July 21st, 2013 | 108 Entries

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108 Entries for “unwritten”

  1. This song has so many unwritten memories lingering between the lyrics. Unity to a room of exhausted volunteers as we crow the words at the top of our lungs. Heads nodding along with the blaring radio. Dancing with a sweet mystery in a dark room, neon lights flashing and smoke trailing through the midst of bodies. I’m breaking in and shaping up, then checking out on the prison bus. Welcome to the new age.

    By aura.rayne URL on 07.21.2013

  2. i used to believe in fairy tales, and all of the dreams that were floating around in my head. i used to believe i’d fall in love and be happy and sing sweetly away and off into the daylight. but i’m sitting alone in the dark still wondering if anyone will ever smile at me exactly the way i want him to–with the curtains closed to the rest of the world, and the sound all drowned out. there are things i would love to tell you, but somehow you just always throw me off guard and i don’t seem to be able to articulate anything clearly. how must you see me, i wonder?

    By tomo on 07.21.2013

  3. It is an unwritten law not to write our rules down.

    By A False Terl URL on 07.21.2013

  4. The zombie stared at her smart phone wondering what to text.

    By A False Terl URL on 07.21.2013

  5. The pages were crumbling around me. I worked so hard to be what I dreamt of; I’d spent more time constructing the dream than actually living it.
    “You’re pathetic!” someone shouted at me.
    They’re right. I haven’t accomplished anything I set out to do. I work at a god damn pet groomer, for christ’s sake, and I’m still waiting for some giant beam from the sky to rain meaning down upon me.

    By Beth A URL on 07.21.2013

  6. There is something within me, pressing against my heart and restricting its beats. It sings in a language that I cannot translate, and I am left lost, alone in its call.

    By YeSomebody URL on 07.21.2013

  7. The words appeared on the page, almost unbidden- These were words that had been stuck inside (hearts, throats, minds – words that longed to be released, to be able to be heard, or seen, or felt (because words /can/ be felt)… but for the most part remained unwritted. Unseen. Unheard. Not felt.).

    By mazikeen URL on 07.21.2013

  8. Unwritten, by Natasha Bedingfield :D

    Also, my novel is currently unwritten.

    By Jason URL on 07.21.2013

  9. this is an unwritten part of my life. my whole future is. what should i put on those pages? what story should i write? what direction should i go? where should i go, who will i meet? what will i do?

    By Ben on 07.21.2013

  10. Time cannot be unwritten. The past is the past. It can’t be erased from history. In some cases it can be forgotten. But not unwritten. To write in any form whether it be action or story or history writing is a form of art. And in the day and age art will always be preserved. Photos, saved in hard drives, will save what’s been written. So we as a part of history will not be unwritten. If I had a time travel device, then maybe time could be re-written. Stories can be worked on, altered. Paintings can be painted over. But the original will always be hidden underneath or in the creator’s memory. Art cannot be undone. And the actions you make in life cannot be undone. History cannot be unwritten. To unwrite is to destroy.

    By Jyndaru on 07.21.2013

  11. I had nothing of value for this year. Nothing I could tell my children. Nothing that would develop a fanbase. I only had tragedy and drunken tragedy to fill the gaps between 24 and 25. It was a year when my enemies won. And I deserved it.

    By Ruben URL on 07.21.2013

  12. So much goes unsaid. The words I’ve had in my mind but never taken the time to write. I could fill a book, only I haven’t. It will always remain unwritten.

    By Mitch Holmes URL on 07.21.2013

  13. Sometimes she just felt like she couldn’t write anything down. Her feelings stayed inside, in her head, heavy on her heart because she couldn’t bear to see them in print. They would hurt too much. She liked them better in her head where she could ignore them. But if she wrote them down, then she would be admitting that they were real, and that scared her.

    By Karmen Sandiego URL on 07.21.2013

  14. It’s funny how much between us was actually unwritten and unsaid.

    What’s even funnier is that people always assumed that it wasn’t (unwritten and unsaid, that is).

    But the funniest thing is that I actually believed there was something worth writing and talking about.

    By Rio URL on 07.21.2013

  15. Song
    My heart is unwritten by you
    you have destroyed, picked (it) apart
    Now I can rewrite it, change it, make it mine
    What do you say?
    You cannot control me
    Unwritten, positive and negative

    By Casey on 07.21.2013

  16. We walk down lines, predefined before our time. Stepping to the sound of a hope deep down, that somehow, even now, we’ll find a path unwritten.

    By Land of Dave URL on 07.21.2013

  17. My story is unwritten.

    I write it as I go and as I please. I have no scrpit. No set direction on where I’m going. I just am.

    And my story will stay unwritten until I decide to write it. And that will not be until I am no more.

    By Anna URL on 07.21.2013

  18. There is so much of my life that is unwritten. So much I’ve left unrecorded. No matter how much I write or how much I try to record, there simply isn’t enough time to document all my memories or all of my emotions. And no way for it to stick around once I’m gone. And that’s a fact that I find unsettling.

    By Rose URL on 07.21.2013

  19. Like a blank page? Or like a wall with lot’s on it but nothing to say?
    Like a mind with no thought?

    Or just an expression. Unwritten on your face, because it says it all.

    By Anveer URL on 07.21.2013

  20. The two glowered at each other. Neither were happy with the arrangement, but through some strange, unwritten clause in the law, they were stuck this way. ‘Till death do them part, anyway.

    By WearyWater URL on 07.21.2013

  21. The world is an unwritten, ever adapting story. The twists of its story change as the great minds and technology develop and adapt.

    By ian on 07.22.2013

  22. darkness cuts clear upon the night
    i choked to speak but words are always trite
    the ticking taunt of the ways that passed you by
    the somnolent skies spit sonorous sighs
    unwritten as they bury truth in lies
    and the last word never is good bye.

    By Matty M. on 07.22.2013

  23. If I chose not to write this I wouldn’t have written anything all day, but instead I am here, in bed, with my tea wondering what to day about the words I am writing that could have been unwritten, had I chosen not to write them. There’s a funny voice inside my head that tells me that doesn’t really make sense. But I don’t really care. It’s down now.

    By Vague & Peculiar URL on 07.22.2013

  24. Words unwritten. Things left unsaid.

    There are times where we regret the things we did not pen down, the words we did not say to those whom we love dearly…And more often than not, such regret holds us down, imprisons us in a cage of the past, disabling our potentials and crippling our future.

    But yet, if we rise above all that, if we consider ourselves to be of greater strength…

    Perhaps such is unwritten as well.

    Only that it is of a great power that pushes us towards the future, not the past.

    By exel URL on 07.22.2013

  25. Your life is unwritten, you’re the one who choses the ink, the pages, and the story. Write your life, and no story will go untold.

    By Emma on 07.22.2013

  26. Looking back it all felt like there were so many things left unwritten. The passage of time will without any doubt write every single one of them. It is all just a matter of when and how. Characters waiting for a line. That’s what we are.

    By Stef URL on 07.22.2013

  27. The event of that evening would not be found in any of the history books that would be written through the years. The event of that evening would die with the generation that lived it and experienced it, their lips sealed tight, their faces grim, and their wills determined to bring the secret with them to their graves. The event of that evening would fade away with time, just as it should, such an awful event, such an awful evening. It was for the best if it was just forgotten. The event of that evening.

    By Mya Freeman on 07.22.2013

  28. why can’t I finish that last sentence. It always irks me so. The timer is like an evil woman teasing, taunting, dressing seductively, knowing that I can never touch what my flesh desires.

    By Tosh URL on 07.22.2013

  29. I breathe and work each day with words in my head left unspoken. I read and write each day and fall asleep. I’ll never get to wake up after midnight and write what should be written. Before it ends.

    By pat URL on 07.22.2013

  30. Unwritten rules are often the hardest to stick to – you just have to know what’s right and wrong, what’s acceptable behavior and what is verboten. You need to be mentored in, taught the ways of the society you are seeking admittance to, without trespassing or stepping on any toes.

    By Ara URL on 07.22.2013

  31. We will never know of the unwritten stories of our forefathers and their exploits, those who have gone on before us and have left a unrecorded legacy.

    By victor URL on 07.22.2013

  32. So many unwritten words, so many thoughts and ideas that aren’t logged or acknowledged. The best, or worst, ideas in history that people will never know about, most of the time because of discouragement. Beautiful stories go unseen because one single person thinks it would be a silly idea, ceasing the story from ever going beyond just a few lines.

    By Liz URL on 07.22.2013

  33. “A question, councilor, if I may?”
    Tully grunted his consent, not that I needed it. Still, it was good he knew his place. And that it was below me.
    “Since the laws of this nation have yet to be written what exactly is it that you’re interpreting?” I asked.
    He huffed. “Well, certainly SOME standards are obvious.”
    “Oh? And what would those be? The ones we fought for? The ones we fought against?” I paused, my smile sickeningly sweet. “Or, should I say, the one’s I fought for.”
    His face flushed with embarrassment. “Now, see here-“

    By S.C. Lovelace URL on 07.22.2013

  34. writers renew their inventory after death defined
    those are unwritten story writers keep in mind
    the momento mori of anyone they leave behind
    to where heaven’s morning glory greets mankind

    By Eligia V. A. URL on 07.22.2013

  35. If you backspace over everything you wrote, is what you wrote unwritten?

    By mrsmig URL on 07.22.2013

  36. Liberty or life? I don’t think so, give me that unwritten right to just run away and think about it all tomorrow. I know that what isn’t finished today will be there in buckets to finish tomorrow. I do not procrastinate, I am a planner and a finisher completer, finishing things I start, including very long sentences, eventually. Why is it that recently things are being done at full speed and I am just about keeping up with everything?

    By Meredyth URL on 07.22.2013

  37. So much of what I think stays locked within. Adventures, horrors, comedies. Epic stories featuring dynamic and awkward characters play out in my dreams. When I sit at my computer, they cower behind a wall of insecurity.

    By Soft URL on 07.22.2013

  38. It is an unwritten part of our law that the deep is left alone; the deep is always free, always black. We do not touch it. The birds fly into it, and out again, and are somehow changed. We know this by their eyes, which are black pools, spinning forever. What would happen to us if we crossed into it, if we waded into the deep, is surely worse.

    By RS Bohn URL on 07.22.2013

  39. if you want to see yourself in the bible
    all you have to do
    is wait two thousand years.

    By h. b. URL on 07.22.2013

  40. A story still unwritten. She couldn’t bear it, no one knowing about her. But each time she tried to write her story, she was like an impatient toddler, plunging her hands in paint and swiping it across posterboard, making a mess everyone thought was cute but no one wanted to clean up.

    By Holden URL on 07.22.2013