March 27th, 2013 | 176 Entries

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176 Entries for “tornado”

  1. Be still mind
    Quit hop scotching across synapses
    Uprooting memories
    I only need to concentrate
    Look for the eye within the storm
    Shelter in the center
    And harbor that which would rage with
    Melodies that age, gently sway it all to rest

    By Intuition URL on 03.27.2013

  2. I havnt seen 1 except for 1 in the videos. I wish to see one.

    By Mudit on 03.27.2013

  3. tornados are like tomatos and the sweep away people’s cows. they are in the wizard of oz and they brought that girl with the red shoes and the dog named toto to oz to defeat the monkeys that fly around like bats. my grandma has been in a tornado and she was swept away to oz.

    By Cricket on 03.27.2013

  4. Sitting around the empty dust engulfed hell hole i once called a home, I hear the ruckus from outside and i can hear the nails ripping and the windows cracking and finally we see it, the beast, the big beautiful tornado.

    By Sebastian on 03.27.2013

  5. it spun.
    inside me
    hurling and twirling
    and everyone

    i care about.

    By ALMDLC on 03.27.2013

  6. My mind doesn’t mix that way no more
    The tornado you have going
    Is not gonna do
    For the rest of my life
    (I never expected it to)
    I have to tell you:
    The only reason I write is to make it less goddamn confusing
    Oh, the smile I’ve never seen
    Is the prettiest thing in the world
    But damn, did it mix me up

    Thanks for the memories, baby
    You’re a good guy
    When the dust all settles
    And yeah, baby, I’ll have my eye on you
    ‘Til the sun goes down
    And you let me let you in


    By Saudade URL on 03.27.2013

  7. A tornado touched down at 3 pm and it was a category 5. It ripped through everything it came in contact with. Tore down telephone poles, ripped roofs off houses.

    By daily shorts on 03.27.2013

  8. I’m kinda afraid to move to the Midwest because I hear about the tornadoes. I live in the south, where hurricanes are frequent. Um, The Wizard of Oz had a tonado in it. They look terrifying. I wouldn’t want to get swept away. I imagine me driving, trying to stay ahead of the tornado which is speeding to take gole of me. theyre brown and spin really fast. They remind me of the Tazmaian devil. Torndoa sounds like tomato, but theyre unrelated. I think theyre popular in Kansas.

    By Kesh A URL on 03.27.2013

  9. the words can’t come
    sometimes i think better alone
    the silence, the numbness
    the cliches spit upon the concrete floor
    my solitidute is apathy
    and blank stares
    it’s better for me
    a faint laugh in the distance
    seeking shelter
    from your emotional

    By Matty M. on 03.27.2013

  10. Fast, fast, fast.
    Trying to drive away from it’s impact
    and avoid
    getting swept away.

    By KeshMovesMountains URL on 03.27.2013

  11. a tornado flew around my room before you came and when you left a hurricane swept me away
    to this cali king bed, your words they swirl in my head like the tornado that came and the hurricane that swept me away
    and idk what else to say but i miss you if that’s at all okay,

    By Lauren URL on 03.27.2013

  12. She glares at me. The wind sweeps her hair across her face like a long, snarled net but her eyes, grey as storm-tossed waters and the sky before torrential rain, meet mine unflinchingly.

    By Miss-li-ding URL on 03.27.2013

  13. A tornado grabs and rattles and throttles. It peels roofs off of apartments. It is the primordial god of Alabama, debatably secondary to Baptist or Methodist deities.

    By ISOreality URL on 03.27.2013

  14. storm monsoon cyclone hurruicane flurry uproar blizzard taifun. the morning left a path of destruction in my brain.

    By berenique URL on 03.28.2013

  15. she clutched her fists tight as she walked towards the swirling matter. she stayed calm an the outside, but the truth is she was freaking the fuck out. walking into a tornado wasn’t the first vison when someone imagines your death sentence.

    By isabella URL on 03.28.2013

  16. So, the tornado came. All cities, all towns, everything was destroyed. But it doesn’t matter that everything was stardust, because the tornado wasn´t on the outside BUT in the inside of her soul.

    By Zava on 03.28.2013

  17. tornadoes frequently wreak havoc on peoples lives. the economy of a country is also devastated by frequent tornadoes. people lose their loved ones and pray for mercy from mother nature

    By Andrew on 03.28.2013

  18. It’s not tornado, it’s to-ma-to.

    Tomato : A red kind of fruit with yellow seeds, mildly sour in flavor. Often used in soups and confused as a vegetable.

    Person : If tomato is a vegetable, isn’t ketchup a smoothie?
    Person 2: Ketchups are condiments, idiot.

    By dramarie URL on 03.28.2013

  19. they come and go, kind of like bad men. less like a chronic illness. the same as tearing loads of shit up. coming. and going. never staying. it’s over so fast. but damage as bad as a ferocious hurricane. the path is cleared for the next. next. next. next.

    By MissNikkiAnn URL on 03.28.2013

  20. Tor·na·do

    1. When the person who means the most to you walks out the door, leaving an everlasting ache behind. It’s destructive, it’s madness and you’re filled up with the sense of helplessness.

    By Lupa URL on 03.28.2013

  21. A tornado ripped through his ego. He glared back at Ash, wondering if that was his intent. Either way, he didn’t give a fuck. He knew the point of provoking him; he wasn’t biting.

    By Ashley URL on 03.28.2013

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    By asdasd URL on 03.28.2013

  23. Oh there’s that word that got me on to this site.
    The movie with the flying cow.
    I feel like it’s the name of an attack for some anime character.
    That’d make a sweet haiku.

    Mighty tornado.
    Swiftly demolishing all things
    That stand in its path.

    By Topher on 03.28.2013

  24. the tornado takes me away, far far away
    further than the clouds and the stars in space
    and even when i’m up there i can still see your face,
    smiling down on me as you slide your arm around my waist

    By Lauren URL on 03.28.2013

  25. swirling, twirling bustle of wind. chiming the trees once again, raging loud against the grain, escorted in with the rain

    By natasha harerington on 03.28.2013

  26. Our life was turned upside down, after the tornado struck our town. It was the most devastating thing that could have happened to our community. Apart from the physical destruction of the buildings, our spirit was put to the test as to how we would come to grip with the situation, that have our taken us.

    By victor URL on 03.28.2013

  27. the tornado tore apart the inner being of the town. The soul was strewwn across the county like a cow pasture littered with the excrement of the bovine.

    By trkstr67 URL on 03.28.2013

  28. “She left” he said, short and stiff.
    I stood motionless and stared blankly at one direction.
    I repeated the two words again and again to myself and felt a knife stab into my heart.
    A tornado of devastation whooshed into my mind, carrying with it a storm of thoughts and ideas.

    By OneJen URL on 03.28.2013

  29. the swirling violent mass of wood, plants and debris made an almighty sound. I was terrified to move from my bathroom admist the crashing and cracking of houess being riiiiiiiipped

    By suzanne turvvey on 03.28.2013

  30. Our father cried at the television. It was like when he shouted at it, but this time it was the tears, rather than the words, that I was too young to understand. I saw only excitement. Energy. Fun. I saw swimming at the local leisure centre with the wave machines. I saw life where there was none. Actors in Hollywood movies. Thankfully blinkered by a youth I saw only coloured pixels on the screen. But I saw the heaviness of parental brows. That I saw, and in it the disaster.

    By Chris Glynn URL on 03.28.2013

  31. A tornado was developing on the south coast of U.S.A as the news broke in about the the global changes that might change the world in a few years.

    By Syd barret URL on 03.28.2013

  32. She blew into the room like a perfumed tornado, whirling hands and bracelets and slick hair and draped color. “darling, hello!” kiss kiss. So amped up that she must be on speed or coke, say the other kitties watching her spin, unable to accept that the life force pumps so strongly in this one that everything in her path is laid to waste.

    By Ara URL on 03.28.2013

  33. The wind whipped around her, only just beginning to spin. it tugged at her hair, pulling it out in one direction. He eyes closed and she felt like she was pulled along in a single direction. Fear ran through her. Had she summoned this storm. The clouds above her were beginning to spin into a maelstrom, clouds whipping around circling down, reaching for her.

    By Serryphae URL on 03.28.2013

  34. It’s funny how tornadoes can be so hit and miss. They sometimes only have a width of some 50 yards. And the path is continuously changing. It seems like there is another untouchable force in the world that controls these.

    By Ryan on 03.28.2013

  35. My mind is a tornado, full of ideas and thoughts of fun. I cannot wait to see Christy today!

    By T1DSurfDad URL on 03.28.2013

  36. Problems. Catch, to be a tornado, turn into one.
    really bad things, lots of thought at one place.
    No peace…
    No peace in your soul…
    Soul tornado….

    By Sophie on 03.28.2013

  37. There are always Tornadoes in Texas. They are very dangerous. Make sure if you ever have one near you to go lay in the bathtub with a mattress over you to keep safe. If you have a basement that is the best place to hide. Some tornadoes destroy many homes and buildings while others do minimal damages. Either way always remember to take them seriously.

    By DivaWhispers URL on 03.28.2013

  38. the tornado was circling around my home, it enclosed everyone around me, slowly at first and then it closed in one stroke , sucking the life out of people .

    By filza URL on 03.28.2013

  39. the tornado blasts its way along the landscape like a giant finally unleashing its wrath. All who stand against it fall, all who run are caught. A ruthless, everpresent threat of nothingness.

    By Eve on 03.28.2013

  40. tornado of my mind.
    you and me and the cows
    everything is everywhere
    and everywhere is full of mess
    you know who did not show up
    to the last minute of their fight.

    By Ellie URL on 03.28.2013