June 24th, 2010 | 393 Entries

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393 Entries for “velvet”

  1. I like to tausch velvet. But I really like rabbits that feel like velvet. That’s the best thing. Velvet is not an attractive material though.

    By LN K on 06.27.2010

  2. Seems like this was yesterday’s word. It was. Today I was expecting something other than velvet, even though I love the word. Today was wonderful with Abe.

    By Jennifer URL on 06.27.2010

  3. Smooth, purple; like the sunset we watched together that night. That night. Evening draped itself across the sky like a piece of velvet, covering us like a blanket. That night.

    By Jodi URL on 06.27.2010

  4. velvet is a kind of beautiful shiny cloth. it comes in vibrant colors and uplifts your mood. velvet has been greatly used in dresses.

    By nidhi on 06.27.2010

  5. Red velvet. Rich, colour of wine. Wine bottle upon a red velvet robe, in a room filled with antiques, full of character.

    By LW URL on 06.27.2010

  6. I stared up at the portrait. The jet-black hair, the snarled lip- Elvis. On black velvet. He stared down at me like a star from days past, wishing he could once again walk upon our planet.

    By Ben Dover on 06.27.2010

  7. I clutched on to the velvety ears of the forlorn-looking stuffed rabbit, crying as

    By dev-dev URL on 06.27.2010

  8. a soft cloth variety; rich and grand, shining and pompous, some animals have velvety tan

    By pavalamani pragasam URL on 06.27.2010

  9. soft and silky between my fingers i caressed the material. it flowed over me like a waterfall feeling incredibly wonderful against my skin. It was dazzling and i was woman again.

    By Danielle on 06.27.2010

  10. velvet is really really soft I like it

    By Moo Moo URL on 06.27.2010

  11. soft like a newborn baby’s hair. also, the flavor of a delicious variety of red cupcake.

    By johnny smiles URL on 06.27.2010

  12. feel so nice on the skin/
    somtimes make me cry
    so smooth and shiney
    black blue red and wine
    velvet underground

    By sivan on 06.27.2010

  13. Velvet Revolver, it’s a videogame from what little I’ve heard of it. The name’s a bit weird if you thinking about it… Velvet’s supposed to be nice and soft but it seems to always cover something much harder underneath like metal or hard wood etc. It’s deceptively alluring.

    By Icarus URL on 06.27.2010

  14. soft pretty color eyes song movie grass water sexy voice

    By Debbie on 06.27.2010

  15. I saw a movie one time called Blue Velvet. It was one of the craziest movies I’ve ever seen (other than Pink Flamingoes). Laura Dern really does look like a banana.

    By Chelsea on 06.27.2010

  16. velvet dreams spread around me like a an endless sea. The embrace of warm blankets, a dark silence around me. In slow-motion I bend over and dive in.

    By gadifere URL on 06.27.2010

  17. Not velvet again! What about silk, that beautiful flowing material that my favorite dresses are made of? I don’t want to wear that heavy, dark velvet dress again!

    By Nevena URL on 06.27.2010

  18. Velvet tears are beautiful fragments of melancoly! A winter feature – like snow, like ice. But the softness lingers!

    By greyscale URL on 06.27.2010

  19. Red velvet was her favorite kind of cake. “Blue Velvet” her favorite movie. The episode of Seinfeld in which George wants to wrap himself in velvet her favorite movie; we worried about her, as we were all cotton people.

    By Jeanette on 06.27.2010

  20. Red velvet cake should taste good but I think that it is just chocolate with food coloring. National Velvet was about a horse, Blue Velvet disturbed my mom in the 70’s. There was the hard velvet when I was a little girl, I hated it, all crunchy!

    By Alexis URL on 06.27.2010

  21. her skin was as soft as velvet, the cold air did not seem to upset her as she stood in my arms

    By giorgos on 06.27.2010

  22. The Velvet Room was her favorite book. In some ways, she’d lived the story of heartbreak and longing. Neither she nor her dad would ever be the same, but Isabelle knew that whatever the cost, she would find him again.

    By Izolda URL on 06.27.2010

  23. suck.
    that was yesterdays word.
    why is there not another word.
    i wanted to express myself thru the majesty of writing.

    By kaley URL on 06.27.2010

  24. I always tell people that my name rhymes with “gasoline” but my mother thinks I should say “velveteen” – this comes, of course, from the kids’ storybook “The Velveteen Rabbit.”

    By caroline on 06.27.2010

  25. Not again, velvet appears, mocking me with its soft and cushy sound, its loft, its luxurious canvas.

    By Elizabeth URL on 06.27.2010

  26. Alannah Myles was laying over the jukebox. It was the strangest feeling, as if I had been here before. Then I saw her walk by. My Julia. I hadn’t seen her in over six years. The main reason being that she was dead. She drowned off of the coast of Maine when she was on a boating vacation with her family. By the time she died, we had been dating for two years.
    She looks so young. How was she here? Where the hell was I? Why does the calendar read ‘1991’?

    By Scubydum URL on 06.27.2010

  27. The velvet cloth caressed her hand as she passed through the isle, causing her to turn around. It wasn’t what she was looking for, but the best things never were.

    By monkey URL on 06.27.2010

  28. Red velvet cake. Velvety smooth ice cream on a hot summer’s day. Black velvet dresses at Christmas time and how I have never wanted to wear one. The drapes in Gone with the Wind. Thick, lustrous, deep, dark. Velvet.

    By Laura B. on 06.27.2010

  29. The faded red velvet curtains framed the old glass window at my grandmother’s house. The smelled of must and dust. Hanging heavily to the floor they were fifty years old.

    By april93 URL on 06.27.2010

  30. What an old word. Velvet. Red, burgund, soft, sophisticated.

    By carol on 06.27.2010

  31. Her skin was as smoothj as velvet. It spread evenly over her entire body, in such a way that paralyzed me in her beauty. I was simply stunned.

    By Luke URL on 06.27.2010

  32. A horse. An Elvis tapestry blowing in the wind. Cheap but costly. Grandmother’s living room sofa in a musty old house.

    By Mary on 06.27.2010

  33. Her skin was like velvet, spread evenly over her entire body. It was such a beauty, that it paralyzed me as I looked at her. She was simply breathtaking.

    By Luke URL on 06.27.2010