December 19th, 2011 | 145 Entries

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145 Entries for “thunder”

  1. My dog is afraid of thunder. She shakes and quivers, and if it’s night, she jumps in my moms bed and shakes the entire bed.

    By just582 URL on 12.19.2011

  2. The thunder struck and I was afraid. We all were, to be honest, because we’d never experienced something that scary before. It wasn’t the weather, though, it was obviously the events occurring around it and connected to it. The sound of the thunder reminded us all that we’re still alive, that we’re still there and that that can change in any moment.

    By Leah URL on 12.19.2011

  3. I hear the thunder in the distance wishing I was outside in the rain instead of in this suffocating house.

    By M URL on 12.19.2011

  4. thunder. what an exciting, thrilling phenomena. Relinquishing anger, power, strength, in a bright bolt that dashes across the night sky. Brilliance.

    By Viktor URL on 12.19.2011

  5. It smashed through the sky and reverberated in her body. It was more powerful than screaming. More powerful than anything. It filled the place with an atmosphere that was tangible.

    By Kit on 12.19.2011

  6. a sudden flash skits across the pitch black night sky. a glimmer of hope, a beacon. A sign of revolt, anger, all being relinquished in one sudden flash of light. so much energy, potential for destruction, or to cause beauty.

    By Viktor URL on 12.19.2011

  7. the air in the room freeze suddenly,
    she can smell the moist around her,
    a thunderstorm is coming
    a silent war inside her.

    By soraoshi on 12.19.2011

  8. I collapse down as my world crashes on the brink of destruction. I blame my helplessness blues on impossible distraught. With a thunder’s clak and boom, like blocks of Jenga static runs through my nerves as I cease to believe in the world’s beauty when life starts making sense.

    By Luna Pillgrim URL on 12.19.2011

  9. Sitting in my room, trying to blast through the sound of the thunder with music. Know one exists, it’s just me and my music. I don’t know how to explain my feelings anymore. I see that boy every day at school and my feelings never change. But he’s so ambiguous with his. I just can’t wait much longer.

    By Sara Cottrell URL on 12.19.2011

  10. I LOVE thunderstorms. They’re one of my favorite things about the summer. I remember when I was a teenager one summer we had a month of really strong thunderstorms. Every night the sirens would go off and I’d lay in the loft in our secret clubhouse under the stairs, listening to the wailing and the thunder crashing. Even though the storm was really powerful, I felt safe, even cozy.

    By Fern Constanova on 12.19.2011

  11. the sky darkened, and threw glowing spears of fear, excitement, and exhilaration down upon the the earth
    heavy footsteps of giants from afar shook the ground with the intensity of a single black speck on a pure white canvas, they were beyond us, trembling on the line of our imagination

    By domdom URL on 12.19.2011

  12. the crack and bitter taste of blood. the pounding of hooves. the falling of stone. the world broke apart piece by piece – falling down upon itself and into nothing. a frightening end that brought terror to the hearts of all.

    By cara on 12.19.2011

  13. She sat on her balcony, feeling the mist as the violent rain fell. She had never seen a storm like this. She watched as the lighting hit, hoping for something close, but not ever expecting the roar.

    By Alicia Rice URL on 12.19.2011

  14. striking in my heart.

    while leaves fly

    all over

    and my breath

    is pounding.

    Rain shall come.

    And so will you.

    By hucrex URL on 12.19.2011

  15. i hear it but i never see it i wish it but it may never come true the things i hear leaving those mountains may just be fairy tales and fables grown from old time smooth talkers and noah calhouns but they work and as much as i hate them afterwards they calm every nerve and sweeten every moment no matter how sour it may have started.
    i’m falling under the thunder, but will the lightning ever strike?

    By C. Ritchie URL on 12.19.2011

  16. Thunder boomed in the distance, lightning strikes nearby. What am I gonna do? Sit around all day? No. I walk outside, drink the last drop of coffee, and suck it up.

    By Iboo on 12.19.2011

  17. I remember this book from when I was a kid about thunder cake or something like that. I Remember wanting to be in that bok. the cake was made with tomatoes or something. it was of a girl (black maybe?) and her grandma. not sure if the cake was made when the thunder was out or you could only make it during a storm but the book made me feel safe and warm. havent felt that way in a long time i suppose. but it’s one of those books i remember. reminds me almost of this other book wher eyou make chicken soup with a rock in the broth. think i might have tried that as a kid?

    By Marian on 12.19.2011

  18. that stark white light that flashes across the sky on a semi constant basis is increably fasinating. as it moves in a forked pattern seeking the ground i cant help but stare in awe of this awesome force of nature

    By Alekesi URL on 12.19.2011

  19. When I think of thunder, I hear big rolling booms, and white flashes. Living Kansas, I see a lot of thunderstorms, and I remember one where we all were outside, tornado sirens going, but we didn’t care. We juust wanted to see the lightning. All of us were out there, and Mom was worried about the tornado, but all I could think looking up at this glorious display of power by the sky was, “God is real, no way he is not out there.”

    By Lauren on 12.19.2011

  20. Thunder

    Thunder!! Big winds, lightening strikes lighting up the whole Clearwater valley. And rolling, booming, thunder!

    I stood on the hill, overlooking the confluence of the Snake and Clearwater. My arms outstretched, I tried to catch the sound and fury.

    By CameoRoze URL on 12.19.2011

  21. the clouds were as violent as the artist’s depiction on canvas, the rain equally as passionate, with the chromed sun desperately fighting for recognition. the smell was erotically seductive and the thunder boldly groped at your insides.
    i don’t remember what she said about the storm. but as i admired it, with a distant smile i told her that it looked like her. “excuse me!” i turned my attention to her defensive eyes. “yeah, its gorgeous.”

    By unbornsymphony URL on 12.19.2011

  22. The voice intoned, “You have been brought here because of what you have seen.”

    Jensen thought, Jesus, if that’s true, then they will probably be bringing the rest of the population of the US here soon.

    The gun barrel pressed tighter against his head as the man spoke. Suddenly, a clap of thunder echoed in the barn.

    Jensen shit himself.

    By chole URL on 12.19.2011

  23. The storm is right over head. The thunder is rolling down the sky. Boom boom boom. This storm was different. I have never heard anything like is before. Is this the sound of the coming of Christ. I don’t know. All I do know is I am ready and I am scared.

    By teeda URL on 12.19.2011

  24. Thor had a cup of soup balanced on his chest. There were noodles in there, and hunks of meat and also old locomotives and bottom of the sea shipwrecks with captains and first mates spilling out of them and covered with barnacles.

    By Jeff Goodman URL on 12.19.2011

  25. The noise rocked the walls of the house, or seemed to, as Sara huddled under the covers and waited for it to pass. It was the same with every thunder storm, and had been since she was a little girl; it was one fear she hadn’t ever outgrown, although she couldn’t explain it. there was no reason for a grown woman to be afraid of what she was fully aware was nothing more than a noise, but that knowledge did nothing to lessen her fear. She just wanted the storm to go away.

    By hannah URL on 12.19.2011

  26. powerful blast of awesome energy.. no wait thats lightning

    By Mr. Swag Overdose URL on 12.19.2011

  27. Why am I sitting in the lap a moon-faced woman with dimples in her elbows that smell of glue and lemons? Mother smells of rain and thunder.

    By N.J. URL on 12.19.2011

  28. Dark, gloomy, the air fetid with expectation as the slightest cool breeze flowed across the bed. In the distance, a low rumble heralded the end of the hot spell, and we lay there hoping against hope that the temperature would drop to a point wwhere we could sleep. Sweat rolled off our bodies, making the idea of any physical exercise abhorrent.

    By Gillian (Reynardo) on 12.19.2011

  29. “Listen, my brothers and sisters! Do you hear the thunder? Do you feel it coursing through you? Do you feel it rattling your bones? It’s a primal sound! Feel it!”

    And they felt it. And they rejoiced. And they called upon the Voice.

    By Kevin S. Smith URL on 12.19.2011

  30. The giant’s belly
    the falling tower
    the teacher’s command
    The atom’s split

    By gsk URL on 12.19.2011

  31. thunder is clapping above my head
    hurting my ears
    and scaring me out of my wits
    why did this happen?
    how could it?
    i only hope the lightning won’t strike again.

    By Isabel T. Crane URL on 12.19.2011

  32. She smiled as he held her, his bare chest warm against hers. The rain drizzled only slightly, but quickening each second. He held her there, warm and in love until the thunder began.

    By Paige Noel URL on 12.19.2011

  33. Mark looked up at the sky as thunder clapped around them.
    “We won’t have enough time at this rate,” he said quietly. Will looked up from where he sat, observing the clouds himself.
    “We have to save them,” he croaked. His blue eyes sparkled suddenly. “I think I know how.”
    “Oh?” demanded Mark. Will picked up his stopwatch, fiddled with it, and suddenly Mark felt himself spinning backwards, backwards, backwards.
    Mark looked up at the sky as thunder clapped around them.

    By Elsie Shu URL on 12.19.2011

  34. You’ll always be my thunder, you’ll always be the one that hits while I wait in anticipation after that burst of light. You are the darkness to his sun, you are the mysterious to his clarity.

    You’re everything he’s not.

    By Julia M URL on 12.19.2011

  35. Thunder and fire and rain and all of that divinity pouring down from Zeus’ perch. He is the fire, the rain, the air. The only thing he lacks is Earth, held by sweet Demeter and Astarte and Persephone and Hera and Hestia. All of the women have it, because they are the body of us. That’s right, they are the world’s body.

    By Talia URL on 12.19.2011

  36. Up in the attic, roaring like wind: he collapses a little until he thuds back upright, playfully. His sisters and brother join in and continue the stampede, the sounds of their playing like thunder on still terrain.

    By Myona on 12.19.2011

  37. Thunder is the sound of impending doom, about to rain on all who enter into its throes. Beware of going near. Danger is all around. Danger you do not know about. Danger you have never felt before.

    By Michael on 12.19.2011

  38. Thunder. An odd word to appear in winter time. I do love thunder and lightning, though. Especially when I’m inside. The dichotomy between the security of my room and the chaos of a storm is wonderful. Maybe it’s not real safety. But I love it.

    By Jen on 12.19.2011

  39. Explosive orgasm, cigarette and a rainy day.

    By Champagne URL on 12.19.2011

  40. i hear the thunder… it reminds me of how powerful God is. the wind does to. for who can stop the thunder and who can make the wind stop blowing? no one but God himself.

    By golden brumby URL on 12.19.2011