January 21st, 2013 | 283 Entries

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283 Entries for “visit”

  1. LOL 60 seconds here we go. I don’t know what to write.
    A visit should be visitish, perhaps. Visitory visists are the best.
    I like visits.
    But sometimes my mind visits my good friend misery, and suddenly I want to pack up my case and leave.

    By lolomgwtfbrbg2gbbq on 01.21.2013

  2. I visited my own mind last night. A dream. It was of me and my friends we were drafted for a war. We were in a foreign country. It was hard for me to think of us all dying together, but I liked it too. I love them.

    By Will on 01.21.2013

  3. Harvey made his last visit to the bank to say goodbye to his…

    By vanhaydu URL on 01.21.2013

  4. i really like visiting places. especially places like portsmouth. i never knew how much of an impact portsmouth, nh would have on me until now. i’ve reached the age where i can visit places by myself instead of having a parent or having to use the buddy system.

    By Kelsey Gallagher on 01.21.2013

  5. Last month I visited my grandfather in California for Christmas. I love being in Huntington Beach, but this time his new wife was really getting on my nerves. In about 2 months, I’ll visit Colorado for the Crossroads tournament! :) While I’m there I also get to visit the Colorado School of Mines!

    By Jacqui on 01.21.2013

  6. I’ve visited my mind many times. It happens when one doesn’t even think about it, knowing what you want to say and see happens. Visiting a high and open place to take your mind off things, and in that moment you truly know your mind, it is an interesting site. Mind. Visitation.

    By Jan2510 on 01.21.2013

  7. I feel so bad not paying my dad a visit more often. But when I do visit I feel as though i am impeding on his day.

    By Sharon P URL on 01.21.2013

  8. Shit, I thought, why are we always out of cinnamon.
    I love cinnamon, I really do. Enough to even start the twelve mile trek to the nearest Stop-n-Go style shop. Me and my friend Shan had been living in the Catskills for the past two months, a mountain range to the south of New York. It was supposed to be a visit but ended up become something a bit more.

    By Grace Lally URL on 01.21.2013

  9. had a visit from common sense. it asks that i notice what i see, take heed to what i hear, trust what i feel, act on what prompts, honor that inner voice, rely on my gut and have the chips fall where they may.

    By Safon URL on 01.21.2013

  10. I wanna go to many different places in the whorl. maybe europe or africa. places like that. out door and nature scenes. or london and glam places like hollywood and la and nyc. That would be fun.

    By Divina Davidds-Garrido on 01.21.2013

  11. this is umm…. im thinking too much im sorry.

    By erin on 01.21.2013

  12. i love visiting with friends and relatives. This is actually one of my favorite activities and I wish I could do a lot more of it. Here in Austin, I often find that work and constant professional demands come in the way of my visiting with people I wish I could see more often.

    By Maya on 01.21.2013

  13. Visitations are held up
    by the soft, lined hands
    of those who love
    without restraint
    without condition
    who can simultaneously
    see all fault and problem
    and love anyways
    presence is what we speak of
    presence is what we notice
    sometimes people attend an event
    but really never visit

    By t44 URL on 01.21.2013

  14. There’s a million places I’d go but only one place I belong. I’ve learned this now. It isn’t home, either. This whole earth… it’s just a visit. I’m visiting this planet, this life, this universe. I don’t belong here. I’ve never belonged here. I’ve accepted that, but I don’t know what to do about it.
    Except get the fuck out.

    By Cai URL on 01.21.2013

  15. Why, I muttered, are we always out of cinnamon.
    I love cinnamon. I really do. I love it enough, in fact, to start the 12 mile trek to the nearest Stop-n-Go style shop to pick up more. My friend Shan and I had been living in the Catskills for the past two months. It began as a visit but ended up becoming a bit more, and I’d never been so thankful to be anywhere. You couldn’t wear out your welcome in a place like this, not living the way we did.

    By Grace Lally URL on 01.21.2013

  16. It was not a visit I was looking forward to, but it needed to be done. As I walked through the automatic door, a blast of air smelling like Vicks Vaporub, mothballs and death hit me in the face.

    “I’m here to see my mother, Jean Smalls,” I muttered to the matron with the glued-on smile at the reception counter.

    By nedra URL on 01.21.2013

  17. He is to visit today. 87 years of living, and it still doesn’t feel like enough. I wanted to travel the world, revisit all of my favorite places. But today death will visit, and there is only one place I will be traveling to.

    By Ebony Bird URL on 01.21.2013

  18. Lavender made him sneeze, he’d said. And it reminded him of his Baba’s cookies which always came out burnt.

    She’d frowned and sprayed the bottle in his face. You’ll miss it when I’m gone. She’d winked before dashing across the room.

    Smelling it now, he smiled and reached out his hand.

    By penny dreadful URL on 01.21.2013

  19. The man was sick with a rare case of tuberculosis, and the only person who would visit him – and he desisted – was his brother, more usually found enslaved at home, playing online games. Thus, the tuberculosis ridden man had no choice but to find solace and comfort during his three week isolation in refining his rapper skills and recording Youtube videos.

    By Wendy P on 01.21.2013

  20. She came at the time it was most unexpected. It started with a knock on the door. Then objects was hidden. She came, saw and left.

    By thinus on 01.21.2013

  21. I used to visit her every day. I remember her vacant smile and the shadow of drool faded but still visible off of the side of her mouth. When I was a child and still too young to understand what her reality was, I remember even then loving her. “This is your mother.” They told me. I figured if she loved me enough to bring me into this world, then I could love her through to when she chooses to leave it.

    By Christina on 01.21.2013

  22. I visited you in Amsterdam after a crazy emotional vacation in the most beautiful place on earth. And that’s when I fell in love with you. I visited your life, personal and intense, in a city that had become my home before. You showed me a new side of it.

    By Luzie Louisa on 01.21.2013

  23. It’s been a while since I visited him last, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Part of me thought back to the bright little boy that once teased me for trying to save turtles on the seashore, but another part of me remembered the last time I saw him. He was seventeen, homeless and alone.

    By musicrazi URL on 01.21.2013

  24. My friend is coming to visit me! And while I fear I will be so busy, I can’t wait to see her face. I haven’t seen her in ages, and we have to catch up on all that’s happened in the last… four years? No, it’s less than that. Isn’t it? Can’t remember. Hope not. I love that girl. So much.

    By GloriousClio URL on 01.21.2013

  25. Visiting hours were for family only; I lied I was his sister. Goodbyes weren’t my specialty, and I always feared the worst…

    By MaxwellSmaart URL on 01.21.2013

  26. “It’s been awhile.” I say under my breath as I sit beside your grave. It’s been a few months and it seems like a routine to just come and sit with you, tell you about my day, and just cry.

    By Micheala URL on 01.21.2013

  27. He peered through the glass at his brother, like an animal in the zoo. He don’t know how his twin could have drifted so far down this path, while he worked hard at Harvard.

    By pzero URL on 01.21.2013

  28. The man had promised to visit within a week, but by Friday, Annabelle was beginning to doubt it. He had assured her that yes, he would come and make sure her mother was looked after, no, he would not forget, but Annabelle was beginning to realize that he had scarpered, leaving them stuck.

    By Maddy URL on 01.21.2013

  29. I hadn’t seen her in so many years. It would be a sad visit, but it would feel good, maybe.
    I stepped under the tree. Under the shade, towards the black slate. Back home, finally.
    “Hi, mom. It’s me, Dean.”

    By Lauren on 01.21.2013

  30. i want to visit my ex girlfriend, at her school, while she kissing her boyfriend. it may be an awkard moment, i dont know. and i cant write very well in hurry. i want to do this for my language. it is a brillant project!

    By Uğur Arıcı on 01.21.2013

  31. she came
    she saw
    she conquered
    her visit was one of the best things
    that happened
    all day
    all week
    all year
    i mean does she really mean that much to me?
    i guess this means she does
    she is that much of my life
    that much of my concern
    but her visit
    that’s when my world stops
    and its only her

    By Erin URL on 01.21.2013

  32. she came
    she saw
    she conquered
    her visit was one of the best things
    that happened
    all day
    all week
    all year
    i mean does she really mean that much to me?
    i guess this means she does
    she is that much of my life
    that much of my concern
    but her visit
    that’s when my world stops
    and its only her
    and that’s why her visit is so amazing

    By Erin URL on 01.21.2013

  33. staring through the dusty glass, she could see the sparkling green snake coiled seductively around the birch tree.

    By SGM on 01.21.2013

  34. I can’t bring myself to visit her grave. I feel bad. Awful. Terrible. But I can’t do it. She is my best friend, well, was, and I tried to tell myself that if I couldn’t have any proof that she was dead, she might just be on vacation.

    By Iam Me URL on 01.21.2013

  35. Visit me in my little world. I’ve spend enough time in yours. Visit me in my little paradise, which is so much better than yours. Feel the wind fly across, leaving us without a care. You will never find a place like this anywhere, anywhere.

    By Matt URL on 01.21.2013

  36. I am visiting exeter. I do my best to live here but I am a visiter. Maybe i am a visitor always, wherever I go. Did I really live in Victoria for years? I have never planned to stay. Maybe i never will.

    By Kayla Smith on 01.21.2013

  37. Visit my mother. Visit my home town. Visit Southampton. Visit my friend Keisha. Visit my girlfriend. Visit Chika. Visit chi Van. Visit Jayden. Visit Xinh.

    By Tung on 01.21.2013

  38. once i was walking up a street, there was a man to my left next to what looked to be a sewer. middle-aged, overweight, with a rough past. he was once a charming fellow that whistled and looked up at the cherry trees.

    By Erin Cate on 01.21.2013

  39. Remember when I used to visit you and imagine
    that we had a future together? Then I would go back
    to my own town and my own life and file you away
    until the next time when I would visit, not enmesh
    our lives but only drop in for a week or two/

    By Robin on 01.21.2013

  40. To visit me
    In my heart broken state
    Would bring great dishonor
    for you are not suppose to look upon one of gods men
    not suppose to look upon gods men ‘o so like this
    For she has left
    And will never come back
    So don’t visit me, my love, for in my heart broken state
    I shall die upon your look

    By Shirley URL on 01.21.2013