January 21st, 2013 | 283 Entries

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283 Entries for “visit”

  1. The visit was short this year. They came only for about three days, and he did not get a chance to say thank you. He had a number of opportunities, but there they went. He felt hopeless, as if he did not deserve the help he received.

    By Jenny Johnson URL on 01.21.2013

  2. Um, would you visit me? I miss the place you used to have in my life and I miss your existence, and Ihave been looking for you in other people and other faces and other existences and the Other in general. I miss you and I think I will keep looking for you right here, unless you would be so kind as to end my search and let me know.

    By Angela Z URL on 01.21.2013

  3. Another horridly unwanted visit from my brother. No matter how many times my wife and I tell him he needs to get his life together and get a hold of himself before he can come back he manages to wander into my house every couple of months.

    By Quinn URL on 01.21.2013

  4. some places are better left unvisited
    unthought of; out of sight, out of mind
    if i don’t visit, then how can i know that it exists
    and if i would rather it not exist
    then why does my mind continue to visit

    By kapanga URL on 01.21.2013

  5. The people I enjoy visiting the most are my grandparents. I feel as if I can talk about a lot with them. Plus, my grandma makes amazing food.

    By Frannie on 01.21.2013

  6. i visited many places. i love the things i find, buy, learn, and eat. the photographs help me remember. and the people i am with are irreplaceable. i love to visit. thats essentially all i do

    By indigo on 01.21.2013

  7. to chat with someone
    to talk with others
    to go see someone
    talk and listen

    By Patrice URL on 01.21.2013

  8. *Knock knock knock*

    My heart dropped into my chest.

    “Come on Miss, I know you’re in there.”

    I wanted to run and hide, but I couldn’t. As a little hand grasped onto my finger, I took a deep breath and opened up the door. This was the visit that would take me away to freedom. Away from Him and the only life I had grown to know. I was terrified, but for the little voice that asked, “Mommy, why are you crying?” I knew I had to go with them, get my little one to a better life.

    By Stephanie Force URL on 01.21.2013

  9. Visit. Meet. Join together in a certain place. I would like to visit the Emerald River or the Drakensburg Mountains. I would love to visit France sometime in my life…

    By Aurora on 01.21.2013

  10. i wanna visit a lot of places

    By pablito69 URL on 01.21.2013

  11. Kiki went to visit Ludwig one Saturday evening. The outside light was dim from the setting sun, though it was a mere 5 o’clock; the winter was never to kind to time. She paused before knocking on the door to take a deep, encouraging breath. How time and little arguments can add up and seize ones courage to even say hello to an old friend.

    By Abbey McDonald URL on 01.21.2013

  12. visiting officers go to customers homes and work through problems that we can’t deal with over the phone. they are a useful tool but the officers that go out often make mistakes and do not get the job done right.

    By mark on 01.21.2013

  13. distant lands and airplane trips. The time was never enough for us to build the necessary foundation. We don’t visit anymore, we don’t have to.

    By BMK on 01.21.2013

  14. I want to go visit you, but I highly doubt that I will be accepted with open arms or even a smile on your face, neither genuine or fake. That comes to no surprise to me since, after all, we no longer speak.

    By neen1794 URL on 01.21.2013

  15. Visit.
    You visit me
    Every night
    In my dreams
    In my nightmares

    Wake up crying
    Wake up screaming
    Leave me alone
    Why must you visit

    By Rachel URL on 01.21.2013

  16. We were joking and laughing, two birds of a feather
    Nothing compared to being together.
    I kissed you goodbye, but woke up in my bed
    And realized you were a dream, made up in my head.

    By Carly URL on 01.21.2013

  17. spain, america, grandpa great, chinese wall, top of the world, bottom of the world, orphanage, family abroad, home, friends abroad, italy, dream place, heaven and anyone else I need to see.

    By Sofia Zlata URL on 01.21.2013

  18. i see VI-SIT. I see VISI-T. see V-I-SIT.. I see V-IS-IT ?

    ‘TIS IV could mean it’s 4

    By jack blake URL on 01.21.2013

  19. i like to go and visit my family. Especially my family in detroit. in a few weekends im going to go and visit a few colleges, I hope I find one that I like soon. I’m going to visit one and it’s just going to click, I just know it! I like to go and visit new and exotic places too, one day I hope to go to Italy!

    By penny on 01.21.2013

  20. To go to someone else’s house

    By Eddy on 01.21.2013

  21. vising someone has always put a smile on my face. Visiting and getting visited by someone , isn’t that how all personal relationships groom and develops. I think we ought to venture out more and pay them a visit.


    By anurag on 01.21.2013

  22. One time, I had the chance to visit Japan. Talk about a magical place. Giant robots, beer for days, and the kindest people you’ll ever meet in the history of travel. I highly recommend a trip there.

    By Jace Reed on 01.21.2013

  23. The day droned on like the one before. The golden hues slipped down the paisley wallpaper and across the shag carpet. The cold set in and amber changed to topaz changed to onyx. Evelyn counted every minute of January 21st as her hopes turned to disappointment turned to bitterness. They must have had better things to do today than to visit an old woman in a house smelling of mothballs. Even if she is their grandmother.

    By Casual Fridays URL on 01.21.2013

  24. i have visited my family three months ago. they live in bulgaria. i love them very much and i miss them. i wish i could be there right now and spend more time together. i wish they could visit me as well. i believe they would like the place i live at.

    By nikki on 01.21.2013

  25. As I waited at the front desk to check in for my visit I clasped my hands nervously. I hadn’t been in to see him since the accident and I couldn’t escape the sense of guilt that had been eating away at me since that night. I shouldn’t have let him get into the car. I knew he was too tired to be driving, I should have just made an exception and let him spend the night. I turned to walk toward his room and uttered another prayer thanking God he was alive and asking him to recover.
    “Hello,” he perks up as I enter, and smiles as I instantaneously start crying. I cry because in the warmth of his smile I know he had forgiven me.

    By Sydney URL on 01.21.2013

  26. The bandage visited the wound. It brought chocolates, only the wound was not hungry for chocolates. “Do you have any watches?” the wound asked. “That’s what I like to eat most of all. The minute hand is like a little drumstick. Or an hourglass in a fancy stand? As sad as I am: a pendulum would do, though I might spit out the string.”

    By Jeff Goodman URL on 01.21.2013

  27. bir zamanlar bir köy varmış bu köyde bir kız yaşarmış.uzun mu uzun saçları, gülümser bir yüze sahipmiş

    By beril URL on 01.21.2013

  28. Sometimes I dread visiting there. You know that feeling you get when you’re flying over the ocean and you think you might crash? Or maybe even the feeling of being on a roller coaster; except cut out the good stuff.

    By Sam on 01.21.2013

  29. a visit to a zoo with my 2 year old. he wants to see a donkey, not a lion, or a giraffe, or a hippo. a donkey!
    i love 2 year olds…
    i love my son.
    we go on the train, he thinks it’s viktor from thomas the tank engine

    By elliotandme URL on 01.21.2013

  30. I have to go to San Diego. I suppose I don’t have to, but I feel obligated. It’s been almost a year since I’ve seen her; since either of us have visited. She came to Seattle the last two times, and so I suppose it’s my turn.

    It wouldn’t be so bad if it were warm there. Yes, I know that San Diego, in general, is warm. But it’s January. If I want overcast skies, I can stay in Seattle.

    May. June. That’s when I’ll go.

    By Klaity URL on 01.21.2013

  31. When he woke up that morning, he had no idea he would soon find the address of his former love.

    Love seems like a strong word.
    Even so, the feelings he had for her had not frozen or diminished in their time apart, feeling much shorter for him.

    Walking in, the place felt too forced, too white, trying to hard to be clean.

    Like nothing he ever had associated with her.

    After asking at the front desk he approached her room number, butterflies in his stomach.

    He opened the door.

    By emily on 01.21.2013

  32. I’d like to visit all countries of the world. I don’t consider myself a tourist, but i am simply interested in all different cultures. I’d like to visit places such as Cannes, and others such as Stockholm

    By samanta quezada on 01.21.2013

  33. Together we went to the lake. To visit the sun. And later on, the moon. We sat there for hours while the winds passed by. And our laughter was sealed with the leafs and everything just seemed right in its place at that moment. This beauty of us, this is what I visit the most. Memories that have long gone but will hopefully never cease to exist.

    By celine on 01.21.2013

  34. Daybreak —
    Fingers find their way
    Through forest brush
    And finally settle
    Like lazy lizards
    On hot rocks.
    And like the trinkling streams,
    Those soft tendrils will whisper-walk,
    Visiting the dips
    And dives
    Leaving only the sighs of the

    By sonneillon URL on 01.21.2013

  35. my mom won’t take me
    to visit my father’s grave.
    it’s not that
    she doesn’t think
    i’ll be able to handle it,
    it’s that she can’t handle it.
    we’ve never visited
    a single time yet.
    i don’t know if we ever will-
    not together, at least;
    not as a family.

    By Kimberly on 01.21.2013

  36. A visit to a place. A mind? A palace? a forest? Where can one visit without the idea of experience hanging over one’s shoulders. The idea of visiting a

    By Karan on 01.21.2013

  37. you took a visit in my heart
    took off your coat and dragged your feet
    so now my carpet is stained with grass and dirt
    you ate and drank from my dishes
    and left them cracked in the sink
    and you smiled
    when you left me with the mess

    By zoe on 01.21.2013

  38. i want to visit so many places around the world. And meet a lot of great people where i learn a lot from. life lessons and see a lot of great buildings. I want to learn acting and voice acting for doing some jobs as an voice actress.

    By soumia on 01.21.2013

  39. Suitcases. Sunshine. Hunkey-dorey.
    A moment in the mind of someone else. Is that not a visit?

    By no on 01.21.2013

  40. going to a place you want to go to. visiting the dog you want to get for the first time at it’s home. A puppy or a grown shelter dog. going somewhere :)

    By India on 01.21.2013