April 22nd, 2011 | 400 Entries

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400 Entries for “styrofoam”

  1. Her hands tightened on her book as the sound rang through the room once again.
    Squeak, squeak, squeak.
    High pitched and annoying. Her head whipped around, shooting a death glare at her friend who sat on the floor with a mischievous grin, and two pieces of styrofoam packaging in hand.
    “Do that again, and you will regret it.” She said narrowing her eyes, and closing her book with a snap. Her friend looked at her, her gaze not leaving her eyes as she slowly brought the two pieces together again.

    Squeak, squeak, squeak.

    By Claire URL on 04.23.2011

  2. first thing that comes to my mind, ghost poop or fake peanuts! Hahaha. Ghost poop would probably come from reading too much books when i was younger i guess?? I don’t know man.

    By Pin xiu URL on 04.23.2011

  3. i feel like a lot of things taste like styrofoam. not literally taste of it, but they hit that trigger in your head that spews out familiarity. like when you walk past someone you’ve never met on a crowded street, you get that feeling like you know them.. certain smells, textures, and tastes remind you of things… and a lot of things remind me of styrofoam.

    By chaosfox URL on 04.23.2011

  4. Soft and supportive the styrofoam transports itself around the globe, wrapping its spongey arms around our produce. A much overlooked specimen, the styrofoam oils the wheels of our post-industrial society, allowing the free flow of goods across national boundaries and thus facilitating corporate globalisation.

    By JW URL on 04.23.2011

  5. sea bubbles packaging moving sadness missing nostalgia vintage lots of beautful photographs antique wedding photos sixties archives love kisses sweet beauty beautiful women models love fashion dresses Lula magazine

    By Pema Monaghan on 04.23.2011

  6. i hate the sound of styrofoam. I loath it, its so repulsive and brash.Styrofoam is, quite possibly, my worst enemy

    By Jordan URL on 04.23.2011

  7. keeps us inline. common sense says it’s by design. what could a shop owner want more that to have you searching in his store! You ain’t nothing: you are not what you own.

    By digitalley on 04.23.2011

  8. Styrofoam. The enemy of the “green movement,” My new enemy. I avoid it. But is it better not to use than to recycle?

    By jeff on 04.23.2011

  9. styrofoam is basiacally the best thing ever. you know why? one word. cats. cats love to play with this white material. well, cats in general are awesome, but cats plus styrofoam equal greatness.

    By billy on 04.23.2011

  10. I really hate the noise that styrofoam cups make when I squish them. The noise stays in the pit of my stomach and on top of my ears. The noise actually lasts a little longer than in should. I would like for this noise to change to something I can deal with.

    By S.Elizabeth URL on 04.23.2011

  11. that weird fluffy packaging that comes in big boxes filled with glorious things… like printers. haha. it is fun to break because it makes that really loud squeak but annoying to clean up because it leaves so many little ‘particles’ everywhere!!! I don’t like that you cannot recycle it, maybe we should put more effort into making substances used in packaging that aren’t so damaging to the environment.

    By Parissa on 04.23.2011

  12. Dreaming of it, like fake snow, or laundry bubbles, without the stickiness, just don’t eat it please.

    By Jeanie URL on 04.23.2011

  13. that weird fluffy packaging that comes in big boxes filled with glorious things… like printers. haha. it is fun to break because it makes that really loud squeak but annoying to clean up because it leaves so many little ‘particles’ everywhere!!! I don’t like that you cannot recycle it, maybe we should put more effort into making substances used in packaging that aren’t so damaging to the environment! our poor, poor mother earth!

    By parissa URL on 04.23.2011

  14. fun to play with, very foamy

    By Sneha on 04.23.2011

  15. styrofoam is what cups are made of. cheap coffee comes in those cups and you spill it on your hands but it is okay because that kind of coffee is never hot. we have pretty bad coffee in our house but we’re learning to deal with it. i kind of like it, even, because i feel like a real, poor grown-up. also some avocadoes went missing.

    By julene on 04.23.2011

  16. Styrofoam. I don’t really know too much about styrofoam. I have taken a drink or two from a styrofoam cup, I have stored things in styrofoam boxes and broken up a few bits of it just for fun.

    By Steven J Shaw on 04.23.2011

  17. the way my heart feels as i walk through the old growth forest and think about what there is to lose.

    By ange URL on 04.23.2011

  18. Jensen stepped gingerly through the broken mass of shit littering the road. He had seen a little hope in the white house up the block and was headed that way. He stepped on a piece of styrofoam in the front yard and heard it sqeak just a bit. But what caught his attention was the fact that it had no ashy snow on it. That couldn’t be. Someone was setting a trap.

    By chole URL on 04.23.2011

  19. Packages. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been up to my ears in packages. Shipping this, labelling that, sorting out boxes that are as big as me, half of the time. And then there’s the styrofoam, always falling out, making a mess everywhere. Big, white chunks of the stuff all over the place.

    By Charlotte on 04.23.2011

  20. I reached out to take the cup of coffee from the machine; the hangover from hell twisted my vision, blurring everything. A headache pounded t me from all sides. The world spun. I staggered. Strong arms caught me.
    “Hey,” Isaac whispered and already I was facing him. A smile played across his lips.

    By charlie@imaginesanity14 URL on 04.23.2011

  21. Geez, styrofoam. I dunno much about styrofoam. I’ve used it as an eski before, I’ve stored a few things inside them, which were wrapped up in bubble wrap and were fragile. So I dunno what else to write excpet the I’ve had a few drinks out of styrofoam cups, and punched some holes through it for fun when I was younger(boy was it a pain to clean up).

    By Steven URL on 04.23.2011

  22. white, spongey, squeaky, container maker, coffee cup shaker. bite mark taker environmentally dangerous

    By Sharon James URL on 04.23.2011

  23. Skumplast:
    Du er usund. Du skader miljøet, med dine kunstige former og farver. Du er skadelig, dit skadedyr. Du er skabt er hvad, der engang var ægte og oprigtigt, men nu er der kun skaden tilbage.

    By Camilla on 04.23.2011

  24. Each time she snagged a new cup from the break room, she thought about where the Styrofoam would eventually end up. She knew she should get a real coffee cup, but she also knew she sucked at keeping up with the cleaning.

    By Catherine McClarin on 04.23.2011

  25. recycle – recycle – styrofoam –
    I have never seen this word spelled out –
    it looks awful
    makes me feel like it is hurting the earth –

    By Kat5 URL on 04.23.2011

  26. I don’t know what styrofoam is. It sounds like something that you either play with or do useful stuff with. Maybe that’s the same thing. Supremely useless styrofoam.

    By Louise Oliver on 04.23.2011

  27. its a type of plastic used for cups or plates or boxes. Most junkfood comes in it. its also useful for building stuff in. But hard to cut unless you have a hot knife. Otherwise it breaks into tiny pieces. I’ve only ever seen it in one colour, white. Thats all i can say about it.

    By Dani on 04.23.2011

  28. soft heat resistant gud for coffee and tea cups and even plates. useful material, not sure if its too safe for health. i think it must be as it is used alot.

    By ahmed on 04.23.2011

  29. i was drinking some soda out of a styrofoam cup when i thought about how bad they are for the environment. this really hurt me so i threw it out. then it landed in a landfill and eventually it killed a whole family of dolphins. i cant believe how selfish that was. all i wanted was some pepsi and i killed an endangered species. human are so selfish

    By Amy on 04.23.2011

  30. haha styrofoam, great thing. Great invention. I like styrofoam cups. They make it so easy because you dont have to wash them and you can just throw them away. Not so good for the environment but oh well. Global warming is a life anyway. Don’t bullshit me with all that ozone crap!

    By N'dea Yancey-Bragg URL on 04.23.2011

  31. The smell filled the small factory, lifting plastic remnants and other toxins toward the sky above. Workers trudged through the area as if in the jungle. The styrofoam crowded the room. It crackled, bits popping off the edges, and slowly became a nothing… Just like all the rest.

    By BlackSwan URL on 04.23.2011

  32. it is white.
    it is used for packaging.
    it has mini circles.
    it can break or be dented very easily.
    I like to draw on it.

    By Janelle Hernandez on 04.23.2011

  33. I can;t feel the world outside, it’s heat trying to reach me. I’m trapped in this styrofoam house, where my identity bathes in itself, out of touch from the world is a bad place to be, I’m not necessarily alone, but sometimes in this styrofoam box I’m lonely. Not too bad, just a little irritating to the skin.

    By unkitjc URL on 04.23.2011

  34. Styrofoam is handy and we use if for all sorts of things. Like a parent or something. Except it’s disposable and no one really needs it. But it can be awfully handy. It can cushion and protect things. But it can break and fall apart too.

    By Jessica on 04.23.2011

  35. Reminds me of ‘gryo’. I wonder if they have anything to do with each other. Not likely.

    By Joseph on 04.23.2011

  36. Styrofoam is harmful to the environment in the affect that it is not biodegradable. It is used for many things, insulation, packing peanuts, cups and to go containers to name a few. It comes in a variety of colors such as pink, yellow, green and blue.

    By Kathryn on 04.23.2011

  37. OOOHHH styrofoam everywhere forever no one knows when they disappaer know ones been around long enough sad, scary

    By kyle on 04.23.2011

  38. I have a styrofoam cooler in my office. I guess I figured I’d break it apart and use it to ship books (which is what I do–imports, publishing, & eventually shipping to clients). But the styrofoam just stays up there, on top of the book case. I wish it would break itself into peanuts.

    By Elena URL on 04.23.2011

  39. styrofoam

    white or pink

    square or round,

    packing or shipping
    all around the world
    styrofoam can be found.

    in that box,
    in this shoe
    in the stores
    if the items new.

    the most diverse
    of materials
    polystyrene plastic
    protects all.

    By lildevi URL on 04.23.2011

  40. Styrofoam gave French moviemaker Alain Resnais the chance to direct his short documentary Le Chant du Styrène, almost an abstract study on color, form and shape

    By jg URL on 04.23.2011