April 5th, 2011 | 654 Entries

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654 Entries for “strength”

  1. There was this one guy that had a lot of strength. Then I mad him mad and he used his strength. Now I only have one arm.

    By Wltbank URL on 04.06.2011

  2. Magnus thought he could do it; Isabelle knew he had the strength; Clary was always smiling, so who was to know what she thought; and Simon said he was over it and that he should just tell Jace.

    By A Kitten in the Stars URL on 04.06.2011

  3. People who are strong have strength.

    By Thomas the Train:D URL on 04.06.2011

  4. Strength of a person can not be measured by their size. Those able to bear the trials and tribulations of day to day life without collapsing in a quivering heap are truly strong. Their scars may not be visible, but their batles far more intense than any warrior’s.

    By Mike on 04.06.2011

  5. Strength can be mental or physical: it should always be used for your own or other peoples’ benefit and never abused to damage anyone.

    By teresa URL on 04.06.2011

  6. everyone wants to have enough strengh in order to…
    think what u want.

    By ta_nya URL on 04.06.2011

  7. COnviction and determination including Perserverencee

    By David URL on 04.06.2011

  8. Why do we reach for barbells, or guns, or money, when we could be striving for self-actualization?

    By Mintolate Tea URL on 04.06.2011

  9. I often wonder how I’ll have the strength to go on with life. Sometimes the trials and tests thrown at me by the universe are more than I can bear. But somehow I always manage to make it through. I don’t always pass with flying colors; sometimes I just squeak through.

    By Andie on 04.06.2011

  10. Sometimes it’s easy to think we don’t have the strength to continue. The strength to say no. The strength to admit our mistakes, our defeats, and face the world again. But the strength is always there, even if the will isn’t.

    By oiseaubleu URL on 04.06.2011

  11. strength is a virtue. only the gifted have it. many times you will be givne strength throughout your life. strength comes when we most need it. strength goes hand in hand with faith. if you are faithful, you will have strength.

    By skyler on 04.06.2011

  12. muscles that work on the brain too

    By mitalee on 04.06.2011

  13. This, i don’t, I don’t have it, I have the strength of a whisper underwater.

    By Luz Maria Uribe Shopova on 04.06.2011

  14. I thought not giving up was being strong. I thought pressing on till I cried was being strong. I thought not admitting my weakness was strength.

    And maybe they were. Maybe they are. But you’re stronger, because you pulled me up when I wanted to drop. You saw my tears and never said a word. You caught my weaknesses and saw through my lies.

    And you were behind me all the while, watching after me, giving your best and more just to make sure I didn’t doubt my own strength.

    By fallingshards on 04.06.2011

  15. Strength is something that has more than one meaning depending on your viewpoint. On a logical level strength is just something people have and it helps them gain respect in a material physical world. There is also strength of character were you are strong enough to stand up to the obstacles in your life. Which is more important to you.

    By kj on 04.06.2011

  16. i lost my strength when i was eleven.

    By sophia URL on 04.06.2011

  17. strength is a building block
    rise above and use it
    usually comes from within
    everyone has it
    some times it is hard to find
    if you cannot find it, try steroids….

    By Billie URL on 04.06.2011

  18. This word is a very important word. I think that of all words, I really like strength. This is because it had a deep meaning and it makes me think of soldiers in the war or the Iwo Jima memorial in Washington DC. The word strength also makes me think of Kingdom Hearts the videogame. Kingdom Hearts is a Disney-based videogame about a boy who travels to different (Disney) worlds, such as Agrabah, Halloweentown, and the Beast’s castle. In each of these worlds, he fights off Heartless, which are creatures that have no heart and therefore no feelings or emotions. This boy is only able to fight these heartless because the Keyblade, which is a sword shaped like a key, chose him because of the strength of his heart. Kingdom Hearts may sound sappy, but it’s a great, fun videogame with a deep, thoughtful storyline. Strength itself is very important in a person. If someone has nothing to stand for, then they can be pushed down by others, even if you only stand for yourself. I think that strength leads to things like courage, bravery, and honesty. This is why it reminds me of the Iwo Jima statue. I think that to become a good person, each human being must find strength in themselves and learn to become stronger. In many books and movies and manga (Japanese graphic novels), the main character must often overcome some difficult task that shows the strength of his will to become a stronger person. I god example of this is the manga Bleach. It’s about a teenager with bright red hair who accomplishes things beyond the limits of normal humans by his will. He uses his strong will to tap into his secret reserves of power and save his friends.

    By Jamie URL on 04.06.2011

  19. To be strong to to show conviction and perseverance with parenting. Not to get sucked in to the pressures of others and do what intuitively you know is right. That is strength. Show conviction and love.

    By Jennifer C URL on 04.06.2011

  20. i have a strength no one have that is the strength to be me, to be only me, i have me but no one have me, thus strength is best defined as me being able to be myself, see strength, i am you, yes you

    By nooramad on 04.06.2011

  21. it takes a lot to gain strength. When something bad happens to you, it takes someone strong to use what happened to them to make them try harder and get through it. to grow.

    By rhiannon on 04.06.2011

  22. You are my strength God. You are always there for me… Even when I loath you, reject you, ignore you. You strengthen me in my darkest hour.

    By Maeday URL on 04.06.2011

  23. To fight when no one will fight with you,
    to find the beauty in what others shun,
    to understand yourself when you are afraid of what you’ll find
    to know if something is better, even when it’s not easier.
    I hold inside me the ability to be strong.
    But do I have the strength to be?

    By Teh Kail URL on 04.06.2011

  24. So there is still time to speak of this thing called strength. I awake for a fresh day of being strong, productive, creative, and full of life.

    By Deborah Drake URL on 04.06.2011

  25. strength is the ability to revive yourslef after everything goes to shit. you finally see what you are capable of, what you have had all along, and what your future is going to look like. withought strength, rocks would break us.

    By Riley Nizdil on 04.06.2011

  26. It’s what we think we see in bodybuilders. It’s what we actually find in mothers, pushing themselves and their newborn children into the world. It’s what we actually find in our fathers as they bear the family on their shoulders.
    Strength is in our families.

    By Julia URL on 04.06.2011

  27. Her strength was ready to give out; she was ready to give up. Over the years, she had given him her love, her life, and everything in between. She had asked for nothing in return, and he had taken her up on the offer. Little by little, he had stolen pieces of her for his own selfish purposes. “I am not giving up,” she whispered to herself as she silently packed her things, “I’m just not giving anymore.”

    By Courtney on 04.06.2011

  28. i have strength to be strong i can afford that i want to be better and do everything in the best way and help my family and my love i want improve my self.

    By behnaz on 04.06.2011

  29. I am not strong because of my past experiences. I am strong because I put the worst behind me and look ahead, smile, and turn a blind eye to all the negativity filling my thoughts. I am not the strongest, but I am surely stronger than I was yesterday. Maybe we all can be that way.

    By Tiara on 04.06.2011

  30. he picked up the barbells and began to press and press and press until the sweat dripped from his forehead and armpits like oil. He grunted and cried outloud. Oblivious to the other men and women toiling over the phisics. This was the first time he had come to the gym in the last 6 months and the 5 lbs weights burned as he flexed and pumped. v

    By Jon Roland Kratzner on 04.06.2011

  31. i would like to believe that if i were waiting for a sign, this word of the day would be it. however, i am unfortunately so apathic and bored out of my mind that i’m not even waiting for a sign to mobilise myself.

    By mihaela URL on 04.06.2011

  32. There are days where everything just seems to go wrong. Obstacles at every turn, when all you want is to go back to bed. When things are bleakest is when you have to push forward. Going on when all you want to do is stop, that’s strength.

    By Mike the Magic Squid URL on 04.06.2011

  33. Elephants, and how in the world can giraffes still manage to look so graceful while they’re bending over, they never fall, they just stay there and look ridiculous and beautiful and strong.

    By Genevieve URL on 04.06.2011

  34. I need strength, Lord. I’m facing some hard times and I can’t do it alone. I place every single problem in Your hands. I give it all to You. Why do I worry about tomorrow when you are the one who holds my future in Your hands?

    By laughalot on 04.06.2011

  35. strength is the ability to keep your head above water when all of your friends are suddenly in love and you have no one. Strength is putting on a brave happy face for the world when you’re torn up and scared inside.

    By Lizzy on 04.06.2011

  36. sometimes i feel like i have no strength. the strength to move on from a certain situation i have been dealing with for a while now. i have good days too where i feel like i have the strength to move on and it makes me motivated. other days i just can’t find the will power to deal with it. all in all it is getting better each day.

    By Kristina Lynne URL on 04.06.2011

  37. My mothers ability to survive breast cancer while juggling being a mother, a judge, a wife, a sister, a daughter, and a friend. She has the most strength out of anyone human I know on this earth. I love you mom.

    By Anonymous on 04.06.2011

  38. In my darkest hour, You give me strength to press on. When everything is falling apart all around me, You put everything back together. You comfort me, You hold me. You make my life complete. That’s what we’ve been looking for. So keep your head up high, because every darkest night has a dawn.

    By laughalot on 04.06.2011

  39. what one might call a strength
    an unthinkable
    an unreachable
    an impossible
    it is mine, so exclusive,
    so unexplainable
    it is mine, but for me
    this strength, far from radical
    this impossible, mystical strength
    can i give it away?

    By Noelle URL on 04.06.2011

  40. strong powerful love family muscles gym nelson passionate heart sports basketball volleyball dance journalism mental physical love compassion integrity breathing deep courage waves ocean fashion clothes flowers bee sunshine sun moon luna wings friends wealth knowledge writing books biology treadmill yoga bikram healthy alive happy

    By Melane Tang on 04.06.2011