July 12th, 2013 | 106 Entries

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106 Entries for “submerged”

  1. I’m feeling submerged in my lesson planning right now. I’m completely underneath it and sticking my nose up for air. Papers, papers everywhere.

    By Bullock URL on 07.12.2013

  2. we went under. bubbles floated off of us and up. I opened my eyes to try to find her, but the water was too gloomy. My lungs began to ache.

    By Lee URL on 07.12.2013

  3. I found out that I had submerged myself in bullshit long enough, my Facebook had to be deleted as soon as possible! Other peoples crap was bringing me down!

    By ldydai22 URL on 07.12.2013

  4. Mother couldn’t save us.
    She didn’t see the signs, and once we hit the ice it was too late.
    The car jumped to the right, uncontrollably.
    We were tossed into the frigid waters below the bridge.
    I hit something hard.
    What, I can’t be certain.
    The car settled at the bottom as I slowly came to.
    All too clear.
    The only thing clear was that I wouldn’t make it out alive.
    I held my breath hard.


    By innominategirl URL on 07.12.2013

  5. in happened in the morning when words fell from sheets into teethy woods working like sweat through pores in the valley do you hear them in the woods the little ones the magic and making it mirror emotions so rigid from their rigidity move them shake them from

    By reluctant URL on 07.12.2013

  6. I can see you absorbing a reflection submerged in vain centrism around your painted on lids that only concern over the spiders crawling down runways and drivel up my back quivers my head that your summit is so cold and desolate.

    By abbigail quinn URL on 07.12.2013

  7. The strawberry was submerged in the glass, and my thoughts drowned in my tears. I had no idea what I’d do if this promotion didn’t come through, but I was NOT going to let this daiquiri go to waste, that’s for sure.

    By Ashlen URL on 07.12.2013

  8. The water lapped over the top of her head as she sank. Softly to the silence below. Her hair drifted along the surface reaching for that last bit of oxygen as her now sightless eyes witnessed the journey below. Bubble rose from the ocean bed – not that deep here. But they were no help as they brushed the blonde tendrils and took the shortcut to the surface. Submerged is death. Grasping and greedy but quietly gentle. The grasping crutches of death were not the boney hands of the crone but the soft touch of the mother – bringing her baby home.

    By krazyk on 07.12.2013

  9. (trigger warning: torture)

    he gasped and spluttered when they pulled him up by the hair. tears mingled with the water streaming down his face and dripping all over his tattered clothing. before he had time to draw a solid breath, they pushed him back under, submerging him to the ears. he wished he could go limp, play dead like a frightened animal, but his body thrashed against his captor’s hold with what little strength it had left; he could not get his muscles under control. the sound of cruel laughter came to him muted, filtered through the roaring sound that could have been water or could have been his pounding blood.

    By mira URL on 07.12.2013

  10. The darkness and vapor, like steam, over the rough water hid our port side perfectly. The light from the harbor made the stern stand out in the waves. We had been aboard the sub for 8 days now and were getting claustrophobic, and on each others nerves. The siren blared with the commanders bellowing “Battle Stations!”, over the intercom. We all leaned where we stood as the sub dove quickly and stayed submerged beneath the suddenly deadly waters.

    By Sir Profligacy URL on 07.12.2013

  11. Drowning. My head’s submerged beneath the water.
    I can’t see. Can’t open my eyes. I’m sluggish, heavy…hard to think. Am I breathing or am I silent?
    It’s so quiet, the only sound I can hear is the chaos of my own thoughts.

    By LILYhibiku URL on 07.12.2013

  12. for a moment i am submerged deep in sleep:
    i introduce you to my mom,
    hold you close, thank
    you for taking me home.

    you are a rosary of which i pray each night
    i can then say
    ive seen you quiver.

    By Hayden URL on 07.12.2013

  13. I was submberged in thought of you when suddenly the dew fell and dissipated unto my skin, awakening me from my meditation. I could still feel your lips brushing againt the hairs on my arm, your breath the rhytym to it’s back and forth movement, tickling my senses. But wait, that must have been the mist all along. I stand to leave. I say a quiet goodbye to the place where your grave resides, leaving behind a bouquet of daisies; your favorite memory of spring. I will see you again when I dream.

    By ashmstil on 07.12.2013

  14. I am submerged beneath my soul wisdom
    moving through the depths of dark and light.

    I am submerged beneath my conscious thought
    traveling through the rivers of manifestation.

    I am submerged beneath my layers of being
    dancing with and weaving the fibers of my truth.

    I am submerged beneath the energies of the sky and earth
    flowing with her sacred cycles, seasons and elemental knowing.

    By gypsypriestess URL on 07.12.2013

  15. The weeds in the garden have won the contest between them and the flowers trying to grow around them.

    By dtc URL on 07.12.2013

  16. Her whole body was submerged as he jumped on top of her. A strangled gasp left her mouth and she desperatly tried to breath, but all that came rushing in was water. I watched as she came back up, sputtering and laughing. And I wished she hadn’t come back up.

    By DeionDakota URL on 07.12.2013

  17. Suddenly I was submerged in the water, the icy depth dragging me down. I flailed about, looking up for where the ice had cracked. Follow the light, follow the bubbles. That’s what will bring me up. That’s what will keep me alive. I let out a few bubbles and they floated away. I swam hurriedly after them.

    By Kristina URL on 07.12.2013

  18. The memories rose to the surface. Those hidden secrets submerged in the deepest, darkest depths of time threatened to escape. Faces began looming at me and I fought myself. Control was edging further and further away.

    By Michaela Rhua URL on 07.12.2013

  19. we are one world… we are all connected and until we realize that we will not be truly happy. Lets enjoy and clean our earth people!!!

    By Joselinett Guido on 07.12.2013

  20. I had spent my childhood around those submerged ruins. They were a playground for my body and my imagination. The fallen stones had been scrubbed smooth by the slight waves of the lake and were perfect for the pads of my bare feet.

    By Isilo Aranel URL on 07.12.2013

  21. Help, I can’t see it, I can’t see anything. Already the first question is this: am I submerged or is it? Surely my inability to see would work for both, I mean, I would be blind or it would be invisible… But I can’t breathe now, and it’s scary, help I can’t see, is there water –

    By Katie Kessler on 07.12.2013

  22. When I first saw this word, I was submerged in confusion. What is Sub-merg-ed? Btu apparently it say Submerged, which means to to be driven underneath.

    By Moriah on 07.12.2013

  23. I feel trapped by my memories. Whenever I try to go outside, try to talk to someone, try to act like a normal human being, all those memories of shame come up to the forefront and stop me. I am drowning in the past, submerged in history. And I can’t swim.

    By John Doe on 07.12.2013

  24. This was the ultimate act of stealth under the circumstance and required a great deal of sacrifice; the team were in position, submerged in all manner of indescribable filth. So far so good, as they advanced, like a predator, which though starving hungry, had the self restraint to keep things slow until the final moment. Unfortunately this mission was destined to fail~ their stench as they emerged from the sewers was an instant giveaway. A shitty plan indeed.

    By jivehoneyjive URL on 07.12.2013

  25. Gulp. Gulp. Gulp. My lungs scream as I try to breath. What started out as an expirament has now turned bitter. Slowly, I wake.

    By Kamil on 07.12.2013

  26. Strangled lips tore their tinted flesh on the saturated tape, seeking breath that would not come. But the blood did, slipping back in over a barely moving tongue, the last taste before the water took the whole of her will.

    By L. A. Smith URL on 07.12.2013

  27. That’s it. She was done with it. Everything: the fighting, the screaming, everything. She submerged in the pool cold water and prayed to stay in there forever.

    By ana on 07.12.2013

  28. beneath this ocean
    of feelings
    anchors on my feet
    falling slowly in a downward spiral
    submerged the soul
    in a sea of disdain.
    and maybe float onto land of hope

    By Lovelysunnyday URL on 07.12.2013

  29. The water was deep and dark, the water stretching out beneath you for miles. And, when submerged beneath it’s murky surface, it was impossible to tell which was was up. Luckily, I didn’t care.
    I didn’t have any real plans of ever going back up there anyway.

    By S.C. Lovelace URL on 07.12.2013

  30. Her golden locks floated around her in the clear blue water. Her eyes were closed, her pulse was quiet. There submerged under the water, she had finally found peace.

    By Alvina URL on 07.12.2013

  31. Dark green foliage forms tunnels over holloways. Reflections of oak and ash ripple on thoughts, soothe the soul into dreamscapes.

    By Bunty URL on 07.12.2013

  32. Submerged the star ship seemed but another piece of wreckage from the impact with the God Spear, but it was of course much much more. The occupants posed a threat to the Triune that nothing else in the nebula could possibly rival.

    By MauriceWilliams URL on 07.12.2013

  33. You harbor a great deal of submerged hostility.
    Maybe you should let it emerge and see the light of day.
    Then you could begin to address it.

    By Robin on 07.12.2013

  34. The apple was submerged in the bowl of spiked punch, a forgotten remnant of last night’s excitement. It sat there for a few hours, wondering if anybody would rescue it. After a day had gone by, it began to worry.

    By Amanda G. URL on 07.12.2013

  35. I dive in, and it is just another day. Another day at swim practice. Another day of a couple miles in the wrinkling, reflecting, shiny blue water. Another summer day. I am submerged in this life of swimming, and I’ve never felt better.

    By Charlotte on 07.12.2013

  36. I was submerged up to my neck. My feet were still touching the bottom of the lake, but barely. I can’t believe that I haven’t panicked yet. My mind is racing and my heart pounding as I feel my feet slipping

    By Susan URL on 07.12.2013

  37. When the turtle heard me coming he sumberged.

    By A False Terl URL on 07.12.2013

  38. i submerged my self in a bath and waited patiently for the “life changing” phone call.
    iv explained to anyone who would listen that this job was not that important to me, hopefully sounding less desperate then i did in my head. but on the inside i was shaking, i needed this job. but according to the dream shattering phone call, the job didn’t need me.

    By isabella URL on 07.12.2013

  39. Bruce breathed calmly.

    By A False Terl URL on 07.12.2013

  40. Under the waterfall, where the heat of the sun can’t touch you. The flow reflects the light as the coolest reaches of the earth soothe you.

    By Intuition URL on 07.12.2013