February 7th, 2012 | 426 Entries

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426 Entries for “walls”

  1. Early on, she learned how to construct walls around her mind, keeping the monstrosities suppressed behind a rigid barrier of lies and cold, indifferent composure. But she was human, afterall, and therefore wont to make mistakes. On more than one occaision, the things she prefered to keep locked up deep within the recesses of her mind seeped through the chinks in the wall’s mortar, maliciously viscous and tar-like,threatening to permanently break through poorly placed grey bricks. Inevitably, it’s all she can do to keep herself from traversing darker avenues of thought, from lashing out at anyone who comes to close for comfort.

    By WearyWater URL on 02.07.2012

  2. Walls are everywhere. I’m currently surrounded by them. They are thick, covered in paint. They prevent me from experiencing the world around me, from gaining access to freedom. These walls hold me in, they cage me. But they’re nice too. They give me warmth, or at least help maintain it. They protect me from bad weather, from the rain, from snow, and yes, even from some animals.

    By Raam Dev on 02.07.2012

  3. She always felt like there was something closing in on her. They were different things every time – deadlines, dates, the arms of her lovers, one after another. But inside she knew they were all the same, something dark and black looming in on her, and she could only hold her breath and still the quivering of her mind as it passed.

    She longed for something different, some sort of closing in that she desired and savored. The only thing she could do was to draw her curtains and wrap herself up in her many layers of sheets and comforters, another stifling thing closing in around her, and think about what she could have been.

    By Jessica Jiang URL on 02.07.2012

  4. She sat on the edge of the wall everyday that summer. Her feet dangled into the water and her eyes cringed in the light of the rising sun. She waited there. Every single day. But he never came, he never came, he never came back. He was never coming back.

    By Kaylyn URL on 02.07.2012

  5. My heart sings its triumphant song, rejoicing the victory of tearing down its walls to reveal a new path. By following such a path, the shallow absence of happiness may be overcome, replacing the friendships my heart has been longing for.

    By t URL on 02.07.2012

  6. Blank walls are so pretty. Expectant. They can be anything I want. Any color. A mural. Use my imagination and I can see anything. I am thankful for this simplicity of mind.

    By Laurie Welch URL on 02.07.2012

  7. At my house, walls are all white. And I think in most houses walls are like these. But some children in some families may be so naughty that they scrap walls, draw pictures on them or simply make them dirty.

    By elea on 02.07.2012

  8. Walls. The walls that are up in my life all the time. the ones that don’t allow others to see the heart of mine. the walls that keep others out. the walls that allow me to stay distant from people. the walls that i can’t seem to get down even when i try. sometimes i like that the walls are there because they protect me. they protect me from the hurt and pain that come my way. they keep me safe from the outside world. but they do that…they keep me away. is it worth it having the walls up? will the walls ever come down? do i want them do? i’m not sure…

    By Twin URL on 02.07.2012

  9. Tear down the walls, let love flood in.
    You spent your entire life building up these walls, keeping others out.
    Only to have them fall and tear down instantaneously, the moment I first saw you.

    By Kathleen URL on 02.07.2012

  10. Yellow walls were aglow with the pale dust of the morning fog. Her little lips were pressed to the glass walls distorted by the rain.

    “Momma, I wanna go outside.”

    “Sorry, baby, it’s raining.”

    “But Momma, that’s why I wanna go outside.”

    By Neelvar URL on 02.07.2012

  11. Brick. Concrete. Wooden. Walls are all around us…holding us in, holding us up.

    It’s scary to think walls are so inevitable. But there it is.

    I want a sledge hammer.

    By Kate on 02.07.2012

  12. Walls – that is an ongoing topic with me. I learned how to build walls from watching my dad. He was a brick layer but he also knew how to wall himself off from other people. I like to paint walls (as in with acrylics). I like to see walls and photograph wall. Sometimes I even climb on walls or walk on walls.

    By Sebtown URL on 02.07.2012

  13. The walls are closing in.

    So tight. So small. So thick.

    I fear I’ll be squashed like a ripe autumn pumpkin, betwix walls of brick. Without a care and without a trick.

    How lovely for wonderful me.

    I’m so excited–can’t hardly breathe!

    The walls are crumbling and caving in and guess what?

    Soon I will be free!

    By Sara H. URL on 02.07.2012

  14. The walls were so far apart, and yet they seemed to be too close together. He was was still in his chair, but he was suffocating, staring at those blank white walls. He didn’t dare breathe. That would have disturbed the delicate silence in the room that kept the walls from falling.

    By Cara on 02.07.2012

  15. Me and the Walls of this old house are much the same
    You have left us both so badly beaten
    Holes that no one would see from the outside
    Me and the Walls, we keep it all together
    We both try our hardest to pretend like we are not crumbling
    under the pressure of unearned fists
    I have become the middle man in this fight between you and the wall.
    You shove me, I hit wall, We both hear cracks.
    Broken bone meets broken wall and this is all too common for both of us
    Dust builds up in our corners
    It’s too dark.
    And it seems that we have both grown too weak
    no one can mend us.

    By Leah on 02.07.2012

  16. When we are trapped we feel most alone. Nowhere to go. Nowhere to hide. But without walls we would have no restrictions and no purpose in life. Walls can be an obstacle but also a challenge. it’s up to us to try hard. try harder. and finally push to through them.

    By MagnusGames URL on 02.07.2012

  17. She built each one at a time. Thinking they would keep her safe. She covered them with bright colors and hung her hopes on high. She had no clue the walls she’d built to keep her safe, kept her prisoner too.

    By Sheila URL on 02.07.2012

  18. The walls were falling down, crumbling to the dust about him. It had taken so long, so many years wasted, building this house. His family had lived here. And now they were gone, leaving behind crumbling walls.

    By Holly Ann on 02.07.2012

  19. barriers that hold cubicles, living dwellings, usually white, drywall, or otherwise wood material. Sometimes painted or covered in wallpaper (hence the name prefix, WALL). Four compose a square room, while vary shapes and geometries make more complex rooms.

    By Patrick on 02.07.2012

  20. they say walls have ears, i have never really gotten what that means but i guess it means you cant trust anyone…when they let you in their walls are not as welcoming as they seem at first. We want to believe everyone wants the best for us but they really dont. I’m learning to be careful about who i trust

    By inky URL on 02.07.2012

  21. The walls all around me move in and out as though the house is alive… Breathing slowly the same air I take into my lungs every second of every day. This house is alive, it’s walls melt in the heat as glowing suns revolve around the kitchen.

    By Josh URL on 02.07.2012

  22. Easily, those walls looked new. Brick by brick, perfectly in place. Making sure it would take ages for a crack to emerge so that some future woman would finally get a glimpse of what you’re really made of.

    By Jessica Bang URL on 02.07.2012

  23. man
    these walls are just an illusion people build up for you to see
    all u have to do is turn back to reality!
    use your brain!USE YOUR BRAIN!
    don’t make others seclude you from yourself, get in touch with ur mind so you can expand and build ur own walls, not to build a border or a line for u to stop
    but to keep those who attk away. Cuz once u let those who r evil attack and infiltrate ur being, man, ur done for.

    By Theory URL on 02.07.2012

  24. limitation. barriers. restrictions. breaking through them. breaking point. building them up just to break them down. demolish and then find reasons to put back up. paint them.

    By adfajdhg on 02.07.2012

  25. white, yellow, walk through them, jump over them, do not allow them to limit you. Use them when you need them….destroy them when you do not need them. Nothing can limit your goodness, you message,

    By Kendrick URL on 02.07.2012

  26. I love this song, It truly is amazing, All time low makes me happy on the inside even though i thought that i hated them at first it turns out I really liked them and have a habit of saying i hate certain bands before i even get to listen to tere music so yeah thats all i have to say about walls yo :DD

    By Tyler on 02.07.2012

  27. I feel trapped by the walls I built around myself. I want someone to tear them down. I need someone to want to get inside. I want someone who is willing to go through the trouble. Someone that wants to get inside of my walls.

    By Marina URL on 02.07.2012

  28. High walls around around the houses. Electric fences, armed security. Fear and suspicion. Life in the suburbs of Africa. Looking up I watch the clouds fly across the heavens, birds swooping joyfully. Wish I was up there.

    By lenny URL on 02.07.2012

  29. is it possible to get rid of a wall? the walls of your mind, of your neighborhood, of your religion, walk of life. we live within a grid. walls surround us in every aspect of life. there may be different curves and windows but once a wall is in place is it possible to ever fully get rid of it? even the memory of a wall puts up the barrier.

    By Emma URL on 02.07.2012

  30. These walls…I don;t know if they are keeping something or keeping something out. I want to tear them down, but maybe they are there for something. i’m afraid of the consequences, plus i don;t know how to destroy them.

    By Jaxz URL on 02.07.2012

  31. There are holes in the walls because he was never told that everything was okay, and he was loved. And when a child grows up not being told these things, they punch holes in walls to make up for it.

    By lilldeh URL on 02.07.2012

  32. Walls. close you in. from dreams. from life. keep you safe. captured. walls can close in and make you feel empty. break down walls and fight for your dreams.

    By kensie m. on 02.07.2012

  33. my walls are covered in tributes to what has been in my life – pictures, momentous – they tell the story of where I have been and where I want to go. They speak to me every single day – a living breathing entity.

    By Nicki URL on 02.07.2012

  34. if his feet would stick, he would climb the walls. already he has been redirected from the table, the chairs, the couch, the counter. i look outside at the snow berm by the house and know some winter i will have to redirect him off the roof. the boy can move, and move he does.

    By nenana URL on 02.07.2012

  35. All these walls around me.
    I can’t sleep.
    Looking up the the ceiling
    I die slowly
    and decay
    into the nothingness that surrounds me
    I need to live
    I need to breathe
    I need to be free
    Before I die

    By josephwinlove URL on 02.07.2012

  36. He was desperate, he needed a way out.
    The walls were the only things that separated him
    From despair and delight.
    Nothing was enough and enough was nothing.
    Trying didn’t matter.
    All he could do was hope.

    By charlene URL on 02.07.2012

  37. walls are there to be broken. walls create conflict. walls are good for hiding and protection.

    By Franzi on 02.07.2012

  38. my walls are filled with stuff and photos I no longer love. A me I dont recognize and am attached to. Iwant to break through of my walls and boundarys to others and share limitless space.

    By Caren Rich URL on 02.07.2012

  39. The walls were closing in. Slowly, but steadily. My fear mounted, the heat rushing through my body and sweat coming down my forehead. I heard his voice beyond the door,

    By Krista Gigstad on 02.07.2012

  40. I live my life without walls. The walls people put up stop them from seeing out the window, walking out the door and feeling the wind blow through their hair. Every moment brings a new opportunity. I have no place for walls in my life other than the 4 that give me shelter.

    By Tatyanna URL on 02.07.2012