September 6th, 2012 | 290 Entries

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290 Entries for “stillness”

  1. She lay. Still. Dead. He killed her. Murder. His own sister. Just because of what she did. Simple really. And still, he felt the need to slit her throat. Gone she is. GONE. If only she hadn’t left that day. The snow was so deep. She was mischievous. And young. And so beautiful.

    By Ashton URL on 09.06.2012

  2. In tne stillness of the night, the man journeyed through the mountains looking for tyhe spectral wolf that is refered to in tales of old. He hopes to find himself in the stillmess of the evening as rumour has it, only then are you able to confront him.

    By tim landry on 09.06.2012

  3. silent blue and the sky’s burning but here there’s a quiet that burns like fire.

    God, how can she stand so still?

    Sink into her like she’s a quiet pond and his presence barely causes a ripple as he curls his head along her shoulder and snuggles close. This is comfortable, this safety and quiet.

    By Fritz on 09.06.2012

  4. Love, Peace, Truth, Oneness

    By Nanel Higlesias on 09.06.2012

  5. In the stillness of the night I tremble. The tendrils of darkness wrap around my soul, chilling me to the bone. I fear what I cannot see. More than that, I fear that the darkness, coming from inside, will consume me.

    By Carina URL on 09.06.2012

  6. The stillness of the pond reflected the stillness of that moment. Death had come and taken Richard and she had watched as the light in his eyes had dimmed away and all that was left now was stillness in his eyes, his body and her heart.

    By Leighsha URL on 09.06.2012

  7. stillness is something I’m really looking forward to feeling again. Things have felt so chaotic inside, that I’m not moving fast enough, even though I am probably moving too fast.

    Stillness needs internal connection. Its hard to quiet it all down.

    By Tea Monkey URL on 09.06.2012

  8. The most important thing in life is to reflect on what you have done. Reflect on your personality, your ambitions, your loves, your fights, your past in general. Reflection is most effectively done in an attitude of stillness. That way, your brain can think. It can love and be at total peace, able to see exactly what you have done with your life and the people in it; reflect.

    By Brent Shenton URL on 09.06.2012

  9. The stillness of the water scared him. Not a single ripple, but a clear sheen surface. He bent over, scrutinizing his appearance with hard eyes. He looked different, good.
    Take a deep breath, block out all other thoughts.
    WIth that in mind, he stood up, gun tucked in his pocket, and walked towards the bank across the street.

    By Annie URL on 09.06.2012

  10. He looked into her eyes, avoiding the temptation to look elsewhere on her body. Spectators held their breaths.

    She stared back at him, a challenge.

    He couldn’t win staring contests, so he looked away, a slight smile playing on his face, and then walked away without looking back.

    Sometimes, the one who looks away wins.

    By Holden URL on 09.06.2012

  11. Don’t move. Just breathe. IN. OUT.
    the air fills your lungs. as you exhale, you open your eyes. gently. slowly. don’t stop. don’t stop. don’t stop. don’t stop.
    breathe in the world and exhale the pain and shame and fear. courage is not reckless bravery. courage is not a hero flailing in battle. courage is being still. courage is accepting the pain with calm surety.
    let the stillness fill you up.

    By Katie on 09.06.2012

  12. still is the air, still were the people. everything was still. but wait… that’s not right. nothing was still, because there was nothing. it was only me
    and her of course
    and a kiss. nothing was still anymore

    By Do M. Duc on 09.06.2012

  13. The stillness of the people in the room was alarming, yet amusing. Clara couldn’t help but smile at all of the different reactions all of her friends had. There were some elements in common, though, like the shock that then turned into deep confusion and that later transformed into utter happiness. It had been a long time since she had last seen them. It was good to be back.

    By Andrea on 09.06.2012

  14. The sun had recently set and most people had gone to bed. I was the only one walking across the grounds. The breeze had gone. Nothing moved. Only me.

    By Katie on 09.06.2012

  15. His stillness frightened me. what had I done? I couldn’t remember a thing. I leaned over the cold body of the only man I had ever loved.

    By Angelina URL on 09.06.2012

  16. Stillness—hard to achieve.
    Something is always going, moving.
    A leaf blowing in the wind, the window blinds tapping against the glass.
    Humans can’t even be still—
    one never really shuts off completely,
    until their very last breath,
    and even then—
    the world still keeps moving.

    By Theresa on 09.06.2012

  17. The stillness came over me as they searched around the room.
    “She’s not here,” one said. My eyes stayed wide open, and I tried to get as close to not breathing as I could.
    “No,” said another one. “She’s here. Somewhere. I know it.”

    By Robot Lilliput URL on 09.06.2012

  18. quiet, breathe air. multitude of silence. i’m at peace. I like the quiet of low music. It reminds me of Poe. Edgar Allan Poe theme for bike night in November. I love to ride in the bike nights; they bring out the best characters.

    By Bruce on 09.06.2012

  19. It was dark and she was still. A rock. A statue. Where was she? She was afraid of the dark.
    Did she have her cell phone? It wouldn’t be of use to her anyway. She couldn’t move. It was as if her limbs were frozen. Was she dead?

    By Dee URL on 09.06.2012

  20. Not moving staying in 1 position in life and never ever moving. Being to afraid to do anything stuck in fear either of life or horror. Why cant I move seems as though I am waiting for my life to start the us embassy can suck my dick.

    By Stephen Devane on 09.06.2012

  21. Silence.
    Come and go
    Come and go
    Come and go
    Come and go
    Stay still.
    Enjoy the moment.

    By lulu URL on 09.06.2012

  22. It hurt. Two years later, the pain was still fresh. I could feel the stillness sometimes–the quiet that came with being brave and the silence that came from standing up for myself. I knew everyone was disposable, but when I saw that I was part of that everyone, the wound reopened, and I took a moment to remember the consequences of staying with someone that didn’t care enough to give chase.

    By Marissa URL on 09.06.2012

  23. There is no movement. No life. Like a dead forest. Unless of course it is a calm within the mind. Then a flurry of revelations is forever in motion.

    By Travis Boone on 09.06.2012

  24. There was so much to do. The day was halfway done. Yet all at once everything faded into a dark brown mist. There was nothing to do or hear. Or more there was nothing I could do or hear. I was unsure whether my abilities had changed, or whether the world around had become something else.

    By Ruben URL on 09.06.2012

  25. Stillness going through my head, trying to be still but not so still that I cannot type these words. A simple word and a simple stillness becomes me to enjoy all around me, even though it is not still. Going through the motions, one forgets to be stil and think.

    By Jess Lohse on 09.06.2012

  26. calm and resolute, sure and secure, time of quiet

    By winslow north URL on 09.06.2012

  27. Cold and sad, forgotten like dead grass… This season is not for me, This season is frightening me.

    By sarahtheblue URL on 09.06.2012

  28. The stillness is like silence.

    Thunderously deafening.

    I’m not sure what I should say or do about it. Maybe I don’t have to do anything. But then, that would mean that I’m giving into it, doesn’t it?

    I don’t know. I’m never very good at any of this.

    A rock whizzed through the air and sliced the spot where I’d stood a half-second later.

    “Not funny, Mark.” I didn’t even bother to turn. he was supposed to be standing still–too.

    “I’m not laughing.” He shot back. “Can we move yet?”

    “Wait for the signal.” I tried not to hiss. I wanted to. I actually think I rather would have liked to bite him–with all six of my venom-tipped fangs.

    Just to hear him yell.

    “We’ve been waiting for over two hours, Di.”

    “And we’ll wait two more.” I growled back.

    Something rustled nearby. I flexed my jaw, working it to bring the venom to the surface, both in the fangs and the claws sliding painlessly to the surface of my fingertips.


    “Down!” I threw myself forward with a bit of a spin, twisting through the air to land on the enemy soldier. He’d crept up, close enough to almost reach us. Close enough and no further. I sank claws and fangs into the supple body.

    A howl rent through the air.

    The stillness, broken.

    By Sara H. URL on 09.06.2012

  29. He is not the one you think, his silences are tough and cruel, and he’ll never let you know, how much he loves scaring you.

    By sarahtheblue URL on 09.06.2012

  30. when i think about stillness i think about the middle of the ocean. nobody is there to notice that it doesnt move an inch. its still and alone. completely. in the middle of nowhere. calm and untouched

    By neha on 09.06.2012

  31. the be alone and for it to be peaceful. I like yoga, it is based on stillness and balance. And I love it. I also think of a still forest in the middle of winter when not living thing is outside in the cold. Or at least visible. I love stillness. <3

    By MacKenna on 09.06.2012

  32. In the stillness, I heard her labored breaths. Slowly, they grew farther apart, weaker. After a while, it was silent. I reached up and hit the ceiling above me. “Are you okay?” I whisper. No one replies. And I know I’m alone again.

    By Summer URL on 09.06.2012

  33. Stillness is very still it is not moving and it doesn’t make any action it is cool very cool sososososo cool I like being still it sooooo cooll

    By Daniel Wen URL on 09.06.2012

  34. Stillness can occure when you get a fright from something that is so scary that you do not move

    By Jarryd Bowler on 09.06.2012

  35. It was my Brothers birthday today. When he got home we gave him a surprise party with all his friends. When we yelled surprise he just todo there in stillness.

    By Nick Caulfield URL on 09.06.2012

  36. I dont understand stillness but I dont care it is stupid just like the color purple and I hate water lol jokes but yeah back to stillness I don’t like it it’s not really cool at all

    By Tristan URL on 09.06.2012

  37. Stillness means not moving much or at all. It doesn’t mean a person or animal, it can be something such as air; there was and eerie STILLNESS in the air.

    By Shaun P URL on 09.06.2012

  38. To remain in a spot without moving a muscle. To seem still you don’t make any visible movements.

    By AnthonyRowan URL on 09.06.2012

  39. Stillness is staying in the same spot for a long period of time. It also means that for example the wind has a stillness to it, also you can die from staying still for to long

    By Lachie Smith URL on 09.06.2012

  40. Stillness is usually used when your frightened,shocked or scared.

    By Anthony Rocca URL on 09.06.2012