October 14th, 2012 | 312 Entries

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312 Entries for “upper”

  1. upper handle bar of life is just so far out of grasp, yet we continue to reach for it. With the hope that we well finally grab it and have something more in life. yet we will never truly know unless we continue to reach.

    By Rebecca Jones on 10.14.2012

  2. in the upper side of the santiago valley, snow mixes with dirt that falls from the Andes, in winter. i kinda get sick staring a it. it seems ill…

    By felipe on 10.14.2012

  3. Uppers and downers. Drugs are destructive and leave a path of desolation in your soul.

    By Chase on 10.14.2012

  4. The balcony above me was just a little too high… I couldn’t quite reach. I was so close, I knew it was my only escape. I jumped, I missed…

    By Meghan URL on 10.14.2012

  5. To get the upper hand…it’s what I want. I got to have the advantage in this game. I can’t lose. If I can capitalize on my opponent’s weakness, this game will be in the bag!

    By wgirl URL on 10.14.2012

  6. The highest floor. That’s where I always found him. Regardless of where, I could go the upper level of any building and he would be there, sitting the balcony, thinking.

    I do that now. The memories help, on the hard days.

    By kellie URL on 10.14.2012

  7. I bit my upper lip, as if by doing so I could recall all those words that had carelessly slipped through, as if that simple action could un-break a heart.

    By Isabelline on 10.14.2012

  8. class middle lower school looking-up on the bright side positive hierarchy scaling down high direction half full above supper

    By Gemma on 10.14.2012

  9. The upper levels of the building were the hardest. Shara had to climb many stairs to reach them and the boxes he was carry were heavy. He paused to take a breath. Two more floors to go. He cursed the person who had ordered all this food. Why couldn’t they come and fetch it themselves. Too posh to make an effort, snooty gits.

    By Red on 10.14.2012

  10. i thought of upper secondary for some reason, i couldnt think of anything else, and it was all that came to mind. i had a great time though, in upper secondary. i still keep in touch with some of my fellow students, and some are my best friends to this day.

    By fay on 10.14.2012

  11. I climbed up to the upper portion of the bunk bed. I peered over the top to look at him sound asleep on the lower bunk. He was asleep but he was smiling with his hands under his head, his elbows out. All of a sudden, his eyes opened and he smiled at me and scooted to make room for me. I climbed down and joined him. We were finally infinite.

    By KelseyEmily URL on 10.14.2012

  12. Today, on the upper east side of Canada, it was beautiful. Cool, crisp air with a clear blue sky. Just stunning.

    By Ashley URL on 10.14.2012

  13. I traced the line of your upper lip with my tongue. Your eyes fluttered shut in that infuriatingly submissive way that they always did. You are passive beneath my hands and I am tired of your rough skin against me. I pull away. Your eyes open and you beg me not to go, but I am strong as I fall away from you. I am done with you, with your eyes and your mouth and the sensation of loving someone so deeply as I have loved you.

    By cordeliacopson URL on 10.14.2012

  14. His upper lip quivered at the sight which no one wanted to see. How could this happen he said. Life was not going the way he had always dreamed. mom wasnt going to be there anymore. dad had disappeared.

    By Izabella on 10.14.2012

  15. some people can’t do without a cup of coffee in the morning.
    some people can’t do without a cigarette at eleven am.

    i can’t do without…


    By Magy on 10.14.2012

  16. I always thought my upper head was better than my lower. It’s more comfortable.

    By Viktor Kosteski on 10.14.2012

  17. and as long as we’re here you there on that street and me here on upper we’ll never see eye to eye and while you may notice the bigger picture you’ll never see the specifics of my story of me even though i know you more than i thought i ever would. i love you, but i deserve better.

    By C. Ritchie URL on 10.14.2012

  18. above was everything. hopes, dreams, desires. it was all just out of reach but always in sight. the upper level of him mind was find with all that cold be, and just below was the ideas of how to get there.

    By T.F. Krag URL on 10.14.2012

  19. Dana had the upper hand this time. She was better with reading and writing than I was. I was a math buff. A scientist-in-training. I had upstaged her in test scores in both of those fields. But now it was essay and fiction time. The time she could beat me.

    The rivalry had started in freshman year of high school and had been no big deal. Now it was like real war. I sat at my desk and fingered my number two pencil, frowning as Dana curled her lip and began to write.

    We had twenty-five minutes tops to end this.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 10.14.2012

  20. The upper floor was my destination. I knew that much. I had to make it to that floor. Dad lay there, all alone. He might be dead. The doctors had told me he wouldn’t live long, but I hadn’t thought… No, don’t think like that. Dad’s still alive, he has to be.

    By DreamerGirl on 10.14.2012

  21. upper loft with bright window of sun shine pouring in.

    By kristen on 10.14.2012

  22. bisogna sempre andare sususus
    Upper everything. upper our dreams, upstairs, così ci sdraiamo vicini vicini e non ci stacca più nessuno… è il nostro rifugio… mi piacerebbe avere un letto simile insieme.

    By Umbi on 10.14.2012

  23. I have the upper advantage in this situation, I am an Heir to a kingdom not just your round the way girl! You don’t have to fear me but you do have to fear my Father! He’s the ruler of many! Yeah I got the upper advantage! Always have and Always will!

    By ldydai22 URL on 10.14.2012

  24. We sat in the upper level of the train. My legs outstretched over your knees as the car rattled along the tracks. It was not a long trip, but just long enough for you to doze off. And I stared out the window wondering what a future with you could be like.

    By e.l.a. URL on 10.14.2012

  25. Up. All I could think about was getting higher into the clouds. Behind the view port of my plane I could only imagine the air whipping against my face, the progressive chill of the altitude sending excited shivers up and down my spine.


    I knew the dangers of going too high. We were all trained to know of the death above.

    By G on 10.14.2012

  26. Upper, downer, who cares. Just give me the damn thing.

    It’ hit me right away. Truth be told this was the first time I tried X. I had never experienced anything like it before and never will again. My skin crawled, my head floated, I sensed colors I had never seen before.

    By Glen on 10.14.2012

  27. it the top of the top. the ups of ups. you got lows and highs but this the top half. lifts me up.

    By daliya on 10.14.2012

  28. uppercase uppercrust lower case not enough
    upper deck poo on a stick
    drank some whiskey
    now you’re a dick
    sleep in til three o clock
    no enough time
    for homework and rock

    By Sarah Williams on 10.14.2012

  29. Upper are class. Are meant to create an unbreakable hierarchy. Why are we lost? what do we strive for? what do we wish to obtain? Did I not see the world fight….believing that one day everyone will be up to that level, that is praised and represented without any faults. Sure, lets go ahead and hurt those on our level to make it to the top somewhere, which involves oppression and lack of care, yet the true top level identities exist in our minds. Unity is lost, happiness is leveled with money and false obsessions. Capitalism, media, and corrupt governance equals to slavery.

    By Primi on 10.14.2012

  30. In the upper depths of my heart, there still lies questions unanswered.
    Reasons untold.
    Seeing you brings these all to the front and I remember where I started.
    I am no longer that girl.
    Thank you.

    By Brittany H URL on 10.14.2012

  31. Her breath stopped and his began. They were much too close. It was too soft and he was too warm. Her mind was still sharp but her body was too fuzzy. He was moving too slowly now. He placed the tip of his nose under hers. Her lips parted.

    By Perry URL on 10.14.2012

  32. Upper lip, upper class, upper crust, upper area. I guess if you like going up then upper can have good connotations; but I like diving, so I like going down….deep, to where it’s lower.

    By B on 10.14.2012

  33. Helen’s home was as shambolic as her mind. She had dreamed as teenager of living in an upper class neighbourhood, but had never seemed to be able to escape a world of cheap furniture, mismatched bed linen and plastic garden chairs. The joy of pretty interiors and any semblance of order eluded her.

    By sharon london on 10.14.2012

  34. Biting hard on my frozen lip, I sucked in a deep breath and grabbed hold of the pipe. I stepped up on the edge of one of the shingles and pulled myself onto the roof with one quick jerk. The icy breeze whipped my hair around my face and stung my bare hands, but I didn’t care. I’d made it.

    By D. Alexis URL on 10.14.2012

  35. The upper half of my body suffered an enormous blow. The paddle hit me like.. I couldn’t describe it. It was horrid, I thought I was okay until I realized my face was drenched in tears. I didn’t know anything but my name and that I was being hit by a man I seemed to know nothing about.

    By Maya Celeste on 10.14.2012

  36. Upper is above me, always above. Looking down on me, perhaps. Or merely guiding me to better places, better ideals. Inspiring me to greater things.

    By nelson on 10.14.2012

  37. She would know you even if the sky were falling. How does it feel to know her reach goes into the upper reaches of your soul? Tell me. I’m curious to know.

    By Skyfall on 10.14.2012

  38. The word upper is like a word no one has ever seen before. The word is used to describe something that is upward in relation to something else. This word is magical in this sense as it is impossible to find such a word.

    By Daniel on 10.14.2012

  39. Is the upper window unattainable? Is it illusory, or reality? Is it blinding, or does it allow for sight?

    By Brenna on 10.14.2012

  40. The upper floor is the best. No people stomping above you, and the whole world beneath you. You are the king of the castle on the upper floor. I wish I could live there.

    By Emma on 10.14.2012