January 12th, 2014 | 74 Entries

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74 Entries for “trooper”

  1. My dad was a Maine State Trooper
    Who was killed in the line of duty when I was six years old
    Because of him I can go to college for free
    There’s that expression “What A trooper”
    I suppose meaning someone who is bold and brave
    But to see thousands of them at one time
    Paying respect to the dead
    It is a very strong force.

    By Ellie on 01.12.2014

  2. And so I give up, I give up again
    Lasts until the cliff edge
    The last moment, when we rejoice
    And I jump
    I fall away
    Into the cycle of life
    Forgetting why I’ve done
    Where I’ve done
    What I am, in doing
    I persevere
    Until I forget myself
    And fall away

    By Saudade URL on 01.12.2014

  3. “She’s a real trooper, you know.” Josh hauled the luggage out of the back of the Camp SUV. He stacked them up on the wobbly trolley. He watched the young women filing into the retreat, all dressed in the same matching white T-shirts with the Camp Logo stamped on the back.

    “And you would know?” Howell snorted. “Just take the stuff to their rooms, alright? I’ll meet you in the courtyard. The faster we finish, the easier it’ll be for the rest of us.”

    “I’ve been here for two months, Howell.” Josh rolled his shoulders back, paying careful attention to the little tingling along the back of his spine. “That counts for something.” Two months back in a civilian job was pure torture, especially when his training was telling him that the brunette with the scar just below her left ear, was partially deaf and twice as dangerous.

    By Sara H. URL on 01.12.2014

  4. be a trooper they always say. but what if they’re trying to lead you to hell. what if they’re just trapping you. what if there not even on your side. you trust those who you have known forever. but what if they’re just liars?

    By Tobin smith URL on 01.12.2014

  5. “You’re a good soldier”, she said after I agreed to another project that was filled with impossible demands and timelines. The sign of a trooper in this organization is to say an enthusiastic yes to impossible ideas…despit

    By carpelam URL on 01.12.2014

  6. He was a trooper, first class fighter, tough, tough, tough. But when his mommy came around, he was again that little boy in navy blue overalls serving tea from fine china to his collection of teddy bears..

    By happyrabbit on 01.12.2014

  7. A trooper is a person who troops around all over the place. He may go with a group or may go alone.

    By neel on 01.12.2014

  8. flexible good sport don’t complain just do it compromise do what you are told without complaining don’t care if you get a reward you just do for the sake of doing it because its

    By Kristi on 01.12.2014

  9. Good sport, police, long lasting, with you through the thick and thin

    By Kelly URL on 01.12.2014

  10. troops trained to fight on horseback. 500 horse led theBrave troopers served for our nation. attack.

    By Tuasg on 01.12.2014

  11. Trooper: Smokey bear. The man with the straight brown hat who sticks his head inside your car, uninvited, reflecting the blue lights and the bright spotlight. “What’s the problem ma’am? The reason for your speed?” he asks, and I can smell the garlic on his breath, can almost taste the command presence.

    By B on 01.12.2014

  12. I think that the moment I saw him I knew he’d be the best child I’d know. My pregnancy had been so difficult, and so had his birth, but he was here. He was crying, he was breathing, he was kicking… It was all so surreal. My little trooper. I looked at my husband with a smile, and for once, I knew this was all going to be okay.

    By Abbie Findley URL on 01.12.2014

  13. The blue strobes flashed, and Kelly swore. She pulled over and rolled down her window, rooting in her glove compartment for her paperwork. The trooper shone his light in the window, the shadows hiding his face. “Ma’am,” he said. “Please step out of the car.”

    By Annie URL on 01.12.2014

  14. It was such a long day! He got his bag wet when Mrs Cooper coffe split, he tried so hard to reach the potty in time, he was still smiling even when no one wanted to sit beside him, such a trooper

    By Marshablues URL on 01.12.2014

  15. Big days like this
    you don’t sit down because you were once laugh at
    you get up and stand brave
    and do what you must

    By Marshablues URL on 01.12.2014

  16. “Sir?”

    The general lifted his head slightly, gazing upon a shaking man, skinny and underfed. One of the new recruits, he assumed.

    “T-The squad has reached it’s destination..”

    “Very well. Thank you, soldier.”

    By TheNaturalWriter on 01.12.2014

  17. “She’s a trooper,” the doctors said as they brought in the mangled man carrying his daughter. His eyes were swollen shut, and he was clearly dead; but the girl was barely injured. She looked up at the gloved nurse. “Where’s my mom?”

    By Ashley Chen URL on 01.12.2014

  18. You’re a trooper, sticking through when things get tough, when the elements are against you. You made it, stomped over the competition, scaled all the mountains, outran the torrential rains pelting just behind you. You’re strong, a warrior, a champion. So why are crumbling to your knees and bawling?

    By Ashi URL on 01.12.2014

  19. She’s a trooper, they say, a soldier, she’ll make it through this. Somehow, deep inside, she doubts that – doubts herself. Her hands tremble and shake, clenching tightly around the gun she doesn’t have the guts to shoot

    By Aly on 01.12.2014

  20. One of the troopers outside my window beckoned for her companions to gather around the car. Its left bumper was half torn off at this point, the bent shrapnel located off the nearest curb, and the only way I could see anything happening was by the guiding light of the police cars, the noise of the sirens accompanying the imposing flashes of red and blue. The paramedics had already pulled out the gurney, and I waited quietly for my neighbor to be carted away.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 01.12.2014

  21. you’re a trooper bud
    you try really hard
    so hard
    and everyone loves you for it
    they give you affectionate glares
    when you screw it up
    and the highest high
    when you get things
    but more often you get things wrongs
    like the time
    you took out
    all the lego
    and threw it on the floor
    screaming and crying
    crying and screaming

    By sevenwords URL on 01.12.2014

  22. That’s what she considered herself. Always the “trooper.” Never allowed to show her emotions to anyone else because she was too busy taking care of them all. Too caught up in making sure everyone in her life is okay and responding to every problem they have with simple advice. No one was there for her though—which was the saddest part of it all.

    By Theresa on 01.12.2014

  23. I am a trooper they say.
    Endurance is my middle name.
    I play the game.
    Clime the ladder of fame.
    Fight to the top.
    Marking my ground.
    A glorious stomp.

    By Brooke Tuinei on 01.12.2014

  24. The car rumbled
    As it rambled
    Over the dusty road.

    The men all
    Were silent.
    Their voices taken
    By the words
    Running inside their heads.

    They knew what was to come,
    What was to be expected.
    For it was inevitable.

    By Rachael P on 01.12.2014

  25. You’re a trooper.
    Thanks Mom.
    I’m a trooper now I guess.
    Whatever makes her happy.
    I can sit next to the smelly boys.
    I can wait my turn.
    I can put this all behind me.
    And forget how to look ahead.

    By ulimonster URL on 01.12.2014

  26. People gathered inside their own homes, peeking their heads between the dark curtains made from a cheap, heavy fabric and the dirty windows -it had been long since the times when it was safe enough to go outside for that much time. They watched as the armed man passed by, not once leaving their formations, each holding a AK-47 against their chest. At the sound of the feared siren echoing throughout town, they each hugged their precious children and threw a prayer towards the skies, in hopes of saving the lives of their loved ones.

    By Giovanna URL on 01.12.2014

  27. so whats the real definition of a trooper, i would google it but i only have a minute…when someone says trooper i think of a soldier(i cant spell that oops) or a fussy kid and their parents telling them to be a trooper

    By haley on 01.12.2014

  28. I dont see myself as a troper, once things get hard i tend to giveon omprovement. I dont give up trying but i just stop trying to succeed. MUN is basically yhis for me. and journaling iguess. this is stressful

    By Bhargavi Dhanireddy on 01.12.2014

  29. He had been through a lot in the past four hours, but nothing bothered him quite as much as the state trooper approaching him, slowly opening his holster.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 01.12.2014

  30. Soldiers in a horse. Not really my type of thing. I’m not into those kind of people. That sorks as a soldier, etc.

    She hugged him tight when he said goodbye for the last time. He will never be back until further notice. He has to go. He needs to serve the country.

    ” Country first, before me, my love?” Terri asked.
    “You know how it is. A trooper’s life.” Ken said.
    “But what if something happens? What if you got an accident or died?”
    “Don’t think about those, think positive.” He said and away he went.

    By roze_princess URL on 01.12.2014

  31. He went out to the fields every day after he finished in the barn.
    The weather was terrible this time of year, rain and sleet,
    golfballs of ice pelting down,
    still, he had to check and make sure things were ok,
    tied up, tied down
    mild the cows, feed the animals
    Some days he felt 70 years old
    he was only 50
    Wind and sun creased his face
    like a veiny dried leaf
    hands calloused like thick cord
    grip like steel, eyes like the sea,
    deep, blue, cold.

    By Miss Ann Thrope URL on 01.12.2014

  32. Once, Hammond was sent out on an interstellar mission involving the use of trooper degradation chemicals. It was a horrendous outcome involving soldiers losing their innards.

    By Steve Buchanan on 01.12.2014

  33. trooper

    By Adrian George Nicolae URL on 01.12.2014

  34. Paratrooper. Stormtrooper. Koopa Troopa. Poopa Scoopa. I think “oo” is my favorite vowel sound, which makes trooper a good word. I feel stressed out about the moving line beneath this window pressuring me to write about troopers.

    By Hannah on 01.12.2014

  35. Trooper. The word is used often when someone has to sacrifice something for someone else, or when someone does something they don’t want to do, but does anyway. Or when someone suffers something and still goes on. Its pretty sad.

    By Leah URL on 01.12.2014

  36. The stormtroopers, with their crisp white armor, stood stark against the backdrop of the black, night sky.

    By S.C. Lovelace URL on 01.12.2014

  37. Ceddie. You are my trooper. You’d shoot me right at my heart, and the thing is, i like being shot by you. If you were to shot me everyday, I’d be a happy man. I love you bro. I wish I could see you right now. Your face, your eyes, your everything. I want you by my side now. I need you. Shoot me my trooper.

    By Benjamin on 01.12.2014

  38. Trooper, not like a storm trooper or a trooper in a war. Trooper of life. Getting through every miserable day, coming out on top and surviving with a smile. A trooper of positivity. Helping other people through their miserable days.

    By Kacie URL on 01.12.2014

  39. You are the sun in the sky, and I am nothing but the earth so trodden beneath your feet. Your footsteps look so light, from the outside. But I feel their weight, their violence, their desolation. You were always the bright star, the one who walked on water and smiled without reason. I was never like that. All I can remember is looking at you and thinking, “Wow, things must come so easily to him.”

    By Rosalia Vanderbilt URL on 01.12.2014

  40. “He’s such a trooper”, they exclaimed. Sure, he thought to himself, if you knew what it’s like to be stuck with the bunch of you, you’ll all be dragging your dead limbs closer to the door too.

    By sitara URL on 01.12.2014