December 19th, 2011 | 145 Entries

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145 Entries for “thunder”

  1. loud and clapping or roaring. i can’t tell whether its a lion or lots of applause sometimes, its all distance and how afraid i am of the night. some nights its welcome, some nights a “dark and stormy night” is something i dread because i’m alone. sharing thunder is the best thing because everyone can shiver in harmony as the applause rains upon everyone below.

    By Ica URL on 12.19.2011

  2. The thunder rolls & the lightning strikes. Just another storm. It will pass. Calamity will fade to tranquility and all will be calm again. You just have to wait out the storm.

    By Haley URL on 12.19.2011

  3. I worry why the Universe isn’t hearing my call, or and wonder if there is some static interference garbling my pleas. I could thunder, I could rage, but I don’t want to make too much noise. I wait in silence hardly daring to move lest even my slightest twitch distracts those beings with powers to intervene on my behalf. Surely the pitch of my sighs is enough to rock the etheric realms and make them take notice.

    By daleleelife101 URL on 12.19.2011

  4. there was supposed to be thunder today. it never came. you wit for something to come an disturb you. you wait and it turns into en expectation and then you’re disappointed when it doesn’t come.

    By MrBango URL on 12.19.2011

  5. I screamed, terrified. The sound vibrated around the room, shaking books of their shelves. No no no no, this couldn’t be happening, it had to stop. Please stop, please. Light flooded the room for a second, blinding me, before vanishing in the next, sending my room back into darkness. It was coming, I knew. And I couldn’t get away from it.

    By Great Expectations URL on 12.19.2011

  6. Like thunder, he said it.

    I stood there for a moment, frozen.
    Every moment we had, gone in that moment.

    It was like the first time I ever really felt my heart.
    It was in death.

    He walked out.
    And I just stood there, I didn’t even say goodbye.

    By edward dust on 12.19.2011

  7. Trailing the lightning flash, and filling the void left by the light’s egress, it swells up large, and full and deep, and rattles, gently, the sashes and the windowpanes.

    By mattlock URL on 12.19.2011

  8. ok.

    By Fabric Spell in Ushe URL on 12.19.2011

  9. “Mum,” Esther’s small hands clutch tightly at my dress and she begins to pull earnestly.
    “What is it?”
    “I saw lightning just now!”
    “Esther, honey, that was probably a lapse in your vision. We haven’t eaten in a day now–I’ll get you some food soon, don’t worry.” It couldn’t have been lightning. That would have required light, something our city hasn’t seen in years.
    “Mum, I really saw lightning just now. It was just like the way you’d described it in your stories–it was all bright and fast and stuff and it was there for just a second!”
    Just then, a distant rumble sounded in the air, and I pulled Esther to me. Maybe our city would see light once more.

    By Synthetic Being URL on 12.19.2011

  10. the thunder was louder than anything that night. i laid scared, motionless in my bed. he could feel my fear. with that, he put his arm around me and kissed my forehead. soon, the thunder sounded like nothing.

    By Kae URL on 12.19.2011


    By bridget on 12.19.2011

  12. Lightning lit the sky, illuminating nooks and crannies in the canyon. CRACK! It was right overhead, if they didn’t find shelter soon they were screwed. He looked over at his partner, she was already looked miserable. It was his fault they were in this, not that she’d ever blame him, Nia took protocol very seriously. You never blamed your senior partner.

    By RedQueen URL on 12.19.2011

  13. rainy days do not tell time. they do not move shadows. they emit a static, blue haze, filtered through window panes and venetian blinds. cigarette smoke and echoes of rachmaninoff.

    By venusDELTA URL on 12.19.2011

  14. The thunder crashed loudly around him, brilliant forks of lightning hooked their electric fingers into his bones, making them hum with a terrible energy. Daniel looked at his smouldering shoes and puffed at his cigar, oblivious. He smiled.

    By AfterMath on 12.19.2011

  15. The gun went off like a crack of thunder! The kids screamed and started running all over the place. It was pure pandemonium. Blood everywhere.

    By Jamie on 12.19.2011

  16. Un rayo cayó sobre el suelo de tierra, levantó sus partículas y la niebla pareció disiparse. Pero aún seguía allí.
    Me levanté del suelo, confundido, no había nadie
    Desconcertado, caminé con las alas en alto
    Levanté el vuelo y salí de alli

    By Tohe URL on 12.19.2011

  17. thighs

    By vanhaydu URL on 12.19.2011

  18. I am going to bring the thunder!! Oh mafia babies. I don’t even know if I quoted that right. But those children are so cute, and then Brock’s dub makes it freaking hilarious. Oh how I love it.

    By Acela URL on 12.19.2011

  19. Everyone hears the thunder sounding loud and powerful in the night sky. It is not long before the scatter of the rain is beating on the outside floor and on the air conditioners. The thunderstorm has arrived.

    By Diana Yakubova on 12.19.2011

  20. Thinder
    im eating an orange while writing this:D
    my hands are sort of sticky
    back on track
    that word reminds me of hurricane katrina
    i lost so many of my friends
    and almost my home
    and things still got worse after that
    but still
    im alive

    By liz faust niccals URL on 12.19.2011

  21. winds swirling round through a nightmare, the thunder cracked my head into a million shards of pain. If only the storm would stop. Maybe when the sky brightens again, I will be clear-headed and ready for work once more. Maybe not.

    By Rita Mock URL on 12.19.2011

  22. There once was a boy who literally stole people’s thunder. Everyone in town had a jar of thunder, unscrewing the cap just a little each night to let the percussion rumble beneath their feet. It was so they could be spooked and get blood pumping through their veins and feel the cold adrenaline begin to warm up like bubbles on top of a thin broth.

    But the boy stole it all, sucking it through a tube into a large glass container, lit up by the night sky as it rained.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 12.19.2011

  23. Screaming down the sidewalk…like an 18 wheeler on meth amphetamines, Chuck pedaled and pedaled until at just the right moment he pulled up on the brake and spun out into the dirt. “I am Big Wheel Thunder!” he thought to himself.

    By scoob URL on 12.19.2011

  24. you held my hand as we watched the thunderous sky opening before us. we overlooked the city as the clouds turned a deep shade of ash and screamed down at the rooftops.

    By allie URL on 12.19.2011

  25. It rolled, trembled, and made my heart stop dead. It clapped as if an angry god was sarcastically applauding our failures. Our transgressions. Or perhaps just mine…

    By Felix URL on 12.19.2011

  26. The thunder rolls overhead while the lightning crashes beside me. They eye has long passed and I can only see black on either side. The stars left long ago, having to retreat higher into the heavens because of the raging army of the storm; leaving me to my own night vision.

    By Sam URL on 12.19.2011

  27. thunder roared in her ears and through her heart. she wanted to fight, she wanted to win. she wanted to show them that she had greatness within her. but soon the storm subsided. “i am nothing” she reminded her self, and continued blindly forward.

    By lucinda URL on 12.19.2011

  28. And it rolled over the hillsides and the rain crashed down on corrogated steel roofs, and the dogs and cats fled and cried. Seeking shelter from that which they had no control over. The babies screamed in their cots and their parents marvelled in the chaos; it always was unpredictable, it was always loud, it was always unprovoked, it was always beautiful.

    By Michelle O'Connor URL on 12.19.2011

  29. A thunderous clap roared overhead as she awoke on a pillowy surface. Her eyes snapped open as a strike of lightning split the night sky. She had been sleep walking. Mud coated the bottoms of her feet. But where had she been?

    By Kate URL on 12.19.2011

  30. Thunder strikes, and children are taken alive. We don’t know what’s to happen. Torture? The way of the takers was to gag the kids and push them off a cliff; that’s what always happened. But.. these kids were different. The takers acted differently toward them. What would happen?

    By Alex URL on 12.19.2011

  31. crackling and booming
    the ground is shaking with the sound
    Boom, boom, boom.
    Feel the thunder through the ground
    breathe it in through your bones.
    Soak it in through your skin.

    By Caleb on 12.19.2011

  32. For some reason all I can think of is the time my sister and I
    Were fighting and she
    Threw a dictionary at me and it nearly broke my nose.
    My then stepdad’s voice crashed like thunder as he pounded up
    the stairs upon hearing her guilty cries and boomed, “What the hell is going on in here? You’re supposed to be ASLEEP!”

    By ellie griffith on 12.19.2011

  33. Lightening flash, and I counted the seconds. The thunder growled for miles away.
    “Six.” I tell Nana. “Only six this time, maybe soon the storm will be over.” Nana nods, but keeps on rocking and knitting. As if I’m the one who’s afraid. Nana hates thunderstorms.

    By delilah on 12.19.2011

  34. booming, crashing,
    shattering the sky
    into pieces
    shown to us as rain,
    but the pieces are,
    in truth,
    parts of the sky
    and clouds
    and atmosphere.

    By Lena URL on 12.19.2011

  35. The crash of thunder
    against the curve
    of her skull
    pounding away, an omen of some
    as yet unseen,

    By SprawlingInk URL on 12.19.2011

  36. There was a giant sound from the sky. Outside my window I could hear the screams. The thunder roared and the lightning struck. It hit a tree that toppled down on Mr. Ilan’s house. There was nothing anyone could do to save him.

    By verbalgymnast URL on 12.19.2011

  37. leaping up, holding on, bowing down
    whispering, screaming, laughing
    the feeling, the might, the strength, the sight …

    the sound
    of me

    in a place just sea red
    the one that gives me life.
    because you can’t save someone who’s already dead.

    By zainib URL on 12.19.2011

  38. The non existant gods smiled down upon the pitiful creatures. Thunder was a plaything. The real art was in ripping the air apart. Such a feat could do nothing but create a thunderous noise.

    By an octopus URL on 12.19.2011

  39. the sound of the skies voicing their thoughts of the world.

    By Thunder on 12.19.2011

  40. I was watching the clouds move over the mountains, and all of a sudden lightning struck, and then the thunder boomed from off in the distance shortly after.

    By Mary Lou Wynegar on 12.19.2011