May 23rd, 2011 | 642 Entries

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642 Entries for “thief”

  1. There was a thief in the house. She was sure of it. Over the past decade she had grown so used to the moaning and groaning of the old house, she could distinctly separate foreign sounds from it. She sat up quietly in bed, pulled a ratty shawl over her nightie and padded over to the door.

    By beachblue URL on 05.23.2011

  2. quite, calm, shrouded in darkness and mystery. slinking about the night you come upon an unlit window pane. below the sill you sit and wait, listening for all but a mouse inside. with none heard you take your chance, and take your pick.

    By care URL on 05.23.2011

  3. Thief is the one thing you can cry on a busy street to get back someone thats running away. i call her back to me with that one word, on the middle of that crouded bridge.

    she was brought back, her beautiful waist high gypsy clothes swaying, her pale face, angry. she was no thief.

    “what did she steal sir, theres nothing on her.” i told them to go look in the river for a basket floating there, they ran off and i take her face in my hand.

    “hello Delilah”

    By Lightsandcandy URL on 05.23.2011

  4. He didn’t stay very long. Just long enough to look through the window. The sound of rain was the only thing he could hear as he realised that he wanted to look more. He loved this girl, a fat girl. The only thing he could take with him was the image of her perfect roundness.

    By thought2action on 05.23.2011

  5. this someone who doesn’t have to take an physical object.a thief can steal your heart. often times these types of thieves can be considered the most dangerous since the emotional trauma they often times cause is illegal in its emotional result.

    By Nadyli on 05.23.2011

  6. “You are such a THIEF!” she exclaimed as the curly haired girl ran away from her. She reached out to grab her arm to stop her. “Where do you think you’re going!?” She said with a tug. The girl spun around and gave her a violent stare. “I’m leaving! What’s it to you?” With curls flying she ran out the door the school building.

    By Hailey on 05.23.2011

  7. ok so last night my friends and I left our bikes outside of mcdonald’s. we went in, came out. STOLEN.
    i am so angry. it was the best bike ever and now the next time i see my bike or that thief i’m going to steal his mind.

    By out here on 05.23.2011

  8. He wanted her so badly but there was no chance of it. The way she threw her head back when she laughed and the way she would look of him could not be more of a reason for him to steal her heart. She never saw it coming.

    By Applelee URL on 05.23.2011

  9. he stole my heart, like a thief in the night, i watched as he sprinted away, be careful I shouted, if you break it you’ll pay, and he held it gently as night turned to day

    By mayhemmoshes URL on 05.23.2011

  10. You are a thief rummaging through peoples’ things. Looking in search of something, but finding a lot of it. Not what you want. Does searching give you anything. Can you call yourself a thief? No maybe yes. :o

    By RITZ on 05.23.2011

  11. A thief? Not me. Not anymore. Sometimes I think I am stealing though, something very valuable. I feel like I am taking away something.

    By Erin URL on 05.23.2011

  12. “Once in the night, I stole dreams and wove into them the makings of my own mind. Then, I returned all these images, sounds, and feelings to you. In your quietest moments, I echo in your mind. I possess your hidden spaces,” he admitted it gravely over a cup of coffee, his lips creased into a frown. Marla groaned and then settled her gray eyes on the man that called himself the dream thief.

    By Sarah G. URL on 05.23.2011

  13. Came cold in the night
    Stole the roosters from the pen
    took the chill from your breath
    And raked a light cosmic day into pangs
    Taken by night, with no warning or pretense
    A town no more a village, A hut no longer safe

    By J.A. Laurent on 05.23.2011

  14. men:

    You stole my heart.
    you made me cry
    i fell asleep to my sad lullaby
    you ripped my soul
    you stole my life
    and i i will never be a wife
    because of what you’ve done to me.

    By wizardjedi URL on 05.23.2011

  15. He’s a thief! He thinks he can get away with it but ahh I know he did it. He’s probably smiling to himself right now.. sipping ona glass of wine and reminissing on the good times spent in his thievery. I hate to tell you honey, but nothing gold can stay. Its cumupants time. (Sp)

    By carolyn on 05.23.2011

  16. is the person who will come in during the night. He lives to destroy by removing and taking things which do not belong to him. This person robs people of value, of something they will miss.

    By Dillon on 05.23.2011

  17. A thief walked the night of October 31st, camoflaging himself within all the the trick-or-treaters.

    By Melissa on 05.23.2011

  18. the thief steals all. he is cunning, and doesn’t necessarily only steal material goods. he can steal love, he can steal life, he can steal anything. Most importantly though, he can steal sorrow and sadness, and bring good into the world if he’s using his talent for a worthy cause. the thief can be bad or great.

    By Marie on 05.23.2011

  19. I steal through the streets at night. i steal the heart of the girl in the over romantic movie. I steal anothers virginity. I steal the stars out of the night sky. i steal the morality of the pope. i steal the books from the library. and i steal the cheese from the mice.

    By Aike URL on 05.23.2011

  20. He stole my heart. I will forever have nothing to give out to anyone. He holds it in his hand…squeezing whenever he feels…making my chest hurt. Does He realize what He does? I will forever love Him and there is nothing I can do to stop that. So keep my heart in Your hands because you know what is best for it. You know just how much I can handle at any given time, I put all my trust in You. You are the Thief who stole my heart, forever in your hand

    By Amber Hughes URL on 05.23.2011

  21. he took it all from the house. the laptop, tv, stereo, and xbox were all gone. nobody knows how he came in, but he came in the middle of the night and stole it all. that thief.

    By lauren on 05.23.2011

  22. the thief of my heart, the liar, a deceiver. the thief of my heart, an unexpected murderer. i hate you but don’t run away and leave me to die.

    By chandon on 05.23.2011

  23. someone who takes something that isn’t there’s. the worst are people who rob ideas greedily, infiltrate healthy relationships, and who are victim to materiality as a cause for their thievery. interestingly rhymes with chief. not a boss.

    By Rem on 05.23.2011

  24. wrong so wrong but art. a perfect artist. sculpting the perfec crime in the darkness of night. it hurts, it’s betrayel but it’s so tempting. to brag about your perfect crime. no one knows it’s you. the planning the training for a few measly second to dart in and out it’s so wrong but oh so very tempting

    By bob on 05.23.2011

  25. I come in the night, take what I want, and fell no remorse. I care not… I care not… What’s your’s is mine and what’s mine’s is also mine. I will add to it. If you cannot protect yourself, your own, then it is mine.

    By Antonio Aguilar on 05.23.2011

  26. Henry was busily stuffing hard pretzels into his coat pockets. Adrianna managed to get a pint glass down her cleavage and was busily filling it with sugar packets. There was only one other contestant for this penultimate episode of this season’s TV reality show, “Who Wants to be a Petty Thief.”

    Nigel. He was doing well, but he was voted off in this penultimate episode (Bar Room Pilfering Competition) when all six hundred and seventy three cocktail umbrellas stuffed in his pants suddenly popped open.

    By richpee URL on 05.23.2011

  27. I hate the fact that I can’t leave my door unlocked without worrying about you. I have to make sure I don’t leave any weapons out, for you might take them and break into my house and kill me. Thank you for making me paranoid.

    By Katias on 05.23.2011

  28. you were a thief
    i shot through your heart
    you stole my dignity
    but that’s all the you got
    i found it again
    i found a way out
    now your locked up in prison
    you scream and you shout

    By roya URL on 05.23.2011

  29. You stole my heart
    Your greed
    our comfort
    my belief

    you thief.

    By jasmine URL on 05.23.2011

  30. He took it. Just like that. A thief in the shadows, he stole the life we were never meant to have. He snatched my love and my heart, leaving just enough of my pride so that I still cared if I fell down. Though I picked up the shattered glass and kept on walking, strength gained through prayer and strong will. Too bad no one told me I would be the ticket to his salvation. Too bad I never knew how difficult forgivness truly is. Too bad this is what I have to do. Who I am to steal a life I know he could gain, all because of my own petty anger?

    By Katie URL on 05.23.2011

  31. a cruel selfish person, creepy, awful, hurtful, wrong.

    By esme on 05.23.2011

  32. In the night, kind of in the Biblical sense but less so. He stalked down Dreary Lane toward his pray. He’s not Robbin Hood but he likes to think so. He’s stealing from the rich and giving to the middle class. The residence of suburbia whose entitled, needy existence fuels his trade.

    By Anique on 05.23.2011

  33. bad guy
    clara chin

    By kjhsa on 05.23.2011

  34. pervert guy who came into my house and stared at me while i slept. although he didn’t take anything physical, he took my peace away

    By vivi on 05.23.2011

  35. obtrusive as ever
    victim of the moon god’s handshake
    you stole it away
    like a flame from the sun
    and i can’t breathe anymore
    because the air moves like water
    and you’re poisonous
    like lunar dust.
    choke me with asbestos.

    By eleven URL on 05.23.2011

  36. some people steal cash, some people steal cars. my thief takes moments.
    he creeps in at night and takes the moments that turn smiles to laughter and laughter to newness. he is the only thief i can remember and the only one who steals my heart.

    By chelsea on 05.23.2011

  37. He taught me to always know my exit before conning someone, but don’t let them see your eye on the door. He taught me a lot… so why was I the one in the cell, while he drove south with my money? Oh, this wasn’t over. Far from it.

    By wulfcade URL on 05.23.2011

  38. stole my cousin. took his life. took his family. took his heart, his laugh, his smile. took his energy, his happiness, his friends. someone took him, and did not bring him back. it is unfair. there is no punishment for this thief.

    By steph on 05.23.2011

  39. bastard took my name, my thoughts, my fear.
    crook took the things i felt were no ones
    i miss him all the same.

    By chelsea on 05.23.2011

  40. i stole you and you stole me. whatever, i guess all that matters is that now i have no money. you have some money, but not enough to get you very far. maybe a bus ticket to the corner, maybe you can buy some candy with that. at the end of the day, i have nothing more than you have. i have no money and you have guilt.

    By estefania on 05.23.2011