March 6th, 2011 | 568 Entries

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568 Entries for “swept”

  1. He swept me off my feet. The first time I met him, i felt something i haven’t felt before. he makes me feel butterflies in my stomach, and whenever i talk to him, i feel like im in heaven, somewhere ive never been before. He has changed me forever, and makes me feel something new everyday. His voice sends exciting goosebumps through my body, and time can go on forever when I’m with him. He took something from me the moment I met him; I don’t want to lose him, ever.

    By Be silly. Be honest. Be kind. URL on 03.07.2011

  2. It was nothing really out of the extraordinary grand. You were just you. I was just me. We still are. This knowing that I could lay myself in front of you; when the sun shines and you can see all of my sparkle and when the moon beams and you feel the depths of my soul and yet you would still need me with all of me and see me the same way – – and if not, much more of what I am to be.

    By Lavanya Kannathass URL on 03.07.2011

  3. Swept…the wind swept through our town, knocking over tall sycamores and tearing off roofs…it was as if the atmosphere was on vacation and the earth had become a shooting range for debris from outer space…

    By j.p. URL on 03.07.2011

  4. I was swept off my feet by the gusts of wind that flew past me as I opened the door. The wind came right through me, chilling me to the bone. “Run!” He said. I flew out the door, my raincoat billowing in the winds, sailing along in the face of the strong air currents.

    By Laura Riddle URL on 03.07.2011

  5. i was swept into the sky by your words. they took me somewhere i had never been before. as you spoke, i felt the grip on my feet and arms, and i was pulled forward and up.

    By wunderlust on 03.07.2011


    By EVXA URL on 03.07.2011

  7. swwp slept taught. Women sweep in the kitchen. When it isdirty we should sweep. Having swept everything should be clean. the word is nice because it doesn’t follow the -ed ending that words in the past tense usually follow. leapt.

    By Pablo Currea on 03.07.2011

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  9. Still, if I could’ve swept the whole conversation under the rug, I would have. It was strange, I thought, that she was seeing my reluctance–maybe–as an attempt to control her; it occurred to me that maybe she was right.

    By miki URL on 03.07.2011

  10. I am swept away at the thought of the Lord’s mercy and grace he has for me. I want to be swept away by love from my husband and I want my children to feel swept away in my love as well.

    By Sarah Webb on 03.07.2011

  11. swept away by the current of the life we live. it cannot be what never was. we see ourselves throught the eyes of others and are swept away by what is there in their eyes.

    By Kayleen on 03.07.2011

  12. The milky ocean foam swept at his feet. He felt the wet breeze and the smell of rotting sea weed. He walked across the sand and remembered. Remembered events long gone. In complete solitude his thoughts were free and the roar of the ocean reminded him of war. How he and a handful of men walked, ran and crawled a beach just like this one not more than 10 years ago. A great sorrow swept over him.

    By artyom on 03.07.2011

  13. THe wind swept the leaves and ruffled my shirt. He swept it under the rug. She swept me off my feet with her eyes. We swept up the floor after I broke a glass in the kitchen.

    By Brian Hill on 03.07.2011

  14. He swept me off my feet with his gigantic bristled broom. Like a mad housewife, his eyes glinting, he brushed and swept until I was nothing but a pile of dirt on the floor of his frenzied life.

    By Diana URL on 03.07.2011

  15. once again im doing this. laying in bed. missing class. why? because i’m too lazy. i’m a little tired but i spimly do not wish to go o class today. prehapa ill go to math. maybe. i;m not really that sure.

    By miranda stanford on 03.07.2011

  16. I swept the kitchen it was really boring I don’t think I will do it again any time soon…does this actually time me 60 seconds or am I expected to be honest about the amount of time I have written….oh well I will probably sweep this site under the rug…as I swept my kitchen…damn dirty kitchens…

    By deb on 03.07.2011

  17. Swept up in the currents of time, the dragon lord, Dave, once decided to grow a beard. The beard was made of golden threads, which when touched by virgin hands only would slay the dragon. Dave was just up in his cave, chillin, when a virgin touched his beard. He burned up and died.

    By Nick URL on 03.07.2011

  18. i was swept awy by the vast opportunities available at this site.

    By Pat Belgrave URL on 03.07.2011

  19. he swept her off her feet
    and she so wanted to tell him how much she loved. But he belongs to another and it is so heartbreaking leaving the one you love.

    By Breda on 03.07.2011

  20. Is when the night and shining armor say to the princess when they “swept them off their feet” meaning that the princess is in love with them, or they just literaly pretty much picked them up and threw them over there shoulder…

    By Jewelz on 03.07.2011

  21. He was swept away.

    By camiwhite on 03.07.2011

  22. Kinda like sweep but past tence!! So like yaa!!!!

    By stillmoon URL on 03.07.2011

  23. I love sweeping. But I hate picking up the floors to sweep. when ever i have floors as my job I have my little sisters pick up and i sweep.

    By emmaliegh URL on 03.07.2011

  24. the song swept her off her feet. like a piece of dust on an info mercial for swiffers cousin. She was attracted, magnetized, energetic. The music swayed under the clapboards that supported her high heel shoes as she saw him for the first time in nearly a decade.

    By ellie griffith on 03.07.2011

  25. My mom swept the kitchen floor. It does not seem fun.

    By soccer10 URL on 03.07.2011

  26. I swept the kitchen floor saturday. Its were u use a broom and swept all the dirt up off the floors in ur house.

    By Caitlin Cordova on 03.07.2011

  27. I took the broom and slid it across the floor. Dirt and Dust was collected. I made a pial. wait i swept lastnight this is all a daydream

    By Miss Lonely on 03.07.2011

  28. Swept means the past tense of sweep. And sweep means to use a broom to get up all the dirt.

    By bubbles URL on 03.07.2011

  29. It sounds like a thing of dreams and fairy tale romance. The prince has swept away the awaiting princess off into a land of fantasy and wonder and this is all she’s been waiting for her entire life, this one moment that will determine the rest of her life.

    By Louise on 03.07.2011

  30. I swept the kitchen floor. It had a lot of hair on it because i got a haircut in the kitchen. I like having short hair.

    By Jarom URL on 03.07.2011

  31. At home i swept the floor it was fun and my dad was proud of me becuase it was really dirty. when i think of swept i think of cinderelalla, i always wanted to be a prinecess i think it would be a lot of fun i also always wanted to be a blonde. lol hehe i also always wanted to be taller and then i could be a model but that never happened. my best friends is tall though

    By Ashley on 03.07.2011

  32. She swept the room with her eyes, her mind with her despair, the floor with her feet. She failed miserably at each moment but kept sweeping, hoping that with each pass of eyes, despair, feet, she would find light.

    And then she swept her hopelessness to the heavens as she took flight, singing…

    By Robin on 03.07.2011

  33. the was dirty, the garbage had fallen from the desks like rain in april. why dit the people just leave their trash there? there is a can at the front of the room. fegen. to sweep. just figured that out today…

    By Lydia on 03.07.2011

  34. the broom swept across the floor, unconscious of the dirt it was collecting. It only had one job, it was all it knew, back and forth, back and forth. It only knew how to dance.

    By Sarah on 03.07.2011

  35. my mind is empty. no it’s not. it needs some fresh air, but the sun is already down, and it’s no longer 5 degrees out. damn. yea, that floor was dirty, those rotten pigs, put your trash in the garbage

    By jane URL on 03.07.2011

  36. He swept me off my feet. I wish I still knew his phone number. I wonder if I will like this site. I may give it a try. This may be a good filler for those who are already finished with their assignments. I wish this 60 seconds would end.

    By Joanna Siebert on 03.07.2011

  37. He quickly swept the evidence under the bed when he realised someone was approaching his hideaway.

    By lieliefee URL on 03.07.2011

  38. Why did my daft friend walk into my kitchen with his dirty feet and
    spread dirt from the kitchen entrance to the dinning area and now having
    swept the entire floor he did it again,what a twit.

    By Linda Berryman URL on 03.07.2011

  39. Like a broom on the famous fairytales, I hate sweeping. I want to be swept away by fire and wind. Its time to be swept. I want to be Cinderella, a girls dream.

    By Nina on 03.07.2011

  40. The maid was working diligently with her only tool. She swept the leaves from the porch and felt the cool breeze across her temples. She was immediately taken back to a time when she wasn’t working on a porch, but rather sitting, relaxing, and maybe even sipping lemonade. She collected the leaves in the dustpan and continued her daily tasks.

    By Madeline on 03.07.2011