October 14th, 2012 | 312 Entries

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312 Entries for “upper”

  1. upper. what if the u[pper section fell onto the lower section? what’s kept in the upper section of a closet? why do people sometimes lock the door into the upper most part of their house? It’s just the attic after all.

    By Tori on 10.14.2012

  2. Up, up, up. Up into the sky. Above everyone else. That’s how I felt that night.
    I couldn’t get over the fact that he spoke to me like that. I always thought I was a loser.

    By Kait URL on 10.14.2012

  3. The upper west side of the city held the most interesting people, but at cost of their productivity. It was a thorn in the side of the government and the economy, but no matter their goals and longing for efficiency, it was too human to discard.

    By TheDevil'sAttorney on 10.14.2012

  4. The upper floor goes as high as he sky. It looks over the ocean that roars with the wind creating the sweet song. The upper floor is a hiding place for one. The upper floor is where I want to belong…

    By Chloe on 10.14.2012

  5. Upper. Footsteps crawling their way up to the top of the staircase. Above the ground that she used to stand on. Up towards the beautiful clouds in the sky. A dream land.

    By Kait URL on 10.14.2012

  6. The head that leads the body is alone, but what it lacks in companionship it compensates for with an unrivaled view.

    By seance URL on 10.14.2012

  7. The upper class.
    A thing we all wanted.
    All of the fancy cars, the expensive designer clothes.
    But why did we want that?
    Couldn’t we see what happened behind closed certains?
    Lies, deceit, shoving your way to the top.
    I’d rather stay dirt poor.

    By Audrey URL on 10.14.2012

  8. He climbed to the top of he building on a whim. He wasn’t sure what had caused it, perhaps the sunset had seemed particularly nice from his window or he needed some fresh air. In any case, he knew that he had to be on top of the roof, and soon. And when he arrived he knew why. She stood there, beautiful as the last time he had seen her. As she had on the day she died.

    By thelonehuman URL on 10.14.2012

  9. The upper floor.
    Oh, how I’ve wanted to go there. So many times, I’ve made my way to the staircase. So many times, I’ve just stood in front of the staircase, one foot extended, never quite willing to climb those stairs.
    I’ve wanted to go there. And knock on your door, and see your face.
    But I can’t bear the sight of hers.
    So I stay here.
    At the bottom.
    I’ll just take my feet away from the stairs and go home.

    By Audrey URL on 10.14.2012

  10. He would always have the upper hand I was sure of it. Him in that striking black cloak always keeping me guessing. He turned corners and I would never know which way to turn. He always held me in suspense and you know what? I liked it.

    By Rose Silver URL on 10.14.2012

  11. The upper cupboard door was open, blood dripping down from the top shelf. I go to reach for the step ladder to see what lays inside. A live bloody heart beating with blood pumping out of it, I call for my husband.

    By Astrid1315 on 10.14.2012

  12. I think, sometimes, of the attic and the blackness it holds. I think of my father, coming down the ladder, spreading dust and dirt and corruption on newly-mopped floors.

    Sometimes, above me, I hear creaking and groaning. I do not go up to check. I don’t want to know what’s up there.

    By Brill URL on 10.14.2012

  13. I feel right now like I’ve taken an upper. I feel so high! I’ve never felt so good after feeling so low for so long. My entire life is different than what I thought the future held for me just 7 short months ago. I feel sad still, from time to time, but that’s not any way to live your life. I need to live my life above the sad line. As an upper.

    By JPHuber URL on 10.14.2012

  14. do the angels smile when they
    peer down upon the squalid earth?
    and feel fortunate that they reside above in
    heaven? or do they cry raindrops and shed icy
    water like pearls onto our glossy, innocent existence?

    By Skäila URL on 10.14.2012

  15. Upper, lower; right, left; inside, outside; under, over; yes, no; love, hate; heaven, hell; first, last

    By rokstarbabe URL on 10.14.2012

  16. There never is an upper limit my father always told me. Strive to do the best you can. As a runner you can always gain a little improvement from regular training but you also have to use your mind as many of the barriers to an upper limit are in the mind.

    By paul URL on 10.14.2012

  17. the upper part of the house was dirty and dingy, barely holding itself together. The lawn was overgrown, with massive weeds spilling out onto the sidewalk. the old gate hung on one hing as I swung it open.

    By Niccole on 10.14.2012

  18. Upper, downer. Who really knows. What I know is what brings me up, that’s life and friends. There’s nothing quite like it, you don’t need drugs or external influences to bring you up. Just good quality people, leading good quality lives. Enriching it for yourself, themselves and each other.

    By Harrison Banks on 10.14.2012

  19. The upper tier of the house was the loft. A small slab of wood and a mattress. But up there in the loft, the luck one, saw the sun rise before anyone else in the house. Up there, the lucky one, didn’t have to wait for the world to start. The lucky one was up; above the rest.

    By Allison Jane on 10.14.2012

  20. There are so many things that could be considered an upper. Hugs or kisses for example can be some of the best cures for someone going through depression. It’s interesting how closely alike love and hate truly are.

    By Robert Floyd Dugger URL on 10.14.2012



    By Marmaroth URL on 10.14.2012

  22. Sweat accumulates above my upper lip. I can’t find the strength to wipe it off. What’s the point anyway, I’m just a fleshy human excreting waste & trying to find her next fix. The sun’s rays have targeted me as their next victim. I can feel my skin digging its fingers into my muscles, fighting to hold on. The millions of tiny rocks beneath my feet no longer bother me. The water evaporates from my body and I’m left with this dry, writhed excuse for skin. I can no longer close my eyelids as the lids have pulled back into my skull. I can feel whats left of the fix making its way towards my heart. I dramatically pull my hands towards my chest and fall to my knees. The sweat that rested above my upper lip trickles down into my mouth. Salt revisits my tongue reminding me of the ocean and its forgiving tides. I begin to crawl towards it the way a baby does who longs for its mother. The hot sand crushes whatever is left of my skin. I watch it peel away, I am reborn.

    By Lola URL on 10.14.2012

  23. the upper limits of life are so high when you think of where God can take you. i hope to be in his upper courts, and get to the uppermost level of faith. i know that i’ve been low before, but just like a slingshot, you have to take something way far in the other direction before you launch it up. up. up. up with the Most High. i send my troubles away and i travel up. upper.

    By shamarah on 10.14.2012

  24. She was sitting on the upper level of the bleachers. I was sitting underneath them. You’d be surprised how very few people had thought of the benefits of sitting under the bleachers, her boyfriend included. I mean, sure, you missed the game, but look at the bright side: those LEGS.

    By Julia A. URL on 10.14.2012

  25. It starts just behind her upper teeth. That feeling that maybe, just maybe, things are about to go completely and utterly wrong. She’s been wrong in the past, though- but something tells her this time she is right on the money. He comes toward her smiling, and she forces herself to smile back. It feels like her teeth are going to fall out. He reaches out to touch her and it burns. She has to fight herself to not pull back from him.

    By Sara URL on 10.14.2012

  26. Upper upshots
    Upper cuts
    Upper crust
    Up and at’em

    By Uppity Uppertons on 10.14.2012

  27. Uppers, downers, stimulants, etc. I love them all. Psychedelics, hallucinogens, ectasy, mary jane, booger sugar, percocets, and pain killers of all kind, really, pass them my way.

    By george coyoy URL on 10.14.2012

  28. Upper.. again? i already wrote about upper. awesome. silly, sly, fresh, cool, clean. Outkast, i’m a big boy. big wheels, looking for big toys. One of these days i’ll be making sonic booms – big noise. I’m giving these away my styles are stupendous. catch me on the front lines fightin in the trenches.

    By george coyoy URL on 10.14.2012

  29. Upper school, I am in upper school. I feel big now. I am a High Schooler, all the time I have passed all the memories from middle and lower school. I miss those days, I miss my innocence. I think being upper means being more, being superior, being more satisfied.

    By Juan Carlos on 10.14.2012

  30. i eat uppers for supper while i wear nut huggers. i only roll with sucker punchers, upper cutters. no time for other suckers like south park’s butters or bull shittin, block huggin’, funky soul brothers. that was kinda racist but i’m not tryna be complacent

    By george coyoy URL on 10.14.2012

  31. i’m feeling upper – more up. chipper, dandy even. i can’t do anything other than speak frankly, steven. a poet on the loose, a rebel stuck in thoughts blessed with the type of talent that can never be bought. so tought like a tiger, tight like webs from a spider.

    By george coyoy URL on 10.14.2012

  32. He touched me on the upper part of my hand. I didn’t know that that was what we were, so yeah, it was unnerving…but then I realized that I needed him. I don’t know if I’m completely over her, but at this point does it matter? Is it wrong for me not to be over someone but to want to be held, to be wanted, to feel as though I’m part of something? If so, I’m sorry. But at the same time, I need you for me.

    By L on 10.14.2012

  33. Staring at his upper-lip, my mind just drifted away. Fantasizing, day-dreaming, i just want to press my lips on his.

    By Anon on 10.14.2012

  34. I see the gems in your hands. i pray they will take me someplace nice where the clouds are transparent and i wont feel pain. where ill feel invincible and perfect and maybe even alive

    By Brianna URL on 10.14.2012

  35. I glance down, i see them. shining brightly. i cant help myself. when your back is turned i steal 1. then 5. then i leave. crush, snort, wide open. i am infinite.

    By Brianna URL on 10.14.2012

  36. often i feel like i have the upper hand. i can’t help it, you give it to me, it’s almost like you want me to be in control. we both know i get more turned on playing the passive role, but with you locked up and the key in my hand, how could i possibly do so. i liked the control for a bit, i’ll admit, it made me feel superior and happy, but those feelings have faded.

    By Abra URL on 10.14.2012

  37. i am constantly wondering to myself. is this the one that will make me soar? is this the one that will change the wrongs into rights? my dear baby sister, lost before i ever met you, pray that i meet you soon.

    By Brianna URL on 10.14.2012

  38. the upper floor was dark and dank, which is strange because that is usually the basements job. for one thing it had no windows at all. it had a low ceiling with patches of fuzzy blue and black mold.

    By laura on 10.14.2012

  39. I do wonder what the upper floor hides. I do wonder what would happen if I got in the lift, pressed the last button and went all the way up. Nobody quite knows what’s up there – then again, isn’t mystery a wonderful thing?

    By Shauna on 10.14.2012

  40. Sometimes, I find myself wishing you’d left your upper body at home; your chest, so i’ve got a pillow and your strong american footballer’s arms so i’ve got something to hold onto me. But really, i just wish all of you was here, not a hundred miles away.

    By Kim URL on 10.14.2012