April 21st, 2017 | 43 Entries

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43 Entries for “vines”

  1. Vines. Weine? Viniste? Wein ist unnötig. Ich habe mal eine Zeitlang ziemlich viel Wein getrunken. Jeden Abend. Immer habe ich gedacht: “Heute keinen Alkohol.” Und dann stand die Flasche auf dem Tisch und die Versuchung war da und ich dachte: “Ok, ein Glas kann ja nicht schaden.”

    By Eli URL on 04.21.2017

  2. I can only think of the short videos that are now called vines. I wonder why they are called so. I’m surprised these are the vines that I thought of, because I dont even have the app, I dont watch vines, I dont do them!!

    By WannabeWriter3012 on 04.21.2017

  3. Vines grow in gardens and are easy to trip over. They are green and sometime they have thorns on them.

    By Kristin Huenink on 04.21.2017

  4. She felt the cool leaves of the ivy brush against her arm as she reached out in the darkness for him. His warm hands found hers and pulled her in closely, his breath warm on her neck. “Are you okay?”
    “Yeah, yeah, are you?”
    She couldn’t make out his face in the darkness but she could feel his lips brush against her cheek. “Wait, what is this? What are you doing?”

    By Bridget Grace URL on 04.21.2017

  5. What does vines mean to you? To some people it means the weeds that grow in a garden. To some it means a seven second video. To me, a vine means of a seven second video. They are vines that I watch with Kiersten and they make us laugh very much.

    By Kristin Huenink on 04.21.2017

  6. The vines grow in curled tendrils like sleeping snakes laden with precious fruit. Within a few hours, the men with browned faces and flat straw hats will walk out with their buckets and baskets, then disappear into the cool basement with their treasure in gleaming round purples and greens. The winemakers all stand at their barrels, waiting to crush the sweet flesh beneath their callused toes.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 04.21.2017

  7. A person does not grow from the ground like a vine. Human has legs to wonder around

    By lucia on 04.21.2017

  8. Vine got shut down and that’s unfair. All these left over vines and yet no more vine app. Tears.

    By Mackenzie URL on 04.21.2017

  9. vines yo

    By Mackenzie URL on 04.21.2017

  10. The Skeleton King slashed at the vines, gritting his teeth at the growth he had to walk through. Meanwhile, Radamant was swinging overhead enjoying the trees. Monkeys starting throwing feces. The Skeleton King shouted at Radamant who was in the trees laughing.

    By Rover URL on 04.21.2017

  11. They crept up around the walls and the trees. They surrounded us, and though we didn’t think anything of them usually, these were, they were sinister. As we crept forward, inching ever closer to the door, and the treasure ahead, something crept up the knight’s boot. Though none of the other’s saw it, the thief’s eye was quick– it was her mouth that was too slow.

    The vines slipped a thorny hold over the knight’s armored knee. They ripped him away from the group and off he went. The garden was overgrown and he sank into the bushes with surprising ease.

    By Nick URL on 04.21.2017

  12. Vines.
    A tangled mess.
    A web of connections.
    Some dead.
    Some bearing fruit.
    Like my life and connections.
    Some thrive.
    Some long since past their prime.
    All tangled and tied together.
    No clear lines.

    By Jessica on 04.21.2017

  13. Gorge Gorge Gorge of the jungle friends for you and me, HAHAHAHAH watch out for that tree!!

    By Dylin URL on 04.21.2017

  14. Gazing out of the semi closed windows of the aeroplane, my heart raced. Vines tangled throughout my blood. I was scared. I’m myself. Its just me, myself, and I!

    By Chloe on 04.21.2017

  15. “Hi Lily!”
    “Hi! Oh there is George! Hope he sees the god damn tree!”
    “Oh the ones with the vines,” Jessica asked Lily carefully as George turned the corner and went into the tree. “George, George, George of the jungle watch out for the tree!”

    By Chloe on 04.21.2017

  16. Vines are fascinating. It’s the closest we get to man-eating plants. You don’t realize this until you try to prune a muscadine vine or pull poison ivy out of a tree. And don’t even get me started on Kudzu.

    By Chris on 04.21.2017

  17. They grew again last week. I haven’t seen the vines for a number of years. Their fruit has not graced these dusty, aged walls for many years before the vines disappeared. Could this be a sign of things to come?

    By Archori URL on 04.21.2017

  18. I don’t know it’s meaning this is the new word I see it for the first time what shall I do.

    By manaf on 04.21.2017

  19. Jesus is the vine and we are the branches. If we remain connected to him, then we will remain healthy. But if we come disconnected to the vine, we will die.

    By Cortni Rochon on 04.21.2017

  20. Vines wrap around the body of the statues in the garden that has long since been abandoned. Flowers bloom on the mossy ground that was once a stone path. Then suddenly, a statue of a little girl starts to move and change color. She has pale skin, big blue eyes, long red curly hair and is wearing a flowing green dress with flowers blooming all over it. She has flowers stuck in her hair, placed perfectly, and vines wrapped around her arms. She also has no shoes. She creeps around and sees all of the unmovable statues and the overgrown garden. She creeps around to the gated entrance to the garden, and sees dense forest going on for what seems like forever. She turns and runs back down the winding path touching every statue she passes, and ever so slowly, they start to come to life, similar to the way the girl did. Men, women, and children all stretching and moving about. Talking and laughing the way they were before the curse that froze them in time. But there was a big question looming over their light conversation, who broke the curse?

    By sammy URL on 04.21.2017

  21. tracing themselves around the earth’s fingers.
    creeping up the stones trapped in the boundaries of this ancient building.
    green and waiting to die.

    By batteryman URL on 04.21.2017

  22. I guess I don’t log onto this site to write. I’m not a damn writer. I’m not a poet. I’m just somebody who’s usually happy. Who can get sad. Damnit can I get sad. So I write when I’m sad I don’t know why that’s my outlet because I’m shitty at it. I can’t write. I got a 16/20 on my paper this semester and that’s pretty normal for me. Which is fine, it’s not my grades that really upset me.. What upsets me is that everybody just waltz into relationships and love. Everyone else seems so loved and so easy to love, and doesn’t that make you feel like shit? I don’t know how else to say it, but it feels shitty. It feels rotten. It’s something that I just can’t handle sometimes. Dude.

    By Brooke Tuinei URL on 04.21.2017

  23. The vines were twisted around the pavilion; clearly, no one had inhabited this place for a very long time.
    “Hello?” I said into the nothingness.
    I watched the dust rise from a brittle vine I had accidently stumbled across; I don’t think Isabelle gave me the correct address.

    By Catty Misty URL on 04.21.2017

  24. The vines grew over and through the cracks of the cemetery plot. Unmaintained. A promise broken, a soul forgotten. She moved far away, as if distance could break literal ties.

    By Nikki URL on 04.21.2017

  25. There are vines wrapped all around him, binding him to the column behind him. It pushed his back flush against the column, pink skin against white marble. It twined around him, like a hug from the back by a lover.

    By Taki on 04.21.2017

  26. Like vines, your thoughts crawl through my vein.
    you always knew I was subtle lying when smiling through pain.

    By Marissa URL on 04.22.2017

  27. They wrapped around her and grew. Every single day, they grew an inch longer. She struggled to free herself from their grips but it was in vain. They constricted. Blood would not flow through her veins any longer. She stopped.

    By shevi on 04.22.2017

  28. I was in a jungle in the amazon when I came upon a massive tree with vines hanging from all its thick branches. I haven’t ever seen something so majestic yet eerily scary at the same time. It stood tall, and its vines fall like snakes waiting to attack.

    By Ingrid P Nicolas URL on 04.22.2017

  29. rumors spread like vine throughout,
    then families were destroyed and friends fought .

    By komal on 04.22.2017

  30. Vines of grapes spread their branches
    what I said reached all classes
    Hurt I was, coz they know
    Not what I said but some twisted ploy

    By vidushi on 04.22.2017

  31. These vines grew all the way up these gigantic walls.
    It didn’t matter to me, except for the fact that someone was behind that wall.
    The love of my life
    The ruler of this place
    The ideal King for everyone
    The bravest man on this planet
    Yet, he’s stuck there like an idiot.

    Remind me why am I saving him again?

    By asdfghj on 04.22.2017

  32. Licorice and activist
    I love Red and Black Vines licorice because they’re one of the best things in life.

    Matthew Vines is a gay, Christian activist fighting for acceptance of LGBTQ people in churches. Ironic. Necessary.

    By Lavelle on 04.22.2017

  33. probably best to be clearer about these posted publicly. annoying.

    By arg on 04.22.2017

  34. Vines reached into the bedroom window, and propped it open, just a little bit. She looked out the window and wondered what would happen if she followed the vines to the floor. Could she be free? Could she escape? Could she find true love? What would happen?

    By Zhelana on 04.22.2017

  35. Flowing like a river, upwards, defying gravity. Grace in their embrace of their benefactors. I always thought they were so lovely, a necessary addition to the side of any home interesting enough to pause and stare at. I touch the neck of one, smoother than the surface it clings to. This tree is sickly and shriveling. Being clung to desperately for life, letting itself be ensnared in branches like spider webs, a forced friendship. Organic curves become strangulation holds before me.
    You are not wanted, you are not needed. No, more than that, you are hurting. Did you realize it? You are sucking the life out of everything to make your own. Trees die, homes crumble, and I… I watch. I give a half-hearted tug, nothing moves. With a shrug, I quickly give up. I can’t bring myself to hate them. I’m still clinging, too.

    By Ai URL on 04.22.2017

  36. Creepy, curling, choking the stone in the vaunted ceiling, the snake-like greenery appeared to run up and down the walls to the very arch point when the windows permitted the breeze to enter. No one had been here in a thousand years, and it would be another three hundred before anyone would come again.

    By ml on 04.22.2017

  37. You wrapped yourself round me like ivy vines, you got under my skin, into my veins, and wrapped your vines around my heart. You keep growing, squeezing, and even when I try to rid you of those vines, I can’t because your roots are embedded too deep and even if I rip you out, your vines leave marks on my skin, veins and heart of where you used to be.

    By Elin on 04.22.2017

  38. The vines spread over all the old houses, but none of the new. The leaves cover and contrast the white sheet that the old houses were built with, while large brick or stone covers the new. These vines remind us of age, and a dying style of breed.

    By em URL on 04.22.2017

  39. Vines are plants and they are usually green but when they haven’t been watered they might turn brown or yellow and die rip. Vines usually grow in the jungle and Tarzan swings on them in the movie but in Minecraft they’re like ladders so you can climb them if there’s a block underneath.

    By Maisy on 04.22.2017

  40. I like vines with grapes. I like vines with red grapes. I like vines that are long and green with red grapes. I like vines that are long and green with red and yellow tiny grapes.

    I like vines.
    I like grapes.

    By bb on 04.22.2017