November 27th, 2012 | 370 Entries

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370 Entries for “under”

  1. under the mistletoe, water under the bridge, under and over, under pressure.

    By warren on 11.28.2012

  2. Under the water, it looked so different from up top.It as kind of scary, it was my first time under there.

    By Brianna URL on 11.28.2012

  3. i went under the basketball hoop in my volley ball tournament

    By Kilee Hunsaker URL on 11.28.2012

  4. I heard something under my bed. I looked and it was just my cat.

    By Rebekah URL on 11.28.2012

  5. “Don’t go into the water under the bridge,” My mother would say.

    By Rachel Solliday on 11.28.2012

  6. Under is to be below something. Not above.

    By Destiny URL on 11.28.2012

  7. When I looked under the piece of rotting stuff,I knew I had a lot of mucking out to do for my goat.

    By karen URL on 11.28.2012

  8. When I go swimming I go underwater. Probably most of us do. It is a lot of fun to sit under the water . Do you think swimming underwater if fun?

    By amberp URL on 11.28.2012

  9. if you have ever seen under your heart you will most likely wont see a difrance……..

    By sarah URL on 11.28.2012

  10. Underneath the bed where monsters roam. Sharp-toothed green creatures, foaming at the mouth waiting for the steps of a child to make their dinner, dessert, or their whole day. Monsters kept hidden by darkness.

    By Maxfield Paris URL on 11.28.2012

  11. i found a spider under my bed.

    By rodney URL on 11.28.2012

  12. Under the bed is where the monsters hide. Under the covers is where the children hide from the monsters under the bed. Is there a monster under your bed? Are you hiding under your covers?

    By mccrazy URL on 11.28.2012

  13. Under this smile is a tear. Under all of the laughter, there is a sad weeping. Under these blue eyes is a sadness you will never know. people come and go, but the past is never far. I tell myself not to let it shape me, but it is all I know. So where do I end up? Understanding is hard to do.

    By caroline on 11.28.2012

  14. he is under the bus. it is his fault for everything that is wrong. Mess up a play, doesnt matter if it was him or not. he is under all of the starters, he will never play. after all this time and dedication, hell never see the day.

    By dane on 11.28.2012

  15. Saying I’m stressed for finals would be the biggest understatement of the year.

    By Britty URL on 11.28.2012

  16. underneath my skin,
    inside my veins,
    flowing endlessly.


    underneath your clothes,
    i can’t wait to put my hands.

    By caitlin URL on 11.28.2012

  17. Under the bridge the girl sat- weeping for she was sad. She needed on thing- Jesus the Christ.

    By Muddypawprints on 11.28.2012

  18. caves, mines, collapsing, Trapped, Gases

    By Reed on 11.28.2012

  19. You symbolize the under handed
    Over pampered person lacking strife
    You under achieved over perceived
    Your contributions to my life
    Your always lying never trying
    Conversations I can do without
    It’s my finely toned home grown
    Intellect that causes you doubt

    By recogirl URL on 11.28.2012

  20. I was under a tree when I soon realized that what I had done was wrong.

    By Pamela URL on 11.28.2012

  21. he hides beneath the ground, too deep under to see him, when he rises you would be wise to say your prayers for he doesn’t let his prey escape. He will capture you and pull you down under, never to see light again.

    By James URL on 11.28.2012

  22. Under the bridge a sleeping man. Under the table children yell and play.

    By jake URL on 11.28.2012

  23. I look under my dark bed and i see something long and scary hairy… then i realized it was my fat hamster oreo. :O

    By Sammi URL on 11.28.2012

  24. i was under the rock. i don’t know what i was doing there but i liked it. it was cool and moist. it was a nice place to get away as long as the bugs weren’t there. when i brought my dog he liked to eat the bugs. they made afunny crunching sound when he chewed on them

    By Frances! on 11.28.2012

  25. From under the water, the sky looks garbled. The sun is as fluid as an egg yolk. Clouds are imperceptible the further down you go.

    By dan URL on 11.28.2012

  26. under what? where are you? Wonder. Sunder.

    thunder? lightning lighting in this room is awful i feel like I’m under on a surgery table but not quite like half of me is anesthetized and the other half is watching the scalpel and oh my god its cutting me and is this what it must be like to have an out of body experience? close enough for rock and roll.

    By trk URL on 11.28.2012

  27. under the burden
    of a long sleepless night
    lies the meaning of the wilderness
    so cold and frightened
    he tells me he is a master thief
    he steals what he can
    and when things break
    he walks away
    almost unnoticed

    but I see the blankness in your eyes
    you cannot hide from yourself
    even if you can lie
    to your mother

    By Klara O'Hara on 11.28.2012

  28. Under the bridge there was a small stream in north Germany. There lived a…

    By V on 11.28.2012

  29. under the table
    under the chair
    under the bed
    under your feet
    little paws scurry
    like theres no where to go

    By kaytlinn URL on 11.28.2012

  30. i fall. there’s nothing above me.
    only the sky and the crisp fall air.
    there is nothing more to do then just wait.
    wait until i fall into the water.
    under the deep blue beauty.
    where i shall end my existence.

    By heather on 11.28.2012

  31. My name is Erin Elaine Izer. I live is the tiny town of DeWitt, Iowa. I do love it here, great place to grow up and raise a family. I really would not like to live in a big city, I love small town DeWitt.

    By Erin on 11.28.2012

  32. Under the desk
    Under the world
    I messed up on this the first time
    So i did it again
    That was embarrassing
    Under the covers
    Under the bed
    Under my legs

    By Erin on 11.28.2012

  33. Love as it goes, love till it goes, love not it has goes, and love love before it shows. Love. -ESEGCEAS C.S E.X

    By S on 11.28.2012

  34. I like to go under my blankets when I’m sleeping. there is a gun under my pillow.

    By riley URL on 11.28.2012

  35. There is a monster hiding under my bed. Under the cement there is dirt. under my fingers is the keyboard.

    By Ryan URL on 11.28.2012

  36. under the sky, the great white shark ate the begging sunset. It was the time of day when the sky and all around it seemed to be fading into the nothingness of split air. It was Captain short beards time of day to get drunk with his men and rave about women.

    By Maria Araujo URL on 11.28.2012

  37. I found my phone under the bed.jose

    By jose URL on 11.28.2012

  38. I put my paper under my hand so nobody would take it. This paper was very important to me because it have my homework on it.

    By lissamc URL on 11.28.2012

  39. I hide under my bed when I’m scared. Just kidding

    By Kyla URL on 11.28.2012

  40. Under my house, in the basement, is a man. I don’t know what he’s doing there, he’s just there. I come up and talk to him to ask him what he’s doing. He says he’s looking for my brother. Why? I ask him. He says he found his ball. Why are you in the basement when you found my brother’s ball? He says it was the easiest way to get in our house to kill us all.

    By Moniek on 11.28.2012