January 4th, 2012 | 214 Entries

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214 Entries for “thorns”

  1. The thorns in my side are killing me. I wish these people would leave me alone. Don’t they understand I can make it on my own. Oh me oh my. My life, their life, life is life.

    By teeda URL on 01.04.2012

  2. I hate these thorns.

    This is all that I think as I stumble through the bushes, hot blood streaking through my jeans, my shirt, and even showing trails on my warm, pink cheeks. I’m sweating, panting from running. The thorns were a challenge, but a challenge that I could defeat.

    By Alex URL on 01.04.2012

  3. You can complain because roses have thorns, or you can rejoice because thorns have roses.

    Think about it.

    By Laurie URL on 01.04.2012

  4. I was once attacked by thorns. They were sharp, bristly, brown, and ugly. They stared menacingly up at me from the ground, so small yet so powerful. At my five and a half feet, I should have been much stronger than they.
    But instead, they attacked. As my foot fell upon them, they bristled with anger, with strength and ferocity and pierced the underside of my foot as hard as they could.

    By Angie on 01.04.2012

  5. they were pricking his side as he walked through the marsh. Thorns everywhere, creating bloody spots on his clothing. A marsh fly buzzed by his ear. BZz bzzz BZzZZZZZZ! it sounded as though it were taunting him, maybe it knew how to proceed.

    By Benjamin Chason-Sokol on 01.04.2012

  6. Thorns are pointy and poky. I don’t like thorns. Jesus had a crown of thorns. Some peoples last name is ‘Thorne’.

    By Damaris URL on 01.04.2012

  7. You were the most beautiful rose with the most vicious thorns but, I picked you anyway and I had myself bleed.

    By Maryam on 01.04.2012

  8. Looking at him, she felt like thorns were pricking into every inch of her being. He looked so happy; so nonchalant. As if this whole time, they never experienced any sort of love. That this was all just a game he played; oh how he did play her well. A tear slipped down her cheek. It tickled, soothing any pain in its path.

    By Tori URL on 01.04.2012

  9. Like a thorn in my side,
    you wont go away.
    The liquor is warm
    and keeps the flies at bay.

    Plain as it might be,
    this smile on my face.
    I am so happy to
    have seen you
    fall from grace.

    By Ashley R. K. URL on 01.04.2012

  10. the thorns in my side how they burn how they sting… like life they are but without the pain the sting the cuts life would be boring as fuck.

    By rachael anne damage URL on 01.04.2012

  11. “Have we reached our destination?” His companion inquired. Archer looked up, and stopped short. In front of him was a towering, incognizable wall made up of vines covered in prickly thorns, woven in between other weeds and plants bearing poisonous flowers. The wall possesed a riot of hues; blood red, firey orange, midnight blues, all peeking out like tiny spotlights between the unending greens. Archer’s partner had begun to back away, taking small fragile steps. “Perhaps it… it would be best to…” He stumbled over his words. “No, I’ve come this far, it would be foolish to turn away now.” Archer replied. “You’ll likely risk your life by trying to penetrate this wall.” The other man reasoned. “Surely you have heard the tales,” Archer said almost wistfully, the hint of a smile brushing his lips. “They say that the wall is nearly impossible to pass, but on the other side waits a beautiful maiden, nearly as unreachable after the wall than before it,” He chuckled. His friend stared at him in bewilderement. “How so?” “She sleeps, still as death.” Archer said simply. “How will she wake?” The other man questioned, drawn ever so slightly into the tale. “A kiss,” returned Archer. Then he drew his sword, and set about the task before him.

    By Dulcie URL on 01.04.2012

  12. the other day in halfiax , nova scotia I walked the wrong way to the parking garage and through a door yard, and there were thorn bushes every where along the rock wall, I walked through them any way, saying ouch the entire time, so did my friends,…why do we do things that kind of hurt us?

    By kristina on 01.04.2012

  13. The thorns scraped his side, and Felix stopped short, collapsing into the bushes. He took a deep breath, putting his head in his hands. He was an heir. They were out to get HIM. That’s what Zephyr wanted, not Emilia, not Kelsi, not Dewey, but HIM.
    Something caught his eye – a tiny trapdoor covered with thorns. Narrowing his eyes, Felix leaned forward to investigate.

    By Elsie Shu URL on 01.04.2012

  14. Thorns stick in my side. This pain lasts just way too long. Years and years , everlasting and never healing.

    By geistermaske URL on 01.04.2012

  15. Jesus? No. Roses, pain but beauty. Obstacle to a smooth path. Horns?

    By Lulu on 01.04.2012

  16. There were thorns growing out of his head instead of horns. Bristly, tipped red and angry. They snagged onto the leaves of low trees and sent shrieking branches toppling down into the dirt. He made no move to trim them.

    He could have used a fine soil and seed, a little fresh water, to kill the thorns and have irises or petunias grow from his crown instead. Instead, he sat on a rock and waited for the thorns to grow from all parts of him. He waited for them to choke him.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 01.04.2012

  17. I sat there in silence for a second. My mouth too dry for words to be produced. ‘God, I need to sit down’ I said in my head. I always seem to speak to myself silently when I’m in this time of the high. I sat on the cold floor, feeling thorns in my head. Time to sleep, it was time to crawl in bed and sleep. That wasn’t going to happen though. Everyone had other plans, it was time to leave.

    By Paige Noel URL on 01.04.2012

  18. Every rose has its thorns,
    and in this case,
    I am the Rose.
    You are the water poured
    into this vase
    you chose.
    I feel so alone in a

    By Samantha Rose Schaefer URL on 01.04.2012

  19. Sometimes people are stung by a thorn that no one else can really understand. Like a lion, they’ve got the thorn stuck in the paw but that you can’t by their mouse and remove the thorn. It’s unfortunate but the only course is to wait until they find someone else who can agree with them and soothe their opinion.

    By Kattee Rose URL on 01.04.2012

  20. Every rose has its thorns,
    And in this case,
    I am the Rose.
    You are the water poured
    Into this vase
    You chose.
    I feel so alone in a love
    That is so full,
    But missing
    Something to me from
    Deep in your soul,
    like bliss. Be
    It knowledge or understanding,
    Or something
    Else strange.
    My red pedal needs a landing
    Where birds sing
    For a change.

    By Samantha Rose Schaefer URL on 01.04.2012

  21. thorns tightened around my shapeless waist,
    my toneless thighs, my flabby arms,
    my giant calves, my floppy bottom,
    and threatened to not let go.

    not until i was perfect.

    By Rivkah S. URL on 01.04.2012

  22. They said that jesus was the son of god and that he sacrificed his life for the human race. The pain he suffered was a testament to his greatness, but what about those who suffer and live? The ones whose hearts are ripped out from between their ribs and through their chest and leave them with a gaping whole inside, what about them? The survivors.

    By Michelle O'Connor URL on 01.04.2012

  23. prickily, painful.
    the thorns that pierced Jesus when he went to the cross

    By Christina on 01.04.2012

  24. My grandmother has become a thorn in my mother’s side.

    By sararamsey URL on 01.04.2012

  25. Tomé la copa que había encima de la mesa
    El vino estaba aún caliente
    De pronto resbaló de mis manos y su contenido se derramó sobre el mantel blanco
    La mancha comenzó a crecer con rápidez
    Pero cambió
    Cambió y el mar de vino de pronto se convirtió en sangre
    La sangre de los muertos
    La sangre de mis víctimas

    By Tohe URL on 01.04.2012

  26. Just trying to reach the front door seems an impossibility. the garden had become overgrown to the point there the large and spiky thorns were liked bared teeth at the gate – stopping all intruders from entering. Had it been hat long since she’d been?

    By Amimee URL on 01.04.2012

  27. I’ve never asked a girl to a dance. It’s pretty pathetic, considering the fact that I’m nearing the second semester of my high school senior year.

    I don;t know what stops me, but I have this inherent break, some sort of mechanical disinclination to intimate commitment.

    I’ve never felt the thorns of a rose, but I’ve experienced the sharp pangs of loneliness.

    By mistershin URL on 01.04.2012

  28. Thorns can be long and sharp but they can also be tiny and sharp. They protect the roses but they hurt my hands, I don’t think they are pretty and they don’t seem to protect the roses from little tiny bugs. They only protect from large creatures who might want to smash them, Maybe I need thorns to grow on me.

    By Sebtown URL on 01.04.2012

  29. Thorns grow everywhere. There’s honestly no point to them; at least, not as far as humans are concerned. Nature developed them to protect plants in their natural habitat. It seems like a great cosmic joke that nature also developed not-real thorns; thorns that are capable of stinging without a physical manifestation. Words can be used as thorns. So can self-doubt.

    By Ben on 01.04.2012

  30. The thorns were the bloody bane of the field of flowers, tugging on uniforms of wary travelers until they became so fed up that they lit torches and burnt the field down and then salted the smoldering earth. All because of the thorns did this field die…

    By Keenan on 01.04.2012

  31. Thorns seemed to have climbed up the gateway over the time I was away. It would be difficult to get rid of these pesky plants since this house has not been cared for for an entire year.

    By Sir Hammington URL on 01.04.2012

  32. you could wear a crown of thorns but that’s hardly original, is it? instead, try this ring, this bracelet, this necklace. do you wear anklets, too? or are those out of fashion?

    it’s a fashion statement, believe me, it’ll be all the rage this season. prickly handbags, dresses made of angry roses, just you wait, YSL’s fall collection is going to be all about it.

    By MJ on 01.04.2012

  33. The thorns stuck into my side. I tried taking them out one by one. Each one brings a small droplet of blood. Oozing down my abdomen, I tried to keep the red drink inside. It was mine. All mine and you will not take it again. Not again.

    By Olivia URL on 01.04.2012

  34. Thorns


    Crown of…

    Lion’s paw

    Why do so many fairytales and children’s stories involve thorns? They’re not deadly. (Unless you’re a hemophiliac.) I’d have thought there were more dangerous natural phenomena that could have been common themes in literature, rather than thorns. I guess thorns were a big problem “once upon a time.”

    By Noisy Quiet URL on 01.04.2012

  35. She skips along the path, kicking up dirt along the way. Her hands sway back and forth, occasionally scraping along the thorns that protrude from the bushes lining her trail, but she doesn’t mind.

    By Kate URL on 01.04.2012

  36. They drip from you like blood, and you fight with them. I can see it in your eyes. Don’t hide from me, because I can save you. I can cup your beauty in the palm of my hand, and I can hold you until it doesn’t hurt so much just to live. This tangled web we weave, stop moving, let the blood clot. You don’t have to hurt anymore. I’m here.

    By Rosalia Vanderbilt URL on 01.04.2012

  37. All of a sudden I was sinking in a thorn bush. Feelings all around me, they rushed through me like waves at sea. I didn’t know what was going on but I felt the weight of the world around me, and the sinking feeling in my chest.

    By Brielle URL on 01.04.2012

  38. Thorns hurt a lot they placed them on Jesus’ head and he bled as he had thorns on his head and a cross on his back. the least they could do was leave the roses on the crown of thorns they placed on his head, it would have been courteous.

    By Averi on 01.04.2012

  39. they draw blood, hurt from the red and white roses bushes. My very first attempt at growing this year. They are beautiful, tall, long stem and gorgeous on my table.

    By Sheila URL on 01.04.2012

  40. He had given her roses, because he knew they would make her happy. He was right, because when he handed them to her, her smile lit up the whole room. And this smile was real.

    When she got home and started putting the roses in a vase, she pricked herself. The thorns had not been removed.

    She watched the blood trickle down her finger and she wondered why it felt good.

    By Ciria URL on 01.04.2012