August 14th, 2012 | 362 Entries

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362 Entries for “want”

  1. i want you like no other person has ever wanted you. this is stupid. why don’t you want me the same way? You are all I’ve ever wanted yet you don’t want me too? how am i not what you want? this is life, it is unfair and stupid. I want you to want me. I need you to need me.

    By Hannah Coughlin on 08.14.2012

  2. I want it so bad. That cock sliding between my thighs, knees pushing my knees apart, like my lips which are also parting with wanting. I have this thing in my throat, a tear or a laugh, and right now I can’t tell if i have what i want, or what I am most afraid of.

    By macayla on 08.14.2012

  3. We were walking silently and I couldn’t help but wonder what was going on in his mind. I looked into his eyes and saw exactly what I was thinking, “I want you.”

    By Rachel Karin URL on 08.14.2012

  4. want is when you crave something very badly. something that even after youve had so much cant be satiated. you will put your heart and soul to get it. a want can be satisfied. a want is something either material like money, clothes, books or something like love, friendship or company

    By Lola URL on 08.14.2012

  5. Was ich möchte, willst du wissen? Ich will einfach wieder in Frieden leben. Ich will, dass alles wieder so einfach ist wie früher. Ich habe gedacht, ich könnte mein Leben in Ordnung bringen. Ich habe gedacht, mit ihr wäre dann auch wieder alles in Ordnung, wenn mich meine Sehnsucht nicht mehr umtreibt, wenn ich den Schritt gehe, wenn ich endlich der bin, der ich schon immer zu sein glaubte.

    By Eli URL on 08.14.2012

  6. I want a successful life. I want a beautiful wife that I love and get along with. I want to have lots of friends, make lots of money, and have 2/3 beautiful children. I want to make the world better and influence or help others.

    By Gabe on 08.14.2012

  7. When I boil it down, distil it, examine and purify it, there is only one thing that I want. And that is you, lying beside me in the dead of night, the ghost of your breath on my neck, your arm slung over me protectively, the magnificent weight of your presence anchoring me to the present.

    By Keri Faloon on 08.14.2012

  8. It was all I wanted, all i thought about. I could see his smile in my memories, hear his voice asking me questions, complimenting my singing, wondering how things were going. That was what really made me fall for him, after all: the fact that HE SAW ME. That was all I wanted. That was my real desire. And I missed him for it.

    By Courka URL on 08.14.2012

  9. I want to not have anxiety over problems that are easily solvable. I want to go one day without worrying. I want a day of piece and solitude. I want to be Emily Dickenson

    By Lillian on 08.14.2012

  10. Some people never want anything.
    They just go with the flow.
    Wanting makes you unhappy
    maybe it’s better just to accept.
    And if you want something, go for it!

    By Robin on 08.14.2012

  11. “Let’s do something”, that’s what he said. I looked at his eyes, i heard his words, and that was it. I knew it right then, I really wanted it. I wanted it with all of my heart. “Want”, i said.

    By kiks on 08.14.2012

  12. Don’t even use that word with me, as if I’m a whiny brat who just wants this.

    No, I need it.
    This is a part of me, an everlasting fire fueled by conviction, determination, passion, love. This is the most sincere, dedicated part of my soul. Not, “I know what I want”, but,

    I know who I am.

    And there is a part of me, this innermost, most beautiful part, that cannot go without this.

    By Effie Felix URL on 08.14.2012

  13. We’ll always want something in life no matter what. We want to be loved, want to be seen, want to have stuff, want to be noticed, want to be famous, want to be beautiful, want money, want to be important. Ironically there is a place in the world where ‘want’ isn’t even a word.

    By Mallory Claire URL on 08.14.2012

  14. It’s what I always wanted. Peace. That’s it. It was such a simple request, why was it so hard to get to? A white flag, a dove, an encouraging word. Peace.

    By Kristina URL on 08.14.2012

  15. want. what do i want. what do we all want. want want want. something a lot of people get confused with “need”. what do we need? simple things. what do we want? complex things. want. it’s a funny word, to different people it mean different things.

    By Kaylyn URL on 08.14.2012

  16. We all want. It is arguable that want, the ability to desire something we don’t currently have is the main trait that separates humans from the rest of animals. i do not think this is the case but it is arguable. I find it interesting that so often when we get what we want all we do is start thinking about the next thing we want, never satisfied.

    By Tim URL on 08.14.2012

  17. i want world peace, people to realize the harm they can do with just words,many want but forget to give, want…

    By Mayra on 08.14.2012

  18. I want, he wants, she wants… we all want something. It could be world peace or it could be more “stuff” but she knew that everyone wanted something. Sometimes it felt as if the whole world wanted a piece of her.

    By Katherine on 08.14.2012

  19. Your scent still taste the same even after these years of seas between us. Your lips bleeding red to the contour of a kiss. Your tongue slither to wet the want. Your eyes hold burning intent under that black Evasion. How fitting to its name. I can feel the crackles filling the air. But none of us move. This is a game we both have played so many times and no one is willing to yield. So, I ask about what your plans are for the week in town while you fidgets with the titanium frame. I almost hate the easy smile you gave, red framing those pearly white teeth, and that little head tilt. I’m yours.

    By fadetosilence URL on 08.14.2012

  20. I want a lot of things in life. Not too many are fancy but I like to think that I have good taste. WQhy am I even writing about this. I think this is actuallyl a good technique of qwriting. I’m currently listening to Nero and it’s getting me so amped up. I need a party now!!! I hope I can get back on campus and party this friday with all of my friends again :)

    By Najee on 08.14.2012

  21. What do I want? I want to be succesful i life, I want to do well at Berkeley and meet great people. I just want to live comfortably with some great friends and a beautiful, smart woman by my side. I want comfort from, life, but know it will only come through hard work

    By Bogart on 08.14.2012

  22. Him. You. That’s all I want. I want your hand in mine. I want your lips against mine. I want your eyes on me, taking in my beauty and mine alone. I want your everything . I want to make what’s mine your’s and what’s your’s mine. And not even in an overly-attached girlfriend kind of way. In the way where we’re one, a single unit. You. Me. Us, against the world. I want to be your wife. This, is all I want.

    By Blow Minds, Not Guys URL on 08.14.2012

  23. the desire that is nearly insatiable, the state of being a have-not, the craving, the need, the luxurious needs, the envy, the opposite of satisfaction, the sinking feeling of having nothing

    By Shelby URL on 08.14.2012

  24. i wanted to type but i couldnt but then akate fixed it all for me and i wwan tto go to the beach and see my baby io want to be in the sunshine abd n=feel the sand on my toes i want to smile goooo i don’t want to type
    i talkyou still have type just keep typkoong just go goooooooing i want to go to the beach
    kate doesnt want to type ill type
    i went before now ill go a little more slow. 60 secs is a long time ok
    want. need . is there a difference? a middle point something to do without a want. why not want

    By kokoakonrad on 08.14.2012

  25. Want is when you desire the need to obtain a specific item. The need to want is different for every person, and that desire is very controlling. Sometimes that want can make us do things we dont want to. It can also make us sad or happy. But most of all, the need to want and the need to need is very different. Dont ever confuse these two, like most people often do.

    By Jessica on 08.14.2012

  26. more time
    less distractions
    more of his interruptions
    less worrying
    more chocolate.

    By Tea Monkey URL on 08.14.2012

  27. i am heartbroken by every hand
    i cannot hold close
    to my chest
    shallow breaths are lullaby
    like a siren, softly
    on the edge of her shores.
    i wish i could forget.

    1:30 AM

    to death.
    a fallow heart counts the seconds.

    By invinculis URL on 08.14.2012

  28. Wanting is an urge, a push. I am I pushing it, or is it pushing me? Which, in this situation, is preferable. I work on what I want, and fear what will happen if I get it.

    By Susannah URL on 08.14.2012

  29. I used to want you. Want you with my entire self. You never felt the same. You wanted me when you wanted me and not a minute more. I hope to meet you later in life after you’ve grown up

    By Ev on 08.14.2012

  30. I want I want I want… BUT THAT’s CRAZY!!! I want… I want…. I want… but that’s NOT ME I want, I want, I want…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….TO BE LOVED BY YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

    By Jess URL on 08.14.2012

  31. its a finger dragging along the rim of a glass
    wiping up the salty brine coating its smooth edge
    Slipping the tangy residue past the parted lips
    Insisting the tongue begin to pay full attention

    By voodooscotch URL on 08.14.2012

  32. love life car university hug sex drinks study go to the gym family barcelona be ok feel compleat

    By Ana on 08.14.2012

  33. What I want is someone to love. A partner in crime and someone to show me the same love and respect I give them.

    By Ashley on 08.14.2012

  34. What do I want? I want the luxury of a good night’s sleep, the decadence of a hot meal, the relaxation of a long, hot shower. I want it, but not enough. Not enough to let her out of my sight for even a moment. My infant daughter, and the light of my life.

    By naturemummy URL on 08.14.2012

  35. After his stint in the Peace Corps, T closed up and turned off. Used to be we couldn’t keep our hands off each other. Now, whenever he uses the word ‘want’ it’s followed by other words like dearth, paucity, famine, drought, medicine, contraception, death. So many words like that! Like death. I get that there are starving people out there, but, christ, what about me?!

    By penny dreadful URL on 08.14.2012

  36. A craving.
    Him. I want him. I need him.
    To fill me, to satisfy me.
    To reach an itch I need scratched.
    I want him.
    No one else can have him.
    I crave his touch , his lips , his body.
    I need him.

    By Marr URL on 08.14.2012

  37. The opposite of need. What leads men to war, what brings plague to nations. The lesser of two, the fraction of the better whole. I have never wanted anything that I later realized I never needed.

    By Kevin Haubrich on 08.14.2012

  38. I want to get away from here. I want to create my own life how I want to. I want to move to somewhere I can be on my own. I want me. The real me. Not who I am now, but how I aspire to be.

    By Emily URL on 08.14.2012

  39. A source of confusion. Want. Think of what you want. It’s not what you want. It could be what you want right now, but eventually it might not be what you need.

    By Lisa on 08.14.2012

  40. It is so hard to live your life and not want. I try to be happy with the things I have and not be needy, but I find that I still have needs that I need to be fulfilled.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 08.14.2012