April 5th, 2016 | 82 Entries

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82 Entries for “twist”

  1. There’s always a twist, whether it’s “of lime,” dealing with a plot, or a retro dance-move. Tell your story. Let it go.

    By Brian on 04.05.2016

  2. There was a twist in the story. There’s always a twist in the story. Sometimes it’s a ghost, sometimes it’s a long lost love, or a fallen star. This time it was the girl. She was there and I was not and somehow, because of this, she married my husband when it should have been me. He wasn’t my husband at the time, of course, he was just a man. And he’s not my husband now, either.

    By Kate on 04.05.2016

  3. funny, friends, music, party, night, dancing, enjoy, happy, people, good time,

    By liliana on 04.05.2016

  4. You usually know immediately when someone is twisted. Their smile isn’t genuine, their eyes aren’t smiling along with their face; if anything, they have an evil glint in them. But sometimes this isn’t the case. Sometimes the people that you thought were just like yourself turn out to be the most twisted of them all, and it’s these people you have to watch out for the most. Not the creepy guy on the subway, but your own friends, maybe even your own family.

    By Bea URL on 04.05.2016

  5. Everything has a twist.
    A twist in time-What feels like a year went by was really 2 years.
    Swimming in the ocean and thinking “I could easily drown and this could by my last day on earth.”
    Always be prepared for a twist.


    By Reyanne Cadima URL on 04.05.2016

  6. “What’s this?” I asked.

    Sylvia smiled. “It’s a martini with a lemon twist.” She gestured a manicured hand at the stemmed glass. “Go on. Try it.”

    I took a sip. It reminded me of the last time I had stood on the Golden Gate Bridge, with fog in my throat and mist in my hair. It was cold like the seawater, yet it had a palpable tang that reminded me of how clean the air was at night.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 04.05.2016

  7. The twist in the road was sharp and she knew she was going too fast when she entered the curve. She tried to slow down, but a big truck was following too closely, and she was passing a slower car and another car was coming in the opposite direction. Something had to change so she didn’t meet with disaster. She pressed the accelerator pedal to the floor and hoped for the best.

    By chanpheng URL on 04.05.2016

  8. ouch I fell and twisted my ass. My poo came out like a long blade of green grass. Hurts so bad.

    By chezmoi URL on 04.05.2016

  9. With a twist of her wrist she did it, the frisbee soared free. Her father and brother whooped their congratulations, she had finally gotten it. She felt high on the success. Her brother caught in and threw it back, she missed the catch, but her grin didn’t falter.

    By Sarah on 04.05.2016

  10. through the sky as we fall. i only see blue and i only feel the sea of air molecules that gravity and my body push through. I hear the roar of the wind and air currents but i know we are together

    By Rudy Vargas on 04.05.2016

  11. Twisting is when you turn your body to make a ‘twist.’ Everyone has done that before.

    By Desmond URL on 04.05.2016

  12. Do a 360 twist it’s so much fun make sure you don’t land on your stoumich it hurts

    By Kate URL on 04.05.2016

  13. I twist when I swim like a dolphin,

    By Emily URL on 04.05.2016

  14. Stretching something around and around. Twisting does not work with metals and anything too hard for your hand to handle.

    By Stars URL on 04.05.2016

  15. I love twists. Chocolate twists. Any type of twist is delicious. Unless it has spinach in it. Twists are so yummy and tasty. Buy them from the bakery. Go. Buy one. Go

    By Alex URL on 04.05.2016

  16. Twisting is when something rotates. So many things twist, including ourselves, our peers, animals of any kind, and probably living things. I think that so many things twist that we don’t know of.

    By MurrayHadley URL on 04.05.2016

  17. I love raspberry twists. It’s a candy, that’s red, kinda looks like licorice, but it tastes like raspberry. I don’t like licorice, because it tastes awful. I like to twist it lots to make it even more twisty. YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By Grace Travis URL on 04.05.2016

  18. Twisting can be many different things, for example, if someone gives you a Chinese burn, they are twisting your arm. If we look behind or beside ourselves we are twisting our necks

    By Ollie URL on 04.05.2016

  19. I twist as I’m dancing. Twisting round and round. Moving my hips in a circle.

    By Demi URL on 04.05.2016

  20. Twist! Twist everything! Twist that leg, twist that head, twist everything on your neck! If you can’t do it then your not alone! Just believe in yourself! My Gramma can do better than you!

    By Eric URL on 04.05.2016

  21. I leap forward in front of the soccer goal OWWWW I stretch. As I feel my knee twisting round as the guy stomps on the back of my leg.

    By Damian URL on 04.05.2016

  22. Twist was a average boy, he had a loving family, a dog and a modest house.

    By Kevin Yao URL on 04.05.2016

  23. I went to the city to twist my own arm, though I didn’t really understand why. Eventually I found what I was looking for, but by then I wasn’t interested in it anymore. Doesn’t that sound familiar?

    By Amanda on 04.05.2016

  24. There is a plot twist…at least, there is supposed to be. But there is nothing. Nothing lingered in the air like a word un-fitly spoken. This is when the story is supposed to change. But, he’s still dead. I still see his chest as it lays flat, no rise, no fall. His lifeless eyes staring at the ceiling. This is when the plot twist should be written. But, I am not so lucky.

    By Julia Brockelman on 04.05.2016

  25. a distortion between time and space. you slip through, unassuming, a cosmic wanderer, a starry stranger.

    By sunnysuraj URL on 04.05.2016

  26. His arm was twisted by someone “Let me go!” he screamed but there was no one there to hear the scream, yet he felt how it kept twisting his arm even more until a crack sounded. His arm was dislocated in just one push

    By Bramsy URL on 04.05.2016

  27. Twists and turns, twists and turns. That’s the name of the game. Keep them guessing, keep them afraid.
    Never, ever are things exactly how they seem.
    Twist things bad, twist things good.
    They won’t let you out.
    Help me, please.

    By Kara on 04.05.2016

  28. Whenever she sees him, it’s a twist in the chest. Like he’s stuck a knife there, and each time her eyes meet his visage he’s subconsciously reaching out and twisting it like a key in its lock.
    Maybe it’s the masochist hidden in her that forces her to keep coming back to him like she does.

    By chi URL on 04.05.2016

  29. Twist. When something goes completely opposite. When all your closest friends and family disappear from sight and you are left all alone. Twist. When the light turns into complete darkness. A twist is when the world goes dark the only thing that still shines is your soul.

    By Stars URL on 04.05.2016

  30. Her periphery twisted, eyesight blurring. She couldn’t hold her tears back any longer. Anticipating it was one thing, but for it to actually happen was another. Her train of thought grew scattered as the situation took a rather predictable turn.

    By Ihrie URL on 04.06.2016

  31. “Twist your hips to reach higher!”
    – Bouldering technique

    By TING URL on 04.06.2016

  32. Earl turned around to face Eddy. “Hey bro,” Earl said.
    “Dear god!” Eddy screamed as he look at Earl in horror.
    “What’s wrong?” asked Earl.
    “Your body!” Eddy said as he pointed towards Earl’s upper torso which was pointing the opposite direction from his legs.
    “Oh this? Nah I just do some yoga twist in the morning.”

    By TGV URL on 04.06.2016

  33. She played with her hair absently, spinning it around her fingers in complicated but mindless twists. The air in the classroom was warm but the breeze coming through the window was giving her goosebumps. Dr. Nagel droned on about Aristotle or Aristophenes or something but she kept glancing out the window as well, ready for the day to be over.

    By Bridget Grace URL on 04.06.2016

  34. twisty hips

    By cowmom URL on 04.06.2016

  35. I think of the 1950s dance. My grandmother and grandfather meeting in Iowa. Hoop skirts. Poodle designs on the skirts. Pops with long straws. A dancer on the black and white TV causing controversy with his “grating” hips and tight pa

    By Danielle Elms on 04.06.2016

  36. this is the beginging of the word for the twisted toco. the restraint is pretty good but their cheese is not the best. I would much rather eat at any other mexican restaurant. I like willies a lot better their.

    By Sam Anderson on 04.06.2016

  37. The girl twisted and turned in her chair as she was being forced to eat her green beans. The doctor told her mom that she needs to eat more vegetables so ever since her mom has been feeding her vegetables all day.

    By Tiana Momon on 04.06.2016

  38. I think that twist to to twirl and whirl. Twist to get into a bind and try to find your way out. Twist is to experiment and see if something will bind up as far as you can. Twisting is the act of turning something from straight to

    By Asher Spivey on 04.06.2016

  39. He tried to get it but fell. Haha i laughed as he looked up at me, I said i am the king of twister and now he finally believed me. It was my turn and I went to place my hand on the red square, this as by far the hardest move of the game.

    By Porter Null on 04.06.2016

  40. I wake up in the morning and twist my back to crack it. I am soar from golf practice yesterday and need to stretch my back. I have been asking my mom for weeks now to take me to get a massage and hopefully she will do it this week. I am very excited to get my back professionally massaged because I feel

    By Bailey Means on 04.06.2016