April 5th, 2011 | 654 Entries

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654 Entries for “strength”

  1. I like watching strong people lift stuff. I think it’s pretty amazing. Especially when someone sits on a strong dude while he does push-ups.

    I’m easily entertained.

    By Annie URL on 04.05.2011

  2. The strength of superman, Or the strength of mind are both good for life. the strength so survive in the wild also. Or just weight lifting strength. I know someone who’s grandfather had strength enough to get into the weight lifting hall of fame. That takes alot of strength.

    By Teresa URL on 04.05.2011

  3. I need to strengthen up for soccer next year im so were gonna be scrimmaging today after school.

    By Jonathan Pizano URL on 04.05.2011

  4. Strength. Strength is what carnies have to have. Carnies strength depends on what act they do the best example being the “strong man show” holy wow. And like trapeze they must be pretty strong to do all that swinging and hanging on. Maybe a carnies strength is what scares Bj so.

    By Alleycheer1997 URL on 04.05.2011

  5. Strength comes in all variations. It can be strength of character, strength of conviction, strength of belief. It’s all a way of being centered in who and what you are and what your beliefs and dreams may be.

    By kitdickson URL on 04.05.2011

  6. I think that the most important strength is the strength that we all have inside of us all. I don’t think that any other kind of strength is important in my opinion.

    By Kortney URL on 04.05.2011

  7. strength……………… everyone needs some sort of strength…. if its mentally or physically you still need it…… no matter what everyone needs some!!!!!!!!!

    By Bryanna URL on 04.05.2011

  8. Strength., Strength can mean something in two ways. One in like muscle strength or like emotionally strength. To have strength or to be strong is a good thing. I dont know really. Just be strong(: ?

    By Tori Rose URL on 04.05.2011

  9. Strength means different things to different people wether its physical strength or mental strength or maybe emotional strength. It’s all the same to me.

    By connor URL on 04.05.2011

  10. strength is something that steven does not have :0 lol jk super man has extra super strength i love him :) only cause i love super hero!

    By ashley URL on 04.05.2011

  11. People need strength, but more mental strength than physical strength.

    By billyboy URL on 04.05.2011

  12. He left and now I don’t know if I have the strength to carry on. He was my anchor he gave me the strength to stand up for myself… I will never forget him…

    By ZO3Y URL on 04.05.2011

  13. very hard to endure. the ability to be above something. amount of weight one can carry. the amount of hardships one can endure without giving up. not giving up. perceived differently by various people. opposite of weakness.

    By Tina on 04.05.2011

  14. My strength was weakened because of the harsh blows made by the mean man. It really hurt my feelings.:(

    By Ashley wahl URL on 04.05.2011

  15. it is with the greatest of strenth that we all go on everyday. some of us lud water to huts some ugs kids to baseball. but it is the strength of everyone of that keeps us going. keep sus alive. keeps us strong

    By greg on 04.05.2011

  16. Fine, I told you not to eat all the cereal. You always think about onions and not peaches.
    I’m gonna tell you the truth: I’m a history teacher, and nowadays the government would kill for having me working for them, but i have a mission, i must save all the human history and not let the robots take it away fr

    By Fer Gutiérrez on 04.05.2011

  17. Along with muscle mass, it’s also the inner power one has, not just the physical strength you can build. Psychological strength takes just as much work to refin and build as p

    By Jenna on 04.05.2011

  18. comes from within. comes from weakness. comes from the Father and Christ Jesus. strength is having the courage to go on and leave all else behind. strength is beauty.

    By jennifer on 04.05.2011

  19. She listened to his voice and smiled at how much strength it gave her to get through the day. She loved hearing him speak to her, telling her of his day, of his dreams and aspirations. She needed his voice at the end of the day, especially on those days when things were not going well and she didn’t think she had the strength to move on. The nights he couldn’t call she would lay there, saddened a little but would eventually fall asleep, knowing that there was always tomorrow.

    By Wendy on 04.05.2011

  20. I am stronger than I think I am. And at the same time, I think I’m stronger than I am. James once told me this in an attempt to describe me. I live because I am strong, and I am strong because I live. Strength is admirable, and I am so proud to be described in those terms.

    By Rachel URL on 04.05.2011

  21. Strength can be mental too as in you have mental strength

    By koryo URL on 04.05.2011

  22. In your arms I die a thousand times, with the night falling down around us. In the comfort of your stature I feel safe, your smile grows into a pleasurable promise of seduction.

    Shooting stars are not stars at all.

    By emma30 URL on 04.05.2011

  23. I need to be the strong one in my family. My mom is nearly an alcoholic. My dad can’t speak up. And my three little sisters are still just barely old enough to understand. I can’t have the break downs I have. I need to take care of everyone and hold onto my strength for them. If I go down, they all come down with me.

    By Rebecca URL on 04.05.2011

  24. It is the way I want to feel, physically, strength in my arms and upper body, the strength to pull myself up from the edge of a cliff, or to lower myself down into a push up.

    By Maha on 04.05.2011

  25. Strong are the bridges that arc like braids over city streets. They intertwine leading people where they need to go but I can’t help but imagine how it must feel standing on the ledge of those suicide bridges feeling the strength it would take to leap.

    By Jessie on 04.05.2011

  26. strong people lifting things. A measure of a man, What used to get you the ladies. Burly dudes with awesome mustaches lifting shit.

    By Kevin on 04.05.2011

  27. She didn’t know if she had enough will to carry on. She felt her feet dragging as she walked up the stairs, but they seemed as if they were moving without her asking them to. She knew that what awaited her at the top would be scary.

    By Courtney on 04.05.2011

  28. me, moosie, courage,muscles, tim, wayne,

    By on 04.05.2011

  29. When I was younger I had super strength. Now my lack of imagination and creativity makes me fearful. I have no strength.

    By kristin URL on 04.05.2011

  30. For some people, strength may be how many weights they can lift, or how long they can resist that delicious cake for. But for me, strength is the ability to let go. There’s a point in time when you finally realize something that has to be let go of, no matter how much you love it. You’re my something.

    By MissStrawbunny URL on 04.05.2011

  31. the power
    the endurance
    the ability
    its all yours. I gave you none of it. It was with you all along, whilst it left me alone to bury my heart.

    By megan URL on 04.05.2011

  32. I cannot obtain it
    I do not have the strength
    It is beyond my,
    and everyone’s

    By icedragon URL on 04.05.2011

  33. The power to be able to stand up to others who don’t have a voice. The power to give your own life and love and spirit to do what is right. The power to be selfless. The power to never back down. Physical Power. Emotional Power. Mental Power. Never giving up. Always believing in yourself and others. Always having the ability to do what you think is best. The power to be who you want to be.

    By Megan on 04.05.2011

  34. Anyone is able to have strength whether its emotional or physical. Strength is power, from within or not. One has an endless supply of strength.

    By Jessica Hoffman on 04.05.2011

  35. sometimes i feel it, sometimes not. trying to gather some to do something better of myself. makes me feel comfortable about situations. got it a lot because of my family history.

    By Rebeca on 04.05.2011

  36. Brazil is a country I believe to have had some great strenght. Of course, Brazil is famous for its football team, if my memory serves me. This will lead me to believe that many people in Brazil will be incredibly proud of their team and therefore wish to emulate them. I conclude that many Brazillians find strength in sport.

    By James Rennie on 04.05.2011

  37. Something you need, but aren’t always able to conjure up. Hulk Hogan!!

    By dm on 04.05.2011

  38. It takes strength to forgive. God said forgive your brother seventy times seventy seven times. Strength of forgiveness and willpower is the one thing that will help to achieve this.

    By SandraMonica on 04.05.2011

  39. You build yourself up, brick by brick, until they stack up so high you can’t even see the sky. You keep your head up and take comfort in the wall you’ve built, calling it strength. But true strength is being able to knock down those bricks, look up into the sky, and smile.

    By Kat URL on 04.05.2011

  40. It comes in numbers. It comes in two-ply toilet paper. It comes when you have fought all night and think you can’t stand up in the morning. It’s in your coffee. In your toothpaste. In the sole of your tennis shoes. It’s nothing and it’s everything. If you don’t have it, you want it. If you have it and abuse it, you regret it. It’s underdeveloped when you’re young, underappreciated when you’re a teenager, and longed for when you’re much, much older. You can’t buy it, but you can find it or develop it if need be.

    By K URL on 04.05.2011