May 23rd, 2011 | 642 Entries

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642 Entries for “thief”

  1. When I think of the world thief I’m immediately reminded of the thief character you fought in many Pokemon games. He was an interesting fellow with his giant swag bag and dark clothes. Always incredibly easy to beat too, either water or fire Pokemon against his. Good times.

    By Adam Stevens URL on 05.24.2011

  2. “Hey! I’ve never seen you before!” The pink-haired girl chirped loudly as she pointed her tiny finger at the person in front of her. The woman looked down at the child, her golden eyes wide with uncertainty, “I’m new.” Her voice had a thick accent the little one didn’t recognize. She laughed obnoxiously, “You talk funny! What’s your name?” The black-haired woman scratched her head nervously and answered, “Sama’el.” “Sammy!” the child clapped her hands together in delight. “It’s Sama’el…” she repeated, unsure if the girl had heard her correctly. “Come on, Sammy,” the little one grabbed the woman’s hand and started pulling her in the other direction, “I’m gonna’ introduce you to everyone I know!” Sama’el was surprised by how strong the child was.

    Every single Soul Reaper the two passed, the girl showed off her new and strange friend. Sama’el couldn’t remember all the “nicknames” the little girl gave the people she met. It was as if she knew everyone in the Seireitei. She was out of breath from all the running around by end of it.

    By the-zombie-diaries URL on 05.24.2011

  3. I Knew hed do it. I just didnt know the extent of his capabilities. I wrote it. I drew it. The next day he took credit. I knew he would do it some day.
    This morning i felt him creep into my office while i was praying. I guess he had it planned . He knew when i would be preoccupied.
    There was the feeling. The creepy feeling that he was there and was about to do something. But i always had my feeling of safety to fall back on. He took that too. Now ill always look over my shoulder. And ill live with the sadness of my best work gone.
    Handled by someone else.

    By Sarah URL on 05.24.2011

  4. stolen hearts
    stolen jewels
    stolen seconds
    take them away

    what’s left isn’t mine anyway.

    By b on 05.24.2011

  5. EVERYHING I don’t know happy important :)

    By Chris Chow on 05.24.2011

  6. stealing. shopliting. taking.
    defenition- a person who steals another person’s property, esp. by stealth and without using force or violence.
    someone who takes from others because they don’t have enough money or they don’t wanna work.

    By OLIVIA :) on 05.24.2011

  7. Thief. Thief in the night. The thief in the night came in quick and left just as quick destroying the lives of many.

    By Mr, H. on 05.24.2011

  8. A theif is a person who steals from another.. irrespective of what it is .. it might be something materialistic .. it might be something tangible.. but it might also be something thts just a feeling..

    By juhi on 05.24.2011

  9. A person who takes or steals items that doesn’t belong to them because they don’t have money to buy it themselves, or they are too lazy.

    By Zach Robertson on 05.24.2011

  10. Someone who steals things from others or a company or store.

    By Jesse Deaner on 05.24.2011

  11. Is a bad person who could steal something, or do something bad!! It is a person who you can’t trust.

    By Ashley Rohrer URL on 05.24.2011

  12. thieves are bad peoples, but they have lives too. I bet you they have families, and I bet it was those family members…children, wives, and mothers, who were in their hearts when they stole. I bet you they are just like you and me, live our fathers and brothers. We just wouldn’t know because we don’t take the time to know the person, just the action. I would steal bread if it meant my babies got to eat for another day. I would steal someone else’s flowers if I knew they had some to spare and my husband was on his death bed, and just wanted to decorate his bedside with loved things. I wonder what they did before they were “bad people”. Because don’t get me wrong, some of them really are bad people, straight up. But I am sure some of them were good…fabulous people, who were cornered into desperate situations and had desperate hearts because they loved others so so so much.

    By Marissa on 05.24.2011

  13. In the night is when Yeshua will return. Much like a thief, and not when you expect him too either. Well, those who are watching will see him coming, but it will still be surprising. Although, he’s not a thief, the analogy is of how he’ll come, but not that he is one. He is our lover coming to take us home.

    By Eliazar D. Perez on 05.24.2011

  14. O lopovu moje mladosti štošta bi se moglo reći. Lopov koji je uzeo što mu je ponuđeno? Je li to doista lopov? Lopov koji krade, a ne uzima da zadrži, uzima radi uzimanja samog, ne radi posjedovanja, već radi otuđivanja.
    Lopov mladosti, lopov sjećanja.

    By Rebeka on 05.24.2011

  15. thief. pokemon dark type moves. the movie snatch. moment by moment–emotional prep i wouldn’t return to thief, would i? actor’s voice. john barth. my mind is going all over the place on this entry. i returned to thief for inspiration. which is an ironic thing to do.

    By Tyler on 05.24.2011

  16. a boy stole my heart once, right from under my nose.

    By jessica on 05.24.2011

  17. Thief. Someone who steals. The best thief is the one who is capable of stealing your heart, and making you love him. The best thief is the one who only needs YOU. Their other half, so in other words, he is stealing you back. Thief. Not of goods, but of love. True love.

    By Nicole on 05.24.2011

  18. is it always the same word? There are so many words in the world Words are lovely. Each one of them’s got a personality… a unique one. Why do I have to write about a thief now? I don’t like thieves. They are low… against buddhism and they abuse!!

    By caramelo on 05.24.2011

  19. thief. maybe i am a thief. I like to steal ideas and sometimes even desires. so I can make a selection of what i like and let other people steal from me. my ideas and my desires. so they can let other people steal from them as well, we are all thiefs building our personality with stolen and recycled creativity.

    By Julia URL on 05.24.2011

  20. The thief of my heart was a fair maiden. Her auburn hair shone in the sunlight and her eyes gleamed like pearls in moonlight. Beauty was her name yet she was a heartless dame. With me she played a dirty game. She then stole my soul, she was a thief and my destruction was her goal.

    By nabster121 URL on 05.24.2011

  21. painting. whenever i think of thief, i think of someone who steals paintings. I don’t know why. Perhaps because i love museums. i love paintings, and galleries, and that everything carries a different story. i love it, and i could spend all day at a museum.

    By Emily Cashour URL on 05.24.2011

  22. Thief technically means one who steals. We generally call a person who steal things-a thief. But it’s not the whole body to the meaning. A theft is also considered when a person steals the truth from a person-ie tells a lie.He’s a thief in every sense of word.

    By Anandeep on 05.24.2011

  23. someone who takes things without considering the consequences. me. takes shit just to have fun and do what they want, when they want too. has no thought about the effects it might have by taking someones possessions.

    By Ashley-Rose URL on 05.24.2011

  24. I stole her, I robbed her from him. She is mine, she is fine. I will keep her until I’ve used her up in every way. She is worthless, she is worn. I will steal another and the process continues until i am old and rusty.

    By Sean Baughey URL on 05.24.2011

  25. Thief-proofing your home.

    Our cars were broken into one evening. The thieves didn’t take the Oakley sunglasses, or the change sitting in the console. They took off with loads of brilliant CDs though…

    In any case, we have decided to thief-proof our home. Starting with a big, bad-ass dog- Bentley the Boxer.

    By Sarah on 05.24.2011

  26. She was a thief. She stole my happiness, my self-respect, my dreams, my productivity. Everything that was good about me she stole. And she didn’t even realize it. She stole to add to her own stores of self-respect, happiness, dreams, productivity. Thinking it was a zero-sum game. Like competitions.

    By elizabeth b on 05.24.2011

  27. I am a thief of brilliance. I sneak around surreptitiously until I find a dazzling gem of a word to snatch from under a mere speaker’s nose. Visit my treasure trove and you will discover a catacomb of words – beautiful words – all of which I hope to use someday.

    By Meghan URL on 05.24.2011

  28. He was a mad man to think he could get away with it. He twitched and looked around as if expecting someone to appear out of no where and yell, “Stop! What are you doing?” Yet, no one was around and he knew what he wanted even though it would be dangerous to obtain. He had stolen a great deal of things: watches, cars, lives. Now there was only one thing left to take. Only one thing left in the world that he yearned to possess: her heart.

    By Shannon on 05.24.2011

  29. She stole because it was her only option. Stealing hearts was the only way she’d ever find love. If she waited for someone to give her love, she’d be waiting until her skin looked like the desert.

    By Corrine URL on 05.24.2011

  30. robbing things, stealing things, confusing. tea leaf is cockney slang for thief! thieves are cruel but often the need to steal to get by.

    By cathy on 05.24.2011

  31. a theif in the night.

    By clarissa on 05.24.2011

  32. thieves are bad, they steal! might be lucrative business if you do it right! ;-)

    By Ferdinand Niedermeier on 05.24.2011

  33. They steal things, they trick people…yeah thats thief.

    By veera URL on 05.24.2011

  34. You are nothing but a thief. You stole away the part of me that I cherished, my innocence. You whispered lies into the ears of a child and took my heart prisoner. Even though its been years since you gripped my throat tight, I can still feel the pressure of your fingertips. How in the world can I still think of it? After all this time and all this shit? Because you were supposed to be my prince. And of course you didn’t realize this, or maybe you did. Either way you are a pathetic excuse for a friend. Burn in hell, you deserve it.

    By Savannah URL on 05.24.2011

  35. There is a thief called James who loves to steal sweets, you see this theif had a strange obsession with liquourice so rather than aiming to steal money, or jewelry, or anything worth much money at all, he was put in jail for two years for stealing each and every piece of candy from a local candy store.

    By Jade on 05.24.2011

  36. The glow from the fire’s reflection on his face made his eyes seem red; hatred burning from deep within him. He crouched low in the bushes, watching them sing and sway to the music, melted marshmallow and chocolate smeered over their faces. He licked his lips slowly, the film of saliva glistening from the intensity of the fire. “They’ll go to sleep soon,” he thought. “They’ll go to sleep soon…”

    By Aj URL on 05.24.2011

  37. i never knew myself as a thief nor do i think i ever will. but i do know thieves that are currently surrounding my life…and have in the past…stealing what i treasure most which is not only my heart…but my beauty…innocence…laughter and happiness….they don’t even care for any of it really…they just take it and it takes a long time to get it back

    By lauretta on 05.24.2011

  38. he steals and then disappears into the night. The people are left sobbing. But in a way, if it makes him happy, it makes humanity happy. someone gets happiness out of it. at least
    I can write more than one sentence i think. yeah. i can.

    By kushal on 05.24.2011

  39. The thief looked down the dark alleyway realising that there was nowhere for him to run. The sirens and blue lights fast approached behind him closing in on him. His only way out was to drop the loot and make a run for it. Without the weight he might have a chance. His heist would’ve been for nothing but his freedom was worth more.

    By Giselle Borg Olivier URL on 05.24.2011

  40. Thief is a bad vocation. Once, when I was a kid, a thief entered my house and stole all the goods. I do not like thieves. I do not know if there was one thief or many thieves. I do not understand why they feel compelled to steal things. Is it just for pleasure, or the thigh they get from stealing? Or is it really necessary?

    By Arpan Ganguli on 05.24.2011