September 26th, 2010 | 105 Entries

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105 Entries for “waiter”

  1. The waiter spilled on me. I was upset and caused a huge scene. My friends think I am bad now. I am good I know I am so.

    By Mickael on 09.26.2010

  2. I looked at the waiter. She was a pretty girl, reserves, very fair. This couldn’t have been the right job for her. She really did not seem like the type to enjoy talking to people. But a lot of the girls in Itsir were like that–I was already used to it, no matter how unsettled at first.

    By Narumi L. Compson URL on 09.26.2010

  3. Sorrow often creeps into our soul
    the sadness leaving our hearts too much to bear
    In anger we hurt those innocent around us
    We fight, we argue, complain and don’t tip

    By ColumbiaPhoenix URL on 09.26.2010

  4. Oh god. Here we go again. Another rush of people as lunch time draws near. As much as I hated lying the decietful smile on my face was the only way I could get through the day (and keep my job!).

    By Gaya URL on 09.26.2010

  5. He’s a waiter
    He gets by
    Every single time I go out
    I think of him
    And I tip well
    Like I hope people do for him
    So he can make enough money
    And come back
    To me

    By Amiee URL on 09.26.2010

  6. He’s a server
    And his charisma serves him well
    That and his blue eyes
    Night in and night out he gets by
    Day in and day out I miss
    Him and count the days because
    I am the

    By Amiee URL on 09.26.2010

  7. The waiter set the glass on the table calmly. All night, this couple had been heckling him about one thing or another. The food isn’t okay, the water looks weird, the room smells awkward… The man was just about ready to hit the customer. But he held his resolve and continued serving the couple until they were satisfied.

    By Savannah C. Chiofalo URL on 09.26.2010

  8. the waiter was watching me as a i sat at the sticky coffee shop table. my latte was cold by now, i’d been sitting here all morning. having finished the newspaper,

    By ginger on 09.26.2010

  9. He was working his way through law school. His nights and weekends were spent waiting on the upper eschelon of society. He hated how they looked down their noses at him, treated him with disrespect.

    By Rachel Driver URL on 09.26.2010

  10. he sighed as he served people who didn’t deserve to be served. but when he went home, he knew he was always wanted. he knew he would be held and kissed and loved …. he knew he wouldn’t have to serve anyone he didn’t want to.

    By The Lovely Love Lii URL on 09.26.2010

  11. The waiter came back with our food quicker than we thought. Our lips halted as soon as he came within earshot — everyone knows that waiters’ expertise is the art of eavesdropping.

    By Gloria on 09.26.2010

  12. The server politely takes their orders, then slips him a guilty smile; as if knowing how much he doesn’t want to be here right now. He doesn’t acknowledge the look.

    The server brings their food, and he notices his plate holds a little something extra. He chances a glance up and the waiter subtly rolls his eyes at the obnoxious behavior his date is currently displaying. He can’t help but give a little smirk.

    The server comes back to take their empty dishes, and leans across him real close to grab a glass, forcing them to lock eyes. He can’t look away.

    The server saunters over to collect the check, letting his fingers drift and brush against his own. He finds that his fingers linger as well.

    His date leaves alone that night.

    By Breanna URL on 09.26.2010

  13. He looked far too old to be a waiter, she thought, scrutinizing him. The man had a bushy walrus mustache, wavy shoulder-length hair, and bright hazel eyes that twinkled at her under his white caterpillar eyebrows. He was obviously hiding an amused smile as he asked her, “What can I get for you today, miss?”

    By Chuppers URL on 09.26.2010

  14. The waiter brought the freshly cooked salmon out of the steamy, busy kitchen and made his way over to the couple where he set the dish on the table, apologizing for the mix up of entrees.

    By Katherine on 09.26.2010

  15. Grüß Gott, haben sie schon etwas gewählt? Nicht? Dann komm ich später noch einmal. Für die Kinder habe ich etwas zum Ausmalen. Ja, das Steak kann ich wirklich empfehlen. Sicher. Blutig ist kein Problem oder durch. Ganz wie sie wollen

    By gizmo on 09.26.2010

  16. Oh sweet Christ that was one hell of a bowel movement. Thought I was going to pop that damn toilet bowl off, the way that log came out. Christ! Listen, Merle, tell the waiter to bring the check and let’s never eat here again.

    By Richardton T. Slump URL on 09.26.2010

  17. He looks at the waiter and is surprised, so surprised, by what he sees. The most gorgeous, beautiful, mouthwatering sex-on-legs waiter mankind has ever known. Drop dead gorgeous, like any other.

    By Alissa on 09.26.2010

  18. i placed my plate upon the table, the waiter removed it. i hadn’t finished

    By peter on 09.26.2010

  19. I looked up from the plate of food in front of me, a little shocked. The man who stood beside my table, dressed in a black t-shirt and apron, was surprisingly attractive. I smiled wide at him, resting my cheek on my knuckles.

    By Frankie on 09.26.2010

  20. He was a waiter. He stood around. He sat around. He waited for life to come to him. He blamed life for opportunities that never did come..

    By Mags on 09.26.2010

  21. Oh waiter~!

    By Kristin M~ URL on 09.26.2010

  22. I always wanted to be a waiter. Maybe it’s because I’ve never had a job and I’m seventeen years old. It takes a lot of work to be a good waiter, you have to be tolerant of idiots, love to be sociable, and have an awesome balancing ability. I bet I could do that.

    By randirae URL on 09.26.2010

  23. Sometimes you can change your own reality. Once I had an extremely rude waiter at one of my favorite restaurants. I didn’t get upset, but tried to remain serene, just wishing I could have amore pleasant experience. Low and behold, the rude guy was replaced by an incredible woman. Did I do that?

    By Andie on 09.26.2010

  24. A waiter just took my order. When he came back with the things that have requested, they were given to another table. Don’t you just hate that?

    By Camrica Henry on 09.26.2010

  25. One who serves at the pleasure of another is a waiter, whose purpose is to serve and fulfill the wants of the one upon whom his attention is directed.

    By gino on 09.26.2010

  26. the impeding voice of my father talking to me over the music on the radio. i am the waiter. waiting for the end of everything.

    By andy on 09.26.2010

  27. as the waiter looked at me, awaiting my order, i glanced back to my significant other and asked him what he was staring at. he stared at the waiter in stunned silence and it became apparent that there was a history there.

    By cat on 09.26.2010

  28. Ernie moved into our basement after three nights at the fish house. We couldn’t resist him and the story of his mother dying in his arms. He had nowhere else to go. Well, his sidter, but that meant the brother-in-law. No, we had to take him in. He was our waiter.

    By Nancy O'Neill on 09.26.2010

  29. The waiter paused and then left the kitchen, Table 5 had been impossible. Vegetarians. Or so they said. Who had ever heard of a veggie who ate food with chicken broth!

    By JL on 09.26.2010

  30. people dont understand that waitresses only get paid like 2.13 an hour! Learn how to tip assholes! 5 dollars on a hunder dollar bill is NOT a good tip. You should be ashamed of yourself!

    By pryze URL on 09.26.2010

  31. so when I think of waiter I always somehow think of rude french waiters, either correcting my on my speaking or just glaring at me evilly from across the restaurant. Why? Who knows.

    By Alex on 09.26.2010

  32. W

    Try not to make him wait too long. He has shit to do.

    By Archie on 09.26.2010

  33. As a single woman, they had seated me next to the kitchen. I watched as the irritable customer ran the waiter ragged. I also watched as the waiter hocked up a loogie into the customer’s food, meeting my gaze conspiratorily the entire time.

    One should never piss off someone who has access to bodily fluids and your meal simultaneously.

    By mimimanderly URL on 09.26.2010

  34. as i started falling from god knows how far up,i saw jessie waving toodles at me and shouting,”waiter…there’s a soup in my fly:-)” I looked at my crotch.i had stained myself …damn her;i was falling to my death in stained pants!

    By Dan on 09.26.2010

  35. He brought her her omelet the moment it was finished. Anything to spend more time with her. This one wasn’t about a big tip, or just because the diner was in a slow muck. It was because she was something different altogether.

    By Racheal URL on 09.26.2010

  36. Once upon a time, there was a boy who’s life dream was to quickly move around a restaurant, serving food and drinks to patrons. It was his passion, his life goal to reach over $2000 in tips. But he was no waiter. No, he was a consumables distribution engineer.

    By Misha URL on 09.26.2010

  37. The waiter came up to me, looking slightly embarassed.
    “Um… miss?” He whispered, casting a glance to the surrounding tables as if afraid of being overheard.”We found this in the ladies restroom. We think it might be yours?”

    By JellyBean on 09.26.2010

  38. Someone who stands at your table, impatient look on their face, smacking bubble gum or forcing a smile, thinking in the back of their head, “Shift’s over in ten…over in ten…” and you simply give them a tip for the crummy service.

    By Laura on 09.26.2010

  39. hellloooo?



    check please.

    By thegirlyoullneverknow on 09.26.2010

  40. The waiter appeared beside her without a sound, and placed a silver dining tray with a cover on the table. Without a moment’s hesitation he grabbed the gleaming handle and lifted the lid off with a flourish. On top of a brownie (her favourite) there lay a ring with the biggest diamond she had ever seen.

    By DM URL on 09.26.2010