June 5th, 2012 | 300 Entries

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300 Entries for “treaty”

  1. Treaties are made between nations to ensure peace and prosperity. It is how they make sure that they are not going to attack one another. It is how they understand one another. Treaties are like agreements after a lover’s quarrel, that yes from now on I will do the dishes and you do the cooking. It is how we live in a world where we cannot understand each other.

    By Andy URL on 06.05.2012

  2. The Treaty of Paris was a failure. The words were written in such a form that no body took the treaty seriously.

    By ellanah URL on 06.05.2012

  3. documents, government. peace. sign. canada. president. united states. countries. rules. chicken!! tastes good.

    By Laura on 06.05.2012

  4. There’s a place below the bridge with the apple trees on either side, down past the broken stairwell handles and crumbling steps. Where the once picturesque riverwalk turns into a battlefield of broken glass and discarded plastic. Those were the grounds chosen by Ben and Jared to make a truce. We all knew the reason behind the treaty, even if we didn’t want to talk about what happened with Sam.

    By cmsiena URL on 06.05.2012

  5. And they stood there, looking over this simple piece of paper that would bring about their ultimate destruction. Well, both sides knew this treaty was truly meant to bring about peace, but what did peace bring when you lost everything you valued? Destruction, loss, and a great void of power both had fought for for so long.

    By Kailey on 06.05.2012

  6. There’s going to be a day you’d wish you’d surrendered; given up, forged yourself over in pen. There’s going to be a day you realize I will come out victorious. The pen has always been mightier than the sword, my friend.

    By Lauren URL on 06.05.2012

  7. Treaty. Treatish. Like candy. It’s a treat. A pleasure to see. Like jewels of shiny, pre-packaged bliss. Filling the bottom of a halloween bag.

    By Sam URL on 06.05.2012


    By lata12 on 06.05.2012

  9. No treaty could stop the war. After days of generals nervously sweating through their uniform hovering a finger over polished red buttons not touched since their manufacturing – American, Russian, and Chinese generals alike – the war began. No use fretting about it now, that was over 200 years ago when buildings weren’t crooked metal skeletons and you could get meat without firing three bullets into it.

    By StatiKink URL on 06.05.2012

  10. Treaty.
    The agreement of peace.
    We are on the same page.

    By ashleymarion URL on 06.05.2012

  11. They met a year after the Treaty of Versailles was signed. In a tiny cafe in a tiny German town. A tiny American in a crowded town that felt huge and looming, because she didn’t know anybody; it was his hometown. They met in the midst of a harsh peace that was breaking, cracking, under their feet. But the breaking and cracking did not choke their throats as it did to so many. At least, not enough so that they could not speak. They spoke first over coffee. Then over their hands, locked together, swinging to and fro over the sidewalk. Over the grass in a park, over dreams, under clouds, they spoke. They did not always understand each other, but one does not always have to understand to speak, or to laugh, or to fall in love quickly.

    By Dulcie URL on 06.05.2012

  12. I signed it in my own blood. I signed it in my own blood, and when I think about it now it feels like something rising up in my chest trying to force it’s way out through my mouth. My stubborn nature should not have allowed this, my stubborn nature has me chastising myself, over and over again, for letting my will bend like a live tree branch. And then for letting it snap like a dead one.

    By monroe2go URL on 06.05.2012

  13. The treaty was what stopped the war. We all knew it, every last one of us. But more than one person wondered whether the treaty had been the best decision in the end. So much was lost to make it work, so many lives were lost as every involved party fought over its terms. And that wasn’t including the treaty’s undesirable terms.

    By Sarah on 06.05.2012

  14. An agreement made upon two or more parties to make peace or compromise of a relevant sort to benefit a greater population, typically between governments, with a mutual interest.

    By mrnt URL on 06.05.2012

  15. We signed a treaty, he and i. I made sure it was clear that i would hold my end of the deal as long as he held his. And s he did, and we were peaceful. Until the cold, dark night when he broke it. I had to kill him. It was what must have been done.

    By Jessica on 06.05.2012

  16. On the UN thing that Anthea and I did, we had treaties where there were different topics we had to discuss…. It was fun though the Americans were pricks. France had retarded hipster glasses and were extremely sexist. Those idiots.

    By Theresa URL on 06.05.2012

  17. Wave didn’t believe it for a moment. There was no way that the Organisation was going to try and make a treaty with the Veloi, no matter how long their war had gone on.

    “You can’t believe them,” she said for the twentieth time, looking helplessly at her lord.

    Adonis shook his head, looking about as grim as she felt. “I don’t. But on the off-chance that they do mean it… we have to take the risk. I owe it to my people to at least try for peace.”

    By Abby on 06.05.2012

  18. Treaty, treason, that’s what I just wrote on my mind map in lit… funny. huh?

    By Theresa URL on 06.05.2012

  19. There is no such a person as treaty as you are. You make my world easier and lovely.

    By Pix on 06.05.2012

  20. A grandmother and her grandson walked along the sidewalk in a park. They walked past an old woman who was selling bags of crumbs for the birds. “Treaty!” she called out. “Treaty for the birds, 50 cents!” The boy looked at his grandmother, then dug in his pocket. He pulled out two quarters and gave them to the woman, who gave him a bag of food, which he scattered along the sidewalk in the grass for the birds as they flocked around him. He skipped along, tossing crumbs high in the air, and singing. “Treaty!” he sang. “Treaty for you, birds!”

    By J.E. Thornquist on 06.05.2012

  21. yum. like ice cream. but no, that’s not what it means. it’s like napoleon. but he broke his, like hitler. yeah treaty. it keeps me thinking about ice cream though, even though that’s not what it’s supposed to mean. peace. gah. i should be able to find something else.

    By Hope on 06.05.2012

  22. I like to think about the numerous social studies classes forced upon me in high school. We learned about treaties that quite frankly, I don’t remember. They are important, yes, but after a while of the purposes of such treaties being beaten into my head, it just got irritating.

    By Kathryn on 06.05.2012

  23. treaties are for countries that are warring to return to a state of peace but then, what is the natural state? war or peace? seemingly war. Do we need treaties to deal with one another? In the form of kindness and familiarity, and otherwise we are at war- but for a friendly person, existence is enough of a treaty.

    By Sarah on 06.05.2012

  24. There was once this treaty between two countries, but then one of the countries double-crossed the other and ended up attacking. That other country didn’t do anything because they were that kind of country that didn’t like fighting because they had parents who fought and once they were grown up they were all like, ‘Hey, I grew up around fighting and I know what it feels like on the flip side.’ so they sat in a corner and cried about their childhood.

    By Bailey on 06.05.2012

  25. In APUSH, we are learning about the Treaty of Paris. Every single treaty is named the Treaty of Paris. Seriously. Couldn’t they have their treaties elsewhere?

    By Laura on 06.05.2012

  26. the treaty between life and death is over

    Walker was won, once again.

    i can’t fucking believe it.

    at all…

    By Erin URL on 06.05.2012

  27. A long time ago
    something was signed
    and things were different
    never the same.

    A long time ago
    something was agreed upon
    Countries were different
    and never the same

    A long time ago
    you and I agreed
    to share our hearts
    but you didn’t follow our treaty
    and things were never the same

    By kenz on 06.05.2012

  28. It is on this day, the 5th of June that I declare the “Peace From Your Memory” Treaty. With this document I declare that any and all memories of you shall not haunt me from this day forward. With this treaty, both parties are entitled peace from the past shared between you and myself.

    Your name is printed here, please initial here, here and sign here.

    By lauren on 06.05.2012

  29. Did you know that technically, we are still in a war with North Korea. Obviously we dislike them, but we are legally in a war with North Korea. The only way to legally end a war is with a treaty, which we have not signed with the country.

    By Breezy URL on 06.05.2012

  30. Treaty. Treaty of Versailles. I just wrote a paper on it. Its what ended WW1 and pretty much started WW2 XP. But it blames Germany for the war and stuff. So yeah.

    By gemmii on 06.05.2012

  31. There are a lot of things that come to mind when it comes to treaties. It might sound lame, but in a video game I’m playing right now I’m basically a guy running around and brokering treaties with alien species in an attempt to save the universe. Cool, right? Haha.

    By Aaron on 06.05.2012

  32. “Sign it.” He wore a white, powdered wig that was quite revolting to say the least. He threw the document so hard that it slid all the way down the long, polished table and bumped up against my chest. “TREATY”, it read.
    “No.” I tossed the large stack of papers back down the table disdainfully, acting as if I had no interest in them whatsoever.
    “What?” he hissed, looking more bloodthirsty than a serpent.

    By Rachel URL on 06.05.2012

  33. We paused, looking each other in the eye. After arguing for hours, we had finally come to an agreement, of sorts. Neither of us was happy with the arrangement, but we both saw the logic in a treaty, a ceasefire, if only for a few hours.

    By WearyWater URL on 06.05.2012

  34. the treaty of waitangi was formulated in 1909 in new zealand and was a grand event in the countries history. This treaty was formed to create a peace treaty between the white colonization of new zealand and the original land owners; the maori’s. This is a day that is still remembered every year in new zealand and respected by all citizens.

    By kia on 06.05.2012

  35. It had been a long day, and he was tired. He did not think that the treaty would go well, the two advisers always subtly making threats and barbs. Falling into the fluffiness of his bed, he wondered if he would dream well and step away from this nightmare for just awhile.

    By Breanna W on 06.05.2012

  36. “We cannot sign this treaty I’m afraid’ the king explained. “Why not?” said the general.
    “It would be far too cowardly to surrender that much land….when we could own all of theirs.”

    By Brock URL on 06.05.2012

  37. There once was a treaty, received by a meaty fat butcher.. what a paradox.
    The man killed so much of what’s killing him, yet suffers to put down his steak.
    I think that in past times.. there were smarter butchers.

    By Scout on 06.05.2012

  38. A treaty will be signed between me & my ex that we won’t get ugly with each other.

    By Valerie on 06.05.2012

  39. The Versallies Treaty was put into place in World War I. I remember in history class how we talked about its ineffectiveness. It eventually led to Germany’s declaration of war because of the blame the Allies put on the Germans.

    By Victory on 06.05.2012

  40. The all signed the treaty with no idea of what would happen next. They wen’t on with their daily lives and felt pleased with the treaty. They all never saw what was coming next.

    By Alli Lynn URL on 06.05.2012