February 25th, 2011 | 607 Entries

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607 Entries for “tables”

  1. are things families sit at each night while they enjoy dinner together. I see tables as something people can sit and share stories at, play board games, or do homework. tables in my apartment are used as homework tables mostly, not as much for dinner anymore. but in my home i want a table to be a home base

    By Josie on 02.26.2011

  2. We sat around the table…looking at each other and wondering what was to come next. “What is your sign?” Wow, I thought, do people actually still ask that question? I didn’t answer and excused myself from the table…never to return.

    By Debra Benigno on 02.26.2011

  3. Sitting around. Alone. Nothing but a platform to eat dinner at. Not many people join together around these anymore. Now that we have television, it’s not the cool thing to do…these empty tables.

    By Sami Jo URL on 02.26.2011

  4. tables and chairs. I sit at a table in a chair and read the daily paper every day. I never noticed the way the table’s finish reflects the orange glare of the light from the ceiling before. It’s kind of annoying. Like a glare on the television as the sun is setting. Now there’s a glare on my newspaper. And it’s distracting me. Tables are stupid. No, theyre not. Glares are.

    By Samantha URL on 02.26.2011

  5. I can never remeber my times tables… It’s annoying because I’m at the top of my math class, getting all high 90’s, and yet, I can’t remember what 7 times 6 is… -.-“

    By Destiny-Blue URL on 02.26.2011

  6. What on earth would i do without tables? Because of the ridiculous amount of stuff I own, I need all of the horizontal surfaces I can get. Every table I have is completely covered in things like notebooks, and various pieces of useless junk.

    By Theodora on 02.26.2011

  7. stinks like booze. covered in stains and sticky goo. plastic cups stacked along the edges. others have tipped and created a sticky mess. the garbage is leaking. whos shoes are these? what is this a frat house?

    By laney on 02.26.2011

  8. So, the tables had turned.

    He glared at her from behind the glass. The constraints tasted bitter when he tried to bite through them. Damnit, damn her, damn it all. He had been locked up far too long before and he was NOT going back there.

    His mouth turned up with false cheer.

    By Zin on 02.26.2011

  9. Blood. Oh, god, blood.

    He stared, unable to move, at the body lying on the table. He focused on the table now, not the body. Shiny and orange and it would be pretty were it not for the HOLYFRIKKINGBLOOD that stained its surface. Oh, god, she was dead, wasn’t she? She was dead and holy god what the hell was he supposed to do.

    By Zin on 02.26.2011

  10. The tables were turned! Finally he knew exactly how he made me feel all those years. And while I felt ashamed and guilty, another part of me felt triumphant!

    By Erin on 02.26.2011

  11. שולחנות הם דבר יציב, ולכן הם עדיפים על כסאות
    כסא יכול לשטות בך, לכאורה הוא יראה לך יציב ונוח, ויזמין אותך לשבת עליו, אך באותה מידה הוא יכול לקרוס תחתיך ולגרום לך נזק רב,, ולכן כסאות הם רהיטים לא אמינים.
    לעומת זאת שולחן לעולם לא יעשה כזה דבר, מראש הוא יצהיר שלא לכך הוא נועד

    By rony URL on 02.26.2011

  12. tables full of people sitting, drinking, loving. i wonder what they think about, when they sit alone. and together, i try to piece together the few words i hear into coherent stories. why did they put six bags of sugar in the coffee? are they tired, heart broken, or just addicted? tables, full of wonder, full of questions.

    By soinclined URL on 02.26.2011

  13. i thought that we would create a sort of lounge with the two coffee tables. instead we are high class, with our french and japanese magazines, our candles, our picture frames, our vintage tins, our tea cups. everything is cozy and it seems quite sweet. we can play cards on those tables if we like. the problem is we never do.

    By Hanoko URL on 02.26.2011

  14. you thought tables would change the way this room looked. yes, they did. now it’s modern. now the piles are organized into neat, awkwardness. yes quite, yes, i know. you wanted tables. you didn’t like my messes. i’m disorganized.

    well i don’t like your tables.

    By soinclined URL on 02.26.2011

  15. a table is a slab made of wood ,stone or other durable materials.

    By harmione URL on 02.26.2011

  16. As they gathered around the tables for the meeting, Dave announced that the new word was not coming up, and that he needed help. Help?

    By vanhaydu URL on 02.26.2011

  17. a table is a slab made of wood ,stone or other durable materials. supported by vertical legs.

    By alex on 02.26.2011

  18. Really, tables? I thought this site were supposed to help me develop my artist writing… Next word please.

    By anon URL on 02.26.2011

  19. legs draping down to reach the floor. i sit patiently, waiting, resting, it gives me the stability and structure when i have none. it hold me up, makes my words real.

    By Jaclyn URL on 02.26.2011

  20. Tables are very useful and I appreciate them. If I didn’t have a table I wouldn’t be able to eat in a proper environment. Tables are sturdy and have legs just like some humans; therefore a table could probably be a very good best friend. I love tables

    By cameronagliardo on 02.26.2011

  21. It was hard to understand. 2×2 was alright, easy to handle. But one you got to 8×8, well, I was lost. The teacher made us play games and it hurt my face. Buzz buzzing of nonsense numbers. I hate times tables.

    By fionars URL on 02.26.2011

  22. tables are a great place to put your things. conventionally it has four legs but with modern ideas and minimalism, a lot of table have three, two, or no legs at all! dining tables, study tables, you name it!

    By anne on 02.26.2011

  23. the tables in the pantry slowly began nto glow with the new sunshine of the glorious morning it presented itself to be. Hilary was unaware of what she was going to incounter that day but it really made no difference to her as she stared at the tables in front of her glowing with endless possibilities

    By Justine URL on 02.26.2011

  24. Tables are so very flat. Unless they aren’t. Then what would be the point of placing your water on that not flat table. Coffee tables. Being thrown into one. Feeling the glass. Our table, broken and cutting through my skin as a child. Tables can be as we can be and break as we can break.

    By Charlotte on 02.26.2011

  25. Dancing, bottle in hand, your head angling upward to avoid the ceiling fan. The vodka drips down your chin onto your bare chest as you move your hips back and forth. The people are screaming, cheering you on as the music moves through you. Nothing else seems to matter. There is no future, just this, living now. This is college.

    By Brittany Higginbotham URL on 02.26.2011

  26. There are tables all over the world. Sometimes people use the ground for tables, sometimes they use tree stumps, sometimes rocks and sometimes they build tables out of wood, glass, metal or even straw they weave. Tables are universal. Get one.

    By Imperfect.In.deed URL on 02.26.2011

  27. this reminds me of the table we used to have when i was little. my parents got it from my grandma on my dad’s side. there was a mark on one edge where my uncle tried to stab my dad’s hand with a fork, but he moved his hand in time. now there are just four small dents in that circular light wood table.

    By deborah URL on 02.26.2011

  28. dishes and food and benchmarks and death and water and dinners

    By Julie Ringwood URL on 02.26.2011

  29. Tables are everywhere. I don’t know why I say the first instinctual phrase that comes to my mind, because clearly tables are not everywhere.
    They are in a select few rooms where currently there are
    dumpster-found books piled high because my roommates thought they
    could redeem them for cash.
    Little did they know they have to actively move
    them off the table first.

    By kschaffter URL on 02.26.2011

  30. The tables have turned, it seems. Facing the wrong direction, I try to face about. No such luck. I am stuck in reverse. Does this mean when you say you hate me you really mean you love me? but then that would mean you hate me if you say you love me… Apparently, I just can’t win.

    By Faith URL on 02.26.2011

  31. tables are good to play. play pooker, play pool paly truco play truth or dare play eat until you die. Table Games. They shoot horses, don’t they? I think they do, but they dont shoot people.

    By Dex URL on 02.26.2011

  32. Tables are very interesting… Hide and go seek?? lets take a peak under the table of dreams….. Fort?? Maybe short… For little kids to play:)

    By jen on 02.26.2011

  33. I was sitting at the pool table minding my own business when my best friend Rachel comes up to me. “Sure brings back some old memories doesn’t it?” she said. “It sure does…”
    I sat and remembered all the old times the 2 of us had had together with the pool table. She was my best friend, she has been since we were 8. We would always play pool together down here.

    By Cici on 02.26.2011

  34. i love tsbles they’re great they hold my plate tables this tables that i think you look fat hahaha look at you look at me is that a gorrilla in a tree tables

    By jacob hiatt on 02.26.2011

  35. things to stand on, to crush with the weight of your body and to hold your bum when you crash down on it at the sight of the squashed ant underneath it’s back right leg. cheers to ’em and the ant.

    By Christy URL on 02.26.2011

  36. Ted takes time to think things through; though Tammy thought Ted took too much time to thank the Thomas’.

    By davidhaydu URL on 02.26.2011

  37. The tables here were smooth and cold. Just like the bench the other day. Although now, now I was starting a new life and this restaurant was my first step.

    By BumbleBee URL on 02.26.2011

  38. he fucked me on the table. thats all i remember. i remember the smell of the wood as my cheek brushed up against it and the pain i felt as i tried to get away. then it goes black. i woke up in the bushes outside like a discarded rag.

    By anonymous on 02.26.2011

  39. Tables are used in everyday life all the time. We use tables to work on, to eat on, and just to keep track of our everyday things. I, for instance, am typing this on a table at this very moment. Without tables, everyday life in school, at home, at work would be much more difficult.

    By Stefan Mott on 02.26.2011

  40. Tables? Odd, that tables of data come to mind. The quintessential table is the table you put things on, not some tool of science. Although, normal tables still play a role in science. I mean, I’d hate to do a dissection on the floor. Although, I hate dissections in general. But tables!

    By Shard URL on 02.26.2011