May 23rd, 2011 | 642 Entries

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642 Entries for “thief”

  1. The thief came in the black of night; trudging through the muddy pond into the ornate estate, he slashed his way through the bushes with his machete. A glint of moonlight flashed across his face revealing his less-than-noble intentions.

    By evan on 05.24.2011

  2. someone that takes things that do not belong to them. Sometimes they use weapons when they disobey the law. Thieves are not good people and often go to jail

    By Candace Townsley on 05.24.2011

  3. Someone who takes from others, be it material possessions or even intellectual possessions.

    By EmilyaWithers URL on 05.24.2011

  4. The thief was young and most likely in some sort of trouble but I couldn’t care less about his problems. I had plenty of my own to worry about. So when he grabbed my briefcase and ran, I was already a few feet behind him and diving to tackle him to the ground. His face hit the ground when we landed and blood coated the pathway. I felt a bit of guilt at my actions but this was quickly washed away by the anger that bubbled up inside me.

    By Kathleen on 05.24.2011

  5. a theif steals things… why? Because he wants them.. is that ok??? It depends really…. sometimes maybe.. useually not. Everybody should be treated as an individual, every case as separate. People who steal may have their own reasons beyond us… stealing from tesco might be ok

    By freya on 05.24.2011

  6. She stole my heart, the thief. The girl I met before I’d set foot on my college campus stole my heart over cold vegetables and soda at a reception for accepted students.

    I don’t remember what I said. Something arrogant, probably

    By Sam on 05.24.2011

  7. He stole my heart the first time I saw him and he swears that I stole his as well. Not sure if I believe him though.

    By Kathleen URL on 05.24.2011

  8. There was a thief who lived outside my window. He stole my time when I chased him down and he stole my heart when I caught him. For years I tried to get him to give it back, but he kept it in a safe, in a cupboard, in a house, in a country that was far away. So I stole his back and kept it instead. A thief begets a thief.

    By Maxine URL on 05.24.2011

  9. every time I face this word, I get no happy thought. I see my best friends funeral, I see myself at the hospital facing un expected events. And I see myself facing the future with no certainty whatsoever.

    By angelagolden URL on 05.24.2011

  10. Like the girl who stole my heart… not the one who actually exists, but the one in every fantasy story that was everything and wanted and nothing I could fine. Like the family and friends in the books who undermined my fortress and made me vulnerable to reality as an attack

    By Andrew galea on 05.24.2011

  11. Are you a thief if you’ve stolen something once? twice? How many times does it take? Are you a thief for life? Does it require a certain amount of money to distinguish a thief for a shoplifter? hmmmm

    By Ghislaine URL on 05.24.2011

  12. of time heart and innocence, but most importantly of truth… too many thieves use words to scribble ink over the blank page of reality and claim it to be something, when it cannot in fact be claimed. We’re all thieves really.

    By Andrew Galea URL on 05.24.2011

  13. windows.
    in your pocket.
    on the subway.
    im in your wallet.
    im in your house.
    you stole my heart.
    im going to steal your stuff instead.
    you fell in love with a thief.
    i fell in love with stealing.

    By phoebe URL on 05.24.2011

  14. She stole my heart. The thief. She stole my heart and then I stole her wallet. Seems fair.

    By Jess on 05.24.2011

  15. thieves steal things and they are not good people. theives go to jail for comitting crimes. theives can also steal things emotionally. like your virginity.. a thief can be doing things for good like stealing food for his family. robin hood stole from the rich and gave to the poor to help them

    By Barra on 05.24.2011

  16. a thief is a bandit, a robber. someone who steals your possessions and doesn’t care about what they have done. Thieves are not upstanding members of society. Thieves only care about themselves and how to get ahead. Thieves are people that don’t know the meaning of “earn”.

    By David on 05.24.2011

  17. There was a thief who lived outside my window. He stole my time when I chased him down and he stole my heart when I caught him. For years I tried to get him to give it back, but he kept it in a safe, in a cupboard, in a house, in a country that was far away. So I stole his heart and kept it instead. A thief begets a thief, like love begets love.

    By Maxine URL on 05.24.2011

  18. A thief is a lousy animal. He slides through narrow streets, in the middle of the night, looking for a prize, and when he finds it, returns into another world. He is a creature hated, but envied, for his abilities. He can be your friend by day, and by night, your nightmare.

    By Mark on 05.24.2011

  19. I grabbed it up and forgot it in my pocket.? Peddling my 9 year old legs towards home. the urge to posses something so silly makes me get back on my bike and return it. I am so ashamed. What was I thinking?

    By deb ramthun URL on 05.24.2011

  20. A man in a jumpsuit stared out the window of his cell. He couldn’t believe he had been locked up for twenty three years. He couldn’t believe he would be released today. He couldn’t believe he missed twenty three of his son’s birthdays for an xbox.

    By Clare Taylor on 05.24.2011

  21. crook. Likes to steal from people. Will go to jail. Doesn’t care about any one elses belongings. Petty. Criminal. black ski masks. Late at night. Jewelry. Tvs, gold.

    By Girl on 05.24.2011

  22. A thief can be anyone. Someone who breaks into homes, steals from banks, neighbors, or even friends. But I also think that a thief can be a person that steals another person’s heart without having good intentions of being with that person. I cannot think of another way to make another person more vulnerable.

    By Alicia on 05.24.2011

  23. starlit night, stolen hearts, youth fading, moonlit water. a spy film or a romance or maybe just a moment when life felt extraordinary. what was lost? was it ever mine to begin with? do we ever really own anything?

    By Amanda May URL on 05.24.2011

  24. the person who comes to take but never to give. They will use their hands, minds, tools, knives, all in order to retrieve from you something you will miss. After all, if you did not place value in it would they have been a thief?

    By Zane on 05.24.2011

  25. She couldn’t, for the life of her, fall in love with the thief. The romance of it was intensely desirable and, as he applied the gag on her mouth with a distinct lack of compassion and no sign of expertise, she found herself regretting the situation with each passing minute.

    “This’ll be over soon,” he said, in an untraceable accent. “I’ll just make sure to clear off the hardware first.”

    The basic twinge of sadness for her newly-acquired stuff: a flatscreen TV, the latest collection of Hello Kitty cutlery (she had plans to entertain, in her new flat), and a laptop (which, however, she didn’t think he would find) washed over her. She had left Duncan, and was determined to make something of herself, by herself. And what better way to do that than to fall in love with an uncouth pilferer?

    By Teodor Reljic URL on 05.24.2011

  26. Someone who breaks into houses and steals stuff. he usually wears a block mask and looks mean.

    By chase on 05.24.2011

  27. I am a thief. I steal bits of people. I steal their very essences when I capture their image, or their self on a page. I outline their natures in pencil strokes, reducing them to mere symbols on a page. When people find out, they are disturbed. Like a religious fanatic so leery of being caught on film, for fear of forfeiting a piece of his soul.

    By Emma on 05.24.2011

  28. a person is called athief when he steals aomething which doesnt belong to him. and when u steal something its a crime punishable by law. a person may become thief due to varied reasons

    By anahit URL on 05.24.2011

  29. Thief is the worst thing a human being can do because it demage the image of a person and bring him to nothing at long last.

    By charles on 05.24.2011

  30. thief. you stole the contents of my soul. claiming them as a warrant of your court. you took full custody and i was left with nothing. just another broken hearted soulless girl. depressing. this is depressing.

    By Sabrina Rodriguez on 05.24.2011

  31. thief of the night, you took away the darkness and now all we have is light
    it’s too bright
    it hurts my eyes, it burns
    the planet can’t spin, it can only make half-turns
    shaking semi-circles through the sky
    we said goodbye

    By choirqueer URL on 05.24.2011

  32. The phone is ringing, it’s work again to come in for another shift when we are short staffed. I feel like a thief when I dont answer the phone. Stealing time for myself Why is it that work ethic seems to seep into my own private time?

    By Seansj URL on 05.24.2011

  33. a person that i do not like. they are mean. what are their reasons and why do they want my things? they take and they take and they take.

    By Nat on 05.24.2011

  34. Hobbo

    By Alex on 05.24.2011

  35. Hey, I got thief too! My friend told me about this thingy and she also got thief. She wrote some pretty cool stuff in her paragraph thingy. I wonder if everyone gets thief?

    By blah blah on 05.24.2011

  36. thief.
    in the dark night sky
    flying over heads
    scarf running through the air
    he feels the freedom
    the refreshing cool night breeze
    filling his lungs
    as he drops his brown bag…

    By sunah park on 05.24.2011

  37. love, loneliness, joy, happiness, life, saying, being alive, thinking, garden, sex, girlfriend, need, experiences, being together, sharing things, traveling abroad

    By jan christoffersen on 05.24.2011

  38. you are a THIEF! a dirty rotten THIEF! give me back me purse you THIEF!

    By just582 URL on 05.24.2011

  39. in the night as I see the moon
    stolen away the place of the sun
    the stars shine still
    taking my mind leaving and twinkling
    until the night is done

    By Joe on 05.24.2011

  40. “like a thief in the night” – when written on the page sounds almost like it has a romantic connotation. but really?? a thief in the night would envoke terror. there would be sounds ripping through the silence of the night, quite the opposite of romance. that is, unless it’s horror you love.

    By asoesb URL on 05.24.2011