August 24th, 2011 | 471 Entries

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471 Entries for “umbrella”

  1. a type of shelter that protects you from rain or sun. it’s a name of a song.

    By CeCe URL on 08.24.2011

  2. This umbrella keeps me safe. It is a shelter that I can hide in when the whether isn’t so great. This umbrella keeps me warm and dry. It is a comfort I know I can always rely on. It stays in my bag. Just like you. You keep me safe and warm. You are the love of my life and you will always stay in my heart.

    By Ashley Downing URL on 08.24.2011

  3. going in so many directions at once, wanting to do it ALL at the same time you act as my umbrella – covering it all and somehow keeping my head above water at the same time.

    By More Everything URL on 08.24.2011

  4. It that when when I realized, it was all covered. I was shielded, protected, in ways that I hadn’t realized before due to circumstances that I could not have controlled: my birth, my family, my country; all these made one giant umbrella. There would be no getting wet in the pouring rain for me. And no dancing in it either.

    By Natalie URL on 08.24.2011

  5. I hate umbrellas. They’re heavy, and inconvenient, and they really don’t work that properly either. Raincoats are pretty bad, too. If you’re going to go out in the rain you should do it without the bulk of an umbrella or coat. Go out to get soaked. Make sure you don’t come back in until everything is wet.

    By Miss Catalina URL on 08.24.2011

  6. I met so many people at work bc I was the only one with an umbrella. Strangers will get suddenly close in the smoking section when you are their only hope of staying dry! :) I miss working…

    By Bunniluv URL on 08.24.2011

  7. hide from the world
    under a curl
    a semi-soft shape
    a sad mouth agape
    when all is a-leaky
    umbrellas get freaky

    By Theresa on 08.24.2011

  8. “I need you to block out negativity,” she said nervously. “You’re my umbrella to evil, to hate. I need You.”

    By Liz on 08.24.2011

  9. I open you up
    As the rain comes down
    You protect me, here
    My heart, it’s found
    You serve as my shade
    When the sun proves hot
    Umbrella, umbrella, you are the one that I sought
    When the thunderstorms threatened
    To keep my love away
    But you kept the fierce raindrops
    Steady, at bay
    I keep you up here, there you are.
    Umbrella, umbrella, my friend, by far.

    By kas URL on 08.24.2011

  10. “you can stand under my umbrella. you have my heart…”

    this song reminds me of you. and you’re the only thing i want to think about.

    “…we will never be a world apart”

    but for now, we are.

    We will never be a world apart. i hope that will be true one day soon.

    By Meghan URL on 08.24.2011

  11. We stood under the umbrella, to stay out from the rain. We walked, we talked, we held hands. I remember your smile and how you didn’t give a damn about the rain. Our umbrella shielded us from the cold drops of water until we reached the coffee shop to eat. We talked more and you made my day, the best day of my life.

    By Charlie Giraud URL on 08.24.2011

  12. I held the umbrella. It held well against strong hurricanes and a scorching sun. Today it seemed different. There were holes being made by the second. I looked up and saw nanobots consuming my umbrella and clothes.

    By henshinger URL on 08.24.2011

  13. Umbrella. Hahahahahaha. So many songs I can relate to with umbrella. Hehe…Tegomass is love. “Ai Ai Gasa” means “Love Umbrella”. You should listen to it! It’s one of my favorite songs from them. They’re a Japanese duo and always on mark when it comes to harmonies.

    By Nika URL on 08.24.2011

  14. He kept me warm. Snuggling up against me and we huddled under an umbrella. It was raining and cold. I just knew if he was willing to keep me close even after the suicide attempt I have just tried to do he’s the one for me. He’s gonna help me.

    By BLASTA.Exploder URL on 08.24.2011

  15. I sat outside today to read a book. The book carried me through character after character story after story. Suddenly there was a drop and it landed right in the middle of my page. I looked up into the sky at the dark clouds and fast paced night just before it all came pouring down. It was so beautiful to watch but i sure as hell couldve used an umbrella.

    By Big Mac URL on 08.24.2011

  16. It’s raining and I can’t seem to find my way. the black umbrella that I’m holding isn’t doing much for me. it’s heavy and the winds are taking it with them. I’m almost home I htought to myself, but it was still so far. the dark cold night was too much for me to handle. I squinted my eyes so I could try and see where my new house stood but eveyrthing looked the same here in london. then, someone grabbed my right shoulder and spun me around. it shocked me to bits. who was this strange yet handsome man that came my way?

    By jessica on 08.24.2011

  17. raining in seattle the world is gray and wet
    the sky is a drizzle, drip, dripping on you
    protection from the inevitable
    boots and rain jackets too
    east coast
    the swoop of the handle and the bat-like stretches of the wings.

    By Peter on 08.24.2011

  18. The rain felt like icy spears, piercing my skin like a thousand tiny needles. I ran to try to get to my destination quicker, but it was still so far away. I wished I had protection, warmth, an umbrella to share with someone. Even if I’d be late from talking the whole way, it would be so much better than facing the arctic cold war.

    By Mary URL on 08.24.2011

  19. ella ella aye aye protects from the rain slightly romantic when red i want a bubble umbrella so i could be like a goldfish you could stand under mine except it would be difficult to hold hands unless it was really large like that nautica one your mom has

    By devin on 08.24.2011

  20. Is a broken umbrella still an umbrella. Holey, and yielding. Not my favorite tool for a rainy day, a ripped umbrella. I wish I had a force field. Rain drops fall like attention spans at a baseball game. I’ll carry you like a baby over the goal. What? I’m rusty at these.

    By Adam on 08.24.2011

  21. umbrella…i used to do it with my grand ma….wtf did i just rite nvm i had a gf who i had sex with cuz i wanted babies and babies i luved it
    soo goood
    soo basically Let umbrella be u and grand ma be r

    my gf is g and me a and the babies y
    sooo that means u + r = g + a + y =

    ur gay

    By looool on 08.24.2011

  22. ella ella aye aye an umbrella protects from the rain like a shield but i won’t bore you with similes and metaphors like an english class…ooops looks like i did just there…but simply put i want to stay dry and continue walking on campus

    By devin URL on 08.24.2011

  23. I have a green unbrella that I take everywhere…everytime.

    By Pal on 08.24.2011

  24. red umbrellas everywhere in the street. being put up. put down. twirling in the rain. there’s dancing everywhere with people in yellow raincoats. I’m in a black dress, drenched from head to toe. running and shoving my way through the smiles while in distress. I can’t find you. where could you be? i’m running. running. out of breath. can’t catch it for fear only creeps in. finally i see something. is it? it is. you stand there with a dozen dead roses, dressed in the finest suit. smiling. but the smile fades as does your presence. your smile turns from grin to grimace. you drop my roses. you turn. you leave. i’m still running towards you to catch up. but i’m engulfed by red umbrellas. red umbrellas are all i see. i fall to my knees. you’re gone. i shutter and look down. i look up only to see the street lamp shine down on me. i’m alone. i’m cold. the smiles have gone. the red umbrellas have turned to the crimson that runs through the gutters. there’s not a person in sight but all that stands is this lamppost. this lamppost that brings to light the wrong i have done to you. i’m so sorry. i’m so sorry.

    By Lauren Randall URL on 08.24.2011

  25. r

    By Kelsey Lennon URL on 08.24.2011

  26. I took my umbrella and went outside on the beautiful sunny day it was. The birds were chirping and the sun was shining. “why a black umbrella?” one man asked. I stood there in shock, not knowing what to say or how to respond to such a thing.

    By Jessica Auster URL on 08.24.2011

  27. Rain began to fall, slowly at first, then gaining speed as it continued. Instantly, she was soaked. Aloud, she gave a groan. This did not help her mood. She reached for her umbrella, but it was caught. Again, she gave a cry of frustration. Her eyes fell downcast just as a shadow fell over her. A smiling man held out his umbrella for her to have.

    By Mae URL on 08.24.2011

  28. It’s raining and I can’t seem to find my way. the black umbrella that I’m holding isn’t doing much for me. it’s heavy and the winds are taking it with them. I’m almost home I htought to myself, but it was still so far. the dark cold night was too much for me to handle. I squinted my eyes so I could try and see where my new house stood but eveyrthing looked the same here in london. then, someone grabbed my right shoulder and spun me around. it shocked me to bits. who was this strange yet handsome man that came my way?

    *disclaimer* yes I was the one that wrote this earlier before I made an account. this is my own work.

    By Jessica Auster URL on 08.24.2011

  29. you can stand under my umbrella-ella-ella.
    Kidding. Yesterday during class it was absolutely pouring rain, and the windows in my Calc room were open and the atmosphere was just beautiful. I could have slept so peacefully.

    By Sarah URL on 08.24.2011

  30. I dont have one, my neighbor has one though. its nice, It has flowers on it. It rains a lot here, It rains so hard that I cant go outside. It also hails and snows. I like the snow though. Its very nice. I hope everyone likes the snow, its truly a wonder. I miss the sun sometimes though, Oh well.

    By erin on 08.24.2011

  31. polka dots. stripes. floral prints. jet black. figurines. i feel as if you can read the person sheltering themselves from the rain by the print they sport. one glance and you know who they are

    By anica URL on 08.24.2011

  32. umbrella is something used to protect you from the rain but also something that can protect you much other things such as pain or sorrow so imagine if we had an emotional umbrella to use to protect ourselves from the pain….would you use it? i wouldn’t because i feel life without the pain in sorrow would be less interesting. so people with pain and sorrow would be therefore less wise. I wouldn’t risk avoiding temporaray pain for everlasting wisdom. Is it really worth the protection. But anyways you wouldnt want to forget that umbrella in a rainstorm….or would you?

    By sarah kinney on 08.24.2011

  33. There were only three balloons she was willing to purchase, and two did not exist (a leopard print and see-through black).

    By Dan on 08.24.2011

  34. My umbrella blocks out the rain, the rain of my life that tries to push me down, tries to cause misery. My umbrella protects me, keeping me safe underneath all the rain, keeping me dry as it pours. My umbrella keeps the rain, the misery, the sadness out of my life.

    By emma URL on 08.24.2011

  35. She proble thought I would forget,
    But I wont cause I hope to see her in a corset,
    She may run to Tibet, where I hear it gets very wet,
    and I’ll have send her an umbrella with the sky upside down,
    but don’t ever fret, cause we live with no regrets…

    By Lord Jim URL on 08.24.2011

  36. Finally a shield for what I had gradually coined as inevitable discomfort. Finally something that I could use to isolate the impurities and focus on the core. Everything came together when this guardian umbrella was above.

    By csjesse URL on 08.24.2011

  37. The other day, my sister and I were at Bonton or Sears or one of those department stores that tries so hard to be “hipper” than they are, and we found this umbrella. It was marked at $2.99 but we bought it for $1.99 (I don’t know how). The cool thing about it is that it’s a full-sized umbrella with a hooked handle (Mary Poppins style), only it folds up into this collapsable plastic sheath. It’s really quite something.

    By S.C. Nolan URL on 08.24.2011

  38. The rain poured down, making a sound like a herd of animals clamoring across the roof. I scowled and looked at the window, then at the black umbrella with rainbow polka dots. The song of the outdoors called to me, sang in my blood, but all the same, I knew that I couldn’t leave the house. I hated winter.

    By Macie on 08.24.2011

  39. The rain was pouring down as I was about to leave, I went to grab my umbrella then decided against it. Every raindrop was like a little piece of hope. Maybe these raindrops will take away all of the fallen tears and let me move forward with my life. It was time to move on, but which direction to choose, I had no idea. Only time could tell, just let the rain keep falling.

    By foost URL on 08.24.2011

  40. The wind shook the trees and she tried to hold the umbrella to stop the rain. It poured sideways, seeming to defy gravity like a horizontal waterfall. The umbrella pulled in her grip as the wind changed directions, the black and red pattern flashing. She held on to it, if for nothing more than something steady in the storm around her.

    By Kvaughan URL on 08.24.2011