April 5th, 2011 | 654 Entries

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654 Entries for “strength”

  1. what I need – what I have – what I get from you.
    something I lost now I found
    Strength is what makes my world go round
    I see it in my mom, my sisters too
    I see it in my boys and I see it in you
    I see it in the mirror, I see it – I believe it – I have it and I use it.
    mind, body and soul – strong, steady all three

    By Kat5 URL on 04.05.2011

  2. My arms dont have strengh. You need strengh to go through the day. Some people have alot of strenght.

    By Lucie on 04.05.2011

  3. The strenght of an ant in the tenth dimension is that of an elepahnt in the fouth dimension.
    Is that truley so strange for us humans?

    By F on 04.05.2011

  4. super fast stronga nd getting stronger. no filter here just let loose on strength. power muscles though power of mind its possible for one to have a strong mind over strong body it doesn’t matter as long as it holds up against the hordes. too hard to hold the line. gandalf will show up eventually that motherfucker is strong. good strenght

    By michael on 04.05.2011

  5. with the muscle in your arms and legs,
    with the beats in your scarlet heart,
    with the music that vibrate your ears,
    with the tongue you kissed and pour your heart out.
    The strength inside you that you do not see
    it is within you

    By soraoshi URL on 04.05.2011

  6. Strength is relative. Someone or something is considered strong in comparison to another person or thing. What is strength itself?

    By Care URL on 04.05.2011

  7. I am strong. I hopoe people undertsand that I and I want that to show to others how strong I really am. I want to harness my strength and do great things…someday. I hope that I can help people with my strength.

    By Elise on 04.05.2011

  8. “Have strength, men, for this is the dawn of–”

    “I am about to cut you. I am– I am so close. To just. Doing it. Really. I swear.”

    “This is how fun you are. This amount. See that?” His thumb and finger were held extraordinarily close together.

    “Not really.”

    “Point. Made.”

    All right, so he was joking about the cutting but the suckerpunch still hurt.

    By Sae URL on 04.05.2011

  9. Is something I need. To ignore, to let things go, to be carefree of all things. Something most of us lack. To do what we want, to say how feel and what we need to say.

    By Aubrienna on 04.05.2011

  10. strength can be physical or mental – emotional strength is gained through the other two. Physical strength obviously depends on how efficient your muscles are whereas mental strength depends on your ability to hold true to yourself.

    By Julie URL on 04.05.2011

  11. I once had lvl 90 in strenght, but know it has subsided..
    My strenght is that of an infant, weak and small…
    I feel sorry for myself, not training as much as i should..

    By Fred on 04.05.2011

  12. Who really has strength? I don’t even know if I do. It’s such a vague word… Strength could be from a number of things. You’re muscles. You’re heart. You’re brain… Which of these is the greatest and most important? You have to have strength to live.

    By Anna URL on 04.05.2011

  13. Strength is power. courage. strength brings out the best in us and gices us the boldness to ask for things we really desire. Strength comes from the depths of our souls and the innermost parts of our hearts.

    By MAReee392 on 04.05.2011

  14. Strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow Great is thy Faithfullness Lord unto me.

    By Alan Piper on 04.05.2011

  15. I don’t have strength. Strength mentally or physically illudes me. I am lost to all matter of strength. I wish I could be strong, but I fear I’ll always be stuck in this mode of passiveness

    By hilary on 04.05.2011

  16. mothers carry babies in burlap sacks strapped under their arms and around their necks, walking toward the river… the sun is rising in varanassi, and people walk toward the water for their daily prayer. battling poverty, their strength is in faith, tradition, and the peace they find with the waters where they send the pyres of their beloved and await for the sun to rise each day.

    By b. on 04.05.2011

  17. Strength is the power to do what you want. There are different types of strength- there’s emotional strength, and the ability to deal with your inner feelings. There’s also physical strength, which is being strong and is often associated with having large muscles. It’s admirable to have a lot of inner strength and be able to cope with difficult situations. Strength is something you earn.

    By Eliza on 04.05.2011

  18. Strength? Wish I had some. Available at Wal-Mart?

    By Jennyg42389 URL on 04.05.2011

  19. It took me a while to honestly say I had the ability to love myself fully. To live fully and honestly with all the choices I made. And it took immense courage to stand in the darkness of my fears and say that they too are okay and part of me. And it took me the longest of times to love my intensity and forwardness and the ability I have to simply demand all and leave nothing behind.

    By Jason URL on 04.05.2011

  20. This morning I exercised my strength of throwing myself out of bed in order to run. Run with all my strength. 4.5 miles of strength. At 5 a.m. It does wonders for ones mind strength.

    By Lynn on 04.05.2011

  21. Strength of a man is not in the weakness of woman but in his ability to see her strength and appreciate her more for it.

    By Ashley Young on 04.05.2011

  22. The strength of an argument lies on a two-part foundation, its ability to persuade and the construction of its sentences. Logical thought is key to the

    By Jim on 04.05.2011

  23. What woman claim to have allot of
    what you bring to the table and brag about…
    weakness is what really people walk away remembering…

    By Lord Jim URL on 04.05.2011

  24. Strength is what you have when you’re strong. Mrs. Dunning is sometimes strong, but sometimes not. I guess she/he is strong when shim rides the bike from her until Purecellville, but not strong when shim doesn’t ride because it’s windy. What’s that about? Windy is such a copout. But wind can be strong. I don’t know what he’s doing. He’s talking and I can’t write about strength because.

    By J on 04.05.2011

  25. Sometimes I feel so strong that I don’t know what to do with myself. I lied. I am not very strong at all. I cannot lift heavy objects. If I try to, I usually hurt myself–like the time I got a hernia from carrying my couch to the basement. Not a fun day or a fun hernia. All better now though.

    By Max Lindquist on 04.05.2011

  26. STRENGTH:when a dimension is made specifically for one being, the questions have to be asked of why and by whom?both the scientist and a person of faith run amok with both theory and is up to the atheist to doubt their whys and what ifs.

    By The Fake Dann URL on 04.05.2011

  27. I look in the mirror and wonder if I will have enough strength to get through the day. I think of all that is ahead of me – there is bound to be pain and sorrow. But I look again. There is going to be happiness, too. I smile.

    By Tezcacoatl on 04.05.2011

  28. this is what you need to survive in the world. strength is what drives us to do better, it is required to succeed in weight training. i have immense strength when it comes to my child.

    By Sasha Rochelle on 04.05.2011

  29. the strength of soul of heart is the best thing to have

    By eman URL on 04.05.2011

  30. Strength is what one has in a certain area of life. It is the ability to do something that takes effort, to work at something over time and eventually be able to do it. Strength is an important aspect of our lives. Without it, we cannot survive.

    By Katie on 04.05.2011

  31. poeple who have strength do not only have big muscles but have a strong heart and a great amount of courage.

    By Michael URL on 04.05.2011

  32. The first thing that come to mind when i hear the word strength are sports. I am pretty sure all sports require strength. Such as track; I am in track. It’s a lot of fun. :D

    By Shae!? :D URL on 04.05.2011

  33. Strength can be physical and emotional. Physical strength is where you have big muscles.

    By .trista. URL on 04.05.2011

  34. strength can mean your physically strong or you are mentally strong and can endure alot.

    By nix6 URL on 04.05.2011

  35. strength how strong you r

    By jamie:) URL on 04.05.2011

  36. idk what to say about strength i guess it can be either physical mental or emotional

    By twiztid URL on 04.05.2011

  37. he had alot of strength to pull the heavy dog up over the tailgate of the truck.

    By kaylob URL on 04.05.2011

  38. I have the strength to overcome the mind that plagues my thoughts; that tells me I am not beautiful, untalented and worthless. I have the strength to challenge what my mind keeps me from.

    By Danielle Nicholls on 04.05.2011

  39. My strength is in my words. Although I am not incredibly powerful with my words, it’s possible to be. With the power of words, a person can render a nation to their knees. You can’t do that with physical strength. The power of words. Now that’s what I call strength.

    By Lane Collision URL on 04.05.2011

  40. god please give me strength he has a lot of strength with my genitic inhached streangth i can run faster then most peppole

    By resident evil fan 1 URL on 04.05.2011