September 17th, 2012 | 356 Entries

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356 Entries for “together”

  1. together forever. forever always. together with someone you love. everlasting love. till death to us part. marriage. love. infinity. together with god. one. to be one with all. to be one with the universe. together.

    By juwahoo URL on 09.17.2012

  2. we are together
    were together
    we stood through hard times but fell apart in the end.
    together is not longer an adjective that can be used to describe our lives.

    By Tyler on 09.17.2012

  3. Being together with you is one of the most beautiful things in the world to me. It brightens my day and makes me laugh. It causes me to think about the future and what impossible things we could do together, how we could change the world or just show others how to love. Being with you is magical and beautiful, it’s wonderful in every way imaginable.

    By Heather URL on 09.17.2012

  4. We walked along together, in absolute silence. We looked at everything around us and shared each other’s thoughts without letting the other one know. We enjoyed the silence and we sought it out wherever we went, always together.

    By Dylan Jones URL on 09.17.2012

  5. when im together with you. i feel complete as if the weight of the world has gone away. i can help but stop to think why i have fallen in love with . i feel as man lost among words when im near you,talking to you,but, you bring those words out me just by a simple smile.

    By Javier on 09.17.2012

  6. the music and words, together
    like you and me
    left alone, so strange
    together, better
    but things are not always as they seem
    and apart sometimes
    is just as good
    as together

    By T.F. Krag URL on 09.17.2012

  7. Im pretty great at being together at the same time as being alone. its my dream relationship to be alone with someone, while im alone, while we’re together. i love it.

    By Graham Rice URL on 09.17.2012

  8. Together, I feel like anything is possible. You make me feel like I can accomplish anything as long as I’m with you. Your strength holds me up, even when I have fallen.

    By Bekah URL on 09.17.2012

  9. Together, I can’t see my self between those letters. Between the empty spaces of nothing that linger in the absence of unity. Toghether, what an absurd concept, what a masochistic world that conditions us to believe that we are able to be together. How can you say it out loud? How can you whisper it?

    By together on 09.17.2012

  10. His lips on mine, our hands intertwined
    The sound of his heart in the back of my mind
    Breathing slows, eyes shut, together
    A leap of faith; now, or never.

    By Carly URL on 09.17.2012

  11. Together can mean being together, as in my grandparents, for 50 years, also doing things together, like best friends do, or being together like stars in the galaxies, about whom we do not know much regrding whether being together (or next to) a beloved stars means anything, or if with the universe expanding, it might be painful. Together is not always nice, it is best to do things alone and feel content rather than do things with people you are not totally in sync with together and then feel all the more lonely. Maupassant once wrote a beautiful beautiful story called Love, about two birds who traversed the skies together and then a hunter shot one of them, the other refused to fly away and had to be killed too. So, even in death, they were together.

    By tamuli on 09.17.2012

  12. Together. Well I want us. Together that is. But I honestly think that will never happen. I mean lets face it. You. Me. Together. The distance alone would kill us. I want to be honest but I don’t think I could deal if you didn’t want to remain friends. I just couldn’t. I’m sorry.

    By Kimberly URL on 09.17.2012

  13. Together means you’re not alone. It means having someone to count on, someone to fall back on. Together means no more sadness, no more loneliness. Because together means you go through shit TOGETHER. Means life is better, means there is more love. Together is love.

    By Sarah Wong URL on 09.17.2012

  14. together. always and forever. never leaving one another. always two. two being better than one. two being better than nothing. together you’re strong. together, you’re not alone. together you’re love. love as shown in physical. just being together is what life is and should be forever. together. is everything

    By CluelessArt URL on 09.17.2012

  15. It’s always better when we’re together.

    By Taylor K URL on 09.17.2012

  16. IT wasn;t that long ago that I was alone. It was then that I realized that together wasn’t such an important concept. Sure I wanted togetherness and thusly created it with the red necks and first nations people around me. The couger that was threatening the lake was a friend.

    By Hannah URL on 09.17.2012

  17. Always together was what you said, but not what you mean. Together forever is something we all hope for, but it’s something that isn’t always true. Like Romeo and Juliet, not together forever.

    By Shelly on 09.17.2012

  18. together we can do anything we can imagine. with each other anything is possible. together we can change the world. move mountains. together we can become anything we want to be. together we can overcome, achieve, succeed. together, with love, literally anything is possible and the world is at our fingertips.

    By Justin Gresham on 09.17.2012

  19. I think people have a skewed view of what it means to be together. They think it means you are official in some regards. But together cant be decided by a status on the internet. Its just something you feel and know.

    By Joe on 09.17.2012

  20. I wish we could be together
    I wish I could hold you and keep you close until the last day I have on this earth
    I wish I could spend the rest of my life with you
    I wish you felt the same. I wish you knew me.

    By Sasha on 09.17.2012

  21. Together is like a chain. You’re bound and ready to face any challenges. Rattling, breaking, rusting. Anything. Together is being committed. No matter what. Like my parents. 28 years and counting.

    By Molly Florence URL on 09.17.2012

  22. Together my friends and I all hangout. Together we share laughs, joys, and sorrow s daily. Together with my friends is the only way I was built. without friends, I don’t know where I would be.

    By Zac B on 09.17.2012

  23. we were together
    never apart
    two planets orbiting eachother
    and then you left
    ran way
    far away
    from me
    and us
    and what we had
    afraid it would cost you more than you would gain
    and so now its just me
    searching for a shooting star
    to light me up
    and to catch a ride

    By Savannah URL on 09.17.2012

  24. we are here together me and bonny doing a poo together yeah yeah eating poo together i love hair. nahnahnah poooey i have a smelly foot gaga yep lady gaga is a freckle bonny licked a pony toppless nightingale goodinhole facebook hibble gobble wack wack together lest we

    By shelby URL on 09.17.2012

  25. Together at last. I have waited years for this moment. I cant catch my breath or steady my body. I am shaking all over from anticipation. We embrace. Not just any embrace one that makes you feel as if you are spinning and time is standing still but it seems to never end all at once. We don’t want to break apart it feels so right to belong to each other. Together at last.

    By Nikki URL on 09.17.2012

  26. not always good, happy, unity, peace and love man yeah woohoo


    feel the shame that you once bent down
    even though there was blood
    and even though your sweetheart was being faithful to you,
    waiting patiently
    in another world

    By zztopss on 09.17.2012

  27. you and me. relationship. love. friendship. forever. joined. connected. group.

    By eapowers4 on 09.17.2012

  28. Ensemble. Unity
    What build a person is what he is with another
    Quoi de plus ? Un idéal de monde, de paix, de vie. Mais surtout et avant tout une manière de voir la sienne.

    By Salomeb on 09.17.2012

  29. me and you. connected. joined. unity. relationship. friendship. love. closeness. groups.

    By eapowers4 URL on 09.17.2012

  30. Together. That’s how they always did everything. I mean, surely couples were supposed to hang out often. But this was just obnoxious. It was so bad that most were calling them the Siamese couple.

    By mackedee on 09.17.2012

  31. You and me are better together. Together we will fight until forever.

    By Angie on 09.17.2012

  32. together they lay, hand in hand. hoping the moment would never end, that their love would never end

    By sssshhhhiiiiitttt on 09.17.2012

  33. It was the momeny worth living for. The thing that made me feel whole. Together. At last. Our presence becoming one as I… sunk my teeth into her. That double-deluxe bacon cheeseburger from Kong Burger. Worth the 20 minute wait in line.

    By Kyle Harding URL on 09.17.2012

  34. Our life together had reached an end. We somehow convinced ourselves that a friendship lied ahead for us after sharing a bed for 2 years. I smiled and let out a grunt under my breath. I somehow found it unlikely that we would ever see each other after our move in dates.

    By Ruben URL on 09.17.2012

  35. always never forget forgive force play swing kids travel trunk blast cat wait trap scoop shout clasp clap duck puke school sad to get there scare catch punch family monsters soup baby carriage apart long depressed longing leave abandon nurture give take sail swim jump smile frown gang trip pants shirt milk hungary

    By Reiko on 09.17.2012

  36. “I feel like we are many pieces with an airtight fit”

    By taiga tsubasa URL on 09.17.2012

  37. We are together more than ever but he wants to move out. Letting go is hard but it is the only thing that will save us.

    By Joan on 09.17.2012

  38. They always use the word together. We’ll go together here and we’ll go together there, but I am always, always left standing asking when…where. Why didn’t you call me. if we were suppose to do this together you would have remembered I am not psychic

    By Mike on 09.17.2012

  39. together alone. platitudes.
    while platypusses aren’t monogamous,
    my two tattoos are.

    By Hafada URL on 09.17.2012

  40. when a family is together it seems that time will never end, and then it does.

    By therese URL on 09.17.2012