January 21st, 2013 | 283 Entries

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283 Entries for “visit”

  1. all of the visits that have never happened, every word we’ve never said, every smile we failed to spark for eachother; i’ll visit you soon, i’ll tell you everything i can, i’ll make you smile with every chance i get.

    By Courtney on 01.21.2013

  2. i went to go visit her. Rain was dripping off my face and my heart was beating.. fast. I was out of breathe but when she opened the door, i kissed her. I held her face, and she was stunned. I smiled at her and said ” i love you. ” She replied with a smile and a kiss.

    By theresahoang URL on 01.21.2013

  3. She visited the empty room without thinking. Her mind almost came to a stop when she remebered why she came. Her father had visited this room when she was younger, and she traveled many miles to see the room once more. It was strange to return to the old worn down house.

    By cassidy Mcclurkan on 01.21.2013

  4. I would like to visit many places as I grow older. Not just any places. Places that make me feel good. That make me happy. Places that get me inspired. I would like to visit people that I have not visited in a long time.

    By Rania on 01.21.2013

  5. The visit was brief. That was a first. She usually stayed a little bit longer, if only to catch a buzz and disappear into the night. Not on this night. There was an electrical aura or urgency pulsating through her veins, urging her to leave immediately.

    By Liberty Zissou URL on 01.21.2013

  6. Whenever I visit you, I never feel welcome. There is this eerie presents in the room. Something in your eyes that is pushing me towards the door; but still, you say to come by when I feel alone.

    By PetitePommes on 01.21.2013

  7. Whenever I visit you, I never feel welcome. There is this eerie presence in the room. Something in your eyes that is pushing me towards the door; but still, you say to come by when I feel alone.

    By PetitePommes on 01.21.2013

  8. The visit was short. Much shorter than he had intended it to be. But seeing her lie in the bed like that. Alive but with no life, he just couldn’t bear it. He ended up outside her hospital room, hand splayed over his face trying to keep the sobs from breaking out. Maybe if he ignored it, it would go away.

    By Kensington URL on 01.21.2013

  9. They both could agree that everything would be nicer if they could stay. The outside world seemed to disappear while they were here and going back to the reality of their situation would pierce the deception they had created for themselves among the roots of trees and other various plants that were withering above them.

    By Jordan URL on 01.21.2013

  10. “I–” Before I could even explain myself, he turned down the steps to the dorms and fled from my sight. I tried not to break down right in front of admissions. Crossing the street, I felt the stare of several boys going up the stairs to Hadley. They wanted me to look up, but I couldn’t. My tolerance was up for the day; my visit went unvisited.

    I was drowning in words I never said.

    By Marissa URL on 01.21.2013

  11. I went to visit my cousin when she was very sick. Her hair was thin, but she was thinner. Her colorful knit sweater looked unwelcome on her pale, pale skin. She smiled through chapped lips and told me I was beautiful. But I was nothing compared to her.

    By Mackenzie on 01.21.2013

  12. I went to see my grandmother and grandfather fairly often when I was younger. Ever since I was about 8 they lived right across the road from us. We would pull the flowers off the trumpet vine in the summer and suck out the

    By Kate Harrell on 01.21.2013

  13. I would like to visit myself five years from now. Maybe not five, just three. What have I written in three years time? what will I be capable of writing?

    By DesiraeCole on 01.21.2013

  14. I want to visit again, my home with little memories. Everything I touch I feel an echo from the past. Someone used to love these things, displayed them with such care. The familiar smells and colors, the darkness of the stairs. This place I’ve been so few times is the closest thing to home. But then I realize I’m horribly mistaken, these aren’t my memories, my childhood, my life. This is another’s I try to take to replace the emptiness of mine.

    By Miho URL on 01.21.2013

  15. I would visit, but I’ve been a bit preoccupied. My mum died, the baby got the flu and the landlord wants the rent early. I would visit. Honestly, I would, but i love you too much to let you see me like this. I’m sorry.

    By Kira on 01.21.2013

  16. He was only eight years old when I first kissed him. The second time I kissed him was in Rome last year. I was 23. He was 19.

    By mkaska URL on 01.21.2013

  17. The power to leave your comfort zone and go somewhere or see something you don’t often experience.

    By wyatt on 01.21.2013

  18. I’ve never been fond of the word visit. Going to places being in some situation, I never really liked it. It’s just me, my personality. I have this theory that my own spirit doesn’t have a grip to my physical body.

    By Hersherry URL on 01.21.2013

  19. A planet by the sea wall scope of a frozen cascade of ultra-violet sparkling mint tulips

    By Zoidberg on 01.21.2013

  20. i would love to visit Australia. for that matter, i’d love to go anywhere, i want to see the world. i want to learn more about anything and everything. i don’t want to have a care in the world. i want to be free, no strings attached, i want to be just simply me.

    By Lindsay Lannen on 01.21.2013

  21. Once you came into my home and I was pleased. We got drunk off of beautiful glances, easy touching, and we giggled over music in the corner of the kitchen. We made love and then you went home. If it was only a visit. If it were only home.

    By KWILD URL on 01.21.2013

  22. one time i saw them. walking like teddy bears- waddling from side to side on thick fuzy legs. Once they have an apple, it becomes an orange. that is their secret-turning probability inside out.

    apparently, reloading the page keeps the text and resets the timer…have fun.

    waitng waiting
    mispelling common words.

    and stuff……………………………………………………………


    By james on 01.21.2013

  23. He stared at the window, watching the rain pouring outside. He scratched his head and wondered if anyone could still remember his name or his existence. We wanted to get out and know it. Because he had been locked in the this room for more than a month, and no one still visited.

    By unblurthefuture URL on 01.21.2013

  24. I wish i could visit my friend in Waterloo. He’s lonely and begs for me to come see him every time we talk on the phone. It’s not that I don’t want to go… I just think that my visit will only complicate our relationship and it won’t be as clear as it is when we are physically distant.

    By Kelisha B. URL on 01.21.2013

  25. He visited the mount on high, he tossed and raged at the sea and he was just as she, people on Earth. A background layer of audibly beckoning, soft melody that lingers upon ones senses, who is this singing, why do they call? Distortion is the sounds around, the urban sprawl, the tomb-like silence of any depths, the wind’s whistle, or the brush of buck-wheat herds. Visitation throughout Earth for that whisper, many have done, chased and lost.

    By Eric Harrell URL on 01.21.2013

  26. They asked me to come for a visit. “We’d like to see you again,” they said. There had been trouble last time (the bathtub was involved, and a cigarette) and I’d thought that would be it. But no. Somehow they’d gotten my number. “Sure,” I said, wondering what I could do this time that might work. “I’m dog sitting, though.” There was a mutt out on the sidewalk in front of the cafe, tied to the meter. “Do you mind if I bring him?”

    By Stephan URL on 01.21.2013

  27. Visit family. Visit friends. Visit those in need. Visit those who invest time in you. Visit often those who encorage you. Visit places that inspire you.

    By Patrick on 01.21.2013

  28. I would like to leave this place and go far away, never to return, not much of a “visit” i suppose, but every move starts with a step, and really when you think about it, the nomads really had it right, why would anyone honestly want to stay in the same place forever? Doesn’t anybody aspire to see the world, to move up in it, to conquer it?

    By Anthony on 01.21.2013

  29. I would like to visit home. I miss my cat and my sister and the smell of my Dad’s cooking coming from the kitchen. I like when people come to visit me. It makes me feel important and needed. I want my friends from home to visit me. I want to have a home where people always feel welcomed to visit. I am afraid of loneliness. I should never get married. I don’t know what that means. But I like to visit people. I would prefer people visit me, but I do love to travel. I like to have my comfort zone shaken. I like to explore the world and meet and greet new faces and sights and sounds. It is an exciting thing. It’s nice to know you have loved ones to visit. I want to be visited.

    By Tara on 01.21.2013

  30. Someone is coming to visit. Guess who is coming to dinner. One Wednesday we are getting a visitor– well not really. She is a customer. We are getting a new customer for two meatbirds and some eggs. I hope that she does not visit for long. She was a yapper on the phone.

    By sigo URL on 01.21.2013

  31. When I go visit my mother in her nursing home, I cannot help but be overcome by the sheer depressing-ness of her situation. I am sure she wouldn’t have wanted to end up here, covered in food from lunch, a diaper hanging from her bottom like a large two year old, unable to speak or walk. I am sure it would have been much more humane to just let her die.

    By Teresa on 01.21.2013

  32. She looked over the room again and scurried over to plump the cushions on the couch one last time. From the carefully selected books casually displayed on the coffee table, to the sporting equipment propped in the hallway, she was sure she had crafted the perfect view of herself for his first visit.

    By mogumba on 01.21.2013

  33. I was just thinking, you know. It’d be nice to see that kind of sky flung out like a carpet again. Drink in the kind of air that demands a better function. And now that I know what to do with rocks and chalk (at least a little) I’d like to try that world for a truth.

    By Annah URL on 01.21.2013

  34. When he called me to visit him at the psychiatric ward, I had only felt a little numb. One of my closest friends, one of the most pivotal relationships in my life being confined to a space for insanity and instability seemed implausible, almost laughable. But it shook me, even after he left the ward. the remnants of his self when he was in those white rooms never left me.

    By kazzheng URL on 01.21.2013

  35. She never liked to re-visit her feelings. Once they were acknowledged, she like to put them away and never feel them again. Whether it be the joy of knowing that there were things better to come. Or the misery of never being able to re-live the the last great joy of a lifetime.

    By Alexis URL on 01.21.2013

  36. She wanted to go to another place, any place that wasn’t home. She wanted to see so many other places outside of where she was. See other places, not to live, just to see that there was more to the world than what she knew now. She wanted to visit, then maybe she could be content at home.

    By N on 01.21.2013

  37. europe. warm, tropical locations. tiki cups. lots of sunshine. the alps? kinda cold. every state in the united states. canada. mexico. the bahamas. family visits. visitation rights. conjugal visits.

    By anna mcvey on 01.21.2013

  38. It’s amazing how wonderful these visits turn out to be. There’s usually a longer period of planning involved than there is actually seeing you. But it’s still worth it. Always worth it. The briefest encounters have the ability to have the deepest of impacts. It never fails to amaze me, but then again, neither do you.

    By Amber on 01.21.2013

  39. i visited this site because I was on Quizilla reading about how to write fanfiction I’m in quite the rut. I like writing Naruto fanfiction, I’m considering making a story with an OC, and I (like I said before, am in a rut.

    By Seashells on 01.21.2013

  40. i wish i could visit places i’ve never been. Now. right now. i wish i could get in my car and go. just run run run. visit visit visit.

    will you take me to visit distant lands?

    By Tara on 01.21.2013