September 6th, 2012 | 290 Entries

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290 Entries for “stillness”

  1. I hate stillness all you do is stand there I hate standing still.

    By Jeremy URL on 09.06.2012

  2. Stillness your my best freinds because you always help me when I need it. Oh your so powerful with your stillness.

    By Shaun Irvine URL on 09.06.2012

  3. Stillness is very still it is not moving and it doesn’t make any action, to be still you don’t move a muscle

    By Daniel Wen URL on 09.06.2012

  4. Stillness is when there is lot of things that are still and do not move around and stand still for example everyone was standing in stillness

    By Simranjit URL on 09.06.2012

  5. The wind had a stillness to it, everything was quiet. The animals were all asleep and there was nobody in sight.

    By Matt Gregg URL on 09.06.2012

  6. Stillness means to be still, not moving, in the same position for a long period of time. Stilleness is when you don’t move a muscle at all for a while.

    By Shenouda on 09.06.2012

  7. To stay still is very difficult especially if you like to move a lot and run around when you are still it means you can’t move and walk around or run around like a mad rabbit running around all day and jumping.

    By Matty URL on 09.06.2012

  8. Stillness being quiet, calm like the stillness of the wind and like being shocked and still at the end of a test.

    By Olivier Kendra URL on 09.06.2012

  9. The room was dark and I saw a tall figure, standing in stillness he didn’t move a muscle, I was terrified and gasped in horror.

    By Brodie URL on 09.06.2012

  10. Wish I could embrace it more. Wish sitting still with nothing to do and nothing to think about was one of my abilities. Just to enjoy the serene nature of stillness.

    By Daniel on 09.06.2012

  11. In the stillness relied some weird stuff that had no point whatsoever. Now what that point was was the blame fot which is the reason I am writing for right now. That other shit can be explained if I wanted to let it? No it needed to be explained inside

    By Anonymous John URL on 09.06.2012

  12. Immobility. So still it’s irritating. Anxiety; fear of the unknown, or the known. Expecting the worst.

    By PetitePommes on 09.06.2012

  13. Stillness can be thought of by some as a boring, lifeless atmosphere. I find stillness to be an amazing feeling of peace and a perfect time for meditation. It can bring on such a wonderful sense of thoughts and emotions. The spirit of God can he felt through stillness as we listen for his promptings. Giving time for meditation is healthy for your body as you give yourself time to stop and think, discover, and understand.

    By maria on 09.06.2012

  14. a stillness in the water.
    a drop of interruption break in the glaciers.
    send shivers through the spines of pine trees.
    our bodies are rusted soldiers in the midst of a chemical warfare.
    welcome to the cinema, this is the american dream.
    stay seated with a unwavering of a content unwillingness.
    i dont know what an oxymoron is,
    but i imagine “civil war” must be one of them.

    By lgrey on 09.06.2012

  15. There is always a comfortable stillness in the air when winter comes knocking on my door. When the trees are hollow shells, and birds nest deep inside their worn out bodies. A stillness fills me to the brim with a solid and resounding echo that comfort is finally here.

    By Bree URL on 09.06.2012

  16. no movement peace only calm i know not anything lost in the midst of this abyss i do not feel. my thoughts my life my hear they are all gone and i am finally finally free.

    By Lily on 09.06.2012

  17. water with no waves. break in the music. eyes meeting eachother. deep sleep. touched. no movement. absence. water lilies. lily ponds. the lake at the evening. sunset. relaxation.

    By elizabeth santinga on 09.06.2012

  18. stillness in the dark. i creep forward avoising the light sticking the shadows. a noise resounds in the night. i whip around, wet hair stinging my face as i jump in shock.

    By Katie Palmer on 09.06.2012

  19. her stillnes was scary, he was worried about her, not a word had benn spoken, after he finished his sentence, not a movement, what had he said that had caused this?

    By deborah on 09.06.2012

  20. Stillness stalled me, made me motionless and wary. Crinkled coffee on my collar. Sprinkled dissonance on tabletops. Kept me wondering when I’d hear noise again.

    He was sitting across from me. Salted caramel caught the corners of his lips. He was very quietly counting ten-dollar bills. I found green within green.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 09.06.2012

  21. Madusa turned the kinghts in to stillness stones.

    By Steven on 09.06.2012

  22. Her stillness was frightening,he was worried about Sarah not a word had been spoken after he had finished his sentence, what had he said that caused it? what had he done?

    By deborah URL on 09.06.2012

  23. it is one hundred percent completely necessary to add stillness into your routine. not enough people understand the importance of not only doing doing doing and going going going, but simply being. we must learn to simply be and to simply be still.

    By Natalie Jean URL on 09.06.2012

  24. the stillness in the night air was stifleing the night you left me. how could you do this? i kept thingking, why? why!? WHY!? i know as time goes on ill move past this, but for now, im just a bitter soul, hoping the next rain will clear my head.

    By Ander Malynn on 09.06.2012

  25. hush, the silence of night. When everything is still, to the point where you tend to pay more attention to your surroundings. And with every sound you hear, you jump.

    By Marie on 09.06.2012

  26. when something remains still you have nothing to do, it’s boring that is why you can’t let something stay still and make everything around you move, bring some joy to your life, and if that doesn’t satisfy you then do something more.

    By Claudia Elisa on 09.06.2012

  27. Silence, an unbearable silence fills the room. You want to scream, you’re dying to move, yet you are confined to your one, single position. There’s nowhere to go and nothing else to do. It’s killing you, your muscles are absolutely frozen.

    By T on 09.06.2012

  28. The room was soft and quiet and still. It was just barely cool but she really only ever liked it that way, when the air was mostly calm but just barely lifted the curtains with a breeze. Mostly stillness, she’d say.

    By Katie on 09.06.2012

  29. A leaf falls, breaking the stillness of the forest floor…

    By all4imagination URL on 09.06.2012

  30. stillness is a word. one word. calming. Sitting in a chair, on the beach. looking out at the sunset. Watching my glass sweat, happy. bliss. Stillness gives you exactly what you need. Just breathe.

    By Cori URL on 09.06.2012

  31. The death of seasons, the solitary lock on a perspiring forehead. The burden of awkward company. The tangibility of the intangible–silence. The rush of nothing.

    By Shradha Kochhar on 09.06.2012

  32. stillness means very quite. This class room is stillness

    By Alex Chien URL on 09.06.2012

  33. calm, pond, peace, harmony, thoreau, forest, silence, winter, cold, soft, frozen, statue, marble

    By ashley on 09.06.2012

  34. stay still. dont move. old. sick. messy .a house frozen cold cuddle i dont know lololo omg uhh. blaket ? justin bieber one direction . i love you. uh cuddle ? baby . cover stay still ness illness butt cold sex. idont know ughhhhhhhhhhh davie is perfect.

    By Alexs on 09.06.2012

  35. quiet. nothing is moving. it is dark and everyone’s asleep, except for you. you feel lonely, but you know the world keeps moving around, and suddenly you aren’t still anymore.

    By katie on 09.06.2012

  36. stillness is just another word for making your mind work harder, so the real question is what is it? can it ever be achieved because insidde and out you cant sit still you want to explode your thoughts with the world

    By Vania Pimentel on 09.06.2012

  37. There is a stillness in the air among these plants. A soft music when the breeze slips through the blades and leaves. Early, before any sun peaks through the spots the trees forget to cover, a stillness so suffocating you watch every one of your movement ripple across the forest, disrupting it.

    By StatiKink URL on 09.06.2012

  38. and even with my eyes closed i know exatly what exists beyond them in a dark and energizing way. you’re there far beyond what i understand looking for what i need and desire should come second but i am only human and in the stillness as i look even into the back of my eyelids i know that a star-filled sky lays just beyond just as you do within my sight but beyond my understanding.

    By C. Ritchie URL on 09.06.2012

  39. The lake was reflecting the moonlight. Stillness. It was quiet, peaceful. Almost like the world had disappeared… I was laying on the dock, gazing up at the stars. Nobody knew I came out here at night.. Thinking was so easy when everything was so quiet. The breeze on my face, made me realize how lucky I was.

    By ,Miranda on 09.06.2012

  40. Still. Cold. Snow. No sound. Darkness. Stars. Alone.

    By LEysesn on 09.06.2012