November 6th, 2012 | 266 Entries

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266 Entries for “teach”

  1. “Smile”,”think positive thoughts “even you are in a difficult situation because God is always there for you…helping you through all your trials so smile :’)

    By haira URL on 11.07.2012

  2. noble work. dedication. duty. kids. lesson plan. grades. seminars. meetings. school. garden. laughter. camaraderie. teachers. education. smile.

    By Mena Yves D. Burdeos on 11.07.2012

  3. noble work. dedication. duty. kids. lesson plan. grades. seminars. meetings. school. garden. laughter. camaraderie. teachers. education. smile.

    By Mena Yves D. Burdeos on 11.07.2012

  4. Teach. My friend wants to be a teacher. Another wants to be a mother, also a teacher. And a therapist, a teacher. An engineer, teacher. Park ranger, teacher. We’re all teachers in our own right, spread your knowledge. Go teach.

    By mkt4 URL on 11.07.2012

  5. of the thousands of kids, the hundreds of beseaching eyes, the tens of pleas yours was the face I remember. A billion drops of rain, a million blades of grass, a hundred breakfasts, lunches and dinners each day goes passed and everything in it teaches me something new, and something special

    By Jen URL on 11.07.2012

  6. Though she died before the girl could grow to know her, the woman left an unmistakable mark upon the child’s heart. She opened doors into language and the written word that would’ve remained sealed without her passion to press into their locks, and instilled in the genes she passed on an indomitable will and endless exuberance for life. She was a teacher, a grandma, and a mentor.

    By L. A. Smith URL on 11.07.2012

  7. I wanted to be a teacher. I gave it all up for a career I make more money in. Unhappiness. Regret. Every day I wish I hadn’t made that mistake. I love children. Infertile. Sorrow. The things that could have been. I wanted to make a difference. I had excellent teachers that helped me through tough times. I wanted to contribute. It’s too late.

    By Candice on 11.07.2012

  8. It’s hard for me to tell people why I make certain choices. I can’t really express myself the way I should be able to. I wish I could change but it’s almost impossible. Every time I go to start, I stop.

    By PetitePommes on 11.07.2012

  9. i hate teaching. i don’t think i’ll ever be able to teach but teaching is a sacred profession. teachers are a blessing. They teach us everything we know and everything we do. to teach is to earn a reward in the eyes of God. Mothers are the greatest teachers we get in life! I would definitely want to try my hand at teaching, not as a teacher but as a mother. With patience and calm, i would love to share the knowledge I have with someone.

    By aastha on 11.07.2012

  10. to Teach is to be able to create a hope and change the status quo. Teaching is the ability to make sure that uou can make an impact.

    By Nosheen on 11.07.2012

  11. i can teach you everything i know. but will it be worth it if you never pass on that knowledge?

    By stef URL on 11.07.2012

  12. Growing seeds into beautiful plants! is how i see a teacher to a student :)

    By Ketaky on 11.07.2012

  13. To teach in a school that as a violent environment is not only detrimental to the students, but to the teacher also. There is nothing more frustrating than to be in that kind of situation. No one wins in those kind of circumstances.

    By victor URL on 11.07.2012

  14. She taught me how to dance – how to pirouette in the night sky, leaping from on constellation to the next. She allowed me to develop flow like water over rocks, overcoming their obstacle gracefully and without fuss. I was swept up and paused to arabesque like the leaves which twirled and stopped in a flurry in the summer humid wind. She taught me about the art of dancing as well as the art of life.

    By Valkyrie URL on 11.07.2012

  15. Teaching is a profession that I, honestly, believe should be considered of more value to students and adults alike. It’s a duty that calls for dealing with asshole children, but also having to sustain knowledge from the past and present.

    By Jessica on 11.07.2012

  16. He taught me many things. And he constantly kept me guessing – did he really love me? Or was I just someone he used to get over a rejected love. He taught me that I could love. That I could love unconditionally. And that it was the hardest thing ever.

    By Renée on 11.07.2012

  17. I want to teach. Not English. Math or something else. I want to teach food. Stuff children with a delicious substance. FOOD. Is good. And the world deserves to know that! I and am going to show them. I am. It’s my duty. I need to do it. Otherwise, the world will die. And we don’t want that to happen, do we?

    By Susan on 11.07.2012

  18. In the seventh grade my teacher was Mrs. Bowers. She was so interactive with our class. She made us want to learn,if not for knowledge, but to avoid her wrath. She would do the craziest things, like bite Chad Olivers ear for not having his homework.

    By Tracy on 11.07.2012

  19. I would like to teach the world to learn, for to learn is one of life’s greatest gifts.

    By Andreo Bongco URL on 11.07.2012

  20. Teaching is an activity carried on by people in schools. Those people generally didn’t have enough of wasting their childhood in school, they also wanted to waste their adulthood there.

    By Alter on 11.07.2012

  21. teaching is the most gratifying job ever.
    my mom taught me to love unconditionally.
    My teacher taught me to keep learning.
    to teach is to be blessed.
    to teach is to ignite minds…

    By prachie URL on 11.07.2012

  22. shit I probably would be an a student if my teachers could teach,-_________-

    By Sergent BuzzkiLL URL on 11.07.2012

  23. to me teaching is something that helps to demonstrate our mastery for a subject. If we can teach it, we know it. Teaching (and its counterpart Learning) are a duo of give and take that we constantly encounter.

    By Zach on 11.07.2012

  24. Hamish had taught him so much, so incredibly much. Alex wasn’t sure whether he could ever admit to the boy how much he’d learnt from him.
    And now he was in their private jet, on his way back to Ireland, because his parents wanted it, because his dads were selfish and annoying and couldn’t possible /know/ of his relationship with Hamish Watson-Holmes. And he missed Hamish already.

    He missed him so much.

    By Elsa on 11.07.2012

  25. To teach is the greatest gift of all. Humans thrive on knowledge and teaching provides them with the proper arsenal of it.

    By blargh on 11.07.2012

  26. Teaching is something that’s all over the world. ‘Cause everyone wants to learn something.

    By Marieke on 11.07.2012

  27. Something. I just had this word for like six times. Yesterday and today. How am I going to turn it into another word? I have seriously no idea.. Anyone please help me? :3

    By Babaloewa URL on 11.07.2012

  28. Teaching is the most beautiful thing humans have done.
    It’s sharing thoughts and information, and to all those who teach, I salute you.

    Teachers are the most generous people on earth, whole-heartedly sharing what they know to the future generation.

    Thanks a lot to those who never stopped teaching!

    By Anne on 11.07.2012

  29. a teacher is someone who educates people to think for themselves. you must teach to further the human race. teachers equip students with the tools necessary to live their lives as wholesome people who contribute to society. you are never too young to be taught.

    By tom on 11.07.2012

  30. Teaching is a very important activity people nowadays should try and develop and perhaps make a habit out of. Nothing can actually be done without learning and teaching takes high skills and a huge responsibility. It’s as if when you teach you create a new world that’s good and has chances. It’s like this is where it all begins, with teaching. This is why we need good teachers. This is how good learners develop.

    By Arina on 11.07.2012

  31. myself a lesson by accepting every challenge, as painful as it may be, as an opportunity to grow up and improve my life

    By Ana Costa on 11.07.2012

  32. But they never ever teach you what’s important at school.
    They don’t reach you how to make friends, or how to fix a broken heart. They don’t teach you that life is fleeting or how to achieve your dreams. They don’t teach you how to face your fears or find the courage to move on.
    They don’t reach anything worth knowing.

    By Isabel URL on 11.07.2012

  33. my teacher teach geography which is so damn boring. i almost fell asleep during her class. i actually can’t believe she was a reporter considering her boring aura.one teacher is called sir young. translated to bahasa melayu is called cikgu Muda. almost everybody in my class doesn’t like him

    By emily on 11.07.2012

  34. He teaches me not to give up in life. “Trip, fall, get back up, and run” he said. Thanks to that someone, I’m now a better person. Hamdan lillah :)

    By Surviving Swan URL on 11.07.2012

  35. i had a friend who want to be a teacher. but in my opinion a teacher is a boring occupation. i admit it is a good work which help student but in come in low salary

    By emily on 11.07.2012

  36. teaching, teacher, education, life, boring, dreadful, overwhelming,

    By Reed on 11.07.2012

  37. open your eyes and see the light,
    have you ever notice that teacher is the second most important person beside our parents,
    open your eyes and see the light,
    without teacher,we would not know the alphabet ABC

    By emily on 11.07.2012

  38. if you wish to learn, one must be taught, to teach you must know what you are teaching, if you dont know this you will inevitably fail. You will fail and noone can help you

    By James URL on 11.07.2012

  39. I will teach my children all that my parents have taut me and the cycle will continue forever.

    By trystanasselstine on 11.07.2012

  40. Teach is in the word teacher.
    And teach i think it means to lean some something

    By gorge URL on 11.07.2012