July 17th, 2011 | 462 Entries

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462 Entries for “sticks”

  1. Oh god! That neighborhood where I grew up. I guess it was always “way back then.” A treefort that wouldn’t pass code. The lake always alluring. The place where in therapy I would conjure up memories of killing a man once, with Michael abetting. Was probably just a smaller mammal.

    By Bryan URL on 07.18.2011

  2. I pick up my sticks and stones and prepare for battle. If bulimia thinks it can keep me down, it’s sadly mistaken. I may be weak and have no strength, but my God is strong enough- and He will always be.

    By laughalot on 07.18.2011

  3. A vicar came to my school once
    hosted an assembly:
    a bible in one hand, in the other
    two sticks with one nail
    joining them in the middle.

    He told a tale of a boy finding the sticks
    next to footprints on the sand.

    First it became a gun, gunning down gangsters.
    It was then a sword, sparking against shining knights.
    FInally a plane, fitting and spluttering along the spray.

    But then it became something else.
    a symbol, a sign, a signal to some –

    a burning cross
    spiked into the sand
    ash flaking on the grains

    By gsk URL on 07.18.2011

  4. Sticks and stones will break my bones. Will they? I think they can do more than that, and so can words. I know words can be beautiful, but when they are not they are terrible and can hurt deeply.

    By Catalina on 07.18.2011

  5. And the tree fort of Pooh and Piglet was only made of sticks, but they thought it was fabulous.

    “What, Pooh?”
    “Oh, nothing. I was just being sure of you.”

    They stayed up there all day, and not even Owl could get them to come down.

    By Catalina URL on 07.18.2011

  6. It was useless; there was no way he could get back to his father in time… But then inspiration struck, and he gathered the loose sticks with renewed energy and ran back to he forest. Using the blankets he had gathered, he fashioned a makeshift litter and hauled his father onto it. “Don’t worry, dad,” he whispered, “we’re going to get help.”

    By Courka URL on 07.18.2011

  7. they are all around us. people throw them, dogs play n chew with them. sticks. when things happen in life, you just gotta pick up the sticks and start over.

    By jacquelynn on 07.18.2011

  8. Sticks and stones may break your bones but words continue to beat me…. From your mouth, vicious lines of hate attack me with such malice.

    By Marie on 07.18.2011

  9. The words were stuck to the roof of my mouth. I knew that they had to be said, I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. He’d pushed me in the mud and I was not apologizing for calling him that name. I was a girl, he couldn’t do that to me, make mud stick to my pretty dress, and then I have to apologize for telling him the truth about himself. It wasn’t fair.

    By Shnlynne URL on 07.18.2011

  10. i have stick in the trees in my yard they are woody and really i dont know what else to tell you about them i dont think i like this page very much because i like having a bit of time to refine my answers or al least figure out what they are.

    By Michael Reynolds on 07.18.2011

  11. there was once a little boy. He had many little friends and they wanted to play, but the only things that were around them were the sticks from fallen trees and their mothers had told them not to play with those. so they didnt. they lied.

    By Tom Price on 07.18.2011

  12. She grinned, waving a dirty stick at her friend. “En garde!”
    Her friend shook his head and stared at the sky. “You’re insane.”

    By AutumnsBandit URL on 07.18.2011

  13. Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will always kill me.

    I just made that up. I’m sure someone else has before but–

    Sticks used to be my favorite toy at parks. I would collect a lot of them and make small piles.
    I would also want to poke all the other kids with them.

    By Delaney URL on 07.18.2011

  14. sticks and stones can break my bones but words will never hurt me the most untrue statement i have ever heard. bruises fade but words don’t they are something you will remember as long as you live

    By Anna on 07.18.2011

  15. there were a bundle of sticks on the ground, tied with a lock of hair. She picked it up carefully, turning it over in her hands. the sticks were oak, dry, about half an inch in diameter. There were about ten or twelve, all of varying lengths.

    By Lady Warlick on 07.18.2011

  16. They say “sticks and stones may break your bones, but words will never hurt you.” How wrong “they” are.

    By Hannah URL on 07.18.2011

  17. Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me. That’s something we have all heard that is simply false. Words can be the most dangerous of all things. Words can tear apart a man, wear him down to nothing, just a pile of self-doubt and loathsome self-hatred. The evil things that people often do with words is simply appalling. I can’t believe the malevolence that often escapes from others’ foul mouths, the hate and malice that spews from individuals only intended to harm their victims. It’s shocking to see the horror that words can inflict. With what carelessness people throw about language, as if it cannot scathe another. Frankly, I fear words so much more than any stick or stone.

    By Adam Zionts URL on 07.18.2011

  18. Sticks and stones may break my bones but bones are jut the dust from which we were formed and dust is so fragile it blows away in the wind, ever transient, ever silent, ever invisible and so what does it matter? Sticks built the earth and sticks form the earth but all that matters is what sticks with you.

    By Angela on 07.18.2011

  19. sticks branch limb tree bog in the valley oh. I love my job and the kids make it all that much more better. I wish I had a summer break. I miss my friends. I hate school. I am a lazy ass bastard. I don’t really do shit with my life. I need to finish my eagle project.

    By z on 07.18.2011

  20. sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me.
    but surely thats utter bullshit right?
    words hurt more sometimesz
    Think before you speak kid
    dont leave verbal scars

    By Aine on 07.18.2011

  21. brown long short pointy broken tree dead leaves sword attack hit smack snap

    By hahaaaanananahahaha on 07.18.2011

  22. Sticks stack up, as his brow furrows in concentration.
    I watch his tongue slowly poke out of the corner of his mouth, focus on his finger work as it slowly builds higher, defying gravity.
    The sticks are of a varied hue, each an individual with nooks, furrows, smooth and rough edges. While they are separate in their features, with the right person, they come together to reach for the sky.

    By Mama Singlet URL on 07.18.2011

  23. Maw and Paw waked around at 2am in the sleepy little Manhattan neighborhood of Chelsea. They saw a homeless man in Gucci shoes. They saw a drunk lady in a fox fur coat, riding a unicycle. They saw a rat the size of a german shepherd get run over by a taxi cab. “Gee, Maw,” Paw said, “this ain’t nothing different from where we live, out in the sticks!”

    By richpee URL on 07.18.2011

  24. sticks are wonderful. they are one of the first toys introduced into the Toy Hall of Fame.Do you have any idea of the many uses available for sticks? One can build a fire, throw it for a dog to fetch, or build a house, raft, or weapon.

    By Lori on 07.18.2011

  25. It makes me think of wood and trees and also the saying sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me. which then reminds me of the song by rhianna. I like sticks. And twigs which are a form of stick.

    By Caitlynn on 07.18.2011

  26. i like sticks but not the kind everyone else probably writes about. i like to smoke sticks. and the sticks i am talking about are blunts.

    By Heather on 07.18.2011

  27. are slim and creamy. I like to touch them when they are made of wood. They also taste great. I am not sure how I feel about cutting trees tho. I think I like the trees more. So soft and fluent. They like to talk in whispers.

    By Tanja on 07.18.2011

  28. They say that sticks may break your bones, but I believe words break you more so. Just a string of ugly words can harm even the most strongest at heart.

    By Mararita Bray on 07.18.2011

  29. she looked into the scrying puddle, holding the four sticks in her thin, birdlike hands. skies clouded with flame, faces morphed into earth. she took a deep breath. this was her first time. then she threw the sticks into the small pond, breaking up the reflection.

    By Jessica URL on 07.18.2011

  30. My dog loves to chase sticks. He will bark and jump on you if you don’t give him his stick. He is almost two years old in “human” years. He’s a Yellow lab and he still has a pink nose. It never changed to black.

    By Megan L. on 07.18.2011

  31. All of them lay on the ground. This is good news for me, because that means fall is here. It’s my absoulte favorite season of the whole year. Summer’s too hot, winter’s too cold…it never knows how to stay the right temperature, only in the fall. Okay, and sometimes the spring, but still. I still think Fall is better, the temperature is JUST right.

    By natalie.(: URL on 07.18.2011

  32. sticks sand stones my break my bones. Sticks and I love sticks in the forest. to see and pick up and coming from trees . brown in color and can hurt if thrown at someone. The sticks that make up a beavers nest are amazing . To see how they pile them all together to make a home is pretty cool. I have never seen a beaver though near one. always in a stagnant pond or stream somewheres. With sticks I could build piles to have taken to the dump and unloaded in a big . dumping ground. Is this it? Keep talking about sticks. I am out of things to say about sticks when is 60 seconds up for crying out loud.?

    By annette on 07.18.2011

  33. sticky sticky sticks. Long and sticky. throwable. pooh sticks. sticks sticks sticks. everybody loves sticks, especially birds.

    By Emma Hodge on 07.18.2011

  34. a group of them together is deadly. not because of fire, but becauze theyre taliking about ypu. they know your secrets and theyre all out to get you

    By Bost on 07.18.2011

  35. She sticks out of the crowd like a sore thumb.
    Not in the bad sore thumb kind of way, in a way that makes you stop in your tracks.
    You can tell just by looking into her eyes that she her soul is wide open, ready to accept new friends with no question. Ready to accept you for who you are and love you for the same reasons. She is who I long to be.

    By Keijah URL on 07.18.2011

  36. Stick and stone will break my bones but would will never hurt me.
    They only slash at my soul while sticks leave marks on my flesh
    Sticks wounds will heal over time
    Words will stay forever
    So use sticks to hurt someone because they dont last forever

    By Taylor URL on 07.18.2011

  37. i like sticks i see em in ice cream and when they fall off from the tree on the floor. I think sticks are pretty cool with how u can use em anyway you want. build something!

    By hahaha on 07.18.2011

  38. Sticks are a valuable tool. They can be used to make fire by rubbing them together. The friction causes heat and ignites. You can also use sticks to make drum sounds with. You can take two and hit them on any surface. The different surfaces make different sounds.

    By soop on 07.18.2011

  39. you can thow it at people and you can stick it in someones face, you also can build a house with it or you can build a fire. It looks brown and long. and you can use it to party with.

    By goopfy on 07.18.2011

  40. If you think about how many sticks must be in the forest you will be terribly overwhelmed. My two-year-old nephew always wants “more sticks, Auntie, more sticks!” And that’s just it, there will always be more, with the woods right there. It will be a long while before he’s stuck for a stick.

    By Erin Maxwell on 07.18.2011