March 6th, 2011 | 568 Entries

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568 Entries for “swept”

  1. I’m from Germany so I have no idea what a swept is. I’ll just google it, wait a sec… Strange, no translation found. So what the hell is it?! I’m sure somebody’s gonna tell me. Thanks in advance. :D

    By TobMaps on 03.06.2011

  2. and he swept her off of her feet before she even knew she loved him
    and each day after their love swept them both together through to the last day of eternity

    By she53lly URL on 03.06.2011

  3. All he can do is stand there and stare because suddenly his whole life has come to revolve around this house and this situation. This person–thin and sickly as they are–has managed to sweep him off his feet in a way that he will never, never understand.

    By Veerin URL on 03.06.2011

  4. away. dirt, dust and bits of toast. Snow White in a cottage full of dwarfs.

    By switch URL on 03.06.2011

  5. to be swept off ones feet is to be carried away and loved, and be completely overcome with that person. i swept the floor recently in habitat for humanity and it was soo much fun, I am a professional sweeper.

    By liz on 03.06.2011

  6. all the dirt from the floor, then sat down, rolled a cigarette and enjoyed it while drinking a cup of tea

    By Clara on 03.06.2011

  7. I am often swept away by the past. Standing on my feet one moment, feeling myself firmly rooted in the soil. Then all of a sudden I’m in my head reliving tragedies from the years gone by.

    By Brandi on 03.06.2011

  8. her hair was swept to the side as she hung her head low and looked into her cup of tea whilst sitting at the table alone. she had tears spilling out of her eyes and the red tint in them reflected in the tea the people around her oblivious that she was heart broken and shattered her pain was ignored and her hair fell into her fair the longer she stared

    By Bunnybumps on 03.06.2011

  9. Bindle. Swindle. Tendril. Bundle. Sweep the cobwebs from my Sunday.

    By Jeff Goodman URL on 03.06.2011

  10. And the ground was cleared by the vicious wind that smelt of burning smoke and wolf howlings. And the people were delivered from their grievances for swept were they of their sin. Amen. amen.

    By MaizieG on 03.06.2011

  11. I was swept off my feet before I even stood up. I went so quickly from having a broken heart- one I had shattered all on my own- to falling in love. I broke myself so many times, knocked myself down, that to be knocked down by someone else caught me off guard. I laid there for weeks, unsure what to do, and I’m finally standing back up. It feels beautiful, to be upright and in love all at once. To love and not be hurt by it…that’s a pleasure I had never experienced until now.

    By Ashley Flowers URL on 03.06.2011

  12. Swept away off my feet by the person of my dreams,
    Swept away the fears and broken promises of the past,
    Swept away the bad thoughts, now replaced with new, happy ones.

    By Sassi on 03.06.2011

  13. I didn’t think it was possible. lost all belief. Created a shell for myself that my coldness could keep warm in. Just a few words from your voice cracked it open and left me crippled looking up to see your eyes looking at me i was swept.

    By Vierra URL on 03.06.2011

  14. Swept off my feet. What a lovely concept. If you take it literally, someone is picking you up, like a brushstroke. Isn’t that what we all want? To be swept. Swept off of our feet, swept away.

    By Abigail Kotlarz URL on 03.06.2011

  15. The wind was violent, like a hand pushing the back of me, down the path, tripping over the shingle, to where the sea appeared, glittering in the sunlight. Bending, panting out of breath, I stood for a moment, hair flapping over my face, eyes streaming, as I tried to make out the boat, the pure white sail, the hand that might be waving. The waves were tall. Empty. Nothing.

    By Jeannie URL on 03.06.2011

  16. I was swept away. Swept away by the brilliance that was every step that she took. Every word she said. Every song she tried to sing.

    In my heart, I knew. That love was inevitable. That friendship was this. But so was love. To her I say thank you.

    For saving my life.

    By Darby Rappuhn on 03.06.2011

  17. might think about being swept off thier feet in the romantic sense. I picture a great surge of water, breaking through the dam, and sweeping me away.
    To someplace foreign, somplace I didn’t get read up on or even choose. Yet here I am, forced to sustain myself here quickly learn the ropes.
    I picture myself holding on to a door rushing, being carried by the tide. I have no expression on my face. Like a page waiting to load.

    By nwellnitz URL on 03.06.2011

  18. He swept her off her feet. She didn’t expect it. She didn’t ask for it. It just happened. And she was glad. He made her happy. He made the world immaculate. He made the bad parts go away. he made the world shine. he made her feel perfect. she missed him

    By Rhiannon URL on 03.06.2011

  19. Swept reminds me of me myself personally getting swept off my feet by various events in my life: the birth of my children, marrying my husband, having lab results come back negative, moments where God has personally spoken to me in a quite low key way to know that I am the apple of his eye. Moments that take ones breath away, swept.

    By MisteAC on 03.06.2011

  20. the little girl, knowing nothing else, busily swept the floor, begging for her moms approval. But when the clock struck 6 and the door opened, her mom passed without a word and the girl swept until morning. and the following days proceeded in a similar matter.

    By Lauren on 03.06.2011

  21. sweeping the brush off the floors of my garden.
    i stopped and looked over everything i’d grown over the years.
    these weren’t just plants; these are my accomplishments.
    is that sad? my accomplishments are plants?

    By digne on 03.06.2011

  22. My hair swept softly against your chest, as I reached over you to grab my dress. I quickly got off the bed and rushed to put my dress on. I quietly ran out the door, before your beautiful and selfish wife even knew I had been there. This had been going on for about two months now, it all started when you swept me off my feet.

    By Stephanie URL on 03.06.2011

  23. We swept them, from the high hills, and low valleys.
    From beneath the counters, and out of windy mountains.
    We swept them away, a wind that cut through
    our thoughts.
    We never thought to see them again.
    Long forgotten, somehow,
    They managed to crawl from the dust
    Of old artifacts.
    Bearing spears and axes, they fell upon us in return.

    By Seth on 03.06.2011

  24. Swept away her tears were as they coarsed down her cheeks like a swarm of angry bees. His calloused hand met the softness of her cheek and he was blessed with a feeling of belonging. He belonged to save her from her sadness. Her fears. Her anger.

    By Jackie on 03.06.2011

  25. away i go, upon the wings of your dedicated mind. the water washes it all away. I am gone. gone down the well, to the river. my arms fall short . my heart is cleared of all wreckage. I am going to be free.

    By Heather Littlefield on 03.06.2011

  26. I was swept over the cliffs edge in a current of pink mist. The sky was stained by thousands of violet gradations all churning around the setting sun, which was blooming redder than roses. It’s dying rays were the thorns, piercing my eyes with their surprising brightness. The stretching waves unfurled beneath the delicious display, which in turn painted the lacy waters with rich running rainbows of light. The sun dragged me down with it, retreating to the other side of the waters cold surface. Bubbles surged my vision as the day died in the silent depths.

    By katiequinn URL on 03.06.2011

  27. swept off the feet. the classic expectation of a lady from her prince charming. mostly ends up sweeping the cinder the poor lass. swept off in emotion is crashing to the ground

    By bk on 03.06.2011

  28. She saw him, sitting there at the table. He was handsome, smiling at her. She looked into his eyes, was swept away to a new place. She knew, he’d be there for her one day, she’d make sure of it.

    By Miranda on 03.06.2011

  29. To say you swept me off my feet would be an understatement. Its more like you took me straight off the ground and flew me straight into the clouds. Then took me on a tour of the stars. But you put me back down and thats when the problems started.

    By Calli Hansen on 03.06.2011

  30. you swept me off my feet in one fell swoop. I didn’t even know what happened just all of the sudden, I was in love for the first time. then you left me on that hot August night, off to bootcamp. I never thought I’d feel a pain worse than when you walked away that night. but I did, when you broke my heart into tiny little pieces. you swept me off my fell, just to drop me on my ass 9 months later.

    By Corinne URL on 03.06.2011

  31. I want to be swept of my feet. I want a man who will tell me he loves me every day and cuddle me and care for me like I am his own heart. I want a man who will think the world of me and dream about me every night. I want a man to sweep me off my feet.

    By MelissaWrites324 URL on 03.06.2011

  32. you swept me off my feet in one fell swoop. I didn’t even know what happened just all of the sudden, I was in love for the first time. then you left me on that hot August night, off to boot camp. I never thought I’d feel a pain worse than when we parted ways that night. but I did, when you broke my heart into tiny little pieces. you swept me off my feet, just to drop me on my ass 8 months later.

    By Corinne URL on 03.06.2011

  33. I have swept and I have wept. sweepin my weeping eyes is like gliding the truck into place. I have swept and I have wept but weeping is no longer the best option it is living in the past. For what do we weep I ask but weeping is not the same as sweeping.

    By Jake on 03.06.2011

  34. Swept away like in an ocean currrent. Swept is lyrical, expansive, soft, yet dangerous. It can final or majestic. Swept is big and energetic.

    By Denise on 03.06.2011

  35. blown leaves lay lifeless in the porch, bringing with them the cold wind of autumn. the grey sky’s welling up with rain, eventually bringing mud that will be dragged in side by sweeping feet.

    By Rose URL on 03.06.2011

  36. He swept me off my feet. I was in love with him, and I couldn’t help it. I couldn’t keep my feet on the ground. It all happened so fast, i dont even know what happened. But now here I am, on the ground. He broke my heart.

    By Carley on 03.06.2011

  37. He had windswept black hair and piercing blue eyes, cheekbones that could cut glass and a smile as bright as the noonday sun. He was also as thin as a scarecrow and lanky like a rake, and one good sneeze would probably knock him off his feet.

    That didn’t stop Helen from falling in love with him instantly.

    So she reached out to shake his hand, introduce herself, and Zoe said,

    “Have you met my husband? This is Henry.”

    By Nagi URL on 03.06.2011

  38. I was swept away by your smile. By your light touch on my back. I was swept away when you told me how much you cared and you lifted me up and brushed all the worries of the world away in one smooth sweeping motion. And now I’ve been swept under the rug. So much time has past. I’ve grown dusty and cold and forgotten.

    By caulifloral on 03.06.2011

  39. swept. swept off your feet. sometimes the best, sometimes the worst. i dream of being swept off my feet and taken to a far away land of love. still hasnt happened. but i know there will eventually be that one guy that will go for it. that will sweep me off my feet.

    By katie on 03.06.2011

  40. blown leaves lay lifeless in the porch, bringing with them the cold wind of autumn. the grey sky’s welling up with rain, eventually bringing mud that will be dragged in side by sweeping feet.

    By r.bee URL on 03.06.2011