describe an unnecessary object. The word I use to describe you, the one person who envelops my mind and haunts all my waking hours. You, are the one I will always and only want.

    By Dasha Rose URL on 08.14.2012

  14. i want everything! happiness the most though. i would do anything to be content in life. but i know that its up to me, i can ony be happy if i truly want it.

    By marcedes on 08.14.2012

  15. I want you more than anything. You are the only person i could ever imagine myself in love with and no matter how many times you hurt me I only want you.

    By Emlyn on 08.14.2012

  16. i want a job that means something. I’m sick of working for nothing. I want to live a good life.

    By Megan Waugh on 08.14.2012

  17. there was nothing more that he wanted than to be in morgan’s arms and yet it was the one thing he couldn’t have. they weren’t out to the team and coming out like this wouldn’t be ideal. hugging hotch was a poor substitute and so very far from what he really wanted.

    but he didn’t want a drug addiction either.

    By LP URL on 08.14.2012

  18. Nice to need thing like parents and stuff but wanting too much is greedy but greed can be a good thing at time. All thing in moderation is what the they teach us.

    By Royale Lyons on 08.14.2012

  19. If I were to want that does not mean I shall have. Yet I keep wanting in the hopes that i will have. To want is never to gain but that’s how we see wanting; as immediately getting what we desire.

    By Denecia URL on 08.14.2012

  20. It would be a lie if I said that what I want more than anything is God’s will fulfilled. His perfect will, His righteous will– Will it be enough?

    By Jessica Bang URL on 08.14.2012

  21. I want to stop being treated like complete crap by someone who is supposed to be my best friend. I am fed up with coming in second to his girlfriend who isn’t even that good for him. I want our friendship to go back to the way it was, when I could tell him everything and depend on him. I want to be happy and I want to have my best friend back more than anything.

    By Sam on 08.14.2012

  22. Ich will ihn. Es ist ein nagendes Gefühl in meiner Brust, dass sich immer weiter in mich hineinf frisst, je weiter ich mich vin ihm entferne, je länger ich ihn nicht gesehen habe. Ich will ihn bei mir, ich will ihn mit mir. Ich atme ihn mit jeder Faser meines Körpers.

    By Sophia URL on 08.14.2012

  23. He growled. Eyeing the other, tied up and whimpering, something snapped within him. Something desperate, something maddening, something that screamed his longing.
    He wanted that, he wanted the other, he wanted them so badly he stalked towards the poor figure, all tied up with no where to go.
    He couldn’t bring himself to care.
    Couldn’t do it.
    He wanted them.
    Want. Want want want.
    Like a chant in his mind, he wanted. And as he neared the trembling person, he smirked.
    (And he got what he wanted.)

    By Brianna URL on 08.14.2012

  24. i want to get into a good sorority. i want to end world hunger. i want to find peace with my mom. i want my family to come together. i want to see my friends. i want to have fun in college. i want to become famous. i want to have a happy and healthy life. i want to travel the world

    By kaylin on 08.14.2012

  25. there are many things we would like to have but like the stones say, you cant always get what you want but you get what you need. right now i would like a sandwich and some cocoa.

    By piaget on 08.14.2012

  26. Want.
    A new job
    Anew home
    ….the want is what keeps you going
    wanting is part of life
    wanting is innate
    it is in you
    in me
    in all of us
    I want
    I want to be successful
    a good mother
    I want to be proud of myself
    I want to be proud of what I have accomplished

    By Erin Dupuis on 08.14.2012

  27. The things that I want in life are often in contrast to the things I need, especially spiritual needs: the need to confess, the need for a life of virtue, the need to be holy. But what I want is a life of pleasure, of satisfaction, of comfort in which all my wants plus my needs are met. Sometimes I wish I could just reduce the wants until they only matched my needs. Then if that were the case, and my needs and wants were fulfilled, I’d be a truly happy person.

    By David Mayeux URL on 08.14.2012

  28. Is a thing that you always feel. You always want something or someone. It’s just the way it is. You are never completely happy with what you have. You always want more. Cause that’s how humans work.

    By BA on 08.14.2012

  29. It was such a stupid thing too. To just want something that was obviously a trap, but he didn’t know any better. He reached out and jerked the shoe box off the shelf. It fell at his feet, a bit of metal shining under the naked bulb.

    By AZ on 08.14.2012

  30. To crave is such a distinguished feeling from other emotions. With sadness and happiness, it’s temporary. We can “feed” our feelings and change them. But to want something, well….

    It’s like a hunger that never wanes.

    By HumanKryptonite URL on 08.14.2012

  31. I want to be finished. I want there to be an end. Yet I’m afraid there will not be. Will I be encased in this pain forever? No – this pain is but a cocoon, and when I finally break free, oh! How free I will be!

    By Marie URL on 08.14.2012

  32. you are only ever good at
    giving yourself headaches.

    eyes red from crying
    swell. swollen like misquito bites
    you itch and itch until blood
    cakes in your nail beds. don’t

    be frightened when your pupils
    pop, pomegranate berries succulent
    in the cavern of my mouth. i savor

    the way you murmur meaning
    less things.



    (we are all saplings, dead
    with the leaves still
    hanging on.)

    this fallow heart counts the seconds.

    By invinculis URL on 08.14.2012

  33. What I want to is go travelling for the rest of my life. But people generally don’t get to do what they want. People generally don’t know what they want. We all have too many choices. So many choices, in fact, that we’re drowning in them. Choices are supposed to make us happy, they are supposed to make us free. But instead they trap us.

    By Cypiea on 08.14.2012

  34. Wanting things is a tricky art. If you want something you shouldn’t, you’re selfish. If you don’t want things for yourself, only care about what others want, you’re depriving yourself. Somethings are okay to yearn for. Others, if you do, you’re destroying something good. Where is the balance between the good and bad wants?

    By Ashi URL on 08.14.2012

  35. I’ve always wanted to know what it’s like for someone to look up to me. Like I want to know what it feels like for someone to appreciate what I do and who I am and for them to not have known me prior. I want to see what it feels like to be someones voice.

    By Natassia on 08.14.2012

  36. There isn’t much I really want right now actually. I am happy with my life…I really never thought I’d be at this point. All I want is to be healthy, but every thing else I am so satisfied with. Weird, right? It’s a good place to be.

    By Taylor URL on 08.14.2012

  37. you are only ever good at
    giving yourself headaches.

    eyes red from crying
    swell. swollen like mosquito bites
    you itch and itch until blood
    cakes in your nail beds. don’t

    be frightened when your pupils
    pop, pomegranate berries succulent
    in the cavern of my mouth. i savor

    the way you murmur meaning
    less things.



    (we are all saplings, dead
    with the leaves still
    hanging on.)

    this fallow heart counts the seconds.

    By invinculis URL on 08.14.2012

  38. To want is something that every human does. That sounds fairly obvious but it is true. I am not saying that to want is a bad thing but it all of course depends on what the person wants. However those things are mostly bad.

    By Lucas URL on 08.14.2012

  39. there’s such a fine line between want and need.

    By wilde on 08.14.2012

  40. i want heroin.
    i want to feel the warm rush flowing through my veins giving me the best pleasure ive ever felt.
    i want to feel the beautiful euphoric high that comes along with it.
    i want to finally be able to have to fight to keep my eyes open.
    i want to complete the ritual of preparing my shot.

    By mhm on 08.14.2012