November 1st, 2012 | 217 Entries

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217 Entries for “steps”

  1. The darkness approached her weary soul as she threaded lightly against the current. Despite the teasing that echoed in her mind, she continued to dust herself off and continue on her never-ending journey. The adventure was cold and absolutely horrendous, but there was one thing she had that others didn’t: faith. She heard of the magical things one would encounter with on the other side and even with the absence of evidence, she trusted it–because it was the only thing she could hold onto before she finally let go, surrendering herself into the dark abyss.

    By Andrea Chan on 11.02.2012

  2. Brooklyn pushed open the door and cautiously tiptoed up the steps. She threw her hair over her eyes, hoping it would give her a good enough excuse for ‘not seeing’ the large “EMPLOYEES ONLY” sign that was plastered to the door. Thankfully, she couldn’t hear any footsteps nearby, because she knew that her excuse was a slightly ridiculous failure.

    By Allison on 11.02.2012

  3. It was the first step. The first step to becoming who I wanted to be. Or was it. Was that really who I wanted to be still. My goals had changed, my views, my life. I wasn’t so sure any more. Perhaps this step was no longer mine to take.

    By Raiine URL on 11.02.2012

  4. What we do when we do when we follow a method of going about something in order to undertake something. On the way up the stairs.

    By sharada on 11.02.2012

  5. It just climbed up and up with no end in sight and my legs were starting to buckle. I didn’t know how or if I would every make it to the top. I just knew that for her sake, I had to try.

    By Elise URL on 11.02.2012

  6. She climbed the steps hesitantly. Her silky costume billowing with the night breeze, the house in front of her creaked and moaned as it swayed. Her friends stood behind her, teasing her. “You’re too scared! You won’t do it!” They taunted. She swallowed really hard and stepped up two steps. The door flung open and a gasp from every mouth shot out and the stampede of her friends feet running out of the yard sounded in the back of her mind. She was frozen in fear.

    By herbutterfly143 URL on 11.02.2012

  7. up and down staircase pedometer pests is an anagram steppe to step to sequence steppe aerobics on the plains of my ancestors one foot in front of the other–that’s scansion right? the cat carefully balancing and

    By Pamela12345 URL on 11.02.2012

  8. I took a step in the wrong direction in life walking with the people i thought were my friends but only really looked to use me for my money. so i took some steps in the right direction and now i am the captain of the basketball team with a girlfriend and people who care. when i looked at what had just been made i looked a things i a whole new perspective life is great and really something to cherish.

    “Sometimes you don’t know what you’re missing until you reach out to touch it. Sometimes you can’t see how beautiful something is until it steps back into the light. And sometimes you miss a love you almost didn’t lose. But when you need beauty, dream.”

    By bencarr44 URL on 11.02.2012

  9. Steps are the access to things up and down. Whether it is something that may be kept in the higher level of a building or in the deep recesses of basement. Steps are the means to reaching these things. Steps are also the means of moving forward to a goal with each one building upon the other. Forward movement means you have accomplished the steps, but being unable to reach a goal may mean one has gone backward in steps toward goal accomplishment.

    By Melody Crehan on 11.02.2012

  10. Leap to conclusions. That’s what we do. We are a race that does that sort of thing, we are callous and introverted and sometimes we don’t think as much as we should about the little things. Instead of taking steps we leap to conclusions.

    By Ash on 11.02.2012

  11. When my brother was three and I was six, he fell down a flight of cement steps. I watched, horrified, as he lay at the bottom without moving. It never occurred to me to run for help. I WAS help. I ran down the steps and picked him up in my skinny arms. I somehow managed to carry him all the way up and back to our apartment. I kicked the door, waiting for my mother to open it…..

    By Franny on 11.02.2012

  12. “Just do as I do! See, look – it’s just a series of steps.”
    “And arm movements, and hip-sashaying . . .”
    “Look, do you wanna learn how to dance or not?”
    “But you asked me to teach you!”
    “That was before you made things all complicated. Can’t you teach me something that’s just, like, one-two-three? Instead of one-two-seven-twelve?”

    By Rachael on 11.02.2012

  13. There are three steps to lose your mind
    He chuckled
    First find something you love
    Destroy it
    Then try to go back in time
    And love it even more

    By recogirl URL on 11.02.2012

  14. There are three steps up into the school building. But for George, in his wheelchair, they are a brick wall.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 11.02.2012

  15. The steps were creaky and old, and Elijah disliked them. Somehow, they seemed ominous. He wasn’t meant to be there. He knew it as well as anyone else knew it, and the thought bothered him greatly. He just wanted to be out. Out of society, of the realm of people’s opinions, including his family.
    He was unsure of even to call them that. His family.
    Malorie was his only family. Malory was his only. And he was her only.
    It saddened him, and brought a rolling ache in his chest, that it had to be this way.

    By greekyoghurt URL on 11.02.2012

  16. Maybe I can get through this.
    Maybe it’ll be okay.
    Maybe not everything is ruined.

    If I take
    Small steps,
    I could rise back up.

    Just be careful.
    Don’t trip.

    Because maybe
    I fell too many times.

    By ithinkhesalwayswonderful URL on 11.02.2012

  17. We can’t feel
    the pulsing wind

    We call back
    to one lost

    From some
    these steps
    are futile

    For some
    these steps
    lead home

    Can we recall
    a time when
    we walked them together?

    By Laura Mary URL on 11.02.2012

  18. Baby steps. It all starts with small steps. Just little twinkling toe-touching, heel-hovering steps.

    By Shay URL on 11.02.2012

  19. Progressive movements towards peace and happiness. Breaking patterns to set yourself free of bad habits that prohibit growth. Growth, maturity, tolerance…one step at a time.

    By Ari Tay on 11.02.2012

  20. The steps are short and narrow.
    he steps are long and steep.
    There are no steps for us to climb.
    So how shall we get in?

    By teeda URL on 11.02.2012

  21. I whent up the steps and dawn the steps it was fun but im done.

    By 123boy = ) URL on 11.02.2012

  22. The steps seemed to go on forever. oh when was this going to seace!? it was painful.

    By Tim URL on 11.02.2012

  23. as I walked up the steps to school, i had realized i didn’t have a pencil for the day. I was lucky and found a pencil on the ground.

    By Danielle URL on 11.02.2012

  24. I went through the process using steps.
    I have never seen so many steps in my life.
    We had to do many steps in the progress.

    By Julie URL on 11.02.2012

  25. to get to the seventh grade hall way you must walk up many steps first. most of my glasses are up there…… steps are big

    By COUGARS #13 URL on 11.02.2012

  26. i climbed the steps of the tower

    By Benjamin URL on 11.02.2012

  27. Steps is what I take in math to help me learn what I don’t know with my teacher that I don’t understand! :)

    By Makyla URL on 11.02.2012

  28. I walked up the steps to the house. The large door creaked open and a shadowy figure appeared. “TRICK-OR-TREAT!,” I yelled.

    By Trouty(: URL on 11.02.2012

  29. I climbed up the steps

    By LastKinger 21 URL on 11.02.2012

  30. The steps lead to a magical forest with purple barked trees and blue grass
    and if you keep going you will find not one but two magical creatures
    nobody knows what it is but it is there and if you follow the creature it was take you to the magical kingdom

    By Maddie URL on 11.02.2012

  31. i need to focus on the steps directly ahead of me
    instead of focusing on the steps that are miles away.
    one foot
    in front of
    the other.

    By sarah marie URL on 11.02.2012

  32. i was walking up my stair steps one day when all of a sudden, chloe powers trips me. i rolled down the steps and broke my arm. it was horrible. i couldn’t believe her. my stair steps are very long so it took me a while to get to the bottom.

    By Maranda URL on 11.02.2012

  33. One night when my car broke down I started walking down a path and I say a little cottage. And as I walked in I heard footsteps walking down the hallway to the livingroom.

    By jessicada URL on 11.02.2012

  34. When i got home from school i stepped in the house and my parents
    were sitting at the table with my siblings i knew that something serious had happened and i think i knew what it was….

    By Kaitlyn URL on 11.02.2012

  35. There are many types of steps and many steps to take. You take baby steps when you’re little, and giant steps when you’re old. You struggle walking up the steps when you’re young and old. So, I guess you’re in the same boat, at some points because you can’t even take steps. Lack of coordination and bone density.
    There are many steps to take. Steps one can be anything, take “Step one, start a list of steps to take” for example. Step One, Get something to write down things with.

    By Bruce Sheppard on 11.02.2012

  36. Seven steps to the door. Seven steps to an escape; seven steps to admitting that you’re not right for this person.

    Seven steps to surrender. Seven steps to giving up; seven steps to never ever knowing.

    Seven steps to leave her room before she gets out of the shower and wonders what you’re doing there.

    By kloperslegend URL on 11.02.2012

  37. every 2 storie house has steps to get to the top of the house.

    By Antonio URL on 11.02.2012

  38. Im my house we have really big steps that you walk up to go upstairs.

    By Kajol URL on 11.02.2012

  39. i was walking up the steps when i found a little cat! then i screamed cause i didnt own a cat and i was scared! it was a white blue eyed cat that was beautiful i looked down at the cat and siad u r coming home with me!

    By Elyssa URL on 11.02.2012

  40. i take my steps very lightly on wet floors

    By Alisia URL on 11.02.2012