November 6th, 2012 | 266 Entries

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266 Entries for “teach”

  1. I adore teaching. It is interesting to think about whether I was really that stupid and funny. Some kids make me laugh, and some make me want to cry. I love them all and appreciate the feeling of pure joy at having taught them something valuable. <3

    By Love Hurts URL on 11.06.2012

  2. To help someone understand what they can not comprehend on their own. Everyone teaches at one time or another.

    By Regina on 11.06.2012

  3. I hope to be able to live an honest life that is an open book so I may teach the ones that were born before me and the ones after. We all have something to learn and teach to one another. Be selfless and give one self to benefit the lives of others.

    By Hannah on 11.06.2012

  4. The teacher stood up to teach the class, rather cliche, I know, but that’s how it was. All of the students continued on their conversations, only a few noticing that the teacher had stood and started to prepare the projector and screen for their lesson.

    By Leah URL on 11.06.2012

  5. They said he could never be taught. They said he was too slow, too stupid, too backward. They pointed to the way his letters wobbled bewilderedly around the page when he tried to write them, turning and twisting one way and another without managing to form words.

    By Vat URL on 11.06.2012

  6. The teach us to think as they do, not as we want to. They teach us to do as they do, not as we should. They teach us to become them. Fight back!

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 11.06.2012

  7. the teacher began her class hesitantly. She was brand new in her classroom and the youngsters were already being rambunctious and not listening to a word she was saying. “Class is about to begin. Please take your seats.” She rapped her desk with a play-hammer that she had brought from home for occasions such as this.

    By kc on 11.06.2012

  8. I enjoy the work I’ve been doing. It has opened my mind to new possibilities. How could I have ever imagined that this would be over the rainbow? I couldn’t of. I respect and thank all of the other parts of myself which have helped me to enjoy this fresh existence. To them this utterance is dedicated.

    By Steven Shafer URL on 11.06.2012

  9. we all have the undeniable notion that we can teach others by what we have experienced in life…truth is…we got nothing.

    By Tina URL on 11.06.2012

  10. I had a teacher in middle school who should not have been a teacher. She had travelled the world, seen everything, and lived a full life. She shouldn’t have read the Pearl to 12 year olds. But she did. And obviously, she changed my life.

    By Daniel Hernandez on 11.06.2012

  11. People should teach others the things they know to make the world a better place. Knowing a variety of different things could make a big difference. So teach others!

    By Majo Gonzalez on 11.06.2012

  12. “What made you want to teach?”

    Astor shrugged. “I didn’t really. I mean, it wasn’t something I, like, consciously wanted to try or anything, y’know? It had always been Tobes’s thing. Tobias is big on kids. Uh, not in a creepy way, haha. You know what I mean. He’s great with ’em, even though he doesn’t really seem like the type who would be at first. The conceited part of me wants to attribute it to his years harnessing my childlike energy, but I don’t really think that’s true, at least not mostly. Mostly I think it’s just a part of who he is, something that was just always there.”

    By Julia A. URL on 11.06.2012

  13. 2+2=4 that is how you teach math
    people teach little kids to do simple tasks like brush their teeth and comb their hair. A lot of people continue to teach people and learn things from others throughout their entire life, it is a continuous cycle of teaching.What we traditionally think of when we hear the word teach is teachers. They teach people their entire lives, they mold the minds of the future generations. They are awesome!

    By Charley on 11.06.2012

  14. You need something special to teach. Not selflessness. Not a special amount of intellect. Not a love for the profession or even the kids. You need patience. If you can wait for that moment that it all makes sense, you’ll realize you made the best decision in your entire life.

    By Nick URL on 11.06.2012

  15. i love my teachers. i love to teach. one day i was thinking about being a teacher. i think it would be something that i love to do. but i’m so unsure about what i want to do nowadays. but who knows. i need a teacher to teach me about what i want to be.

    By Carlene Lamiroult on 11.06.2012

  16. The student quietly leaned over to show her friend the place. She also whispers answers in his ear so he doesn’t get embarrassed in front of anyone. When he misses what the teacher said, She’ll tell him the missing information. The teacher sees and knows all of this. She lets her get away with it though. Who was teaching whom?

    By delilah on 11.06.2012

  17. He loved teaching. He loved sharing his knowledge with others, he loved inspiring people who wanted to learn and experience all that he knew.
    But he eventually realized that people only seek success and not enlightenment, and no longer did the teacher love teaching..

    By Jason URL on 11.06.2012

  18. to teach is to change the world one student at a time. i would love to do that. to wake up everyday knowing that my job was to go and teach the children who will someday be in charge. the ones who will make discoveries. the ones who will bring us to peace in times of war. those who will become the teachers of the next generation.

    By delaney on 11.06.2012

  19. teach me your ways o lord.
    Why am I continually confused. Teach me. Teach me how to do it right, how to follow you. How to make the right decisions. How to do what you want me to. Let me in on the secret of my life. All I want is to make the right decisions.

    By Emma on 11.06.2012

  20. I think the results of this election will teach a lot of people about how money and the economy really works, but unfortunately, they are going to discover it from the perspective of being poor, without a job, and living on a shoestring, because we’re probably going to end up in another depression era, with leadership like this. Or being squashed by outside forces, or controlled by the UN.

    By Danette on 11.06.2012

  21. teacher numbers what studies books chalk bag school pupils flag ceremony terror eyeglasses naughty students eat sleep class record grades notebooks red ballpen terror volfango

    By janelle macasieb on 11.06.2012

  22. Teaching is an art, is a secret art for those who naturally know about life. it is not an obligation beacause it has no beneficts on people. teaching is the art for the strong and the

    By nahomi on 11.06.2012

  23. I thought there was nothing left that they could teach me. I had no idea how wrong I was. I signed up for different classes, but mostly social studies and biological sciences. When I started going into other subjects, I learned that you can always be taught something new.

    By Melissa on 11.06.2012

  24. What is there to learn from this world? That is the first question. For no matter what we want to impart upon others, we must first learn and accept it for ourselves. There are not many greater blessings to learn, or to be given the privilege to teach.

    By kvm URL on 11.06.2012

  25. i wish i could teach things to people. i mean i already try teaching people about the elections and wehat i know because i know i know things others don’t or others can’t really comprehend because its just crazy. when i see that ive actually made a difference in someones life by teaching them something new it kinda warms me up inside. i feel like i need to be teached more though, i take things for granted way to much. its stupid of me and i really should work harder. i should

    By owais on 11.06.2012

  26. Every day somebody tries to teach me something new, all I can say is, show me instead. Everyday I find out there’s a lesson involved with everything, but yet no matter how hard I look for it, it is never there.

    By Jake on 11.06.2012

  27. I feel like I am looking at this through the eyes of a child, trying to relearn what I should already know. Teach me how to love and trust him like you, because it seems so unfamiliar to me. Save me a seat so that I may see what you see, and feel what you feel. Pray for my eyes to be opened.

    By sturmzie on 11.06.2012

  28. teachers love apples and enjoy watching students learn.

    By jaclyn on 11.06.2012

  29. “Teach me!” I practically begged. She regarded me with cold destain. When she spoke, her voice was laced with venom.
    “I cannot teach the unteachable.”

    By WearyWater URL on 11.06.2012

  30. The sound of chalk grinding onto the blackboard cut through the din of conversation among the students. The teacher turned around, his name etched onto the board.

    By Chris Clow URL on 11.06.2012

  31. i want to be a teacher, a leader, and a role-model when i grow up. i want to organize lesson plans, thought processes, assignments, and make tests to best improve my students learning abilities and give them confidence at school. i will be a patient, kind, funny teacher that doesn’t take things too seriously. i will grade fairly, give the benefit of the doubt, and ensure that every student has at least one good class period in their day that they can look forward to. i know from my struggles in high school, some things can be harder for someone than others. i would be understanding and would work to accommodation every student because every one struggles with something, whether it is school related like problems with reading or writing or maybe the student is struggling with problems at home. i would be there to offer advice and listen, and i would be there to help them through the toughest part of someone’s life, and the part i am going through right now, high school. i’m going to be a teacher.

    By Sydney on 11.06.2012

  32. My teacher is my best friend. She supported me in all the ways that she could, giving me the confidence that I could accomplish anything that I put my mind to. Without her, i wouldn’t be here, and i know that for a fact. She taught me a love of the world; of all the cultures, history, and art of every society, even the ones not of my own background, especially the ones not of my own background.

    By Kathryn Brody on 11.06.2012

  33. It’s all about what you know… and what you are willing to learn. Take them with you on a journey of discovery – yours and theirs. Be generous, be brave, and be willing to be put in your place. It takes guts to teach… I imagine.

    By lucy URL on 11.06.2012

  34. We are meant teach our children to become better than we were. Plain and simple. But we as mentors do not like being defeated by the students. We hold a sense of superiority in regards to our knowledge and our experience, preferring to become stingy with the information we have gathered or concluded upon without sharing it with the younger population. But the truth to wisdom is that wisdom is shared, passed along like a hot mug or an embrace, to allow peace and stability to a young heart that will lead us to new dynasties.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 11.06.2012

  35. It was time to teach him a lesson. With his back to me as I entered the room, he hadn’t seen me yet. I stood still, looking around the room and finally saw my weapon. A hammer lay on the floor below the picture he had just hung. I bent and slowly grabbed it, keeping my eyes on the back of his head.

    I crept quietly to the back of his chair. Raising the hammer in both hands, I paused briefly as a metallic scent hit my nostrils. I leaned forward slightly and saw coagulated blood on the side of his head. Damn it! Someone had beat me to it.

    By Eileen Maki URL on 11.06.2012

  36. there are a lot of things that I have been taught over the years. Inherently, from those older than me, I have been taught that good things happened to good people, and that a strong Catholic moral code is the lock and key to happiness. The funny thing is the harsh reality to learning, the assumed result to teaching.

    By Logan McGowan on 11.06.2012

  37. I wonder what he could teach me. It scares me. It excites me. We’re in a classroom, always. Not true. Sometimes it’s a hallway. Have you ever pulled someone down a hallway on a boxcart? I have. It was strangely sexual, and we laughed about it. I said something that I meant to, but he didn’t realize. “Don’t let a Freudian hear you say that.” he told me, and I replied “Okay.”

    By ks on 11.06.2012

  38. We teach ourselves what it is to live
    Each day when we take breath
    Don’t inhale to much
    And dear god, don’t choke

    By kloperslegend URL on 11.06.2012

  39. To teach the world is a gift. To teach others what you know and what you believe in takes courage, strength and knowledge. I think it’s a beautiful thing that the world is full of great teachers. We all have something that we can contribute to the world. In one small way or in a grand way, we all teach others and we make a great impact!

    By Daisy Alvarez on 11.06.2012

  40. some people dont know how to teach and it really affects their students who rely on them to learn. i wanted to teach children when i was younger, but ive grown out of that fantasy now, knowing that i dont even think im smart enough to teach myself how to write an essay but im sitting here writing this stupid thing i found on stumbleupon. weird how that work’s out, huh?

    By madison on 11.07.2012