April 5th, 2011 | 654 Entries

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654 Entries for “strength”

  1. strength

    By shavya on 04.05.2011

  2. i wish that i had the strength to tell you what was on my mind
    i wish i had the strength to show you who i really am
    i wish you knew..
    i wish i knew that if you knew, you’d still feel the same
    that you wouldn’t run away from me
    that you’d stay by my side and hold my hand
    that you’d sing to me and tell me it’ll all be okay.
    “it just takes some time, little girl.”

    By chelsea URL on 04.05.2011

  3. i use to think strength was everything, to hold on until you can’t hold on no more. now i know differently. it ain’t so bad to let go… that’s a different kind of strength. an unseen strength that’s more than myself. oozing out and overflowing like a strange brew of magic

    By ms pie URL on 04.05.2011

  4. strength can be unseen or seen
    strength of character unseen
    yet physical strength seen
    muscles vs wisdom and discernment

    By she53lly URL on 04.05.2011

  5. The strength was leaving her. As the light faded, so did her will to continue. She no longer wished to pursue the matter. Her eyes closed. No dreams came, but rather, a deep, unending, peace. Her strength faded.

    By kait on 04.05.2011

  6. sexy, strong, weightlifter, bodybuilder, bench press muscles, heavy, pounds, power, ability to carry, piggy back rides

    By juwel on 04.05.2011

  7. I have strength, I think. When Kevin passed away, I cried but I felt stronger afterward. I didn’t know that much about him, but I did some research and learned a lot about him. That made me feel strong.

    Then Sherry passed away. She was a beautiful person. Just knowing her for as long as I did made me a stronger person.

    By Jaycee on 04.05.2011

  8. Strength is what i dont always have. I gotta hold back sometimes and just not say it. But the line between being able to control myself and total insanity is never far. I can say everything that i’m not supposed to and then i just stand there with a dumbfounded look on my face. Did i really just say that? Was that really me? why didn’t i stop myself? i guess thats one pair of muscles that are really hard to train.

    By karolisha URL on 04.05.2011

  9. they say that strength comes from within; i believe there is truth in that, but not just that. strength is built up from external sources, and culminates within. when it is called upon, it comes from within, but when it is created, it comes from the outside.

    By Michelle on 04.05.2011

  10. i have strength. strength is in you. no one can determine it besides you. its your strength, no one elses. strength has no limits and no judgement. youre strong for you and no one else. strength. its in you. its me. its what i am.

    By alia on 04.05.2011

  11. A tooth chomping through a carrot. A woman battling cancer, or a man. An african neck stiff as a plinth carrying a basket of firewood or a bucket of water. Not crying when you shouldn’t. The trunk of a tree and all the other clichés.

    By Nutley URL on 04.05.2011

  12. Kracht is het enige wat telt in het leven. Zonder kracht ben je een nul, een nietsnut, een loser. Als je niet weet hoe je op iets moet reageren doe je dat altijd met kracht. Fysiek geweld. Heerlijk! Slaan in dat gezicht. Schoppen, bijten en krabben!

    By Brandemaan on 04.05.2011

  13. My nana. The strongest women in the world. Even when she was slipping away, strong. She got through so many things in her life. Her strength was beyond inspirational. Her strength lives on with me.

    By Ashlie on 04.05.2011

  14. Strength is different that being impervious. I would prefer strength. I believe I am becoming strong, and I believe that makes me into a person more suited for this time than I used to be. I believe in strength.

    By Erin on 04.05.2011

  15. I pull myself up straight and take a deep breath. I can do this. I have the strength to get through anything. I will keep on keeping on.

    By Stephanie URL on 04.05.2011

  16. it is not about the physical ability it is about how you can control it and make the best use of it.. I believe it is self developed and inherited.. too masculine though!

    By jaja on 04.05.2011

  17. Comes from God. doesnt exsist within myself, its something i have to come up with through prayer and seeking after christ. without strength, i am prone to fail and forever damned to sin. strength gets me up in the morning and pushes me though what i cannot handle on my own. I have no physical strength, but the strength from my heart transfers to my body.

    By Jessica on 04.05.2011

  18. strength is musle .

    By alejandro URL on 04.05.2011

  19. The strength of a spider’s silk is worth its weight in gold, but the spider is not compensated if we steal it. She works her eight legs to the bone (exoskeleton?) to craft this silk–a home, a dining room, a trap, an incubator, a world…for her and her billions of miniature children. And yet…scientists work to find ever-new ways to take it from her, by force or by the stealth of stealing her secret and implanting it in the mammary secretions of goats. Ever the worse if she is one of those spiders who spins threats of gold and turmeric, the color glowing with the strength of her ancestors.

    By maritov URL on 04.05.2011

  20. strength can be physical or mental. some people can be physically weak, but mentally strong, or visa versa. Strength can be in the form of a bull, or in the form of a body builder. I remember watching worlds strongest man and seeing him pull a lorry, thinking wow, that must take some strenth.

    By fran on 04.05.2011

  21. We each have the strength within our spirits to do amazing things we may never have thought possible. How else do you explain a mother’s ability to lift a vehicle off her child after an accident has happened? What if we were able to tap into this strength on a daily basis? What could we accomplish? And how do you define “strength?” Physical? Spiritual?

    By Rebecca on 04.05.2011

  22. Strength is being able to control yourself, but not to shield yourself. While still being your own person, you must make choices that will be for the common good. Strength is being able to express yourself while not hurting others.

    By Annie on 04.05.2011

  23. muscles. stamina. willpower. pushing on when you really don’t want to. Refraining from saying something even when that person is really asking for it. sopping up that entire mess with one paper towel. I wish I had the same strength as a Bounty paper towel sometimes….

    By T.Nielsen URL on 04.05.2011

  24. what i aim for everyday, in my work, i need it, mental and physical. It is the only way to go on. I will achieve it, i am achieving it a little more everyday. I need to convince myself of that if i want to get it for good.

    By Aurelia Peixoto on 04.05.2011

  25. Strength is a rather useful pokemon move. It helps you move boulders so you can get to cool places in the caves.
    Strength could mean a lot of things. There is strength of the soul, strength of the mind and strength of the body. I feel that strength of the soul is what dictates how strong the mind and body are.

    By Yamuna Hrodvitnir URL on 04.05.2011

  26. i feel strength in my veins. Strength in my words. Strength in love and being loved. Strength in a stranger’s happiness and eternal strength in loving God.

    By Naseeha Jamil on 04.05.2011

  27. I feel strongest when I realize I’m a pantomime, understood yet never quite grasped. I feign and I gesture my truth, hoping you see my castles in the sky.

    By Tiz's Dream URL on 04.05.2011

  28. before anything had happened sunrise climbed up the night and she knew that there were more things that wanted to be done, i always write about women because i find them so beautiful, i draw women because i find them so beautiful and it’s important because we all need to know that the mother we are rooted in is full of strength anf wakes up each morning with the desire to continue through this life

    By monica on 04.05.2011

  29. a characteristic reserved for giants.
    may also be in reference to emotional strength, which is often associated with people such as

    By Chloe on 04.05.2011

  30. Stregnth is a funy thing.. iIt comes in the oval of an egg or the bulge of a gym toned muscle. It comes in the brow of a survivor or the quiet tears of a lonely child.

    By Tonia URL on 04.05.2011

  31. The Power Is a great and usefull thing you can use it in many forms you can pick things up you can get hot girls, you can kick someones ass, there are many ways to be awesome handy intense gratifying defensive ridiculous body builder attentive,sweet,hot on guys amazingly engineered biology chemistry physics and muscles when you have the physical strength and the mental strength of a worrior

    By Jessyka on 04.05.2011

  32. Strength can be something like lifting up a weight that is greater than your body mass, or it simply can be crawling in bed at night with tears in your eyes telling yourself you will try again tomorrow. Strength is in everyone. Even the ones who don’t know it.

    By Brooke Gibbard on 04.05.2011

  33. the day everything changed she broke her third rib down on the left side. she was pushed down onto the floor of the pacific, and for a moment she couldn’t breathe. there was something euphoric about the disorientation of it all, but she could not deny herself the indulgence of tears. the bruise sprouted out of the spot where the rib broke. she felt her very marrow throbbing and crying out for reconnection. her bones where no different than the bones of the fish, brittle, and spiny. she was a mere fish under the weight of the sea. or perhaps she was more of a stone, that would be crushed and smoothed and polished then spit onto the shore for two lovers to pick up and pocket.

    By arianne on 04.05.2011

  34. the ability to do something physical

    By richardArrazola on 04.05.2011

  35. Strength is the how much you can lift and how much you can withstand.

    By devin21 URL on 04.05.2011

  36. strenght is amazing u can get super strong and pick up cars like superman if u get so strong every day you work out and do all that cool stuff.

    By lilg33 on 04.05.2011

  37. Strength. A necessary quality for anyone who wishes to survive human life. All of us have some innate strength of spirit, allowing us to just move on from any negative events and just keep going on with life.

    By AshlyW URL on 04.05.2011

  38. Hobos do not have much strength. This is becuse they dont get much food. I think this is because people take advantage of them.

    By Jarrett Judkins URL on 04.05.2011

  39. Strength, I have strength, physically, but mentally as well. I am able to show my strengths in many ways.

    By Autumn The Great Wilson(: URL on 04.05.2011

  40. Not much to write about for strength.

    By mushihimesamafutari URL on 04.05.2011