November 27th, 2012 | 370 Entries

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370 Entries for “under”

  1. I looked under the bed, between the sofa cushions, behind all 35 book cases, and then under the bed again, just for good measure. Nothing. Nothing at all. So, whose brilliant idea was it to give the nuclear remote to the person who can never even find the remote for the freaking TV?

    By Iam Me URL on 11.27.2012

  2. We exchange personal stories and share our deepest passions under the same sky.

    By Eric Hsiao URL on 11.27.2012

  3. I was just trying to imagine how it will be if you were in love with me maybe we could walk and talk under the star not gaving a fuck about what others said.

    By Zolanch URL on 11.27.2012

  4. Under weight. I’m under you. Figure it out. Un-der. I’ve undergone and overdrawn. But i’m still not under it all.

    By Andy on 11.27.2012

  5. what goes under this word? what does under mean? what does this word fall under? under the sea, under the couch, under a tree, under a blanket. under someones love, the way it makes you feel. under a blue sky. under the influence of someones actions. under estimate this.

    By morgan macleod on 11.27.2012

  6. I laid under the palm tree in the hot summer sun with my man. Underneath his crushing body I moaned and groaned under the greatest pleasure ofmy life. Under maximum pleasure he lifted my legs over his shoulders Nahnahnahnahnahnahnahnahnahnahnahnah

    By Jane URL on 11.27.2012

  7. Underneath the cold wet ground laid dirt so brutal that there had been no person under any sucumstance go. To go there meant death. Everyone knew that.

    By Max on 11.27.2012

  8. She’s buried six feet under with dirt falling on her forehead. They told her not to talk, but she did. She’s been buried for six hours now. An hour for a foot, something her chemistry teacher would talk about to explain conversions. She’s not going to get out is she?

    By Emily Ramser URL on 11.27.2012

  9. I sat underneath the palm tree,catching my breath while thinking, “If I wasn’t stranded here, I’d this would be an absolute paradise.” And that’s when I saw it, and realized that I was wrong. This could never be a paradise.

    By Outsider URL on 11.27.2012

  10. Hmm….

    Let’s see…

    Where am I?

    “Under the sky”, my sarcastic side said.

    I smiled at my own joke.

    wait. I can do better than that.

    “I’m down under.”

    Not in Australia, won’t work.

    By Endless Waltz URL on 11.27.2012

  11. It’s funny cuz when I think of the word under I think of sex. Sex sex sex or is that just me. Cuz your scrotum is over your butthole which means your butthole is UNDER your scrotum. Are you seeing what I did there? SCROTUMS ARE BAD. What am I saying?
    OMG I stopped typing oops woah

    By Nick URL on 11.27.2012

  12. Under a small stocking was hung. There were no other decorations in the house save for this one small hung tenderly by the chimney with care. The little girl whose foot was bare sat waiting on the steps eagerly, her eyes never wavering from the hearth where she knew soon would be the black sooty boots of the fabled man. Her parents slept above in their warm bed, unaware of the anticipation growing in their daughter’s heart. She squinted her eyes sleepily. Tiredness was washing over her as though in waves, and her head was nodding like a drinking bird, but still the man did not come.

    By Alexandra Plance on 11.27.2012

  13. under the city under the clouds lay a man, a gingerman sleeping from the visceral depths of attitude. Nothing more than a freefalling man from the depths of the undercity. Jungle frothing at the lips of kings, giants and forceps take the rotten meat and twinge the master, the master’s claw.

    By Michael on 11.27.2012

  14. Under the sky is the ground. It is wet, and smells of new dirt. I wonder why the ground is wet – has it rained today? Sometimes, when it rains, I feel down, a little depressed. I wish that the sun would come out more brightly after it rains. Under the sky – is the sky blue? Is the grass green? Is my world colorful today, or dreary?

    By Melissa on 11.27.2012

  15. Under. Above. Opposites? Yes, but no. Under the sky, above the sky. Under the ground, above the ground. Opposites… I don’t like the way they are so absolute. I wish, sometimes, that things were less black and white. But then, I’m thankful for the knowledge that rules exist, that opposites exist – that there is a black and white to the world.

    By Melissa on 11.27.2012

  16. Clawing at the dirt with his trimmed nails, the soil came crashing down in clumps but the ground from the other side was cold and though his fingers were numb, he could feel the drip of blood. Was this his doom? Buried under by those villains?!

    By Eric Harrell on 11.27.2012

  17. under the water i held my breath as long as i possibly could. i didn’t want to come back. what did i have to come back up for? besides i like the peace. silence. the water surrounding me. one. two. three. i started to count in my head. did i come back up? well, did i?

    By kathpine98 URL on 11.27.2012

  18. The evidence was under the house. She knew they’d never look there. Why would they? It was all beneath them.

    By Grace URL on 11.27.2012

  19. She stood with the world in her eyes and those ruby irises on atlas as he slowly inclined forward. Kneeling. She did not say a word to him but simply smiled, face shifting into a calm smile as atlas shrugged and the world went teetering away from him.

    By FelineD URL on 11.27.2012

  20. It is for me, under this tree, that my most inspired thoughts caress my dreams and lift my hopes. I hear it move like wave through my veins, and I am in love.

    By Gina on 11.27.2012

  21. under the weather in my under-ware. surely i’ll bounce back above all of this under-affair!

    By charmed URL on 11.27.2012

  22. under my skin, around it, I don’t know where I stand
    what is beneath the surface?
    am I more than what I see in the smooth crystal of the mirror?
    how do I see more than is visible?
    these questions I ask myself at night from under the lonely warmth of my tangled sheets

    By Alex on 11.27.2012

  23. underneath you, I love to trace my fingers along every notch in your spine like the spires or a bridge or medeival tower but then again the pleasure is without pain. I know that I love you and in some small way your twinges and groans placate my heart.

    By Euphy on 11.27.2012

  24. she sat screaming under the bed, she didn’t want to speak to anyone or thing. she just wanted to be left alone, under the bed was safe, comforting in a way…

    By blanche URL on 11.27.2012

  25. Tobias vaguely wondered if Astor knew what it was like to be under pressure.

    The kid had obviously been under pressure before; he was a mutant, like Tobias himself was, and that wasn’t an easy thing to be nowadays. But it didn’t show on him. Even when he was running for his life he was laughing.

    He concluded that the kid must have some sort of mental illness.

    By Julia A. URL on 11.27.2012

  26. “Is this my life or am I breathing under water?”, Emily Haine sang from the stage. And I turned and looked at you and knew that our connection was gone. We were just going through the motions.

    By Rachel URL on 11.27.2012

  27. Underneath the house, there was a box. She’d forgotten about it, but it was still there, fifty years later. The same box, with the old dried flowers and the little toy doll she’d left in her five year old state. The house went down. It was still there.

    By Alex on 11.27.2012

  28. I went under a tree to escape the heat of the day and noticed many things I would normally have not given a second glance. Under this massive tree, the air was cool and life flourished for the creatures that were escaping the sun.

    By Joe Carey URL on 11.27.2012

  29. Fiona let out a loud belly laugh as she looked under the covers, “Found you.” Beatrice frowned and pouted. She came up from underneath the covers and gave Fiona a light kiss on her cheeks. “You peeked.” She accused. Fiona

    By avery URL on 11.27.2012

  30. Under the moon, under the stars, under the great big sky. It’s literally been forever since I’ve just laid down outside and stared up at the never-ending sky full of beautiful stars and designs and mysteries and wonder. That’s one of the few places I am truly at peace and in awe.

    By Evelyn URL on 11.27.2012

  31. Going under
    down down
    into the deep
    Under the inky ocean surface

    By Alegría URL on 11.27.2012

  32. Your feet graze the surface, and the water underneath you fluctuates. Everything is underneath you, the memories and thoughts and days gone by. They are still there, sure, but your head is above them. For if you stay under for too long, thinking of the times before, you will drown.

    By flutefrog URL on 11.27.2012

  33. She was underneath the bed. No, behind it. But also underneath it. And it wasn’t just her. It was her and Zoe. There was a lamp hanging over the bed. That’s what she was talking about it her hint. “Under a lamp.” But we would have never guessed she was under a lamp, under a bed. Her sweater on the floor had given them away.

    By sasha on 11.27.2012

  34. i never underestimate

    the monster underbed

    balrog after gandalf now under all

    By Eligia V. A. URL on 11.27.2012

  35. under pressure, under stress. under appreciated….understanding life is difficult. trying to keep my head from falling under the water while I wade through life. am i crazy to think that i could have loved and not lost?

    By Nykkia on 11.27.2012

  36. Under. Under the water is like an ocean adventure. I love underwater activities. They rock. I like snorkeling. Unfortunately I had an accident with my snorkel once and I kept sucking in the water from the ocean and choking on it. Not so great. Anyways, I think you should try underwater things. They can be a great place to see ocean life. One time when i went snorkeling, (with a proper snorkel) I saw a giant sea turtle!!!!! Seeing that amazing 10 foot creature was a great experience, and that is why i recommend it.

    By Brittany on 11.27.2012

  37. Everything is under something. The world is made up of objects under the atmosphere and under the clouds. We, as people, are under our guardians who watch over us and mend all of the problems we face everyday. Even if you are having a terrible day, someone is above us to help. When you are feeling upset and feel as though you can no longer stand breathing, know that you are under a warm blanket of love, otherwise known as the clouds, or angels.

    By drags on 11.27.2012

  38. I love going under the water on the beach. Is their truly anything better? I love to ride the waves, and boogie-board when I go to the beach. I love the feeling of sand between my toes and ice cream dripping down my chin in the summer air. I wish their wasn’t pollution in the water, and that their were more seashells by the water. Sometimes cold water is nice,and refreshing. Other times you have to take time to get used to it. Those days when the water is warm, those are my favorite days at the beach.

    By Brittany on 11.27.2012

  39. Under you is the place i love to be. Your smell, your skin. Making love with you…why? I’m sad

    By Patricia on 11.27.2012

  40. Under water, far away
    Losing breath and grasping day
    Lights are fading, night is breaking
    Bones and flowers;
    Tired joints and achy emotions
    Weeping in the undertow
    Underneath and undergone
    Ghosts of love wrapped ’round her spine

    By Tarryn URL on 11.27.2012