September 17th, 2012 | 356 Entries

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356 Entries for “together”

  1. we are always trying to figure out what together really is.

    By doncella on 09.17.2012

  2. I want to know the feeling of together. I want to know what it feels like to be with you. To live in bliss is to love and be loved in return. Love is something we grow to understand. I am so brutally loyal and what you do effects me in so many ways. I don’t think you realize you’re breaking my heart. YOU. You are so important, you know what to say and when. I can turn to you and know that you will be there to help me pick up the pieces but there are plenty of things that stand in our way. Time heals everything. It can heal you and it can heal her. There comes a time when you must let go of what used to be. Don’t make me pay for your past. Don’t, because I won’t do it forever but realize that I wouldn’t be doing this for anyone but you. I wouldn’t be going through these trials and tribulations if you were not important to me. There comes a point when you have to stop repenting that which you feel guilty for. You don’t owe her anything other than the ability to move on. You need to make her realize that things have change, your feelings have changed and that’s okay. It happens and it may happen again but stringing someone along for your own selfish gain is unforgivable. Don’t wait too long. I won’t be here forever.

    By Un solo corazon on 09.17.2012

  3. i dont know what to write about togetherness. together we are one nation. we shall seek what we have together instead of what we dont. together means been close and sharing a bond. it means standing together and loving together.

    By Linda URL on 09.17.2012

  4. We used to be together. When we were, we were invincible. Nothing and no one could touch us and trust me, they tried. So much criticism from everyone. Parents, kids, friends, even our families. But did it matter? No, because we were together and that’s all that mattered.

    By Sammy URL on 09.17.2012

  5. together we can win the world
    together we need a broom and see the moon
    Together You and I will watch the world go by
    And I tell you that I am the one
    and you pull me up from outside
    together forever

    By Amazing Anish on 09.17.2012

  6. We are together, forever. There is no much time. Simply, lets start talking. The is too much to do. We must go on, together, in different paths, but together. Good bye

    By andresgaraym on 09.17.2012

  7. forever and always.

    By hayley on 09.17.2012

  8. Together, the stallion and mare galloped across the red clay cliffs and down the sharp slope into the dry gully. They could hear the men chasing them and never slowed as they made their escape into the white sands of the desert, grains spraying out behind them in fans of white and gold. No one would take them. They were ghosts in a vast heaven of nature that held out its hands to envelope them and protect them from those who tried to bring them down.

    By Cim URL on 09.17.2012

  9. Together has more meaning to it than the plain; in night, she is beside me, warm against me, but her eyes are hollow, wandering canyons, shattering to behold. She has never been with me, not truly; her distant gaze is wrapped around another man, somewhere within her consciousness.

    By Fia on 09.17.2012

  10. When two people or a certain amount join as one or as a whole. Being together is like being as one. Relationships correlate with togetherness: in families, lovers, and friendships.

    By Kennedy URL on 09.17.2012

  11. We are always trying to figure out what “together” really means.

    You are so important, so special and I know you don’t even realize it. I wouldn’t be going through all of this for anyone but YOU.
    Time heals all. Time will heal you and it will heal her. There comes a time when you must stop repenting that which you feel guilty for. You don’t owe her anything other than the ability to move on. Don’t make me pay for your past. Don’t let her push me away. I’ll stick around just a little bit longer just to make sure that you’re really sure of what you want to do.
    I know what I want.
    I want to be with you. I want us to be together without fear of judgement, or anything else that might stand in the way. I want to know what it feels like to love and be loved in return. I am so brutally loyal and you’re hurting me in ways that you could not even comprehend.
    Don’t do this. I won’t stay forever.

    By LTLABL URL on 09.17.2012

  12. The glue that holds my family together is the ability to not talk about things that could damage the whole unit. Some might call that a bad family but we know that we can’t be petty.

    By Joseph Smith on 09.17.2012

  13. I am trying to stay soft.
    And have togetherness.
    But friendships are tapestries
    and threads unravel.
    At least they are for me.
    And my thoughts are becoming more crude.
    And my outlook is so wide at the edges that it is too overwhelming to take it all in.
    Would it be easier to bring in the edges to one small, steel, manageable square?

    By Dulcie URL on 09.17.2012

  14. Right now I just wish that he and I were still together. I don’t like that I am so far away and I don’t like that he is so sad all the time. I know that we are together in the figurative sense but I want to be literally together – i want to be there touching his face, kissing his lips. It kills me that we aren’t actually together. It’s all I want anymore. I’m starting to think I would give anything.

    By Bleh. on 09.17.2012

  15. together we can create anything. we can accomplish the impossible, we can work towards a greater good. together we can create new life, new meaning, new ideas, new opinions, a new world. together we can rebuild a better world, we can experience everthing this one has to offer us. together we can explore

    By jackie layton on 09.17.2012

  16. The insects want us to Come Together, but to me their singing sounds grating. They buzz around, buzzing together.

    By Colton Sanders on 09.17.2012

  17. we are here
    one and one
    equals one
    me and you
    forever true
    never used
    we are one
    and there is nothing
    that we can do
    I love you
    and together no longer two
    I’m into you
    forever its new
    Never getting old
    never because its true

    By Melissa URL on 09.17.2012

  18. together we can create new life, we can explore this one, we can make a new one. together we can be free, we can be boring, we can be lazy, we can be spontaneous. together everything is intensified, together we are stronger. together we have a voice, an opinion of a thousand people.

    By jackie layton on 09.17.2012

  19. “Forever and ever and ever and ever. We will always be together.”

    It was when those words left her mouth that I thought that things were getting to serious for a first date.

    Then she mentioned marriage and I told the waiter that I expected the bill five minutes ago.

    By River Ranter URL on 09.17.2012

  20. What does that word even mean anymore? Well, we were never match made in heavens, lovebirds or the couple everyone admired. I’m not even sure if we were ever considered ourselves as partners. Our relationship was always based on the flow, the everything-comes-naturally-theory. But I wanted more. Now it’s too late. It hurts you know, to see you with her, to see you with so many girls.

    By abigail rae on 09.17.2012

  21. we were always together. i miss how he held my hand so strongly in his own, and how his fingers brushed my body all over my body. so much skin and he saw it all, just as i was that day, any day we were together. love being together. i loved being together

    By Elinor on 09.17.2012

  22. together is merely another word with a lost meaning in a superficial society.

    By jackie layton on 09.17.2012

  23. Why can’t we be together. What is the purpose of this life apart. Do we ever have a chance to be together again in the same city, the same house the same time? Why did it turn out this way, and how long will this last?

    By Jasper on 09.17.2012

  24. together means being in love, it means having support, doing things with one another, sharing things, agreeing… and having fun, T O G E T H E R. not apart. not alone. there is NOTHING to fear. you’ve got each other.

    By Maura on 09.17.2012

  25. we are all together as one. no matter how bad or good it gets… we are still very tiny in our universe and we must remain together.

    By mike on 09.17.2012

  26. Together we conquer the world.

    She reminded herself of that every night, as she hid snug in her winter comforter.

    Maybe tomorrow will be different, she thought. Maybe tomorrow we could be together again, and then the challenges ahead of me wouldn’t seem so threatening.

    By Cynthia URL on 09.17.2012

  27. can you really ever being completely and irrevocably together?

    By jackie URL on 09.17.2012

  28. United we stand,
    Hand in hand,
    Together forever
    In this land
    We call ours.

    I hear you calling me
    To come and see
    My future, and everything
    That it could possibly be.

    I run, fast on my feet
    Towards you, excited to meet
    My future self after all
    This time waiting.

    You smile, and watch me run.
    I wonder if you think the same thoughts as I.
    Do you wonder if in the future,
    We will become individuals
    Separate of each other,
    No longer held together?

    By Cynthia URL on 09.17.2012

  29. I’m so glad we’re together. We get to go on adventures, smile at passers-by as they scowl at the childish antics we do in public. I’ve never felt so whole the day I met you, and I fear the day when we will, inevitably, be separated.

    By ugh on 09.17.2012

  30. two gather. too gathered. to get her. no longer. together

    By np on 09.17.2012

  31. happy, warm feeeling like you want to laugh and smile, not apart, not alone, explore and discover, holding hands, cuddling learning new things

    By teal on 09.17.2012

  32. Together. Together, the stars swirled together into an endless space which was dominated by their light. The planets joined hands and the moons stopped orbiting. The stars shone on, blinking in the darkness as the universe broke apart.

    By emlex URL on 09.17.2012

  33. i dont know anything anymore. i dont know what we’re even doing. i dont like you anymore but youre holding on so tight i dont know how to make you let go without making you fall. i’m so sorry.

    By mady URL on 09.17.2012

  34. i will be together forever belifef in you and i will always thank you and i will alwaus see what you are doing idk what to write andkgnks what togehter i will change the world for Jesus and uhmm idk whahat

    By ana on 09.17.2012

  35. together forever under the big sky silent dreams are where we hide… I never knew you like i wish i did. I never knew your deepest dreams. but then we laid together and looked up at the sky.

    By Ash on 09.17.2012

  36. Together, we can do anything. I swear it.

    Do you so solemnly vow?

    I do.

    I do not.


    We both shall, we both should.

    Now then, again. Do you solemnly vow to uphold this? To stand by each other in thickness of head and logic, in thiness of creativity, cashflow and living space?

    Do you?

    You do.

    How very wonderful. Tell the nice people now and thank them, for they have been witness.

    Thank you. I do.

    Thank you.

    As of this very special day, my muse and I shall continue to create, craft and support each other–together. As you have witnessed, let it be noted.

    By Sara H. URL on 09.17.2012

  37. We walked together. The sun was warm, as is usual on a June day. It was on the beach, and the people were walking around, half naked, and sun-bathing. What a beautiful day, I thought, as I held her hand and squeezed it tight. But something was amiss. She… she didn’t seem right. “What’s wrong, baby?” I said. Nothing.

    By Abdullah on 09.17.2012

  38. Together, we are one.
    Together, we are whole.
    Together, we are love.
    Together, we are, we are, we are.
    Together, we are one.

    By Bree URL on 09.17.2012

  39. I want to be together, you and me. But I fucked it up, and I’ll never be happy with out you again.

    By Marianne URL on 09.17.2012

  40. The reversal of apart. Separated. Stay together, all you married couples. The hardest paths lead to the most beautiful destinations. Together…

    By Veronique URL on 09.17.2012