November 6th, 2012 | 266 Entries

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266 Entries for “teach”

  1. To teach is to tell someone about something. This is a fundamental skill of parenting. We teach our children everything they need to know about to cope with society. Teachers are in a profession that is based on this.

    By jasmin akselsen on 11.06.2012

  2. he never planned to become a techer. actually he already despised kids when he was young himself. now he is sitting in this awful room full of awfull and annoying little humans

    By Jana on 11.06.2012

  3. I think teaching is one of the hardest things to do. I have tried and failed so much at it to be honest. My dad is really good at it. He taught me, my brother, my cousins and family friends how to play the most complicated card game i know, an Argentine one called “truco” successfully. It takes a certain level of skill to explain things properly, which I don’t have.

    By Juli URL on 11.06.2012

  4. teachers should be people of immense knowledge, but no one is perfect. So teachers are always specialized. It is up to the student to choose how they want to learn.

    By Cameron Boyd on 11.06.2012

  5. I clenched my teeth as the whip slashed through the air and then my skin. The world grew hazy, blurred at the edges.
    A face loomed through the mist and leveled itself to mine. Cold, slender fingers grasped my hair and my chin, forcing my face up.
    The face stared at me.
    “Pain is good, but death still teaches better,” it mused.
    Then all was black.

    By blackwing1 URL on 11.06.2012

  6. I always believed in magic. It never needed to be explained to me. I had complete faith. Fatih in everything and anything. Faith that I’d get a n A without studying. Faith that it wouldn’t rain on the day of my soccer game. But what I called faith others would call foolishness. Science was always just a different type of magic to me. I didn’t understand why both were considered separate.

    By Christina on 11.06.2012

  7. It might be true that I have nothing that I can teach you. But I hope that I am unique enough in all the commonalities among the girls you’ve dated that you want to stay with me, at least long enough for me to find someone better. You’ll teach me how to settle, and maybe I can teach you a thing or two about jealousy.

    By TV on 11.06.2012

  8. teach children all sorts of new things. they can learn and teach other children. they can grow and build and develop their communities. they may even be able to teach elders new things. new knowledge will help them develop stronger foundations for future generations. who can pass on that knowledge and teach their children.

    By Nate on 11.06.2012

  9. i taught them everything i knew, yet it wasn’t enough. they didn’t make it. i always blame myself. but maybe it isn’t my fault and that doesn’t mean i won’t get blamed. life goes on. push on. live and breathe in the moments. breath by breath … make it through the moments.

    By kathpine98 URL on 11.06.2012

  10. Oh to be taught and learned. I wish I could simply load my brain with the information and skills that I need, so as to avoid so much wasted time. Goodness, the amount of time that I waste is simply abominable. I wish I could, undo, rewind and fast forward so many moments in life (and slow some down as well).

    By neen1794 URL on 11.06.2012

  11. teaching is something teachers do, or you can do, with something that your good at. i would teach but quite frankly i suckat it so id rather ne taught instead of teach someone, am i done typin about teaching yet?

    By Lopez URL on 11.06.2012

  12. “I don’t know how to fight. Hell’ I don’t even know how to hold a sword. How do you expect me to kill this ‘king’ of yours?” ‘I’ll teach you then. It’s really rather simple” said the strange knight’ picking up a sword.

    By willow on 11.06.2012

  13. We teach children so they will learn valuable knowledge so they can in turn become independent and teach others. The problem is people grow up and they stop learning and their growth comes to an abrupt halt.

    By wgirl URL on 11.06.2012

  14. A lot of people have taught me numerous things. Everyone can be a teacher to each other. I think it’s good to try and help each other. We should all help to teach the younger people of this world.

    By Matty URL on 11.06.2012

  15. Teach. I am no teacher. Seriously, I’m not. I have a lot to learn. I should be the one being taught. That’s why I’m in school, right? ha

    By Alexis on 11.06.2012

  16. “I want to teach you,” she said, whispering softly enough for only him to hear. He bites at the tip of his pencil, anxiously. What was it exactly that compelled her Majesty to teach him, the petty little servant of the kingdom. With a small croak, he speaks, “…o-okay.”

    By A on 11.06.2012

  17. To teach can be to inspire and enlighten anyone who wishes to hear it.

    By Jordan URL on 11.06.2012

  18. People teach people. Even if they don’t mean to. My little brother teaches me everyday. It’s incredible to see how much he learns and how easy it is to retell that to others. He’ll be great.

    By Molly Givens on 11.06.2012

  19. to let people know everything they are missing and everything they have missed and everything they are yet to face. it is not just academic teaching is in life and moral goodness

    By rana on 11.06.2012

  20. Godric taught his cousin how to kiss. It was awkward, and just weird, he didn’t want to kiss her, but she asked, so he obliged. It was wet, and gross,and kinda smelly because they just had Thanksgiving Dinner. They had turkey and a ham, with all the trimmings

    By KAYLA on 11.06.2012

  21. Teaching is probably one of the hardest, gutsiest things to do. You are put up in front of a group of people, and you’re being judged on how well you can explain how to do things, or help someone figure out what the heck they’re trying to do. I applaud all the teachers around the world. We really couldn’t succeed without you gusty people.

    By Emily Margaret URL on 11.06.2012

  22. I had an English teacher that I really liked. It’s funny. I think he was the only one in my school who was any good. I mean, there is one who says that in some situations ‘then’ and ‘than’ are interchangeable. And she kicked students in the balls. Sadly, it was the good English teacher who eventualy killed himself. Life is funny like that.

    By Sandra on 11.06.2012

  23. We are a homeschool family, and we teach our son every day. Some days it’s hell, some days it’s the absolute best thing in the world. It’s an adventure, and we are here to live it to the fullest.

    By Mallory on 11.06.2012

  24. You can’t teach a bird to fly –
    But you can clip it’s wings,
    And teach it to fear.

    By Abbey URL on 11.06.2012

  25. He taught me to read, for that I was eternally grateful. All at once colours were everything they should bel vibrant, resonating in my view, i knew how to think, like I never did. I knew how to dream because of all the mysticval worlds I could set up my transient life in. Suddenly, nothing had to make sense, so everything did

    By Joey Nguyen-Thomas URL on 11.06.2012

  26. I am a teacher. That means I teach. Right? Are you kidding me? The kids who can do it will be fine, the ones who can’t we will push through, but I am still trying to teach. Every day. I try to teach.

    By Cat on 11.06.2012

  27. You can’t tell a bird not to fly –
    But you can clip it’s wings,
    And teach it to fear.

    By Abbey URL on 11.06.2012

  28. It’s amazing what little things in life can teach you. Seemingly harmless events such as falling off a log into a river of frothy yellow stuff teaches you to not go back when the going gets tough. Not making a team teaches you that you have to persist when things don’t exactly go your way.

    By Kelsey Sims URL on 11.06.2012

  29. “You got the job?”
    “They’re letting you teach children?”
    “But you don’t even know Seattle’s not a state!”

    By April URL on 11.06.2012

  30. Once I sat in a class with a teacher who didn’t know what they were talking about and I cried. I cried because those empty words were drifting like leaves into the empty minds of kids obsessed with technology. Those leaves would rot and then be washed out like scum. That teacher failed them, that teacher failed me. Why?

    By John baker on 11.06.2012

  31. I wasn’t sure why this was happening. It had felt so right at the time. But, not? It felt so wrong. All the fights, all the late nights on the couch and crying myself to sleep. It all seemed so progressive…and, yet, so natural. Was she really going to take this path? What if they didn’t approve? What if he changed? What if this was just what it meant to be married? ‘No.’ She silenced the voices in her head, and spoke words of authority over such lies. This was the path she was taking, and it wasn’t their life. She would never truly believe he had changed, and this wasn’t a marriage. The silence screamed through the darkness, distracting her ever cloudy thoughts. She was better than this. She deserved better. She was better. Maybe those moments had to teach her something she wouldn’t have known otherwise. Maybe she was delusional. Maybe this was all a dream. But, she had to take the jump. Only one person was going to save her at this moment—only one person was going to walk away. And, that was herself.

    By cherrieygrl18 URL on 11.06.2012

  32. Well it’s a teachable moment. PA and WI went Obama despite everyone’s great ideas. Teach, your pollsters well. Teachers in PA are unhappy and would not vote for Romney. This is teaching in action. Teach your children well.

    By sigo URL on 11.06.2012

  33. its when you share your knowladge with someone, who might not know about that thing or have a lack of knowladge about that subject. SOmetimes yu learn more when you teach and find a lot of interesting things

    By alena on 11.06.2012

  34. teaching is a skill that most everyone has. from the minute you interact with others you are being taught, and thus carrying that information with you and relaying it on to others. everyone knows something about something, together we can teach each other everything.

    By lindsay on 11.06.2012

  35. Teach your children to respect themselves and each other. The world has become so uncivilized, not because of the lack of money but due to the lack of self respect.

    By paulie aragon on 11.06.2012

  36. teach me about everything that happens in your mind. please
    it interests me so

    By Katie URL on 11.06.2012

  37. Teaching is possibly one of the greatest things ever.

    And everyone does it at some point. Whether they realize it or not.

    I’ve had some great teachers in my time.

    The end. I’m finished. I can’t go on.

    By Katie on 11.06.2012

  38. i dont want to teach you how to read or write or spell or anything of the sort. you should just learn it yourself like i do for my chemistry class because our teacher doesnt really teach us since she doesnt really know english so wel since she’s from israel

    By jonathan on 11.06.2012

  39. I always thought maybe I would be a good teacher one day. I would be that cool teacher that let the kids swear and let them eat and let them do whatever they wanted. Then, I always realize that I just REALLY hate kids. The only thing I could teach them adequately is how to put a condom on an erect penis. And is that necessarily a bad thing to know? Better than a trying to put one on a softie, I guess.

    By Bekka on 11.06.2012

  40. Teaching is a wonderful thing to do. You can teach a child how to ride a bike. You can teach a friend how to braid. You can even teach your grandma to text. And every time the person you are teaching accomplishes something, you feel pride.

    By Jordan on 11.06.2012