November 17th, 2012 | 196 Entries

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196 Entries for “thought”

  1. I thought that it was going to be hard to write. Especially after not writing for a long time. But I guess what is really difficult, is writing something worth reading.
    Actually writing is quite easy. So my initial thought was unnecessary.

    By Cheyenne on 11.17.2012

  2. I thought about it and I have realized that I’m tired of death. I am tired of things I love dying. I am tired of missing them. Sometimes the thought of things not having to die comes up but then I think that just wouldn’t be right if things didn’t end.

    By Matty URL on 11.17.2012

  3. Is thought the only word it’s going to give me? I’d like to think about things other than thoughts. Because that’s kind of a paradox, maybe, I think. I’m not quite sure. But thinking about thoughts is confusing.

    By Girl on 11.17.2012

  4. it’s never easy its always hard. In my mind there are so many of them, so many people places times things ideas. some are loud some are soft and while some scream and some whisper they all sound the same. dodging the bullets of my mind in this endless paragraph monologue of them.

    By taylor on 11.17.2012

  5. I think a lot about many things, mostly things concerning psychology. I’m not sure what I want to study though, actually I’m not sure what I want to do with my life. I used to have everything planned out, but one small thing occurs and suddenly you find yourself sitting on your bathroom floor, completely lost.

    By Montana on 11.17.2012

  6. If i could only quiet them down! There. Another one, and another. i can turn them off for 30 seconds at a time with practice.

    By Lucinda on 11.17.2012

  7. Thought is when people think about what they see in front of them. people depend on thoughts to see and remember this helps them be them self their opinion thoughts are in your brain

    By sandy on 11.17.2012

  8. Thoughts help people be who they are. These help form their opinion. Thoughts can be about everything and anything that you can ever imagine. Sometimes people have thoughts about their life, people, places, and maybe even the most impossible things there are!

    By sandy on 11.17.2012

  9. a
    running through
    goes left and right
    weaving in and out of memories
    what is a thought?

    By Emily URL on 11.17.2012

  10. i thought what i thought is right.
    it can be sublimed through the time.
    it didn’t deserve it, though.
    a thought is brilliant in a moment.
    keep it or the event be undone.

    By Eligia V. A. URL on 11.17.2012

  11. My train of thought is weird one, but isn’t everyone’s.when you think don’t you ever just ponder people would think I am so weird. But my thoughts are useful just like your.their valuable what I can do with thoughts… everything

    By Maddie on 11.17.2012

  12. I come here, perhaps exponentially decaying.
    It’s all thoughts, here on the internet, and always has been.
    The website doesn’t work right anymore.
    The timer says it has expired.
    Now I have to type my name.
    Now I have to type my email.

    By Dan L on 11.17.2012

  13. I thought about numourous things up there. Listening to the thoughts running wild in my head.

    By Anna URL on 11.17.2012

  14. thoughts are why I keep a diary. There are so many words that keep my mind traveling a million miles an hour and the only way to organize and make any sense of them i to write them down. Sometimes I write such scandalous thoughts down.. or

    By val on 11.17.2012

  15. pensamiento
    son todo vida, destino camino, timón, miedo

    By Marta on 11.17.2012

  16. it begins by an idea and what comes of that idea. I think for most people they have a hard time expressing there thoughts and ideas because they are scared of who they really are. I want to be able to be everything.

    By Michael Hull on 11.17.2012

  17. thoughts tumble from my mouth unbeknowst to me. stumbling their way to your ears where you don’t want them but there they are. Already spoken, no taking them back. You yell at me to take them back but it is what it is.

    By Renee Hubert URL on 11.17.2012

  18. I thought this was all going to be easy, but is not. Everything is so hard and no one cares, they just pass by like shadows in streets.

    By Monica URL on 11.17.2012

  19. thought. thought thought thought. A thought is something you think and you think what you feel and blah blah blah I dun really know what to say and I wish there was a word I could write about that was much more relatabl

    By Valeypaley on 11.17.2012

  20. Contemplation and deliberation of each and every individual word that is placed on the world…thought. Well, that’s how I see it anyway.

    By masked habit on 11.17.2012

  21. I have many thoughts, though I can never quite remember them. So many things pass through my head day after day that I can never keep track. I guess it’s for the best.

    By Kerriphernelia URL on 11.17.2012

  22. Think
    Forghn country
    Thinking back on your first date

    By Shenny on 11.17.2012

  23. Everything begins with a simple thought. Every great invention you see in the world, television, light, air conditioning, even a stop light all was imagine in one persons imagination, in form of a thought. Just imagine all the creative things we could create if we were only to think a little more, and do a little less.

    By Karoline on 11.17.2012

  24. I thought things would be different,
    but this feeling never goes away.
    I thought things would be better
    but hope is just so fake.

    I thought there would be happiness
    but disappointment is left in my wake.
    I thought this feeling would disappear
    but it remains unwavering and near.

    I thought I would find true love
    but I only found true doubt.
    I thought he would understand,
    but he excuses himself.

    I thought I would be happy
    I thought things would be fine
    I thought everything would work out
    by about this time.

    But I was wrong, and after so long…
    I’ve changed. Strange.
    I never thought I would become this,
    but depression brings such pain.

    By cosmic URL on 11.17.2012

  25. She thought she knew the world. But her thought was all she had. Little did she know there were other people with other thoughts who understood things different than her. She thought her thought was the only thought that could be thought. When she grew up she realized there were other people with other thoughts. What a new thought this was. That its possible that she didn’t have every thought that there is. She began to explore thought. Other thoughts. She learned a lot. Her opinions changed. She knew things she didn’t know could exist. She loved people. She loved to explore. She loved to learn.

    By Kiki on 11.17.2012

  26. “I need to go.”
    “Where?” she asked, surprised. “I thought you said you could stay until 10?”
    “I have some… things I need to do,” he answered evasively, shifting from foot to foot.
    It wasn’t until he was well away–a few blocks, at least–that it struck her that Emil’s behavior had been very strange.

    By WearyWater URL on 11.17.2012

  27. Abstract

    By Linda URL on 11.17.2012

  28. The thoughts stream pastb like butterflies. You catch them and they turn to powder. Ther are not the butterfly you thought they were. You are bewildered and wonder if you can really trust your thoughts. Are they real or an illusion like the rest of life as you see it.

    By Ann on 11.17.2012

  29. My thoughts often shift when sitting with people. I find that I begin thinking of reasons why I dislike them the longer I sit with them. Do I really hate everyone or do people just make me that tired that I will give any reason to not be around them? Do my own introversion thoughts condemn me to a life of loneliness?

    By Alyce on 11.17.2012

  30. thinking. im thinking way too much about the word. why is thought spelt like that, it’s odd. brigette. is yelling at me to think about writing about the word thought so I’m thinking too much about not thinking.

    By kelsey on 11.17.2012

  31. I have a main thought.

    I need to let go and live.

    Let go of the worries indirect to what I want to do, the risks I want to take.

    I need to let go of the fear that somehow, I’m going to hurt someone I love by taking a chance, even though they’re far away from me.

    I need to let go of the fear of my dad hating me, or the fear of going to Hell. Everyone sins, and everyone who believes is saved.

    I need to love what I love shamelessly, and live. I think I need to be unapologetic for how I feel.

    I think I need to live unapologetically. These are the years to do that.

    By Ashley URL on 11.17.2012

  32. I thought this would be an easy task but this has been quite difficult seeing as the second I saw this word my thoughts became a jumbled, unorganizable mess of nothingness. My thoughts drown into the dark abyss of my mind, only to resurface again when least desired.

    By geneva on 11.17.2012

  33. It was one of those things that she just couldn’t focus on. One thought that kept floating in and around the edges of her brain. The one thing that she couldn’t latch onto which made her feel frustrated and a little angry.
    In the distance she could see that someone was watching and waiting for her but she just wanted to get this thought

    By Jaime on 11.17.2012

  34. The thought has tab through my mind time after time but I brush it aside and keep moving forward! I just pray that I never find out that my suspicions are valed because I truly don’t look good in all red and behind bars!!!

    By ldydai22 URL on 11.17.2012

  35. i thought i will be a successful man in life, but now think that i am too far away from susses, i changed my field thinking i will do better in life but screwed up big times

    By vasudev mandal on 11.17.2012

  36. It was a little thought but that is all it took to kidnap my mind into a spiraling downfall. It was poison oak of the mind. That little thought was fed by other little thoughts which gorged it into a big fat thought.

    By sturmzie on 11.17.2012

  37. you thought
    i ought
    to love
    you not
    give up? no
    i fought and fought

    By bambi URL on 11.17.2012

  38. I thought about what it meant to think. What were my thoughts when i was younger? What will they be tomorrow and what were they yesterday. My thoughts built me into the person I am today, but it’s strange how I will never remember the vast majority of them.

    By Jenni on 11.17.2012

  39. they keep it quiet, really quiet to the point where even a pin drop could be heard. or so they thought. it turns out their stealthiness has been figured out by the other party. so much for being quiet, he thought, rolling his eyes.

    By qie URL on 11.18.2012

  40. thoughts are the building blocks to life. without them, we might be a little more civil and a little more in tune with the universe rather than dwell on these dwindling words in our minds. Can’t life just rid me of these pleas

    By jardo on 11.18.2012