November 1st, 2012 | 217 Entries

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217 Entries for “steps”

  1. Take the time and move forward. Take a step forward and then take another. It is the only way to not be left behind.

    By River Ranter URL on 11.01.2012

  2. Steps were heard through out the house, causing Divinus to sit up and look around. Ursula was no where to be found. She quickly got up and took her baseball bat in hand. She slowly made her way into the hall. The foot steps stopped. When she made her way to where they were all she saw was Ursula, still as a doll.

    By Kira on 11.01.2012

  3. Which steps must one take to reach their goals? There are so many avenues I can take in order to reach what I desire, but the problem is I don’t really know what it is I yearn for. The world harbours millions of things that spark my interest, but at the same time – I am so dreadfully apathetic to everything I come across. Nothing interests me. It’ll all end one day, anyway.

    By aimlessendeavours URL on 11.01.2012

  4. One stair at a time. Slowly. Huffing and puffing, Jared finally had gotten to the top. He could feel the rolls of fat on his back sticking together, and his lungs felt as they were about to collapse; he didn’t care. He made it.

    By Raneem URL on 11.01.2012

  5. Against all advice, Malcolm returned to 27 Chestnut Street. He remembered shingling his home last summer and painting the front door a bright red. Hester complained it was too showy but he’d insisted. Now all that remained were cinders and the granite steps that led to the front door. Here he sat and wept for Hester. He wished he’d painted the door white.

    By penny dreadful URL on 11.01.2012

  6. take steps to help kids learn to take their own steps. take one step, two step, learn to dance. take steps to stop crime take steps to tell time marches on.

    By joe URL on 11.01.2012

  7. walk a pace
    swing a step
    that forward motion
    no hesitation

    By Chinemenma URL on 11.01.2012

  8. I could hear the foot steps getting closer and closer. step. step. step. steps. I was terrified. I couldn’t see my own hand in front of my face, the fog was surrounding me. What will happen to me. Who is this person? I couldn’t tell. I just knew they were getting closer. I was getting tured of worring so I started sprinting. I just ran. The steps were getting faster and louder. They were running too. I was scared. What will happen to me. I couldn’t run much farther, I was slowing down, so I stopped. I turned around slowly, and then I saw him.

    By idance5678 URL on 11.01.2012

  9. I always look around my surroundings first, then take a few baby steps before breaking into a true stride. I guess it’s because of my mistrust of people, and for the plain fact that I am an introvert. People irritate me, to the point that if I don’t get a few moments of alone time, I will break down.

    By Kat on 11.01.2012

  10. The steps I have taken in this life
    May not have been the ones I’ve planned
    I wanted to go one direction
    but somehow I end up here
    Instead of back tracking
    I more forward
    hoping to find my way again
    to end up back in the path of you

    By Silvercchile URL on 11.01.2012

  11. He raced up the steps taking them two at a time. He could hear the dogs barking at the bottom of the stairs, waiting for their masters to catch up before charging up after him. Scarred out of his mind, he turned off into the first hallway he reached, racing for the other stairs he knew to be at the other side of the building.

    By mackedee on 11.01.2012

  12. i took the high road up. step by step. until i reached the top. i won’t say it was easy because truth is … it wasn’t. it was something i had to do.

    By kathpine98 URL on 11.01.2012

  13. there broken steps with cracks where the boards are puzzled together, the wood creaks and frays, softened to velvet by years of treads wandering up and wandering down. the trails of prints leaving grooves that eddy from top to bottom and pool in places where they stopped to break and take a moment.

    By vividexpression URL on 11.01.2012

  14. He climbed up the steps, books clutched protectively against his chest, tight enough that the sharp edges of the corners dug into his ribs. But he didn’t dare loosen his grip, not after the last time, when someone managed to snatch his sketchbook away and started to flip through the pages.
    His cheeks heated up in a blush just thinking about the incident, as he pushed the library’s double doors open. Part of him didn’t want to come within a thousand feet

    By Bianca on 11.01.2012

  15. She steps on hearts and stamps her reign on the men she loves (but only physically of course) and leaves their hearts broken(but only emotionally of course)…and once again the student surpasses the teacher…

    By Leighsha URL on 11.01.2012

  16. one after another following life
    dreams ignored for what is
    what must be in this shortness?
    follow me and you will perish
    my heart knows so truly this pain
    overcoming its sinful disdain
    still I find you next to me
    fingers wrapped around mine
    Steps taken together in love
    falling into the heart I lost
    you have opened me once again

    By Olcsealgaire URL on 11.01.2012

  17. There are steps in life we as human beings must pitifully endure
    step 1: childhood
    Where you are unconcious how bitter the world is
    Step 2: That awkward phase
    Where you’re not a child nor a teenager, and life becomes difficult
    Step 3: Heartbreak
    Where you think you’re in love, then you realize love is crap
    Step 4: Being left to go out on our own
    Where you finally see the world in your perspective

    It’s terrifying how life throws these steps at you, but as humans we must all endure them to better ourselves.

    By Linda URL on 11.01.2012

  18. The steps off the balcony descended quickly. She didn’t have time to think about why she was running, her mind commanded her feet involuntarily. She could hear footsteps behind her – or were they her own shoes echoing off the stone walls? Her mind couldn’t differentiate.

    By Kayla B on 11.01.2012

  19. Of all the steps I’ve taken
    Down the many roads I’ve doled,
    I remember most the wisdom
    In the simple words you told:
    “Be good,” you said, and then were done,
    As if the pair made philosophy clear –
    Clouds burnt away by the brillance of sun-
    Light sheaving, shaping, sheer.
    I look back on the path I tread,
    Supplied in full of stumbles had,
    When I was angry, or jealous, or sad,
    Feeling failure assaulting my every stead,
    But I catch myself… and gaze ahead,
    Sifting sights through my memory,
    The path is clear.
    I only needs must persevere.

    By Julian Christopher Geritz URL on 11.01.2012

  20. I could hear them as we slipped and stumbled past the pink ribbons. The ghostly feel of them tap, tapping behind me as the town in mourning lay before me. I slipped out. Before they caught me.

    By Louise URL on 11.01.2012

  21. One has to sit before taking his or legs off the floor. Other wise he or she will fall. Most things require specific steps like sitting. Follow them to keep from falling on your bum. But if you do, don’t forget to get back up!!!

    By Ann Treesa Joy on 11.01.2012

  22. It’s difficult to walk with crutches. It’s even more difficult to walk with a broken leg placed in a rudimentary splint. Each step is painful. I’ve only taken eighteen steps since it was first broken this past week.

    By Annie Wan on 11.01.2012

  23. the steps we have take surprised me. To think we could really do this, really let our hearts do what they wanted. To be ok with you kissing another woman and coming back home to me. To be ok with me kissing another women and coming home to you! I love you with all my heart. That was the first step in the right direction.

    By Crystal on 11.01.2012

  24. the steps leading to the basement were slightly illuminated by the light of the doorway you stood in. i didn’t realize you weren’t following me until i reached the bottom

    By Alicia on 11.01.2012

  25. Steps. Big steps. Small Steps. I have a goal. I have a dream. How do I get there? Steps. Big steps. Small steps. It’s still to far. Smaller steps. It’s close, but I can’t touch it. It’s to hard. Even smaller. I’m almost there. A big step will make me go to far. Baby steps.

    By delilah on 11.01.2012

  26. I saw wooden steps as I entered the dark forest. I couldn’t see the top of it so did not know where it led. I was afraid and excited, all at the same time. Around me, I could hear birds chirping.

    By sonobe URL on 11.01.2012

  27. She stepped lightly over the threshold into the new room. Just like the ones before it it was entirely different. Its walls were forest green with vines twining in the wallpaper. A smooth, moss-like carpet went from wall to wall and chairs and tables looked as though they’d grown from the floor. She walked carefully, checking each step for weakness as the room before had had hidden falls.

    By Mairead URL on 11.01.2012

  28. 100, 1000, 1 million steps a day. Always stepping, never stopping until the day I am in my death bed. Stepping is never stopping.

    By Can't I Stay Anonymous URL on 11.01.2012

  29. The steps to heaven were paved with a circular tint of gold. He had to walk carefully, afraid that the paint might chip off. All around him the wind blew heavily so that he was forced to speed up. His feet pattered up the steps, and he tried not to look down to see the teetering ladder and all the fallen friends he’d left behind.

    By Shannon on 11.01.2012

  30. I stared at the steps that went up to his house. My cheeks burned as I walked up the steps and tapped on his door. I stood a moment, thinking about running off, but I froze in mid turn when I heard his door creek open. My face was burning now. There he stood, like an angel with a smile on his face, and I blinked a few times before returning a smile. I thanked God that I walked up those steps.

    By Hannah on 11.01.2012

  31. they’ve always told me to take small steps. one step at a time. don’t overexert yourself. nice and easy does the trick. but i only know how to make giant leaps forwards. or back.

    By Vany on 11.01.2012

  32. small and short
    but infinite
    not steep but somehow painful
    burning as you continue to climb
    when will I reach the top
    will I ever reach the top?
    seizing up, gasping for breath
    a stitch in your side and a pounding in your skull
    one more step
    and another

    By Poppy URL on 11.01.2012

  33. Steps are used to walk up stairs. My daughter has been taking her first steps wich has turned into walking. Many people take different steps throught out life, some big some small. But these steps lead us in many directions. Leading us to our right pathe in life.

    By tahlia on 11.01.2012

  34. started on a first-name basis —
    noonboy, and how are you, sorry to question you, sorry to make you feel bad–
    the only causalities were our names, formalities, address me by my full name (to remind me)

    By robyn URL on 11.01.2012

  35. I climbed up the steps. As fast as I could without contemplating where they would take me. I know now that it is impossible but I could feel his breath on my neck and the tired grunting right at my ear. But I ran, quickly swiftly I felt if I imagined myself as a bird that it would be possible to become one.

    By Nehi Calderon on 11.01.2012

  36. I’m taking steps to become the person I need to be. The person that I’m suppose to be. At times they are baby steps, but Im making progress nonetheless.

    By wgirl URL on 11.01.2012

  37. The steps swept up away from Alice as she entered the foyer. Her skirts looked drab against the sparkling white marble of the floor. As Master Ewan entered the room she instinctively dropped her eyes in deference. “Good afternoon, Abby.” Alice bobbed a curtsey, “The name’s Alice, Sir.”

    By Súil Na Soilsiú URL on 11.01.2012

  38. There are many stages on the journey each person travels in their life. Many steps. They aren’t rules, they aren’t requirements, or pressures, or things that are even at times expected of us. They are the things that mark the people we become. The key isn’t how many are taken, at what speed, or in what direction. When it really comes down to it, the most important thing is taking them.

    By kvm URL on 11.01.2012

  39. He took them quickly, his head pounding. He had to reach her, there was no room for failure.
    He was better than this.
    He had been.
    They fell away.
    The balance was against him, the band had snapped back.

    By Bryce Kane on 11.01.2012

  40. Steps sounded down the individual treads on the stairs. Each step echoing and changing as the figure descended. Each one dropping like seconds into an hour glass. I knew when the last one hit the ground that my last breath loomed.

    By Barry URL on 11.01.2012